Casting Call – Momma McG – Who’s It Gonna Be?? ***OMG!OMG!OMG!***


So CBS tweeted that Christine Lahti has been cast in a recurring role on our Show.  Naturally, we all assume she is going to be MommaMcG.  But…is she?  What if we don’t get to see Mum?  Maybe Mummy is/was a CIA agent, and Christine plays her boss or something.  Maybe before we get to see Mum, she gets killed.  Again.  For realz this time.  (OMG, surely Show wouldn’t let Steve find his mother only to take her away again?  How much more can our boy taaaaaake???)

Should this happen, maybe Ms Lahti comes in to investigate or to talk Steve out of revenge.  You just never know with our Show.  Sometimes what we expect is not what we get (I use Agent Weston as an example :))

But let’s assume Christine has been cast as Steve’s mother.  I don’t know about you, but I’m happy.  She’s a terrific actress and in my opinion, she can play angst extremely well.  I can’t wait to see the scenes between her and Steve –  the reunion, the confrontation, the accusations, the explanations.  It should make for some great viewing.  I hope she demands a strong storyline from the writers – because surely, this has to be the biggest thread throughout the show so far.  I mean, our boy was TORTURED! and ALMOST DIED! because of good old Mum.  And we haven’t seen the fallout from Steve’s capture and torture in NK – and there had to be some sort of reaction because, despite his SuperSEAL status, he is Only Human –  so we deserve to see something of it now, when he realizes all that he went through was because of his mother.

Welcome to our Show, Ms Lahti! Hope you’re ready for the cray cray!  Only for you will I  give up my wish for Lynda Carter to be MommaMcG 🙂


AtPlenkov runs excitedly into the H50 Writer’s Room.  ‘Hey you guys!’ he says, hardly able to contain his enthusiasm.  ‘You know how we figured Shelburne would be some obscure dude from Poppa McG’s past?  Someone who killed Wo Fat’s father and the only person in the whole wide world who strikes fear into Wo Fat?  A real bad ass mofo? – well, I’ve got the. most. brilliant idea…’  The writers look uneasily at each other while AtPlenkov claps his hand and smiles gleefully.  ‘Why don’t we make Shelburrrrrrrnnnnnne……McG’s Mother?’  I think it would be awesomesauce!’  The writers groan.  ‘You guys can make it work, right?  Just take whatever we previously discussed about Shelburne, change a few things around, and hey presto! we have a great new twist!’

‘That idea sucks.’
‘Yeah, he’s gotta be fkng kidding, right?’
‘I need a fruity drink right now.’

The above scenario is what scares me the most about the big reveal on the identity of Shelburne.  I fear AtPlenkov spent a lot of time online and on Twitter, where -from what I could see –  the general consensus was that Shelburne was, indeed, Steve’s mom.  If the character of Shelburne originally started out as someone else, could they now weave any previous references to SB around the reality of it being Momma McG?  And…make us believe it?  I await Season 3 with much trepidation and anxiety.

But anyway…let’s talk about Momma McG.  Before we can decide which actress we think should portray her, I guess we need to throw around a few ideas about her first.  So, how old is she?  John McG was born in 1942, which makes him around 35 when Steve was born.  Let’s say Momma was anywhere up to ten years younger than John.  So she could have been born between 1942 and 1952, which would now make her between sixty to seventy years old.  I’m going to say early sixties.

Do we want Momma to be ‘motherly’ or do we want her to be a BAM?  Well, if she’s the only person in the whole wide world who Wo Fat is scared of, I’m going to say BAM – maybe not as BAM as she was twenty years ago, but when Steve knocked on her door, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t just about to pull a tray of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. I do suspect that when 3.1 opens, she won’t be BAMY right away – there will be tears and hugs for her boy. suggests Sigourney Weaver or Geena Davis for their impressive combat/shooting/action skills in previous roles.  However, I don’t think Mom needs to be bad ass in a physical way.  I’m leaning towards Wo Fat fearing her more for what she knows rather than for her kick ass ninja skillz.  Any woman who can leave her kids and let them think she’s been dead for almost twenty years – she has to be strong of character and will.  To be fair, we need to know why she pretended to be dead.  As a mother, I would say the only good reason for what she did would be to ensure the safety of her children.  If their lives were threatened in any way and faking her death was her only option to see that they came to no harm, I’ll cut her some slack.

So now that my favourite choice of Olivia Newton-John 🙂 is out of the way (Livvy would have been baking cookies for the reunion.  And brownies.  And pouring a big glass of milk for Steve), what actresses can we consider?  My top pick would be Helen Mirren, but I’m pretty sure she sticks to movies nowadays.

Sorry, Livvy…you’re just too sweet to be Momma McG. Your choc chip cookies are awesome, though!

Would she relent and do a TV show??

How about Linda Hamilton?  She’s a little young, being born in 1956, but I think she could pass for a woman in her early sixties.  Or too much like Chuck?

She’ll always be Sarah Connor.

So I got to thinking about  TV shows in the 70’s – actresses who fit the age for Mom now.  Charlie’s Angels?  (RIP Farrah.)  Nope, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith don’t have what it takes.  Dynasty – I laugh and giggle.   The Bionic Woman!  I loved Lindsay Wagner!  I wanted to be Jamie Sommers  back in the day.  (Maybe I just wanted a bionic dog like Max.)   I’m not ruling Lindsay out just yet.

A Bionic Bad Ass Momma?

Enough with the 70’s shows.

I liked Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor in 24.  She was a strong woman, capable of running the good ol’ US of A.  But she had her softer side too.  She’s also available now since NBC recently cancelled her latest show, Awake.

Is this the face Steve will see when the door opens?

Wait, I forgot about Wonder Woman!  For me,  she’s the front runner right now.  Yeah, ok  – I know Lynda Carter isn’t the greatest actress around, but I really feel she could pull it off.  I don’t think Mom will be in the show very much.  The whole Shelburne storyline is getting old.  So Lynda wouldn’t have to act a whole lot.

I want to see this face when episode 3.1 airs.

Momma McG sees her boy for the first time in almost 20 years.

Then again, there’s Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Lange, Glenn Close…the list goes on and on.  Who’s your favourite contender and why?



  1. I would LOVE if it were Helen Mirren……but alas I don’t think thats gonna happen.
    They resume filming in 6 weeks…….I’m sure Mama has already been cast…..I hope PL doesn’t F a duck on this one.

    1. Me too. I wonder who would be considered the worst.casting ever?

      1. Tom Cruise as Lestat takes the cake for me.

  2. I fear I’m destined to be disappointed, but I’d rather it wasn’t someone really REALLY well-known. Too distracting! And not Lynda Carter, however perfect she might be, because ‘McG’s mum is Wonder Woman’ just sounds like a bit of a joke, really.

    Cherry Jones looks pretty much how I would picture Momma McG though – I never watched 24 so I haven’t heard of her. She’s getting my vote! (although, if I did actually have a vote, it would be for Shelburne to be someone else entirely, to be honest.)

    1. although, if I did actually have a vote, it would be for Shelburne to be someone else entirely

      Like a twin brother, perhaps?????

      1. Some brilliant writer has already done that 😉

        1. I will have to find some time this summer in between moonlight posts to figure out what B McG is up to… Before season 3 starts and none of my stories make sense anymore. 😉

    2. I also do not want Shelburne to be Steve’s mom. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that she let the kids believe she was dead. For whatever reason.

  3. paula · · Reply

    I´m hoping it will be someone that already has viewer´s respect and is known. That is if she survives the opening of the door… How thrilling would it be to see Kathy Bates 🙂

    1. Survives the opening of the door?? Paula, please don’t tell me you think Wo Fat has a sniper ready and waiting for when that door opens! They couldn’t do that to Steve!

    2. FOYeur · · Reply

      I think they will at least give them a few minutes to talk…….my money is on her surviving up to the end credits of 3:01……or maybe if we are lucky (or maybe unlucky, if it’s done badly) she’ll survive half of season 3, but if she is the worst character ever introduced, she will be there for ever……:razz:

      1. In all seriousness, surely they can’t let Steve find her after all this time and then have her ‘killed’ again so soon? I would hope that she’ll be around for awhile, at least until Wo Fat escapes from prison, finds out who Shelburne is and then kills her. At least half a season! Clearly, Wo Fat isn’t going to be in prison forever, and once he escapes, Momma will be in danger again. Will she ‘disappear’ again or be killed off?

        If she disappears, is Steve going to be subjected to another torture session by Wo Fat? Of course, since he hasn’t had any repercussions from his stint in NK, at least none that we have been shown (yes, AtPlenkov, I’m shaking my fist at you!), it’ll all be just dandy.

        I’m hoping for Mom to stick around for some time.

        Think how much fun it would be to have Cath and Mom have some MIL issues!

        1. FOYeur · · Reply

          I don’t think Cath is going to be in the McG bed for long either……..

          1. Stop it! I’m not listening to you any more! 😉
            They can’t kill Cath and Mom!

            1. FOYeur · · Reply

              No…..they are not going to kill Cath……I just don’t think we are going to see much of a relationship there for long…..(and it will make me so sad, because I liked the arrangement)
              And I really, really do hope they give Alex a chance to act opposite a mother figure (and a good one at that), with a good story line offering them something to work with…….Like I have said many times before, that will be the only redeeming thing for me for bringing Momma McG back from the grave!!

              1. It would have been better if Cath was not going to work for the ‘team.’

                And yes, I agree about Alex/Mom storylines…they missed a perfect opportunity for him to really ‘act’ after he was tortured. They could score a lot of points back if they give him some space to show us what he can really do.

                1. FOYeur · · Reply

                  I really hope they will reconsider the whole Cath working as part of the team thing…..I so desperately want her role to fit in well and strong as supplement to the team!!

  4. Hmm. Julie Andrews! McG’s momma is Mary Poppins! Practically perfect in every way! No? ok…

    Maybe MommaMcG’s been in cryogenics this whole time so she’s really still young & sexy. She’s…. Angelina Jolie! LOL. Mary obviously came by those collagen-infused lips honestly…
    Still no???

    Hmmm…. if they do go the “younger momma” route & we could have Lucy Lawless or Jeri Ryan (both are 44) be BAMs. Of course no actress is going to turn down this role but if I were them I’d be pissed being asked to play the mother of someone not even 10 years younger than them (but this is the age difference between Len Cariou & Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods and they play father/son)….

    I joke but it is *very* important to me that momma be age-appropriate. Anyone under age 59 gets a 😦 from me.

    Also, I know this will be impossible but I don’t wanna know before hand, I don’t want to be spoiled! I want to be surprised. Talk about impossible, right???

    I am of the opinion that atplenkov had the Shelburne is Momma McG plot from the beginning, I don’t think that was done because of fans or a last minute choice. That’s one reason why it’s a somewhat disapointing plot line for me, because it could have been ANYTHING – I mean, there didn’t need to be a Shelburne at all – and *this* cliche is what they pick??

    But, having been picked, let’s make the best of it, yes? I like the look of that Cherry Jones lady she looks tough but also nice. Having worked with atplenkov on 24 is probably also another vote in her favor. I don’t completely disregard Jacklyn Smith, but also am wondering if there are any Original Hawaii Five-O actresses out there that Show in its cheesy self-referential way would like to bring back as a guest star?

    1. Bringing back an original H50 actress would be a great idea. They did have the dancer from the original show’s opening credits play a small part 1.3

    2. annieoakley · · Reply

      I agree that plentkov has always known that SB is mom, though I resisted the idea for a long time (pretty much until McG says “Mom?”). There’s something about that scene in the car with Danno in the epi where Mary gets kidnapped, and he’s talking about his mother’s death being pivotal in how he ended up – something about that resonates with me, a gut kind of feeling. Like he knew down deep that Mom was some kind of spy.

      1. You might have a point, Annie. Although I look at that scene more as his mother’s death causing him to be sent away, creating a rift between him and Poppa, and Steve having to bypass being a ‘teenager’ in those years and grow up into a man quickly. (And what a man!)

    3. annieoakley · · Reply

      Jacklyn Smith has a sort-of recurring role on CSI as the mom of the lab-nerd guy. She’s dating the CSI director-guy. That would be weird.

      1. LOL I didn’t know that. It would be s little weird for folks who watch both shows but if she’s under contract with CBS already….

  5. spurschick · · Reply

    I’m still a sucker for Mary McDonough, but she’s on another show, so I don’t think that will happen.

    Diane Keaton comes to mind, but I don’t know if she’d do TV.

    Katey Segal? Or is she still on another show?

    The others I’m thinking of are pretty established in movies, so I don’t know if they’d do a TV role. I don’t think I want anyone who will completely steal the scene either. They need to be able to go toe to toe with each other.

  6. annieoakley · · Reply

    Mary McDonough would be awesome, as would Linda Hamilton (hey, she’s my age! – she would have been 20 when McG was born). Helen Mirren’s a little bit too old (sorry, Helen) and Kathy Bates has the wrong body-type (sorry Kath – no h8). Jamie Lee Curtis has been believable as that chick on NCIS, but I really think they’ll go with someone less well-khown. Definitely BAMF, probably former CIA (the company now wants her dead).

    1. Are we talking about Mary McDonough from the Waltons? I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything else, ever. I just can’t see little Erin being Steve’s mum. Or Mary McDonnell??

      1. spurschick · · Reply

        Sorry, yes, I meant Mary McDonnell. But she is another show. Atplenkov said that he wanted it to be a big name actress. Who isn’t working right now and would be the right fit? Oooooh, is Anjelica Houston still on that Smash show?

        Would Diane Lane do TV? Although she isn’t old enough.

        Helen Hunt isn’t old enough either. Glenn Close would be great, but she’d eat AOL’s lunch. Everyone else’s too, for that matter. Which wouldn’t be so bad, I guess. Papa Caan owned every scene he was in and it made everybody bring their A+ game.

        1. spurschick · · Reply

          What is Sharon Stone doing these days? Didn’t she do a stint on a Law & Order? She might be a good fit.

          1. I’m hoping for someone a little older and less hot!

        2. Diane Lane is too hot to be mum. I feel about Helen Hunt the way most of you feel about JLo. 🙂

      2. annieoakley · · Reply

        The woman from “Dances with Wolves” – is that Mc Donnell? That’s who I was thinking of. Hey plentkov, I’m the right age, cast me! I can’t act, but if they’re gonna kill MomMcG anyway…

  7. paula · · Reply

    I´m thinking it could be a star from an old TV show, maybe Charlie´s Angels could offer two candidates: Cheryl Ladd or Jaclyn Smith. They are hardly BAMs but good looking and sort of age appropriate.
    Just read that atplenkov said they had this storyline already from the beginning of so1, McG mom survived the carbomb. I still think they do change the storyline a bit as the season goes on. When they get the green light for a new season they bring back Shelburn/toolbox with the crazy cliffhanger twist.

  8. Ok, I was pretty defensive early in S2  ..about allowing the storyline(s) to all play out and trying hard to not be so judgy.  Now that it’s over, I want to go back to S1.  

    I loved Joe, I tried to like Weston, but I’m so happy that crap is over.  I’ve had it up to here with Shelburne and I’m so disappointed it turned out to be Momma McG.

    What I really wish for S3.1 is for Scruffy, half nekkid McG to wake up on Max’s couch. 
     Danno, Joe, Chin and Kono looking down at him … 

    And he says …….

    wait for it …..

    ‘Guys … I just had the weirdest dream !!!’

       hey, it worked for the Ewings  back in the day, right?

    Ugh!  Ok, I swear if it’s Adrienne Barbeau  or Angie Dickinson I will lose my shit and send H8 tweets to PL

    What about Blair Brown ? Jane Seymour ….?  Yes, I think I wouldn’t mind Jane Seymour… Dr Quinn – right ?

    1. Haha lb…I must admit Angie Dickinson was one I thought of until I googled her. She’s like 80 years old now! Grandma McG maybe? 🙂
      Adrienne Barbeau…big ugh from me. Jane Seymour fits the age group but still too hot for my vision of mom.

      I like the dream sequence idea!

      I’m giggling imagining Infant ever reading this thread and going ‘WHOTF are all these people they’re talking about?’

      1. Thank goodness AD is too old now. Whew !
        So, are we thinking Momma McG was just a housewife or was she some kind of law enforcement agent before meeting Papa McG. That might have some significance on who fits the bill.

        1. Well, I always thought she was ‘just’ a housewife and was innocently caught up in the whole Poppa McG/Yakuza thing – but now I think not. Not if she’s the OPITWWW that Wo Fat is scared of.

          1. the OPITWWW that WoFat is scared of !! Love that !

            So, maybe Joe didn’t kill WoFat’s father/mother ? Maybe SecretAgentMommaMcG did ?
            Hmmm, somone else mentioned – Sigourney Weaver !

      2. Westy: I’m giggling imagining Infant ever reading this thread and going ‘WHOTF are all these people they’re talking about?’

        Yes…Im giggling at that thought too !

        Hugsies Infant !

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          LOL! It’s funny because it’s true. You lost me after Linda Hamilton.

    2. McG waking up on Max’s couch… season 2 was a dream!!!! 😆 that really cracked me up!!!

      1. 😆 😉

    3. paula · · Reply

      Perfect! Yes, let´s tweet this to atplenkov. Season 2 was just a dream (a nightmare really for half of it at least) 🙂

      1. I know *exactly* which episodes were nightmares. And ‘WHYYYYYY’ they were!

  9. FOYeur · · Reply

    Why is Melanie Griffith (age 55) in Scott’s play, playing his mother, I think?……..she and Taryn Manning looks a lot like mother and daugther………just saying?!

    1. Nooooooo! Not Melanie Griffith! Her voice would definitely not suit Momma. Please, AtPlenkov, please.

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        That’s so funny……exactly the reaction I thought I would get…….maybe they can get her to speak differently?!….:)

        1. You’re so mean, FOYeur! Teasing me like that! And I’m not so sure Melanie is able to speak any differently. Or surely she would have by now? Because that voice of hers is

          1. FOYeur · · Reply

            How about Kim Cattrall……that would explain everybody’s theories about momma McG having so many babies with so many men….. 😆

      2. FOYeur · · Reply

        Talking about voices…..I looked up Fran Drescher (the Nanny)….but she is working on another series…or maybe Megan Mullaly (Will & Grace)…also working.
        Leaving the voices behind, we can maybe go a bit older just for fun, there is everybody’s mom….Sally Field
        Or maybe Bette Midler (she can be badass)…and she could be seen as local hire (was born in Honolulu)
        (……this is just me having some Monday morning fun…. 😀 )

        1. *fingers in my ears* lalalalalalalalala


          1. FOYeur · · Reply

            Still me on Monday Madness…..
            How about somebody out of the league famous, doing a personal favour and taking up the role?
            Two somewhat older women, that can pull of playing younger comes to mind…….
            Jane Fonda is mother of Troy Garity (He already had a guest role in H5-0 and played in Scott’s movie Mercy….so there seems to be a connection there) and her brother Peter also already played a guest role in H5-0…….just saying she really looks good these days!
            Barbra Steisand, she is mother to Jason Gould – Half brother of Sam Gould, who is Alex’s old friend and stand-in on the set of H5-0 (don’t know how well the family connections are still working there….but you never know)

            Like I said…..Monday Madness here 😀

            PS. I actually really hope they keep it a very well hidden secret……I want to be surprised!!

            1. paula · · Reply

              I would be surprised if they manage to keep it a secret. Well if they shoot in studio or closed set that might work. But still think any female relatively known TV actress that sets feet on HI ground in July, will be tweeted as possible mom McG 🙂

            2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Mercy! UGH!!! I could not find it anywhere! I am never gonna see this movie.

  10. paula · · Reply

    I got it! Cybill Shephard as mom, since she was in Moonlighting. Obvious connection right 😉

    1. Cybill Shepherd could work, you know….

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        Good suggetion. She would actually also be my first choice….but it looks like she is tied up with a new series.

        1. What about Susan Sarandon? Does she do TV…
          Peggy Lipton from Mod Squad?
          How about Veronica Hamel…continuing the Lost theme our show seems to have going on.

          1. Oh yes, Susan Sarandon !
            Okai, wait ~ I so love Veronica Hamel !! and yes, to continue the Lost theme.

            Great ! Now my hopes are high, I’m sure to be let down.

  11. paula · · Reply

    So Christine Lahti has been cast for a recurring role on the show…wonder as who…

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      It would be hilarious if it WASN’T as Moma McG like we all suspect.

  12. I’m just posting a comment here because the post has been updated and I don’t know if y’all will receive an email notification for that….

  13. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I got the comment but no word on the update so good call.

    I was indifferent when it was announced because:
    1. I know her as that chick from Chicago Hope
    2. It was 8am on a Saturday morning and I’d gotten up on Friday morning at 5am to watch soccer so 8am was much earlier then I wanted to be up.

    Then I went and read up on Chicago Hope lady and can see she has some serious talent going on. As such, I now rejoice because Alex and the other cast members deserve to act against/with people with some serious skill and I think this lady has it in spades. Show will be better off for it. 🙂 Good call show.


      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        It’s taking forevers.

  14. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    Christine Lahti – very good choice! There’s even a mild resemblance (unlike Olivia Newton-John – really, guys?). Now hopefully they’ll write her some decent sh!t to say.

    1. LOL, highly unlikely, but we’ll probably love it anyway. 😉 I agree she’s a good choice and I predict a lot of McGarrett long-suffering stoicism and repressed emotions from momma & junior! So interested to know if Poppa knew if she was alive or really thought she was dead.

      1. I have a feeling that’s why PoppaMcG said he was sorry to Steve. Not for lying about the ‘accident’ but for this.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Oh no I don’t want that to happen because that means someone ELSE has lied to Steve and that makes just about everyone in the guys life.

          1. I think either way it’s tragic because either Poppa McG is a liar to his children OR was lied to by his wife & his BFF Joe. 😥

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Why is everyone on this show a LLWL????

        2. I’m with Westy – I think that’s what Pops meant too. Brings up some interesting ethical questions – is a lie OK when its to protect someone? I am v v sad for Steve.

          1. You know, I’ve been trying to insert my family in this scenario, and I just.can’t. I know that the only reason the McG’s lied to Steve and Mary would have been for the kid’s safety. But how can you tell two kids their mother is dead when she ISN’T????

            1. FOYeur · · Reply

              Well the whole thing of sending your kids away and not seeing them for 20yrs was just unthinkable to me as well. And them not having them see each other in that time too….it is just beyond any concept of family I have!!

            2. He said the day she died MADE HIM WHO HE WAS. Now that she’s not dead…..?????

              1. IKR? More angst for Steve because ‘who he is’ is based on a LIE!

                1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                  Steve! *sobs* I am trying to think of another show that I watch where so many terrible things happen to the main character…..yeah I’m still thinking.

                  1. Party of Five. No one ever had a good day on that show. Ever.

                    1. Infant_Sardonic · ·

                      Fair call. Any show that starts out with, hey kiddos your parentals are dead, is not all lollipops and candy canes.

    2. ‘ Now hopefully they’ll write her some decent sh!t to say.’
      HaHaaaa! I love this comment!

      1. That made me laugh out loud.

        And then hope for the same thing.

  15. paula · · Reply

    Christine Lahti sounds like a really good choice for mom. Let´s hope there will be also some fun and lighter moments with son McG 🙂 I would love to see a happy smile on Steve´s face when he realizes his mom is alive! I might be reaching for the stars here…

    1. Oh Paula…you know Steve won’t be allowed to be happy for long 😦 If they kill Momma off later in the season, I will cry for Steve.

      1. paula · · Reply

        It´s only matter of time when she will be killed, but will Steve mourn over her death twice… Should be start a poll on “will momma McG survive till the end of so 3 or killered off before x-mas” 😉

  16. Mary Jane · · Reply

    Don’t know the actress but I’m pleased to see she’s a good actor. Here’s hoping she’ll be quite BAMF or should that be BAFF?

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      I think this mom could actually teach her son a trick or true…at least on hiding.

      1. It’s going to be awesome! Or at least it has the potential to be. Let’s hope they don’t fk it up.

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