A Post of Five-0 Past – S1


The Champ Box is trying something a little different with the next couple of posts.  Andrea from Brisbane (affectionately known as Aussie Andrea) has written a recap of seasons 1 and 2 to allow us to try and unravel the puzzle and mystery that is Show.

Because I’m lazy and can’t think of things to post, I offered to let her story take up residence in the Champ Box. Feel free to jump on in and comment if there is anything you would like to add, or any corrections to be made.


Andrea says:

The idea for this posting came to me when I was thinking about the start of season 3.  I thought it would be a great idea to do a recap of where we are at with the H50 story, just to kick us off.  I would like to acknowledge Maha at H50 Sardonic as many of the terms I have used in this recap originated with her blog.  Although late to the party, I have read many of the recaps from the past two seasons, and the ensuing discussions.  Hysterical!  I’m so glad I found you all 🙂

The Story So Far…..

Season 1

We began H50 with Super SEAL Steve (Triple Ess, get it?), only we didn’t know he was Super SEAL Steve then.  Or McPanty Destroyer.  Or the Keeper of the FOY.  Or any of the other names he is now known by (credit to Sardonic here).  Ah, the halcyon days when we all had a life before we became just a smidge addicted to the FOY.  OK, I’m totes getting distracted here…..

Super SEAL Steve -Triple ESS!

To return to the story: Triple Ess’s Dad, Poppa McG, is unfortunately murdered in the opening scenes of the pilot episode.  What we know at that stage is that Victor Hesse, whom we later know is part of the Axis of Evil, murdered Poppa because Steve had hitherto murdered his brother.  Eye for an eye, right?  What we don’t know then, mind you, is that the Big Kahuna of Badness, Wo Fat, is actually behind Poppa McG’ murder.  More on that later.

What we do know  at this point is that Triple Ess is given carte blanche to kick a/se in HI by the Governor, all in the name of truth, justice etc…  He is partnered with the rather reluctant Danny Williams, a former New Jersey detective now residing in HI so that he can be closer to his daughter, Grace, codenamed Monkey.  You see, Danny is divorced from wife Rachel who is now married to Step Stan who is some sort of swanky businessman. How do we know this?  They live in a mansion and have a maid and one of those intercom thingies at their gate.  I, on the other hand, do not live in a mansion, I AM the maid (unpaid at that), and I only have a busted doorbell from the local hardware store but sadly no intercom thingie.

‘I wonder if I could ask him around for dinner…’

We learn a couple of things about Danny early on: (1) he loves his daughter immensely (2) he does not like getting shot at (I think he should change careers and become an accountant #justsaying) (3) he does not like the beach, surfing, pineapple on pizzas or anything to do with living in an island paradise.  Hence why he lives in an island paradise.  We also know that Danny is a might dubious about Triple Ess’s policing, ah, methods and usually reacts to any OTT tactics with lots of snarky comments and arm waving.  This gave us loads of entertaining moments in season 1, too many to name.  It also gave birth to the now (in)famous carguments.

Danny: You! Hands up! Don’t move!
Steve: Who are you?
Danny: Who are you? I am Detective Danny Williams…
Steve: Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett! This is my father’s house.
Danny: Put your weapon down right now.
Steve: No, you put your gun down. Show me your I.D.
Danny: You show me your I.D.! Right now!
Steve: I’m not putting my gun down.
Danny: Neither am I.
Steve: Use your free hand, take out your I.D.
Danny: Please, after you.
Steve: At the same time?
Danny: At the same time?
Steve: Yeah, at the same time.
Danny: What, like, on the count of three?
Steve: Sure. Okay, three’s good.
Danny: One… two… three.

While there is plenty of the bromance to enjoy, we must not forget that it is the Fab Four Show.  Also because it might be tough to have a task force of two (a task duo?), despite it being staffed by a BAMF and a Mini BAMF (no h8 for those of shorter stature; remember I am 5’10”!). The Bromance Two becomes the Fab Four with the addition of Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, both of whom are meant to be locals but who look suspiciously Korean for some odd reason.  Not to worry.  CHK and KK are cousins, one a seasoned (ex) detective struck off the force for allegedly being on the take and the other a rookie, fresh out of Cop School.  CHK is also a former partner of Poppa McG.

So this sets the scene for season 1.  What happens in season 1?  Lots of Steve and Danny antics including such classics as dangling a suspect over the edge of a building, tossing another into a shark cage, and opening a door with a grenade.  You get the picture.  But hey, the crime rate goes down (does it or I am just making that up?) so the end justifies the means, baby.

We also get some character development.  Because this is NOT just about beautiful people running around an island paradise being total BAMFs peoples.  Right?  We learn as season 1 progresses that Chin is not in fact a bad cop but did in fact take the rap for his uncle who did in fact steal HPD funds, all to help with the medical bills for Chin’s sick auntie.  That’s our Chin, always do the wrong thing for the right reasons. It’s why we love him so much.  That, and the way he totally rocks Hawaiian shirts and can ride a Harley without a helmet (note to non-Aussies – riding without a helmet is totes illegal in Oz).  Other Chin-related developments of season 1 are around his relationship with Dr Malia to whom it seems he gave the old flickeroo after he lost his badge.  The torch still burns there so we know we’ll see more of this in season 2 (and we were right; how ‘bout that?). Keeping things in the family, we also learn that despite being a mere rookie, Kono is a total bada/s and our only candidate thus far for the role of Female McG. You go, girl!

Re: Steve and Danny, they become closer as the season progresses and we totes love the bromance.  We see lots of Danny in Dad mode and Scott Caan totally rocks these scenes, helped by the producers finding the cutest kid on the whole island to play Grace.  On a sadder note, we also see Danny battle it out with Rachel and Step Stan over custody issues and a possible reconciliation with Rachel which ends in Danny thinking he has a second shot at it.  Alas, this proves not to be true.  #spoilers

As for Steve, he begins season 1 as Stoic SEAL, someone for whom contact with the human race is a little out of his comfort zone.  He scares little kiddies in elevators with his big guns (but delights us with them, squeeeee) and engages in awkies hugs every now and then when ostensibly trying to comfort someone.  But not to worry.  The ever-developing bromance and the ohana he experiences as patriarch of the Fab Four starts to turn him around.  Soon he’ll be able to hug human beings WITHOUT the awkies moments and breaking out in a rash (stand in line behind me, ladies).    We learn that Steve has a sister, Mary, with whom he clearly has a less-than-close relationship as he tells her to stay in the car like she’s his pet dog when he first sees her after, like loads of years apart.  Mary is a BAMF in her own way but alas she is voted off the island for her safety (again, what is it with this family?).  See below for explanation.

By episode 12 of season 1 we are introduced to the whole Wo Fat/Victor Hesse/Shelburne thing which frankly confuses the heck out of me if I think about it too much. Which I am prone to do, thus showing you that I have no life J.  I am going to attempt to explain it here but please tell me if I have gotten any or the entire story wrong.  It’s highly possible.

Back to episode 12: Steve learns that Victor Hesse, the man who had murdered his father, is alive and kicking (because he’s Spike y’all and Spike kicks butt!). With Hesse involved ATM, poor Chin has to wear The Necklace of Fire for most of the episode.  I have to say here kudos to DDK for playing this so well and for staying absolutely still for 44 minutes.  I’d be toast after about five (Grace, you know what I mean!).  This ep is also notable because the team stole money from the asset forfeiture locker to secure Chin’s release.  Hey, that’s Chin’s job, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons!  This act will come back to bite the team in their collective a/ses (specifically Kono’s) but that’s for the end of the season.

By episode 13, we learn that Poppa McGarrett was investigating the Yakuza and their ties to Wo Fat and this may have lead to Mom McGarrett’s murder, when Steve was 16.  Did I forget to mention that Steve’s mother was murdered when he was 16 and then he and Sister Mary were voted off the island for their safety?  Sorry, I can’t remember when we were given this piece of information.  We did know early on that she died in a car crash but now it seems she may have been murdered.  Suffice to say we are all now well aware that something fishy is going on (this is the classic ‘champ box’ episode) and that this Wo Fat person may have had something to do with it.  Here is where I first became confused but that may be because I am writing this with the benefit of hindsight.  I think the sequence is something like this: MomMcG died in a car crash when Steve was 16, we later learn she may have been murdered, and we also later learn that Pops was investigating the Yakuza and Wo Fat.  Shelburne killed Wo’s father, McG killed Victor Hesse’s brother, Victor Hesse killed Poppa McG and… I think that’s all.  The Yakuza Noshimuri’s are also involved, and later Nosh Senior is murdered by Wo Fat.  Not sure why, to be totes honest with you.  Drinks anyone?

By episode 19, we are introduced to Jenna Kaye, she of dodgy fashion sense and formerly of CIA.  I liked Jenna, though (perhaps because I am of dodgy fashion sense myself – just ask my kids.)  Anyway, seems Jenna is on the trail of Wo Fat, too, (hey Wo, you’re popular, dude) because of his alleged involvement in the disappearance of her fiancé.  She tries to be all badass-y (?) but McG totally calls her on it and it turns out that she has been excommunicated from the CIA and has gone all rogue on them.  But she proves very useful in McG’s quest to find Wo Fat and even does a little moonlighting as a 50 team member.  See how I got a moonlight reference in?  Clever, hey?


More H50 stuff happens and then we get to the end of season 1 where McG is getting ever closer to the elusive Wo Fat and finding out the truth.  By the end of the season, it looks like the Governor may be involved and that she was also the target of Pop’s investigation.  Her assistant, Laura Hills, seems to have the good oil on all this and has been helping McG by sending him little clues every now and then.  (No granny panties in any of these deliveries though.  Shame.)  Unfortunately she is blown up for her troubles.  In the season finale, McG goes all rogue on his team and decides to confront the Governor.  This does not end well.  See, Steve, look what happens when you try to go it alone?  There is no I in TEAM, mate!  Anyway, McG is all set to confront the Governor when he gets himself a nice tasering from none other than the Big Kahuna of Badness, Wo Fat, and, in a double whammy, Wo kills the Governor and pins it on McG.  Bum rap, McG!  The season ends with McG in custody, Kono in a spot of bother for stealing money from the asset forfeiture locker, Danny possibly losing his family, and Chin again doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.  Way to end the season, writers!


Pics by AOLR – http://alexoloughlinrocks.com/


A Post on Five-0 Past – S2


  1. Oh my gosh! Andrea I’m in stitches. Loving the trip down memory lane & it inspires me to get back on the horse with my Season 1 reviews. I kind of lost steam & then got distracted by Moonlight but that is summertime problems & now it is all H50 all the time in the part of my brain that gets free time.

    Loving the nickname Triple Ess for McG, absolutely brilliant! Also “necklace of fire” and the recount of who-killed-who for what reasons — all sounds good to me! Can’t wait to get on to season 2!! And great picture choices too.

  2. Hi, Steph, you have the (dubious) honour of being the first person EVER to comment on a post that I have written. Thanks 🙂 I’m really glad that you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I had soooo much fun writing it.

    Huge thanks to Westy, too, for the amazing job with the pictures.

    1. Trying to find those pics was so boring. Don’t ever ask me to do that again. So much ugly 🙈

      1. You’re such a good friend. Taking a hit for the team 🙂

      2. Especially that last collage. Ugh. I can hardly bear to look at it.

        1. I knew you’d understand, Alicia. I had to keep looking to see if I could find any pics that weren’t quite so ugly. Sadly, despite hours of searching, these were the the best I could do. I never want to have to look at so much ugly again.

          At least until the next recap.

    2. well I think this first post was an unqualified success!! great work Andrea!

      1. Awww, thanks mate!

  3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    You make me want to rewatch from the very start. 🙂

    “I’d be toast after about five (Grace, you know what I mean!)”

    LOL I do. I’d also be dead after five minutes. In fact one day at work someone said to me “my g0d don’t you ever just sit still?!”

  4. Andrea, I´m still confused to how the entire Noshimuri, WoFat, Shelburn story started. But then again I never cared that much about it! When I pop in my so 1 dvd´s, it´s always the other stories that hold my interest. You know, the buddy moments. If that humor ends, so will H50 too, for me anyway. PLenkov, be warned 😉
    Ps The first “meeting” of Steve and Danny is still waiting for me to gif it, I have the frames just need to get started…

    1. Me too, Paula. I thought I sounded really dense after I reread my post before sending it off to Sue. But I am so glad there are others living in confusion, too. I think I said somewhere else that the plot’s a bit of a scooter but I would still like it to make some sense. I’m really keen to see how S3 plays out. It might all come together #eternaloptimist

      I’m with you on the humour and the buddy moments, too 🙂

  5. Love it! Wow, this seems like such a long time ago.

    Can I request that we adopt ‘awkies’ as a Word We Use? It tickles me and makes me giggle.

    Reading about the confusion resulting from trying to keep track of who’s out for revenge on who and for what made me realise – Show gives us this really quite complicated background story arc that makes us scratch our heads and go ‘eh?’ every few episodes, but then gives us incredibly predictable COTW, eye-roll-inducing claricas and dialogue that a six-year-old would think was dumb. Show, do you think we’re clever or stupid? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!

    1. You have my vote, for awkies being adopted as a Word We Use. It never gets old.

      Also, as per our POI discussion, just because we like looking at nice Hawaiian scenery, fast cars, and that faaaccceeeee, and we enjoy things being blown up, doesn’t mean we are stupid. Atplenkov, take note!

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