Reposted: Awful Hair, Ugly Shirts and Moobies – How Mick St John Turned Me

Ok, so I don’t know what happened to the original post.  Sometimes, WordPress can be a fkn koala.  And, being lazy, I didn’t have a Back Up Plan (heh.)  So I’ve had to wing it and rewrite some of this from memory, and I’m running late for work now so this is the best I can do!


At Sardonic, the subject of discussion was Moonlight. Maha had been twitterbombed to watch ML, finally succumbed to the pressure, and agreed to watch seven episodes. Why seven?  Maybe it was her lucky number.  Or she thought by then she would have stopped laughing.  And be able to give an honest opinion.

But I was not going to give in. I had seen pictures of Alex as Mick St John, and was not interested. Not one bit. I had less desire to see ML than I had to see TOF, and although I did relent and see that sweet, charming, b.o.r.i.n.g movie, I wasn’t going to waste my time with ML. The hair, the shirts, all that Moonlight Meat – this was not McG! I wanted a rock hard six pack, beautiful hair, the CARGO pants and sea-foam green shirt. Mick St John and his ugly grandpa shirts paled in comparison.

Nope. I wouldn’t cave.

Or would I?? Judging by my post on the first ML page, it seems I had already resigned myself to being bullied into watching this VAM-pire show…

Yep, the hair. Not only did I hate it, I loathed it. I mean, who came up with that hairstyle for Mick? Seriously? Those bangs! I wonder if this was Alex’s hair style at the time and they just went with it, or did someone actually say they wanted Mick to have that hairstyle.  Someone who hated him.

One of them is having a bad hair day. It isn’t Princess Margaret.

So there I was…..

I made it through the first episode. I didn’t think much of Beth. I hated fangs and vamp eyes. I liked Josef. I wasn’t going to be a MOONEY, that’s for sure. But to be fair, I had to watch more than one episode.  Maybe not seven, like Maha.  I couldn’t write this show off because of Mick’s hair. I had to give it a chance.

Creepy! Me no likey.

Can you spot the moobies? They’re hidden under that ugly shirt.

And then, somewhere between Aug 20 and Aug 26, Something Happened.

In less than a week, I had gone from being a McG only girl, to ‘loving’ Mick? Not yet a MOONEY, but I could overlook all of the above? Was I simply jumping on the Moonlight bandwagon? Did I just want to sit at the cool kid’s MOONEY lunch table? I don’t know, but I did cop some teasing about my apparent 360° turn.

At this point, I had visited the dvd shop and purchased The Back Up Plan. My love for this movie is well known. Come on, who couldn’t love a movie with JLo and ALo together? (Well, apparently most of the FUCUPS – but then again, they loved TOF.)  Hmmm…Tractor Stan or Poor Poor Jack?   Whilst browsing the shelves, I spied a single ML dvd. The last one?  Or the only copy ever ordered?  I picked it up, turned it over and pondered whether to cough up $56 for it.  Would it be worth that much money? Not being a fully fledged MOONEY, I replaced it on the shelf. Nope, that awful hair wasn’t worth that amount of cash.  I wasn’t a MOONEY yet!

Cheese farmer Stan or…..

…Oyster Farmer Jack?

I had to hold out being a MOONEY on principle. Surely I wasn’t such a pushover? I was still the recipient of MOONEY teasing….

It seems I loved the character of Mick, but I wasn’t totally sold on the show. What was the criteria for being a MOONEY, anyway? Did I have to love everything about Moonlight, or was loving Mick enough? Could I love Mick, but hate the moobies and hair? I watched scenes from different episodes, but I was adamant that I was not yet a MOONEY.

Fast forward to November. The FUCUPS had decided to do a ML rewatch. Maha put up another ML page. There were going to be Notes taken. This was hard core, serious stuff. And here was I posting this –

Clearly, I did want to sit at the cool kid’s lunch table. And we needed a new name for this rewatch.

It was established that the people doing this ‘rewatch’ were already MOONEYS, (well not me, not yet!) and so the new name for MOONEY rewatchers became…

And there it is. In black and white.  Apparently, I wanted to be a MOONEY.

I embarked on a marathon episode watch. I started the rewatch late, and not wanting to be left behind, I had to catch up. And, AND…I was commenting. Not just how much I love Mick, but real comments on scenes. I wasn’t yet taking Notes – that was only for hard core, die hard MOONEYS.  I still wasn’t there.

Could I be a MOONEY if I was making fun of the show? You know what?  I sure could.  Why resist anymore.  Resistance is futile.  So I shouted out to the world….

There was much rejoicing.

And NOW, I was ahead on the rewatch!  I waited impatiently for the FUCEMMS to catch up and post Notes.

I was sad.  I had finally come to the end of Moonlight.  The final episode.  Forever.  Mick tried to forget forever, and here it was, right in his face.

F U  CBS!  F U.

As all good MOONEYS did, I took NOTES.  Surely they were making a space for me at the MOONEY lunch table now?

Such extensive Notes, they were in two parts.

So, in conclusion…how did Mick St John turn me?  Despite the hair, the shirts and the Moobies?  Simple.  Alex’s acting is so amazing, so incredible that he made me forget the hair, the shirts and the Moobies.  He can act the sh.t out of a scene without saying a word.   He was given the  chance to express a broad range of emotions in Moonlight.  Sure, the show was cheesy, campy, but it was well written and the writers ‘got’ the characters.  Alex’s portrayal of Mick was so far removed from that of McG, it was like watching two different actors.  Both characters are BAMFs, but there was a sensitivity and vulnerability to Mick, which we saw in every episode.  The scene in the final episode, in the hallway outside Beth’s apartment…I

Alex’s superb depiction of a tortured soul, caught between two worlds, becoming human again only to sacrifice his humanity to save the woman he loved – that’s how Mick St John turned me.  No more donuts, Mick 😦

I’m a MOONEY!  Fk, YEAH!




  1. paula · · Reply

    LOL! You really tried to resist becoming a mooney! It took me maybe 4 episodes before I was deeply in love with the show. But that show captures my attention every single time I start to watch, I try to watch just a small scene for capturing stills but I end up watching the entire episode and then the next one right after. The magic is still there, and always after that final episodes, the cry “why on earth did they not make a 2nd season”! Still can´t understand! Everyone has said they loved it, once they gave the show a chance 🙂
    Westy, loved your story, very well written!

    1. Thanks Paula – glad you liked it! And yes, I couldn’t resist Mick in the end. I may even part with $56 and buy the dvd 🙂

      1. How insane is it that it’s 56 bucks here? It’s 9 WHOLE DOLLARS at Walmart. #AustraliasARipOff. Sheila gave them to me for my birthday, otherwise I too would have been in JB Hi Fi debating….ok that’s a lie, I’d buy it even if there was an 8 in front of that 6. 😛

  2. FOYeur · · Reply

    Westy, I admire your dedication to resist and not like everything Alex is in…….
    I am very weak in that regard. I on the other hand was already bias when I started watching Moonlight for the first time. I was already in love with Stan, Steve and Jack by then… anything with Alex in it was given a fair try……..but it was definitely not the fangirling that made me watch it over and over again……..

    1. You know, I haven’t seen Whiteout, Man Thing, Feed or August Rush. I’ll probably get around to seeing one day (well, not Feed!)

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        Of all his “smaller” roles, I actually liked Eric Fraser in Man-Thing the most.(can’t believe I just typed that) To me he really created a believable charaters…even with the short screentime given…..and that “Texas accent” (at least I think thats what is suppose to be – I am really not good with accents), is priceless!!

        Feed, I would definitely not recommened to everybody…..

        PS. I totally feel embarrass every time I watch Moonlight with a first time viewer…..I always feel like they are judging me (and all the cheese) during the first few episodes, for loving it so much….well of cause until they “get” it…..

      2. WTF is “man thing???”
        I have no plans to see Feed or Whiteout. None.
        August Rush, meh I’ve heard his part is so small, I’m sure it’s all on YouTube or tumblr gifs.
        Unless the project is something I’ve sworn off totally (like horror movies) I’ll make an attempt to check it out.
        But then again, I haven’t even seen the Oceans movies.

        1. FOYeur · · Reply

          Man-Thing is classified as Horror/SciFi and is a Marvel comic. ( I also don’t really watch any Horror movies, but had to give it a try because of Alex and I actually found it somewhat entertaining. The only truly horrible scenes are that of the corpses left by the Swamp Monster)
          It was actually the first film Alex did and based on how young he looked, I think it was even filmed before most of his early TV work as well. However, it was only released after TOF.
          He said in an interview it is where he met Jack Thompson (who he sees as his mentor) & his son Patrick Thompson & of cause director Brett Leonard (all of them part of FEED as well)
          I just feel Alex played this role of a ignorant small town Deputy very well. He is really young and adorable in it.

        2. heymomo · · Reply

          Skip the second Oceans movie. But you MUST watch the first one.

        3. You haven’t seen any of the Oceans movies? Scott Caan is HILARIOUS in them. Or maybe I just find it hilarious because Sheila makes up these epic jokes every time he’s on screen.

  3. Westy!!!
    This is the Greatest Story Ever Toooooold!!
    I want to go back to last winter & reread all my comments. I know it took me until ep 8 (halfway through) to call myself a Mooney. It is a crazy thing. There are so many individual parts of this show that “don’t do it” for me. But then there are some amazing parts, too. And it all comes together in a way that makes it unforgettable and beloved.
    And I am still on the “yes you can make fun of it even if you love it” side of things.
    For example.
    Princess Margaret is now my new favorite nickname for Mick! Love it!!! Perfect side by side comparison, I was dyyyyyingggg!
    I am so excited for the rewatch!! Looking forward to discussing it now that we’re both on board from the start!!

    1. spurschick · · Reply

      Princess Margaret! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. I, too, think it’s the perfect nickname of love for our Mick.

      I haven’t seen TOF yet, nor have I seen TBUP. I’m sorry. I literally feel nauseous whenever I see JLo. So much so that even Alex Seltzer won’t help. I oh so appreciate all the screengrabs though. God bless that man’s personal trainer.

      I’m so in love of your story on how Mick turned you! It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely smart, beautiful and hilariously funny this group of women is. I’m looking forward to watching, and rewatching, ML, H50 and whatever other trouble our boy gets into, with all of you for years to come.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        “I’m looking forward to watching, and rewatching, ML, H50 and whatever other trouble our boy gets into, with all of you for years to come.”
        Love all you Cyber Besties!!

        1. ““I’m looking forward to watching, and rewatching, ML, H50 and whatever other trouble our boy gets into, with all of you for years to come.”
          Love all you Cyber Besties!!”


          and also


      2. I love that you both love Princess Margaret! I saw her hairstyle and I just KNEW that this, this was the look they were going for with Mick. Except they didn’t pull it off.

  4. Hi Westy !! I finally made it here ! I love your story, but no where in it did you mention the SNIFFING … I so loved the sniffing. It’s probably asking too much from you to like all aspects of Mick … I was hooked a few minutes into the first episode, because of his voice. Ad his eyes … I was never a fan of his awful hair, but his voice made me a puddle of goo and made up for all the rest .. for me.

    Hugsies !

    1. Hi lb! *waves madly* Noooo sniffing! It’s up there with the Moobies on my list.

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    Westy! Best. Admission. Ever!!
    I think I was hooked by episode 3 or so… I’m not sure when I became a full-fledged Mooney, but the show turned me at some point! And there’s no going back! 🙂
    So glad you caved, babe!
    Looking forward to our rewatch!

    1. Hey momo…thanks for the heads up on Twitter today about the disappearance of my post. Such panic in the Westy house this morning when I found out!

      1. Westy – ACA with you start to finish – looking forward to our rewatch now though. Spurs????? No TOF yet? It is a must but I also cannot purposely watch JLo for longer than a Kohl’s ad period of time so TBUP will have to wait. D

        1. Seriously, even if you the amazing JLo, BUP is a must!

          1. I have HATED J to the Lo for YEARS. She really turns my stomach………BUT Stan the cheese farmer is totally worth sitting through a movie with that koala in it. He’s adorable.
            And the way he plows the fields? AMAZING!!

  6. Westy, this post was so funny my side hurt (and it has nothing to do with the bruised ribs from falling over some three weeks ago). I laughed so much there were almost tears in my eyes. 🙂

    I don’t know when I became a Mooney. If my h50 addiction is anything to go by, it was the pilot episode, about 3 minutes and 52 seconds in. 😛

  7. Hi, Westy, just found your blog and the story about how you were ‘turned’ to Moonlight. Love it, it’s hilarious. Totally agree – the show is cheesy and campy but we love it just the same. Alex is awesome as Mick and totally different from the McG character but both showcase Alex’s acting skills. Would watch anything with that man in it! The whole tortured vampire thing was brilliant. (Agree about BuP, too. Not a JLo fan at all but Stan the Cheeseman is worth sitting through 90 minutes of JLo for. BTW, my daughter keeps focussing on JLo’s ugly toes from the first scene. Gets her every time.)

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