Hawaii Five-0

When I first saw the promos for the rebooted Hawaii 5-0, I thought I might take a look.  Not that I watched the original series much – even though I am of advanced age now, I was still a little young to be interested in that kind of show when it was around.  But it was always in the background…my mum was a TVaholic, and loved, loved, loved all the US crime shows. And let’s face it, who could forget that catchy theme song and the catchphrase ‘book ’em, Danno?’ Or Jack Lord‘s hair.

So anyway, back to the promos.  It was advertised here as ‘featuring Australia‘s Alex O’Loughlin‘.  Hmmm.  Who??? AOL hadn’t served his apprenticeship on either ‘Neighbours‘ or ‘Home and Away‘ in Oz before heading off for the bright lights of the USA.  A few small TV roles, the lead in ‘The Adventures of Mary Bryant’ and one small, independent movie called ‘The Oyster Farmer’ (more about that one later, TOFFYS!) meant that he wasn’t really that well known in his homeland.  Let’s not forget his tampon commercial. I think @channelten in Australia showed the short-lived ‘Three Rivers’, in which he played transplant surgeon Dr Andy Yablonski for a couple of episodes before pulling it.  And Moonlight – not even sure they showed that at all.

So I certainly wasn’t watching it to cheer on the local boy.  And I have to admit, after the pilot, I thought it was.. ok.  Both hubby and I thought we would watch a couple more episodes, but we weren’t blown away by it. Soooo, what HAPPENED?  Why, now, am I a devoted fan of both the show and AOL??

Well, Sardonic happened.  I guess AOL had left a little impression on me, because I was searching the internets looking for more info on him, and came upon a most wondrous website – H50 Sardonic .  The preeeeeeteeee, talented, funnnnneeeee M sardonically recaps each episode for her faithful followers.  And it was here that I found the most wonderful group of crazy fangirls evah!

We have to keep reminding ourselves that SHOW is not real, because we have invested so much time and love and emo (that one’s for you, Infant) into our comments that we feel every little thing about this show.  We analyse, and discuss, and over think almost every aspect. And I have gone from being ‘eh’ about it, to almost, dare I say it? Yes I will…obsessed.  Addicted.  I am a Five-0 HO!  A FUCUP.  And bloody proud of it!


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  1. WESTY! This is amazing. I love this true story! And I love all the links you included, great work on that. Also am intrigued about what more you have to say on Oyster Farmer! That should be a good post.

    Well even though Show didn’t wow you from Day 1, I’m glad you kept with it. 😉

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