Wanna send Alex ur Granny’s panties?

After Alex’s recent revelation that his fans send him panties – some clean, some NOT (WTF women of the world??)  Justine wants to organise for all FUCUPS to send him some big old granny panties.  Clean.ones. Must be new.

This page is for you to nut out the details.

Me – I may not be sending any.  I would have to fill out a customs declaration as to the contents of my package.  Not gonna happen. 🙂

Justine (aka Tink) has expanded her craft empire into Seth Efrica! Pic taken by FOY_eur.



  1. FOYeur · · Reply

    You have to send one….. 😆

  2. Aw come on, can’t you just declare “clothing”? 🙂

  3. BTW, that picture rocks.

  4. I am going to find the biggest pair of Oz flag granny panties to send.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Okay technically I thought we were sending them to Diana w a big I’M SORRY that you have to open up packages of dirty underwear. Seriously, I just wanna go buy a gift for the girl. NO one should have to endure dirty panties from cray cray’s!

    1. Yeah, I don’t know if we’re trying to centralize and send one big package or what.

      But I will totes help with a gift for Diana.

      1. Well, I thought the idea was to send from all over the world, but I could be wrong. You guys work it out with Justine and then just let me know what to do. I’ll go with the flow.

      2. yeah…granny panties from around the world!!
        I know the dollar store by my job has them…I’m just gonna grab the biggest ones they have, if they have huge bra’s thats totes going in there too.
        Leave the tags on so the poor girl knows its a joke and they weren’t worn!

    2. Sorry that is me. I wasn’t logged in.

  6. Oh I think multiple packages from around the globe, no? We’re all getting restraining orders.

  7. No! We send address them to “Alex/Diana”
    I am gonna set up a paypal account, does everyone have paypal?
    If everyone sends $5 we can get the poor girl a gift card, I think the best choice for it would be victorias secret, since it’s you know, panties.
    But each package should have rubber gloves taped on top of the underwear.

    I think this would be hysterical.

  8. Okay I’m actually a really crap stalker. Someone’s gonna have to locate the address to ship this nonsense.

    1. I’m pretty sure Rainy (a true, dedicated stalker) would have it. 😉

      1. Hey now!

        OK, OK, I will look it up 🙂

        1. Alex O’Loughlin
          c/o Eye Productions, Inc.
          Hawaii Five-0 Production Office
          605 Kapiolani Boulevard
          Honolulu, HI 96813

  9. we have to send them to the building the they used as the police station in the finale thats the studio/headquarters

  10. Dear Westy, I love you. That is all.

    1. It was Justine’s idea! She is a genius, I tell ya!

    2. Ess….are you in?

      1. I’m totes in!! Operation Alex (granny) panty drop!!

      2. I am completely, un-fucking-believably, in. I barely recognize myself, but yeah…. totes in.

  11. I’m hitting the sack now, ladies.
    I expect to get up in a couple of hours and find Operation #BedazzledGrannyPanties in full swing. 🙂

  12. Sue all you have to write is “gift / t-shirt” it’s not gonna be a big box…..hehehehe.

    1. Yeah, I think I could get away with clothing. 🙂

  13. I think it should be one big package otherwise they will be separated and the joke will get lost if he opens them a month apart…

    1. I agree with Ess.

      1. Maybe we could paypal Justine a couple of extra bucks to cover postage on the giant granny panty package.

        1. omg!! imagine the laughs opening that box!

        2. FOYeur · · Reply

          Just a suggestion:
          If we do it like this it’s really gonna cost a lot….1st to NY and then to Hawaii (and I big parcel like that will really cost a lot i think?)
          Why don’t we all still send it direct but with some kind of note that explains that it is part of a world wide effort….give it a codename or a number or something…the funny thing of it will be that it will not be receive at once and they will keep wondering if another one might arrive….
          Any thoughts?

          1. paula · · Reply

            I like this idea 🙂 but what ever the majority thinks is OK with me.

            1. jrenee65 · · Reply

              Since I was actually accused of owning a pair of GP in passion red…count. me. in. 🙂

              1. Goody!! More Granny Panties for the Box of Granny Panties!!
                Brain storm and let me know what you are gonna do? we do have some themes available….

    2. That’s kinda what I thought, but will go along with whatever the group wisdom is. Even if you lead me off a cliff 🙂

      1. We call it the ledge…and there’s usually vodka there.

        1. Mmmm. Vodka.

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            yummy vodka

            1. jrenee65 · · Reply

              Is it too early to start drinking?

              1. It’s really never too early…….

  14. Ok, Operation SAY GP is in effect.

    Everyone go check your local dollar and discount stores and get the biggest panties (or bra’s) you can find! add glitter and bedazzle them. We have to figure out how to tag them like @lahagela – long island NY @west50h – western OZ

  15. ok i am out for now got a birthday party to go to

  16. Okay,pound shop.pants,glitter,scotland sticker…LETS GO

    1. Hi Elise! (I’m going to assume that’s your name, and if not…well – it is here at the Champ Box anyway!)
      Nice to see a new face around here 🙂

      1. Hello,thank you for the welcome,I lurk around the edge of you bunch of glorious crazies and cannot believe I didn’t know about Westy’s gig…shame on me,and yes,I am Elise x

        1. You know, I was trying to make sense of your first comment ‘pound shop, pants, glitter etc’ and I couldn’t for the life of me work out what you meant by ‘pound shop.’ Were you going to pound the pavement to get to the shop?? Were you going to pound on the shop door to demand that they sell you some big old granny panties??
          It’s been bugging me ever since and I just.now.got.it!


          1. I still dont get it!

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              pound shop = dollar store

    2. Elise, I just found out you are Scottiedog from Sardonic. D’oh!! How do I miss all this stuff? Anyway…

      **HI!** HI **waving furiously** cuz now I know you…

      1. *WAVING*I’m not quite sure why I have 2 identities,I like to think it’s because I’m a woman of mystery!!

        1. Hi scottiedog! That explains how you found this crazy site, mama sardonic’s followers are stalking – oops -following each other.

  17. Ok!!! Attention non-americans! Its gonna coat u about $15 to post the drawers to me……why don’t i see how many i can find at the store? I will go later. And u can each give me an idea of what u want on them

    1. FOYeur · · Reply

      Sounds like a good idea!!

  18. Okay I picked up supplys…..
    4 large pairs of knickers
    1 funny pair of hot pants
    glitter, glue
    glitter glue, glitter paint
    plastic gloves
    face masks

    Have to post the links seperate or I’ll go into moderation…..I hate moderation

    1. I dunno…’Justine’ and ‘moderation’….they do not go together!

  19. I may be claiming these for myself…

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      You HAVE to keep those.

      1. Yes, I agree, but she MUST bedazzle them, and then show us.. Just sitting here, laughing!

  20. Ok, so I am making Foyeurs, that gives me 3 extra’s.

    Elise, Crumpet, Paula, Alicia……anyone else international?
    Jana picked up one extra pair.

    I have all the stuff in the picture to decorate. Foyeur wants an SA flag on hers. What do you other girls want?

    I’m gonna use the booty shorts and put “Alex Access Only” on the front.

    Love the dollar store!!

      1. ^^i think that westy might like a koala on hers.

  21. Oh shittttakkkeeee mushrooms!! I have to go back and get 2 more pairs of granny drawers, I covered Europe and forgot our Aussies!!!! f’ers! I have to go back into the dollar store and buy just two pairs of underwear…..

    1. *giggle* That’s what ya get for forgetting Infant and me!

  22. paula · · Reply

    Justine, you´re going mad with the panties! LOL! Btw I have no idea about Paypal if we have that here (never heard of it).
    I do want to be a part of this madness. Would love to come up with a funny text…so difficult…

    1. paula · · Reply

      Adding to my previous post. I could actually send a pair as a letter for a relatively low cost. Problem, we do not have dollar-stores and finding HUGE undies perhaps a problem, but I could check a bargain store on Monday. Will let you know how it goes 🙂

    2. Paypal its part of ebay

      1. paula · · Reply

        Never been on Ebay, but just checked and looks relatively simple 🙂

  23. Justine, when you do mine, I would like the Oz flag and can you draw a koala? You could just draw the face? and make sure you get my twitter name right…!

  24. All I know is no one better send me used drawers! This ain’t that kinda hiatus hijinx’s!!

    1. Are you implying that any of us might actually wear granny panties?

      1. Anonymous · · Reply

        H00ker I don’t know what kinda knickers you wear!
        I don’t even wear knickers.

        oh giant thongs are acceptable also!!!

      2. Hahahahahaaa!

  25. heymomo · · Reply

    I’m confused! Is the plan to send undies individually or is Justine doing it for us?

    1. Thank you. Momo! I got confoozed too. What is the final decision here?

      1. I *think* everyone is sending them to Justine. Although the funny would be them opening random packages from around the world, we don’t know how often they get together and do this, and one large package might catch their attention and make them curious?
        We are also contributing towards a gift card for Alex’s assistant – so if you can Paypal Justine $5 for that plus a couple of bucks for postage of the giant granny panty package to Hawaii.

  26. paula · · Reply

    AOLrocks just informed some fan that if she´s sending anything other than a letter to Alex to NOT send it during hiatus…no explanation though to why not?! Is it because of the address is H50 production office?

  27. Ok, I think for best overall effect we go with a single package.
    This way we can put:
    A) Alex’s Quote regarding the subject
    B) A sympathy card for Diana
    C) rubber gloves for Diana
    D) face masks for her
    E) Glitter
    F) a plethera of granny panties

    So as far as the international girls go we are gonna cover making you granny panties here, the postage is just going to be silly for you to do them and send them to me for me to send them to A.

    You american and canadian girls make your own and you can send them to me in a manilla envelope. I am gonna put country flags on the international ones, so Momo maybe a canadian flag on yours? Dm or email me for the address

    Leave the tags on the underwear!!

    Try and think of some geriatric things to write on the drawers, like Alex Makes My Bladder Weak…..

    Ok, money – International girls I figure $3 each for drawers, supplies, postage to Hawaii. Plus your contribution $5.00 (american) for the gift card for poor suffering Diana to go buy her own panties @ Victorias Secret.
    Canadian & Americans $6 each for gift card and postage to Hawaii

    Since I have to go back to the store and pick up 2 more pairs of drawers I may get extra’s just to throw in the box for added effect.

    My paypal account lahagela@gmail.com

    Ok, thoughts?

    Lets try and keep this off of twitter now, stick to this page, DM’s, and email please.

    1. I’m going to Paypal you in a few.

      Still thinking what you can write on mine….

      1. ‘Alex Makes Me Pee My Pants’

        1. Were is alicia? I got the perfect thing for her’s!!!!
          I hope i can draw flags…….hmmmmm.

          Westy & Elise got ur $

          1. I’m here! Show me show me!!

            (I am almost crying with laughter at this. Justine, you are awesome!)

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Ok, I’ll hit the dollar store tomorrow and put together some Canadian Flag magic. I’ll email you, Justine, for your mailing address.

  28. H00kers, we crazy.

  29. Justine did u get gloves yet? I can stop @ Target today.

  30. Okay dokay,I shall paypal immediately.can I pretty please have a Scotland flag on mine and as much glitter and bejewelling as to make them even more insane ,oh,and my name so the police know who to contact.Justine,I trust your artistic juices to do me proud! This is insanity and I kinda like it!!

  31. I’ve pay pal-ed my contribution.Please let me know if you need extra!

  32. ok, flags not easy on this material….fukken markers bleed.

    Elise I had to modify your flag and add silver in place of the white.

    1. Modification for the sake of art is acceptable! 😉

  33. this is hysterical I have an assembly line of granny panties going!!
    I’m gonna make a folder on photobucket
    I will add updates as I go….

    1. THAT is the most wonderous sight I have EVER seen.My GAP’s are fantastic..insane but fantastic.I hope you don’t mind but I’ve saved that image and may use it as my new avi…once we’ve all posted bail obvs.

      1. I still have to do the front!!! rhinestones and glitter!!

  34. This operation s getting more insane by the minute.

    1. whatcha talking bout willis??

  35. shitakkeeeee mushrooms I can’t count.
    I am still short 2 pairs of drawers!!

    1. no wait!! 1 pair, I’m short 1, Jana picked up a spare pair!
      Can a USA h00ker pick up an extra please??
      Dollar store should have them!!!

  36. There’s a victorias secret right by the studio!
    2230 Kalakaua Avenue
    Honolulu, HI

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I shopped there!

  37. You are all hilarious and thoughtful at the same time. Not everyone can pull that off. #itsagift. Need to go shopping now.

  38. wow, this glitter glue shit takes forever to dry.

    1. still not dry!!!!!!! not a happy h00ker!!!!

  39. ok, go the backs of Foyeurs, paulas, crumpets, alicias, and elise done. I know I am just rhinestoning and glittering Elise. the rest of you need to tell me what you want on the front and go easy on me.
    realized being left handed doesn’t make working with glue pens any easier.
    Sue wants a Koala, and an OZ flag?
    Infant is gonna tell me what she wants.

  40. oh I have foam letters and hearts with sticky backs.

  41. OMG you an absolute legend!!!

  42. I’ll see if I can find u another pair today !!!

  43. paula · · Reply

    I can´t wait to see the finished products 🙂 It might be easier to write that joke I emailed you with some kind of felt pen instead of glitter and just bling it up here and there…and the apple goes in front.

    1. markers bleed, made a hella mess out of elise scotland flag had to improvise to fix it.

  44. need wording for Dianas card…anyone?

  45. the shit I do for you h00kers…..my basement is decorated with granny panties!!!

    what about this for the card?

    After reading the enclosed interview, a group of us took pity on you for having to deal with Alex’s “Dirty Panty Club” fans and wanted to do something for YOU.
    Go get yourself something nice at Victoria’s Secret so that you can get the underwear images out of your head! We have also included HAZ MAT gear for you!
    Please see that Alex gets this box of Granny Panties (brand new with tags!) that we have “painstakingly”
    created for him with the hopes that he will get a good laugh out of it. We did . This was a group effort from around the world from his fans, the ones with a sense of humor. We should also thank him, because if not for some online Alex-centric blogs, we would never have met each other and shared the laughs that we have.

    1. Crumpet_B · · Reply

      Awwww, that’s lovely h00ker! V V Sweet!

    2. Perfect. Love.

    3. Yes that is a great message so he gets the point of the project beginning to end,you are the right chickie/h00ker for this job.

    4. Masterful, Tink, Masterful.

      I need to get supplies. And decorate mine in the middle of the night when NotMcG is fast asleep……

      1. Amen sister…no witnesses….

        1. Plausible deniability.

  46. Love it,you’re playing down the madness just right!

  47. Crumpet_B · · Reply

    H00ker, my pants look awesome. Thank you so much for doing it. You are the bestest. 😘

  48. paula · · Reply

    Great letter 🙂 could you ask her to take a picture of Alex with the panties and post it to us! It never hurts to ask 🙂

    1. THAT would be totes hilarious,you’re right Paula,if you don’t ask,you don’t get!

  49. Final draft of the letter –

    After reading the enclosed interview, a group of us took pity on you for having to deal with Alex’s “Dirty Panty Club” fans and wanted to do something for YOU.

    Please get yourself something nice at Victoria’s Secret so that you can get the underwear images out of your head! We have also included HAZ MAT gear for your Protection.

    Please see that Alex gets this box of Granny Panty Art (brand new with tags!) that we have “painstakingly” created for him with the hopes that he will get a good laugh out of it. We did .

    This was a group effort from some of his fans from around the world , the ones with a good sense of humor. We should also thank him, because if not for some online Alex-centric blogs, we would never have met each other and shared the laughs & fun that we have. We would love to see a picture of him surrounded by these “Granny Panties”!


    1. FOYeur · · Reply

      It sound great Justine.
      Thanx for handeling project SAY GP so well. I think it is being done in good spirit and with class.
      You are a STAR!!

      1. Thank you….yeah I don’t want it to be filthy funny, I just want it to be funny, a little risque of course! I want him to laugh, but not be skeeved & freaked out. As I write this I realize I wrote alex access only across the back of mine…..which could be construed as he’s the only one getting access to my actual bum….oy vey.

        1. I thought that’s what you meant?

          1. honestly I wasn’t talking about anal !!! swear!!
            its just that the front says hands off with pineapples!!! so I had to buy them!!!
            I couldn’t pass them up…just like I couldn’t pass up the gecko ring!!

            1. LOL!!! Neither was I! I just meant, you know, ass squeezing and caressing and hanging on and … never mind, I’m killing myself here 🙂

        2. FOYeur · · Reply

          just add…..”for biting” or “touching” or “pinching” or something like that….:wink:

        3. 10/10 for this comment. I am dying!

    2. J, In the time that I’ve know you out here – I think you’ve outdone yourself. I applaud you and your humor.

      I love the letter and hope it brings much amusement to them as its done to everyone here.

      I hope you get a response !
      Luv ya h00ker!

  50. Awwww stalker laurie….such kind words. Tank youuuu!

  51. Okay hooker, just paypal’d you. Box w hazmat supplies, “my” undies & 3 spare undies is mailing on Monday.

    Do you think Alex’s lawyer will give him a group discount on filing restraining orders? I stand behind my excuse that I cannot be expected to entertain myself in an appropriate manner during a 3 month hiatus.

    1. Discount on restraining orders!!!!! L.M.F.A.O……..

    2. I haven’t received an r/o yet, so I think we’ll be ok.

  52. yeah you all should have heard the convo between me and my mother and my explaining to her that even though our communal laundry room & basement is covered in granny panties with flags and girls names not to get any weird ideas and please don’t ask any questions. I really don’t think any of the strange crap I do even phases her anymore.

    1. Justine you are a beautiful human being & a TRUE CHAMPION. Also so creative & talented. IMMA GOIN TO WALMART!

      1. It’s because I love you h00kers!!!!

  53. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    Hey Tink – I just paypal’d you a ten spot contribution – no need to make special panties for me, I just want to be part of the fun. Actually, I was thinking we should send a pair of nice men’s silk boxers, so he can feel our FUCUP love – too weird? Save me a spot on the ledge.

  54. ok if anyone is having a challenge coming up with what to put on their knickers I have an idea. We already having TOF, ML, H50, and TR themed knickers……
    that leaves TBUP, CM, MB, and Feed.
    For CM you would need black rimmed glasses, white play doh and cling wrap and a red marker (and your granny panties). make a red circle on the panties, make a small ball out of the play doh glue play down inside red circle cover with cling wrap, stitch glasses to knickers…..
    TBUP would be little twin babies, toy cheese, a penny all attached
    easy enough right??
    any volunteers??

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      Oh oh!!! I want to do TBUP!!!!

      1. Essspi · · Reply

        Anonymous?? What TF?

      2. That’s GREAT!!! Now who are you?

      3. ESS @H50BAMF · · Reply

        For the love of god! Does this not work from my phone? Grrr… (pssst ESS, here)

        1. Pssst…..It’s all yours!! Have at it my dear!!

        2. I sometimes have problems posting from my phone too. Hence disappearing and fkd up posts (the ML one is a perfect example)

          1. what kind of phone do you have? the wordpress app for iPhone is actually pretty good! I guess i just had to log in again to post on your page.

      4. Dammit! I was going to do TBUP, and then I see ” an anonymous” h00ker picks it, and THEN I find out its ess! LOL.

        I am choosing a gun-centric McG acts of awesome-ness theme.

        1. You can do TBUP too!! But I *must* do it….for OBVI reasons…. 😉 *cough*penny*cough*

  55. Karin@notMcNerd · · Reply

    This whole idea is beyond hilarious!! $10 to Paypal on the way (from kbayer@wi.rr.com). Think I may do TOF but I may change my mind after the purchase. Are we sending them to HI or to you? Where? Is there a deadline? (I work better under pressure!)
    Only second time I’ve used my paypal acct. The 1st was also for Alex stuff — fridge magnets for the FUCUP mini-convention.
    Is there a volunteer sign up sheet to hand deliver this package?

    1. Foyeur is doing Jack’s Pearl on her’s with Pearls.
      Karin your in the states right? It gets mailed to me, thn I’m gonna send a big box, and Jana made up a whole haz mat kit for his assistant.

    2. Got ur paypal karin! Thanks!

  56. ok, Elise and Crumpets are done
    Have at it h00kers!!

    1. Those are great Justine! I’ll leave it up to you as to what you put on mine but if you could squeeze ‘McG’s Girl’ on there somewhere I would be forever grateful! Xxxx

      1. I will do the OZ flag on the front with a koala on your cooter, and mcg’s girl on the back okay?

        1. I’m Soooo excited. This is going to be AWESOME!!!

    2. Crumpet_B · · Reply

      H00ker!!!! I think I can honestly say with hand on my heart, that you, are by far & away the most talented, lovely, pretty, kind & clever H00ker I have ever known! True.Story. I ❤ my H00ker Granny Pants!!!

      1. More more more!!!! {{clapping and bouncing like a 3 year old}}

        Strumpet….how many h00kers have you known??

        I’m glad you like them….so glad I picked up those goofy sponges.

  57. OMG,OMG I am beyond hysterical at my GP’s,you are an absolute star.May the crafting angels confer glitter pen blessings upon you and your basement of wonder!!

    1. I need more rhinestones for your’s Elise….I don’t think I am done with them yet.

  58. Ok, so we have
    ML, H50, TOF, TBUP (Ess), TR and MB (Steph) covered….

    That leaves these up for grabs….and they are pretty easy, just need to go to a place that has scapebooking do dads.

    Criminal Minds (white play doh, cling wrap, red marker, black glasses)
    The Shield (dollhouse kitchen chair, gun, cuffs, and a shield?)
    August Rush (Guitar, Shamrocks, Guiness?)
    The Invisables (expensive car sticks or emblems & gun, swallow tattoo)
    The Holiday (stickers of lips)
    White Out (Scotch, pick ax, ice, snow)

    We certainly don’t have to do all off them…..oh holy sh/t….
    I’m putting kitten stickers and tampons on a pair of knickers.

    btw – I hate him, FLR.

    1. Kittens…. and tampons….. REAL LOVE, JUSTINE.

      1. One of the girls mentioned that they thought the kittens and tampons r too much (i fully intended to leave them in their hygenic wrappers). Thoughts?

        1. Can you glue a pic of a tampon or tampon box instead?

        2. I think hilarious. And def in the wrappers.

          Mouse-y mouse-y!

        3. I think its great! In wrappers tho.

        4. paula · · Reply

          Love the idea! Has to be done 🙂

        5. Yea that person was me h00kers. I forgot about the tampon commercial … But still tampons attached seem really disturbing. You’d have to have the correct brand of tampon if you’re gonna do it. I mean, if you’re gonna be a lunatic do it right.

          1. Yeah I see where you’re coming from & agree that it’s probably a funnier idea than it is in “reality.”

          2. Anonymous · · Reply

            Regarding the tampons, if you think it’s too oogy, maybe just the kitten sticker and write the brand name? Which is ‘Libra. ‘

            1. Anonymous · · Reply

              That’s me Westy commenting on the tampon thingy. Fkn wordpress!

            2. Ummmmmmm……maybe i will print out a box and paste it on.

    2. The kitten and tampons…Best Idea Ever.

    3. I have a set of stickers I bought today with my other stuff- it is St Patty’s day themed with mugs, shamrocks, etc, I’m sending them with mine and maybe you can use or add them for the August Rush.

  59. Ok, Foyeurs are finished and posted on photobucket….

    1. paula · · Reply

      LOL! So super naughty…Jack´s pearls! Love it, such a beautiful design too 🙂

    2. FOYeur · · Reply

      Thanks Justine, I love it!!
      Jack and me and that PIER…….sigh

      1. Good!!! They came out purdy!!

  60. heymomo · · Reply

    And now I’m sitting down to sew Canada flags on a pair of panties…
    which is something I didn’t think I would ever say 🙂

    1. I am still laughing Momo – at your epic sewing skills, not that I’ve seen it yet, but that you are SEWING a flag on GP !

  61. I can barely settle on ONE idea for MYSELF, but I can totally see Infant’s being Navy- related!!!! She is our resident expert!

    1. Well she has time to think about it. She may go with her footie team.
      Kimmer the force is strong with you….think of something…..

  62. heymomo · · Reply

    When are these going out? Are we waiting till they’re back on shoot schedule?

  63. Yeah i figure like mid july to mail it out this way it gets there in like 10 days….and they will be back to work

  64. paula · · Reply

    Was going through our pinterest fun board, and that t-shirt text “so smooth geckos fall off” sounds like good text for panties too 🙂 and obv “Feed me”…there really is no shortage of naughty funnies thinking of Alex…

  65. paula · · Reply

    Oh! don´t forget his favorite charity “Donate Life”…brilliant right 😉

  66. Ok, got kitten stickers and a koala sticker for westy cooter.
    Finished Alicia’s….won’t she be surprised when she gets back from holiday! Got a small funnel need a small length of small clear tube (FEED ME)

    1. paula · · Reply

      Spray bottles have small clear tubes, maybe you could use one of those 🙂 I can´t wait to see the outcome LOL! Don´t work too hard Justine, there´s plenty of time.

    2. A koala sticker for my cooter…Yay!!!

      1. Betcha never thought you’d say that???
        I have to paint your flag.,,,you want the flag and the sticker on the from
        and alex’s girl on the back correct?

        I have done a bunch of these this week, I am gonna put of the rest until next week, I am crafted out.

        1. Wherever you think it looks best, Justine. And it’s ‘McG’s Girl’ – but alex’s girl would be ok too.

  67. I know there is but once I start something I turn into a fiend.

  68. I spent no less than 1.5 HOURS at the craft store last night (in my defense I also had to buy goofy supplies for a “Hair” themed golf outing I am in too) and I am settling into an H50 theme. I still need to find some other supplies at Walmart – and I need to get the grannies too.

    The crafting shall commence on Thursday. This is fun!!!

    1. Let’s hope NotMcG goes to bed early on Thursday!

      1. I have visions of kimmer working feverishly by candlelight in the corner of the basement giggling…..

        1. LOL. Hopefully we still have electricity in the basement.

          And – truth? NotMcG has a golf tournament tomorrow. I am taking a pervy needs day. Working in the daylight in the basement.

          1. your taking a personal day to decorate granny panties? awesome!! drink while you do it…heavily.

  69. You just can’t explain something like this without the person listening thinking you either need to be medicated or take a 30 day “rest” in a special facility.
    my mother apparently did laundry yesterday, she was questioning me about the assembly line in the basement….my mother is a serious woman, she doesn’t tell jokes and rarely laughs at them, but sometimes the sh/t that comes out of her mouth killers me. She asked me with a completely straight face “are you and your tweet friends selling these things on ebay?” I seriously almost DIED. I just keep telling her I can’t talk about it and it’s just a prank.

    1. FOYeur · · Reply

      Would have loved to be a fly on that wall, to hear and see that conversation…… 😆

    2. Tweet friends!!! LMAO! No, mom, they are my pervy-cyber-besties.

      This can never be explained. They just don’t understand us.

      1. yeah……some things are just best not spoken of.

    3. Justine- I stopped at Home Depot today… Looking for hazard/caution tape to make a bow for Diana’s hazmat bag. I told the guy what they had wouldn’t work, it was really just for a joke. He’s all “what kind of joke”? At which point I got totes shifty & was all “just a joke, okay” and dashed outta there.

      1. Awww Jeez,now we’ve got Homeland Security on us now!!;-)

        1. OMG! JANA! look in a medical supplicly store for a biohazard sticker or somethinking like that….great now theyhave you plate #…..and when they come to interegate you youre gonna have to explwin this!

    4. paula · · Reply

      Maybe you could sell those on Ebay! I wonder how much fans would pay for this art 😉

  70. I made the mistake of trying to explain this “plan” to someone,it drew a blank stare(maybe a look of pity)The real world just doesn’t get it….I prefer this pervy-cyber world quite frankly…it’s funnier! And who doesn’t love a craft project?

    1. There is NO explaining this operation to the real world. Truth.

  71. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    “pervy-cyber-besties” – that describes us PERFECTLY. I love u all, so so much!

    1. OMG geckos!!!! Love them! So perfectly done as well, like they fell off and they’re trying to climb back up! Love love love!!!

      (“Alicia’s knickers are up” heh heh. It makes a nice change.)

      1. I’m glad you like them!!

        1. Ha! LOVE Alicia’s knickers.
          Wait. Let me rephrase that.

          1. FOYeur · · Reply

            Westy, I just love your photo’s on the side….LMAO
            And hand off Alicia’s knickers!

            1. Yes! Take your filthy paws off my silky drawers!

  72. I am snorting and giggling…..that is great Sue!!

  73. Mary Jane · · Reply

    I’m LMAO here at this granny panties mega operation. Your organisational skills could come in really handy should there be some sort of worldwide crisis!

    1. I think the only worldwide crisis looming soon will be a critical shortage of granny panties. Because Alex will be the proud owner of most of the world’s supply.

  74. Our wonderful Alicia was kind enough to snap a shot of herself modeling her Granny knickers and she forwarded me the photo to share….

    1. Mary Jane · · Reply

      Love this!!

    2. *gasp* you lying h00ker!

      SHE DID THIS!!!

      (and I love her for it)

      1. hehehehe!!! you let me do it!!!

        1. Yes. Let the record show that I let Justine put my knickers on for me.

  75. FOYeur · · Reply

    Strange how your eyes catches something when a subject is on your mind. I was laughing so much, could hardly take the picture in time before the light changed.
    Sorry about the quality of the pic….windscreen was a bit dirty.
    It reads:
    “Tinkering Times…..arts carfts & mosaic’s”
    I think we are having so much fun with this project….It’s really good to see everybody enjoying it……and getting some good laughs from it!

    1. The kicker is that the licence plate also has ‘GP’ in it. It’s almost as if this car was waiting for you to take its pic, FOYeur!

      1. OMG!! The GP makes it THAT much BETTER!!! I wish there were rhinestones all over it…….sigh.

        1. FOYeur · · Reply

          I am so used to the GP….I didn’t even think about that as well 😆

          1. 127 GP! It will probably feel like that many by the time you’ve finished, Justine!

    2. This is hilarious!!! Tinks bedazzled hands brighten everything she touches!! It’s perfect.

    3. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      We should all pitch in and BUY that car for The Tinkler.

  76. So I am grabbing a photocopy paper box from work to mail off our package….and I’m looking at it and I don’t think it’s gonna be big enough……..hmmmmm…..

    1. Mary Jane · · Reply

      How many have you got?

      1. I will have maybe 18 pairs or so.
        But the themed ones are 3D.
        The FEED knickers have a funnel and a tube on them.
        Crumpets have the sponges on them.
        Plus Jana has the haz mat kit.
        I think I can get her name put on the gift card from VS.

        1. Mary Jane · · Reply

          I’ve never seen Feed (curious now).

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Feed knickers?

    2. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      Let us know if you need more cash – postage is a koala!

  77. Thats really sweet but you couldnt pay me enough to drive that!

  78. WESTY! I just notes your “must hide from panty freaks” banner down side of page! Love!!!

    1. 🙂
      I imagine that will be the look on Alex’s face when he receives his ‘package.’

      1. Ahhhh….package…he has such a lovely package…..

        1. paula · · Reply

          He´s gonna have two then when our shipment arrives 😉

  79. Ok…..a hooker better get some love. I have spent my saturday night slaving over knicker crafting….I am now drinking straight from the homemade lemocello bottle….yum….

    1. Your legacy is going to live forever Justine… this is rather epic!!!!

  80. check my photobucket for knickers in various stages….

    1. OMG, I love them all. But I especially love the koalas on my cooter. You deserve to swig that whole bottle, Justine.

      1. Cooter…….I luver that word!
        I have to do the bum on yours, gotta wait for them to dry and flip them

        “@” is v v hard to do with glitter glue!!

        1. paula · · Reply

          And a special TY to you for teaching me that new word 🙂

  81. Hey International Cooters!
    Do y’all want your twitter names on your knickers?

    1. Only if you’re putting names on the others?

    2. paula · · Reply

      Well why not 🙂 my 15 minutes of fame when Alex dives sniffing into that pile and the picture will be published all over the WWW 😉

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I believe I said yes to Kimmer about this., 😀

  82. Yes,if you can be bothered,are you not all crafted out yet?My lawyers tell me I should not hide my identity,it will only make AOL’s lawyers angry!

  83. Francis · · Reply

    You guys are AWESOME. Will you all marry me? Love that your sending panties to Diana, poor girl. Atleast she gets to look at his pretty face everyday as an “im sorry you have to open that crap(hopefully not literally)” benefit.

  84. True dat, she has the ultimate job perq! A reason to show up every.single.day.

  85. ok I’m about to order the GC from VS for DJK….we are the best h00kers ever!

    1. Justine, I just want to take an #awkwardchickflickmoment to say that YOU are the best h00ker ever. By the time I got to this, it had already evolved from “let’s all send giant panties, it would be really funny” to “let’s do something really nice for Diana”, and that’s so sweet and thoughtful. Then all the time and effort you’ve put into this for us, which is just truly amazing and so so appreciated. You are a lovely, wonderful person and I am so glad to know you.

      #awkwardchickflickmoment ENDS

      H00ker! (I just had to put that in, in case you thought I was going soppy on you.)

      Also: I love that, in addition to having our own language, we are now speaking in code. Yay us!

      1. Awww. Alicia!! Ur so sweet, I’m just glad that I got all of you to be my partners in this escapade!! So much better if we all get restraining orders and not just me!
        And I have to thank Jana for her help, and for making up the haz mat kit for DJK.
        And to Sue for putting this page up so f’ing quick to get this rolling.
        I have to admit though, decorating granny panties is kinda fun, and so is shopping for crazy sh/t to put on them….I saw those little plastic geckos’ in the store and almost died on the spot…..you were on holiday, but your were getting your name on some free the gecko granny panties no matter what you said (you really had no choice in the matter).
        And thank God for dollar stores!!

        Hugsies xoxo!

        1. I’m just so grateful that you were able to decorate mine. I didn’t know how I was going to explain that one to NotMcG. He’s used to some weird stuff from me, but that would have been #awkward.

          1. I could not Paypal for just that reason he does the bills and always, reasonably, likes to know what the occasional Paypal is for, and I could not imagine explaining this.at.all.plus I did my pair in a rush while he was golfing. Unfortunately the tink has to re glue some bedazzles for me. Kimmer wasn’t too far off when doing them by candlelight in the basement. #clandestinepantypartyofone

      2. Alicia has summed it up so well,but I also want to say thank you Justine,this “crafting project” has made me giggle so much and you are beyond wonderful for going to all this trouble for us overseas h00kers.*HUGGSIES*

    2. You are the best! (ps – because its the end of the school year and I am brain dead and if one more person comes into my office to ask me for something because – THEY get to leave for the summer and God FORBID they don’t get their question about their pay next September answered RIGHT now they will just DIE because there is no possible way in hell that they could actually pick up a phone during the summer and call me to ask… oh, no – because THEY are on their summer break and I need to answer their stupid-assed question NOW or they won’t be able to enjoy their 2 months off – I WILL SCREAM) I forgot to paypal you $$. I will do that tonight when I get home! And, tonight is the night – I have the “Navy knickers” plan worked out with Grace, and my “5-0 french cut” theme for myself almost ready (who knew it was so hard to find handcuffs? Kids don’t play cops/robbers anymore? We always had handcuffs. Honestly – One last trip to Toys-R-Us and then I may have to hit the s.x store)

      1. Sounds like Kimmer had a BAD day at work. 😦

        1. Had? It’s only 10:45am. You know, on the day that the earth stops spinning for 2 months.

        2. Plus, its about 99 degress outside and 80 degrees in my office #Ilovemyjob

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            Forget toys r us, you deserve a trip to the s*xshop.

  86. Justine is going to help me with my BUP theme because I can’t find sh/t here to put on it. (eww that sounds so wrong)

    But I had 3 undies to work with so I made this one just from me. 🙂
    You have no idea how badly I wanted to write #TeamNoManscaping 🙂

    1. Ess, your GP’s are fantastic!!!

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      This page has the best password ever.

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      #freethegecko FTW!!!

  87. I doubt anything coming out of the box, after they see the rubber gloves, will be a surprise. If either of them are familiar with any of these sites and they could post one word it would be…….. Dying…………because that is what they’ll be doing. they will def. feel the fan love and sense of humor from it.
    Now, a final set of GP’s can be ones covered in some type of fake fur on one side and the #teamnomanscaping logo on the other except once I started picturing that, it is a disgusting thought.

  88. ok, finished picking up the last remaining pieces……..Ess I found freaking cheese stickers! They were part of a picnic set of stickers…..the girl in the craft stores face was priceless….she literally said “now, I’ve heard everything today”, and the goat (49 cents in party city), the kitchen chair from a doll house (thievered it from my niece $0), the vamp teeth, the cuff’s the badges. now I have to throw all this crap together. And I thought of a way to take the Ewww factor out of the libra tampon mousey mousey knickers…

    1. Tell us how you’re going to remove the ewww factor…you can’t just leave us hanging, Crafty Justine!

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      You have to tell us Justine!!

      1. you will see when I have completed it…….it will be good. promise. has my craftiness ever let you down?

  89. paula · · Reply

    Justine! Are you doing the Shield chair scene!? I´m picturing a Ken with Barbie…that would be hilarious (well to me anyway) 🙂 Actually might be better to have a pair of tiny dolls of soft material….

    1. I have the chair…and it is perfect……it’s just going to be the chair in the center a badge on one side and the cuffs on the other. enuff said.

  90. I have the VS GC! came in a pretty pink box.

    1. FOYeur · · Reply

      Great…..love it when a plan comes together!!

  91. Ok. Found handcuffs! NotMcG needs to go out with some buds and I can finish up theGP’s!

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Yay! Thanks again Kimmer. 😀

      1. Sorry its taking so long! It’s like he knows what I’m doing and keeps making plans for us – OMG, just go out with the guys! Argh.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          No need for sorry. As the people who play drawsome with me will tell you, I should not be allowed to draw, let alone make something to be sent to Alex. 😉

          Oh Justine what I was wondering was are we sending a letter or anything? Some thing that he knows it’s from a few of us? I mean obviously it is but if you get a letter saying Hi Justine and friends, I’m gonna be crushed.

          1. paula · · Reply

            I doubt we´ll ever see that letter…Justine will hide it under her pillow and we´ll never hear of her again 😉

  92. Gracie of course there will be a letter! I am going to put everyones names and city/country. I am still working on the final draft but this is what I have so far:

    Operation Send Alex Your Granny Panties started when Alex attended the HFPA press conference in Los Angeles in June. He was quoted as saying that you help him open his fan mail and he receives “underwear..some clean…some not,” and we vividly felt your pain. Since we were collectively skeeved out for you, having to open the envelopes/boxes from the “Dirty Panty Posse,” we all chipped in to get you a gift card to Victoria’s Secret, so that you can get yourself some pretty knickers and get the images of the random strangers worn knickers out of your head….also we included a small haz mat kit for you, because we truly fear you may catch cooties opening these parcels.

    Please know that no protection is needed for our Granny Panties, as we are not Grannys, and these knickers are brand new & more importantly, unworn. We really hope he (and you) get a good laugh out of them, because we had a lot of fun hatching this scheme and coming up with designs and themes.

    We are a group of fans from around the globe that all met and forged friendships through the online H50 communities, and we owe Alex and H50 a big THANK YOU, because without them we would have never met each other, and we wouldn’t get to laugh at each others utter ridiculousness everyday.

    We are all waiting patiently to find out who the hell will play Mama McG? How will the toothpick guy die!!! Is poor Chin going to be consumned by guilt and grief when Malia dies? Will Adam rescue Kono? Will Rachell leave Stan? Or will Rachell and Stan die in a horrible accident, leaving Danny a single dad?

    Sending you our best wishes for the new season of Hawaii Five-0!!

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Looks ace to me. Thanks Justine for having our collective 6’s.

      Psst I especially loved this bit: “Or will Rachell and Stan die in a horrible accident, leaving Danny a single dad?” It’s because we care about you Danno!

    2. paula · · Reply

      Oh I see there´s a small add to the end LOL! You´re assuming Malia dies, too funny 🙂 I think you could´ve played the mom story a bit more…will Steve slam that door back on his mom´s face!? dundundun!

  93. Ok, I password protected the photo’s, same password as this page.
    I will post updated pictures this weekend.
    I am hoping to get them all finished up by then.


    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      So cool. Yeahh if I had of made mine Alex would have looked at yours, Ess’ and Kimmers then looked at mine and said, “awww one of them let their kids help.” 😛

  94. Okay……I want to get this box in the mail on July 14th…….so get those knickers done and to me!

  95. Ok…….Operation SAY GP is finally wrapping up!!
    Because Ess and Jana sent extra knickers I was able to squeek out
    White Out “Russell You Naughty Naughty Boy” and
    Man-Thing “Watch Out!! It’s a Man-Eater”
    So the only character that got left out is Marcus…..but thats okay, he was a character in The Invisable, duh. Oh….I should grab a zip lock and write “The Invisable” on it……
    <<< taps the noggin

    1. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      Invisible = empty panty package

      OMG, Tink!!! This is beyond AWESOME – and just in time for them to go back to work. Thank you x infinity for all your hard work, organizing, shopping, EVERYTHING! You’re the greatest – much h00ker love to ya!

    2. The letter is great,, and ALL of the knockers are masterful!

      1. Stalker! (lb) · · Reply

        Hahahahahaha ! Knockers ! Wait, was there another Operation going on ?
        Well placed typo Kimmer!

      2. My knockers are epic!!

      3. heymomo · · Reply

        knockers FTW!!!

        1. oopsies!

    3. Aaarrrggghh! I can’t get in from my phone. When I try to submit my password it keeps taking me to some game on the app store.

    4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I love that mine says Melbourne (and Westys Perth) and just about everyone else is listed by state. That’s right Alex you better know where the heck I’m from. The best city in Oz. #Iamnotbiased

      Also. Holy smokes that package is huge! If I had to send that from Australia I’d shudder to think at how much it would cost. Thanks for putting this all together Justine.

  96. OMG, Justine…these are fkn brilliant! Thank you so much from all of us for all the hard work you put in. And Jana…I.am.dying at your knickers!
    Jus better get some kind of acknowledgement from Diana/Alex for this!

    Kimmer, hurry up with yours and Infant’s knickers!

  97. {{takes a bow}} {{does Queen Wave}}
    It has been a most enjoyable tedious pleasure! ;-P
    All I know is since my name is one the package you hookers better chip in for my lawyer fee’s when the R/O comes….I may be banned entry at the Oahu airport.

    Kimmer did you mail out yours yet?

  98. This HOOKER is done!!
    All the pic’s are posted……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  99. You are an awesome h00ker and did a great job. I know mine missed the mark a little but carried its own message (it honored the smell of desperation by the original loooose women who send in their knickers). Thanks for your effort and for letting me be in on the fun. I’ll send you more untraceable ca$h if you come up short on postage.

  100. They’re amazing, Justine! Diana’s parcel is gorgeous. And even though I love my panties SO much, I think my favourite is the Moonlight one. Bite me! Heh heh!

    You are SUCH a star!

  101. scottiedog · · Reply

    Just to say again,THANK YOU for doing this,to be surrounded by all this craziness is just wonderful!xxx

  102. Jana · · Reply

    Omg lunacy! I just reviewed all the pics Justine! Nice note. If they don’t find this hysterical then I have no words!!!

  103. Ok, H00kers! Operation SAY GP is a go! Final pictures are posted and the box is sealed (along with my fate and that restraining order with my name on it!). Because I have my priorities right, I will be going into work a bit late tomorrow so I can see the package off at the post office. Fingers and toes crossed they think this is as funny as we do….and if not…Operation WWT (What a Waste of Time) commences….and it involves cat poop and glitter.

    1. All my best thoughts are FLYING to NY & then over to HI!

      Thank you Justine !!!! You are the best, amazing, clever, talented, hilarious, beautiful, most organized FUCUP….!!! I love ya!!!!

    2. FOYeur · · Reply

      Great news……luv you real hard right now….you are my hero!!
      It is send with great love and admiration from us all and hopefully will be so received……
      It will never be WWT…..at least we had some fun with it….if he doesn’t like it, we can always move onto a new celeb to stalk and send GP’s to……. 😉

    3. I am not mailing you cat poop and glitter, so this had better work,

    4. heymomo · · Reply

      You rock. Thanks for taking the reigns and making this happen.

    5. I am so excited to know Alex will have his hands in my p@nties very soon!!

      Thanks to Westy for the big idea and Justine for all her hard work. Even if we never hear back about anything, we will always have this story think about and laugh over! I STILL giggle every time I think about it…

  104. Thanks for all your work, I know you had fun but it was still work, too. Maybe a big smooch On The address label in red lipstick as one last touch. Close as we’ll get to smooching the real thing. And by thing, I mean whatever you think I mean.

  105. Oh it´s finally on it´s way! I´m hoping it will reach Diana and Alex on a good day, when they have time to properly investigate each piece of art work, and then laugh for the rest of the day 😀
    What a bummer if we never get to hear what happened on the da BOX got opened in Alex´s presence! I really want to know 🙂

  106. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Thanks so much for doing all this Justine and thanks again to Kimmer for setting me up with the most awesome designed panties ever (I am totes biased) and finally thanks to my sugar moma, you know who you are. 😉

  107. Today should be known as GP-Day, forever more. Justine, you are amazing (and I like your sense of priorities)!

  108. Awww! All the h00ker love!!!! You’re all v v welcome! And I’m glad you were all down with my insanity! It was fun!!!! And I hope they think it’s Funnnnyyyy!
    I’m kinda hoping she opens it on her own and decorates the trailer, but thats wishful thinking……Just confirmation that it was received will be enough.

    I’m kinda glad it’s over though, I am v v sick of glitter glue and having underwear all over the place.

    Oh! Does WP have a Calendar option?? Should it be today or the day it gets delivered?

    I posted the post office pictures, the photo albumn is complete (or is it???)

    1. FOYeur · · Reply

      Thanks for all the photographs….it keeps us in the loop and part of it all!!

  109. Delivery day calendar added 🙂

    I’m pretty sure Diana will respond – if only because of the GC. It would be pretty rude of her not to, and I get the feeling she’s not like that. Of course, an acknowledgement from the Man Himself would be the icing on the cake.

    And no, the photo album is not complete until there is a pic of Alex wearing a pair of glittery knickers on his head and a goofy smile.

  110. Ok based on the fact that he’s been photographed sucking on cigars
    ( http://hawaiifive0online.net/2012/07/19/bts-photo-of-alex-oloughlin-scott-caan-quote-from-daniel-dae-kim/ )
    I have our next project……who wants to monica lewinsky some good cubans and send them off to him?

    1. Oh God. DY.ING!!

      Only if you’re going to do mine for me again.

      You’d have to figure out a way of wrapping them up again, because it occurs to me that he probably never smokes unwrapped cigars sent to him by fans, for this exact reason. But it didn’t occur to me UNTIL TODAY.

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        On this one everybody will have to do their own…..I think 😛

    2. FOYeur · · Reply

      Sorry Tink, I don’t know any Cubans….. 😀

  111. Only just now saw the last panties. Kimmer! Very nice work. I loved the details and that west with all those details is a work of art 🙂
    The clothespins and hanging line for trailor decorating, perfect idea! Hope Diana will surprise Alex with this art of love.

  112. Well, the package should have been delivered by now. Wonder when Diana and Alex will get around to opening it? 🙂 I’m not sure how often they get together to go through fan mail?

    Just in case you need it….1-800-LAWYER. 🙂

  113. Okay hookers the eagle landed yesterday morning……

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I’m kinda jealous because Alex got our panties inside 5 days and I’m still waiting for my book to arrive from book depository two weeks later (sorry Steph!).

      1. No worries! 😀

      2. Priority mail Infant!

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          LOL that wasn’t an option for my book, which happily arrived today. By US standards our mail takes forevers.

          1. FOYeur · · Reply

            Poor Jack Flange never got he’s…..just saying 😀

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              I never got my Navy SEAL top my friend send me from Annapolis. When I go for jogs I’m always on the look out for the bi@tch that stole it from my doorstep! I don’t jog much…explains why I haven’t found the cow. 😉

              1. FOYeur · · Reply

                Maybe somebody used it for some weird bathtub art or something……

  114. Really hope to see some type of acknowledgement , maybe ddk will tweet a photo for us.

    1. That would be beyond awesome!

  115. Is there any news??

    1. Sadly, not yet. According to ‘other’ sources, it could be a couple of months. Or not at all 😦
      I’m hoping that with the chaos of filming opening episodes, and then the side trip to the TCAs, that Alex is really busy and when things calm down a little, he’ll have time to go through his mail with Diana.

      1. FOYeur · · Reply

        I think their brains are working overtime to come up with something witty to respond with 😉
        There must have been a load of mail that piled up over hiatus….hopefully we landed on top

  116. Thanks for the update x

  117. Did you ever hear anything? Restraining Order? LOL!

    1. Nothing!!! not even an R/O!!!

      1. Maybe the charges are pending and you will be extradited to Hawaii soon! FREE VACATION!!!!!! 😉

  118. Well I finally said F It, and I sent A’s assistant a message on Instagram, which she did respond to rather quickly. She said the box was quite a comic relief and everyone in the office got a kick out of it. I posted the screen shot with the other photos.
    I think my disappointment is palpiable at the moment. The gift card still hadn’t been used the last time I looked and I think she was just trying to be kind with her answer. Maybe I am just tired and pms-y. Thoughts?

    1. I think he just rarely responds, and when he does, it’s a super short thank you. I wish there was more than that, you (and some others) really deserve it! But it’s just the way it is.

      The link is password protected.

    2. cvc-eve · · Reply

      Despite your really great effort, I think we probably just need to realize they likely get a ton of stuff, more than they can even acknowledge and more than we realize, , and some is gross and that we had more fun doing it than they would have receiving it. And that sometimes things don’t work out like we want. (((Hugs)))

      1. I dunno, I think they *could* at least acknowledge it, even from his assistants. Isn’t that the kind of thing they do?

        Never mind, Justine. It was a lot of fun and a great big laugh. You are so creative! xxx

      2. very wise words, I’ll take you up on that ***HUG***


    3. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

      Hey Tink, PW is “knickers”. Didn’t remember, had to look it up. Just read through a lot of the comments from when you first started this project. What a riotous great time we had thanks to you!

      I’m sorry (for all of us) you didn’t get the response we hoped for. Think you need to ask Diana to return the gc and treat yourself!

    4. My thought is a gift is something you send without any expectations in return.

      It’s ok to hope but to expect is only setting yourself up for disappointment and It’s not fair to the other person to put your expectations on them. Especially not in a situation like his where there ar so many factors to if/and or why. You (we) take a risk at sending anything. That’s on us IMO.

      1. A simple acknowledgement, not even from Alex himself, would have been nice though. And polite.

  119. I honestly don’t remember the password. If anyone call recall what it was email it to her, let me know, or I will try to change the password

  120. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    Honestly I had so much fun making them that it doesn’t matter that we didn’t get a response. Because the response we got probably wasn’t going to match the glee I had while we were doing them. We would have squee’d our heads off if Alex or someone did send a thank you, but really – just knowing that we had our “team building” projects and we did it to try to make some people laugh (which – thanks to Justine for at least gettting confirmation of that) is good for me.

    And really – no one gets us like we get us anyway, LOL!

    1. FOYeur · · Reply

      Kimmer, Very well said as usual!!
      We are sometimes ‘hard to get’
      And I will never see Kevlar again and not think of the one you made…
      Or hear Will Bryant say ” and they say the sun don’t shine down here” and not think of Steph’s bright sun on that panty…..
      It was fun…..
      AND thanks again for Justine for all the hard work and keeping us in the fun and up to date on it every step of the way…. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me….first of all to sent anything to a celeb and second to do it together with such fun “ladies” from all over the world!

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      I agree with Kimmer and FOYeur, I had a ton of fun with this whole project, and that is what matters most to me (sorry for sounding like an afterschool special).
      Hopefully the office did get a good laugh out of the box. We certain got a good laugh out of making it!
      I’m glad you sent the message to his assistant, Justine, if only for confirmation that our project made it there 🙂

  121. I just reread 350+ comments of pure awesomeness.

    I am disappointed in a way, and I should know better.
    Because when you expect something from someone you are only leaving the door open for
    Mr. Disappointment.
    But yeah, I am crabby and tired, and I think that adds to it.
    I am just glad I grew a set of balls and finally just ASKED!!
    Although it really did kill me to put the girl on the spot on her own instagram.
    I did feel rather sleazy. And I didn’t want to ask Justin because I’ve seen he doesn’t respond to inquiries re: Alex or Scott. But she was cool about it I guess, she answered right?

    1. I’m glad you asked and for the answer she gave. It’s fun to think about 🙂

      BTW, I don’t think there was ANYTHING wrong with asking.

    2. FOYeur · · Reply

      Thanks for growing those balls – And maybe she will go and use that voucher now and go and buy herself a panty or two now…..
      I would need a lot of new ones, if I had to work so closely with him every day……#justsaying! 😛

      1. I wonder if after a certain point you (meaning she) becomes immune to his charms?
        Is that possible?

        1. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

          Nope, nope

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