Bye Bye, Lori!

Lori Weston.  She joined SHOW in a flurry of awkward flirt with McG, touted as a ‘female McG’ and possible love interest.  I don’t think she had much of a chance due to the pre-season hype.  Once the writers got hold of her character, she was dead.and.buried.

Seriously, they gave her no back story, no episode of her own where we, the viewers, got to know and like her. All we knew was that she was a profiler with Homeland Security; she almost got married, and she was coerced into joining the Team as the Gov’s babysitter.  So why the heck didn’t we ever see her report back to the Gov??  In the North Korean episode, why did Danny go to the Gov and ask for help in getting McG out.  Shouldn’t she have done that? And when the Gov refused her request, and she went with the Team anyway – we would have LOVED her for that.  And when they got back, she would have been hauled before the Gov and had her handed to her. We would have felt sorry for her then.

Jenna Kaye was a much more interesting character.  We got to know and like her, until her betrayal of McG.  And even when Wo Fat killed her, we felt a little bit sad.  We knew the ‘why’ of her being in SHOW.

There was no solid reason for  Lori’s character.  All season, we at Sardonic asked ‘whyyyyyyy?’ She took screen time away from our fab four, and added nothing. Goodbye, Lori Weston…the fact that AtPlenkov didn’t have them kill you off leaves scope for you to rejoin SHOW at some later date.  Let’s hope not.

Even Agent Weston wondered what the heck she was doing in Hawaii 5-0.



  1. Ha ha “a flurry of awkward” I like that phrase to describe Lori. We never really did get to know anything about her, it’s as if the writers didn’t like her either so just kept forgetting to give us her backstory or any distinguishing personality traits (besides “awkward” that is). Maybe we should be giving the writers *credit* for getting rid of Lori. 😉

    I’m sure she will be back, hopefully not to stay, but I can’t complain too much if she’s a guest star at some point down the road.

    My beef is that after everything we went through this season that you listed above, they had her duck out after a weak admission of “feelings.” Pretty pathetic if you asked me, and made me mad at Show for what they did to this character & the viewers over the last 6 months. Way too much unhappiness & drama!!!

  2. Worst thing about S2 for me. Agree – no place for her in the team as she messed with the Fab 4 dynamics and her character was poorly written. We all cheered at our place when she finally left. Hope they don’t make the same mistake with Catherine.

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