I squeeed with delight when I heard that Michelle Borth is to be a regular cast member on S3 of show.  Now, when Cath was first introduced in S1, I I can’t really say why – maybe I was jealous of her hanky panky with McG (when really, he should be pining for ME, the WOMAN of his DREAMS, who he has yet to meet!)

I think, also, that I didn’t like the relationship as it was portrayed.  It made McG look like a little bit of a user.  I love his character so much.  He’s strong and loyal, and to me, it looked like he was sexing Cath as payment for all the little favours she did for him.  And that isn’t the McG we all know and love.  So, in S1, McCath was one of the few things I didn’t like about show.

That all changed when Lori was introduced in S2. The publicity blurb that she would be ‘a female McGarrett and possible love interest for Steve’ made me worry for show.  In TV land, I’ve never been a fan of romantic/sexual relationships between colleagues.  (JAG was my one exception.  And what a disappointment that ending was.)



Suddenly, McCath looked a whole lot better. I wanted Steve to realize that he had feelings for Cath.  When he picked that flower in the park and gave it to her – now that was a romantic gesture. Then that awkward scene in his office when she was deployed and had to leave that night..I wanted more. More than just a hug and a tentative date to meet in Mumbai. Show disappointed me.  But then, then…Cath attended the charity ball, and Steve organized his reserve training so that he could spend time with her. That gave me hope.

And now with pesky Lori off the show, Cath is to be a regular.  I doubt she’ll appear in every episode – she’ll probably feature like Max does.  But that’s fine with me.  So long as she’s a constant in Steve’s life.  His character has been through so much, and now that he realizes that his ‘Ohana’ care about him, it’s time for him to have a little romantic love.

Not just sexing, not just favours, but real, honest to goodness, L-O-V-E.

Yay for McCath!



  1. First off, I love that you got McG ‘ass’ right in this pic. 🙂 KABAM!

    You know even when I watched for plot and had no real devotion (i.e. obsession) with McGarrett, I never saw his relationship with Cath as a FWB relationship. To think of McG using a woman was just so against what I saw as his character from the get go. His character was loyal from the start. It took what a day or two before he became loyal to Danny and was loyal to Chin immediately because his Dad trusted him. I was quite shocked when I started reading the boards & twitter and found ppl thought this about them. I guess I can see where you might think that just by what they showed on TV but in taking the characters into account, I just can’t see it. He may have been emotionally stunted but he’s loyal to a fault and Cath too strong a woman to be used. I never thought them marriage bound but definitely together on their own terms.

    That all said, I am glad you like McCath too! The responses I read online was probably 90/10 positive. They need another strong woman character and Cath is already established and we know her ‘place’ within the group. She’s there for assistance to the team and for making McG smile. 🙂 I loved her scene in 2.16 when Danny said Steve was too competitive and she goes, “he’s got you there”. heh. Because, remember in 1.4 she called him competitive too. She proved she can be smack in the middle of the bromance but not suck the life out of it. (Lori, I’m looking at YOU!)

    Alex & Michelle have smoldering chemistry together. I can’t wait to see how they use her next season and how they allow this to show McG finally finding a bit of personal happiness of his own. Not just sitting and watching others be happy…

  2. AWW Cath’s little Camo Skirt!!! And her fleur…. so sweet. I really did like that whole scene between the two of them – that, and the goodbye hug – I thought it was perfect as it was… that scene more than anything that came before made me like McG & Cath together! Because it showed that their connection was more than just physical attraction or work favors. Who knows if they’re headed for the altar (since they are both “married to career” types it seems) but I’ll be happy to see McG in a few eps with a nice, steady woman — someone who’s can provide him a little shelter from his fcked up crazy work life which all to often bleeds into his personal/family situation (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, JOE).

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    Really, my favourite thing about Cath is the way McG responds to her. She’s the only one that can make him smile like that. Of course I’m happy about her upgraded status on the show. Everyone knows how I feel about McG+Cath4Evah 😉
    I’m going to hold out hope that TPTB make this work, and work well.
    Also, awesome drawing! Love the flower (that was one of my fave McCath scenes, the eyes*xing he does after he gives her the flower? OMG, I would melt if he looked at me like that. ON THE SPOT. A PUDDLE OF OOZE.
    Love the camo skirt!!

  4. mickmcgarrett · · Reply

    OMG.. GET OUT OF MY HEAD.. that is exactly the way I felt about McCath. I started watching Michelle Borth in Combat Hospital and liked her as an actress. On H50 she was either flat on her back (lucky her!) or in her Navy role. SO SO happy it appears McG is figuring out she’s more the FWB

  5. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Stop making me McCath…is that what the shippers are calling it?

    Also, what is the ep when he gives her the flower? Because I haven’t got enough tv to watch, now I want to rewatch that episode. 😛

    Love your post Westy and all the replies. Seems Cath has made us all happy happy joy joy. 😀

    1. It’s unanimous then…we all ❤ McCath. And it sounds sooooo much better than McLori.

    2. I think its episode 2.3 I remember I was on vacation in Arizona and I was just gut wrenching sick about what was going to happen after the cluster-f*ck that was 2.2… I was in my room already pouring the gin & tonics. Truth.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Did we like 2.3? Do I want to watch that episode????

        1. Of course you do! The only ep you don’t want to watch again is the Nick and Vanessa one!

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            Worst. Episode. Ever.

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