Cake! nomnomnom

Ever since this, I knew I had to try and do something special for Ess’ birthday.  But what could I do?  A photo collage?  I’m not very good at them, and besides, Ess is the queen of Alex pics.  Maybe a stick figure drawing?  But my stick figures stand forlorn and dejected alongside the great artistic skillz of StephanieJane’s.

Then somewhere on the internets, Ess mentioned the things she loved the most about Alex.  His back, tatts, abs, eyelashes, pecs, smile, eyebrows, chest hair, scruff – you get the picture – everything!  But one thing she listed stuck with me…his thighs.  She loved his thighs.  One day, she said, someone will write a love story about her and Alex’s thighs.  Hey, I could do that!

So I began a story.  I thought maybe 500 words or so, just a little tale.  And then it grew.  And grew.  And GREW.   I devoted hours and hours of research trying to find the perfect pics to include in the story.  That was really hard work and such a chore.  I mean, come on…looking at AOL pics over and over and over again – seriously, I have better things to do!  I reached about 4000 words and sent an SOS email to StephanieJane.  What the hell am I doiiiiinnng?  I asked her.  Would Ess be able to devote thirty minutes to reading (we all know how visual she is!)

Steph’s encouragement, support and editing kept me going.  She had a suggestion to add something she’d had planned for Ess’ birthday to my story.  We were Collaborating!

And so ‘Hungry Eyes’ came to be.  Over at Sardonic, we used to say that song should be McG’s.  Or the FUCUP song, looking at McG.  I can’t remember.

Dear Ess, I hope you enjoyed it.  You bring so much joy to us all with your @H50BAMF pics.  Happy Birthday, my friend.

PS.  6253 words, and I never actually got to write about you and his thighs! Maybe next birthday….

Since I spent so.much.time looking at pics of Alex, I lost track of where I found them.  If I used a pic of yours, please let me know and I’ll credit you.  If I used one of your pics and you don’t want it to appear, I don’t want to know.  Ok?  I don’t want to have to look at any more pics of Alex to replace the one you don’t want me to use.  No, really.  I don’t. Well, if you insist.

(Special thanks to @neropatti for the use of her pics – even though I didn’t actually ask her, I knew she wouldn’t mind!)



  1. paula · · Reply

    I absolutely don´t mind anyone using my pics 🙂 was thrilled to see I got be a small part of this great story 🙂

  2. {{AIR-HEARTS}}

    This was **incredible** I don’t have many other words to describe it.

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