Champ Box Recaps – S2 Finale – ****SPOILERS**** for Non-US peeps

Meanwhile, Max is bleeding profusely all over the ambulance on the way to hospital.  He asks Joe if he’s gonna die.  Joe insists that he’s not  – Max asks ‘how can I believe you, because you’re a LLWL.’  Max whispers something to Joe, who looks shocked and asks ‘are you sure?’

The Five-0s all gather in the basement and decide that the guy they’re looking for -have you noticed how hard the writers are pushing for us to believe the killer is a man?- must be either really dumb or a cop. (BTW, I know some cops who make that distinction a very fine line.)

McG gets a phone call from Joe who tells him what we already know (because we are smart.) The killer is…..a WOMAN!  McG realizes that the hot chick in the hallway whose shoulder he had in a death grip is THE KILLER.  There is a slight moment of regret because he had ideas to ask her out later.  He eyesexes a doorway and the team enter the room.  Suddenly, someone sniffs – I can’t tell if it was McG, but how awesome if that was a Mick St John sniff – and McG yells at them to GET OUT NOW!

Suddenly, the whole of HPD is scrambling to evacuate the building, there is a big KABOOM!  And HPD explodes.  Bodies are flying everywhere.  When the dust settles, Chin is on his way to Trippler Army Hospital and McG and Danny decide that the killer definitely has a grudge against police. No shit.

At Trippler, we see a shirtless and completely manscaped Chin.  Malia is there helping out – I see she didn’t have time to get her hair did.  She leaves Chin in Kono’s capable hands and they discuss the fact that Fryer was lured to his death.

McG and Danny are in the car debating whether the killer is in fact, an ex-police officer.  Danny’s phone rings and he tells McG it’s a private call that he has to take.  As McG is driving, he asks Danny if he should cover his ears and steer with his knees, or hang his head out of the window and drive with his toes, because he has great toe control (that was a shout out to our Momo, the toe porn fa-reak.)

Danny takes the call and McG eyesexes him the entire time.  I want to scream out ‘KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, McG!’

McG tries to elicit the details of the phone call, and a whole conversation ensues about the Navy SEAL death stare, waterboarding, writing letters and disappearing, friendship, and finally Danny admits that Stan is moving to Vegas, and Rachel wants to take Grace.

Back at HQ, Chin and Kono go through the facial recognition program to match a surveillance camera picture of the shooter, and we find out that her name is Hilary Chaver, she has a prior record and… she died five years ago.


  1. Lol! Its can’t be Joe taking the pictures but I think its Kamekona bc he want to be in the task force so bad that the only way to join in is to take them out so it him and Steve being the new task force. Lol!!!

  2. “she doesn’t let him take her temperature.” I was three sentences further along when I got this. I am still laughing. My family are giving me odd sideways looks. You are a legend. The End.

    1. Alicia, you’re going to have to stop before the last page!
      Westy, great timing before S3, I rewatched yesterday.
      Malia is just too smiley for someone who’s been living with a man for a few months: dirty socks, no washing up done, white washing turned pink or grey, etc.

      1. So MJ, you think Chin’s shirt was originally white? I think Malia’s way too smiley for someone with such an awful hairstyle.

    2. I had to take my cat to the vet just before starting this recap. It seemed like an appropriate comment. (I didn’t shoot the vet, despite his exorbitant bill for a kitty check-up.)

  3. Awesome. Now I am all ready for tomorrow night! Tomorrow night!!

    1. I’m late to reply. Guess what?? It’s tomorrow night now!

      1. Hey guess what? My inbox is out of control and NOW IT’S THURSDAY and I’m just now reading this…. so I am a huge lame-o but you, Westy, YOU ARE A QUEEN and this was soooo funny, loved the running gag about your dentist. YAY SHOW!

  4. Westy I loove this! I didn’t realize how much I missed these. Great job and so much funny. I’m just sorry to hear there are peeps that have not seen it yet – twice.

    1. Good one, Eve! 😉

  5. Great work Westy! 😀 And perfect timing to freshen our memory.

    1. Thanks Paula. I wish I’d had time to look for some of your gifs for the recap. Would have made it soooo much better.

  6. Looove .this

    I have the theme song as my ringtone also. Only when my phone goes off, NotMcG rolls his eyes at me and starts uttering nonsense.

    1. I suspect that the nonsense he mutters involves making fun of me.

      1. I admitted to mine that I was writing a recap ( I got the eye rolls too!) Good thing I pretended it was for someone else’s blog 😄

        1. Right, because *you* don’t have a “blog”!!!

    2. Me, too, Kimmer. Just love it when it rings when I’m on a packed train going home from work. I have to resist the urge to do the dance thing and totally get thrown off at the next station. Also, note to self: turn to silent when in meetings. Totally ruins my aura of professionalism (not!) if it starts ringing 🙂

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Alright so is that 4 of us with the ring tone now??

    3. I also have the theme song on my phone and in sisterly solidarity I will tell you last night Mr JK was trying to get me to change it. I told him he could have a custom ring tone but it didn’t seem to appease him…

      1. He didn’t want the “Baby Girl” one? LOL.

  7. Westy, unless I’m wrong I can’t reply separately to each page.
    This is great!! Love the gratuitous use of THAT photo.

    1. MJ, we can NEVER have enough of that photo 🙂

    2. You’re not wrong, MJ. If I do any more recaps, I’ll set it up on pages so comments can be made on each one.

      Whaddya mean, ‘gratuitous??’ That pic is in a legitimate spot in the story. For comparison, ya know? 😊

      1. How do you even do that multiple page thing??? Is it a special wordpress function?

  8. Page 3
    Westy, you are very good at this, do you want a job??…
    Love the desk jump.

    1. on Page 3, where Westy is reminded of KeyStone Cops, I hear the “Yakkity Sax” music.

  9. P4
    Yeah I thought they were rubbing in the ‘guy’ thing a bit much. Loved that Danny said he wasn’t going anywhere this time, unlike last finale when he was planning to be off without much of a backward glance.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      “unlike last finale when he was planning to be off without much of a backward glance.”
      I couldn’t let go of that for a long time…..

  10. P5
    Really liked Chaver, she was so BAMF. Loved the whole thing with Steve taking bullets to protect Chin, then Danny getting pissed off with him (and reading his face as usual).

    1. Love the way she goes to a vet clinic to get treatment (handy, as it was SO EASY for the Five0s to figure out where she was). Have the writers seen Prison Break? Bagwell goes to a vet clinic to get his arm reattached after it was chopped off with an axe by the uber bad dude (played by the great Swedish actor Peter Stomare who was meant to be a Mob boss in PB). Didn’t end so well for that vet either. What, you do someone a service and then you get killed for your troubles? Sorry, I’m totally digressing here, it’s just that as soon as I saw that scene I was all nostalgic for Prison Break. (Mostly for Wentworth Miller, but that’s a whole other story :)).

      1. I haven’t seen that and neither had Chaver. Our boys obviously had.

        1. True. Great piece of detective work anyway LOL. If the vet had seen PB, he would have had cause plenty to mighty worried when Chaver turned up. Perhaps being the BAMF that she was, he had cause plenty anyway!

          (BTW, you should check out PB. It’s a wild ride like H50 but it ends up making no sense whatsoever. Wentworth Miller’s tatts are exceptional though. They are plans of the prison which help him escape in the first series. Totes amazing make up department on that show LOL)

      2. Have the writers seen Prison Break?
        Looks like it……Superspy mom back from the dead?!
        It worked so much better in the whole set-up of Prison Break and Chuck.. …in H5-0, not so much for me.
        ,,,,,Wentworth!! *sigh*

        1. Ah, FOYeur, another PB fan! Love ‘ya! Methinks writers have gone to PB school of Show writing. Yep, Special Agent Mom abandoning kids for greater good – they did it in PB, hey? Didn’t end so well if I recall. And, yes, Wentworth Miller, definitely *sigh*.

  11. P6
    Chin tired of chicken, lol. He should have run in the kitchen wailing about the chicken being burnt and let Malia bleed!
    Regarding duct tape, hope @Plenkov has got more in store than meets the eye.

  12. P7
    Alicia, it’s a really good page you should definitely look at it!! It’s got pantsless McG on it!
    ACA Westy re Alex’s expressions.

  13. Westy, this is terrific stuf and a nice tonic for Monday morning blues. Thanks for getting us in the mood for S3. Even if we have to wait a week for the first episode (or risk being carted away by the Internet Police LOL).

    I love your shout out to the nice handwriting on the ‘goodbye’ sign. Kind of appeals to the Englsh teacher in me. McG has girly writing – classic!

    Whilst I am still not sure about the whole Mom thing, despite laughing hysterically at the Momgument vid that was released last week, I LOVE Alex in that final scene. That faaacceeee. When is the man getting an Emmy or Golden Globe nod for his portrayal of McG? After having watched the SEAL extra on the S2 DVD on the weekend which shows Alex preparing for his new role, my respect for his dedication to his craft stepped up a notch. If that is even possible.

    Recap: A+ (sorry, can’t help myself :))

    1. Finally! An A+! Thanks, Miss!

  14. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “That theme song is so catchy. I have it as a ringtone on my phone”
    Westy, I have it as my ringtone too but I have noticed a flaw. Sometimes when I’m in a crowded room (this typically happens at family lunch on Saturdays) or my phone is not on me but is in another oom, I hear the song. And sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I go, nope, that time, it was in your head and not your phone. Most of the time, it was really my phone ringing….

    1. Grace, you are so in my head with this comment (along with the theme song!). That actually happens to me, too. Nice to know it’s not just me. I am always walking to the train or at home or something and I swear on a stack of Bibles that it’s my phone ringing when I hear the song 🙂 And, like you, sometimes it is not.

  15. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Westy, mate, you legend! I loved this and you have helped me with my dilemma, which was choosing between that event for our footy code or to rewatch the finale!

    1. So, you chose H50 LOL?

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply


    2. Go Jobe! (Only Gracie will understand this, I’m sure)

      1. So made the right choice. 🙂

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