Interview With the Vampire: Pt. 3 – BAMF-ires!

Previously, Mick has called Joesiff in to help out his situation with the two strangely effeminate vampires, Lestat and Louis. Both are vying for Mick’s attention – Lestat because he thinks Mick is hot, Louis only to make Lestat jealous.

Mick ponders how to deal with the problem…

mick thinking

and he and Joesiff decide that the only way to settle this is to fight VAM-pire to VAM-pire. They challenge Lestat and Louis to a showdown.

Mick and Joesiff put on their VAMP faces….

mickjosef lab



Louis and Lestat seem a little concerned.

holy shit

Due to their BAMFness, Mick and Joesiff realize that they have an unfair advantage over the two weaker VAM-pires. They call a halt to the fight, and Mick comes up with another plan to settle the score.

To be continued….



  1. FOYeur · · Reply

    Another plan…..can’t wait to see what our Mick will do next?!

  2. I so loved Micks closet…..loved the way he dressed. I really wanna see him give Lestat an a$$smashing…….T Cruise was no Lestat.

  3. I have to admit, before I watched Moonlight, I thought their screencaps looked cheesy. Holy SHIT they don’t even compare to the Gouda-fest that is IWTV!! OH EM GEE! Was that real movie? LMAO!!

    1. heymomo · · Reply


  4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I love IWTV! #justsayin

  5. We need a Mick’s Belt Buckles Appreciation Post.

  6. heymomo · · Reply

    Mooneyvamps are waaaay more BAMF.

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