It’s a BAMF Birfday!


How could I NOT do this??

Happy Birthday BAMF Steve McGarrett (and Chuck Norris)!!

#stevemcgarrett #chucknorris #alexoloughlin

1. Steve McGarrett likes his meat so rare he only eats unicorns.

2. When Steve McGarrett gives you the finger, he’s telling you how many seconds you have left to live.

3. Steve McGarret actually died 5 yrs ago but the Grim Reaper is too chicken to tell him.

4. Steve McGarrett has to maintain a concealed weapon license in all 50 states in order to legally wear pants.

5. When Steve McGarrett approaches, bad guys hang themselves off tall buildings.

6. Steve McGarrett can touch MC Hammer

7. Before Steve McGarrett, there was only Hawaii Five

8. Why does Steve McGarrett wear so many thigh holsters? He hates when they fight over him.

9. Steve McGarrett can get Chic-Fil-A on Sunday

10. You can lead a horse to water but only Steve McGarrett can make him drink.

11. Why does Steve McGarrett carry so many guns? Guns need protection too.

12.Steve McGarrett can strangle you with a cordless phone.

13. Steve McGarrett doesn’t use pickup lines, he simply says, “Now.”

14. Steve McGarrett doesn’t wear a condom because there’s no such thing as protection from Steve McGarrett.

15. Steve McGarrett gives flying lessons to Superman.

16. Steve McGarrett can run a 3-legged race by himself.

17. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Steve McGarrett

18. In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by Steve McGarrett, and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone else has ever gotten.

19. Crop circles are Steve McGarrett’s way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the fuck down.

20. Steve McGarrett sleeps with a night light. Not because Steve McGarrett is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Steve McGarrett.

21. Steve McGarrett is what Willis was talking about

22. Superman wears Steve McGarrett underoos.

Birthday theme caught by the brilliant minds of @westy5oh and @spurschick


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  1. #13
    Oh yes!
    Long live the FOY!

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