A Post of Five-0 Past – S2

Andrea continues….

Season 2

I really enjoyed season 1 and was looking forward to the start of season 2.  The premiere episode really rocked and I was full of high hopes.  Despite making Alex wear orange, he was awesome as the angry prisoner (I can never get too much of aneurysm face) and when he was doing those push ups I nearly keeled over in my lounge room.  The whole breakout-of-jail thing was a thrill ride and we were also treated to some nice shirtless moments as Max patched up our hero after he was shanked in prison.  The only downer there was the lack of gecko and an exceptionally bad orange make up job over said gecko. Perhaps McG had a new prison uniform on and some of the colour rubbed off?  Read the instructions laundry people – you should always wash before wearing!  Anyway, I also liked the humour in the Max scene – quirky Max with his Stars Trek references and fear of watching the news=laughs.

Another notable aspect of the premiere was the introduction of Joe White, Steve’s former commanding officer, whom Danny initially calls for help to get Steve out of prison.  Joe, unlike Danny, likes the idea of living in an island paradise so he stays on.  Guess he’s OK with pineapple on pizza then.  As season 2 progresses, Joe continues to feature in the whole search for Shelburne thing and basically thwarts Steve at every turn.  We’re still not really sure what’s going on there.  Well, I’m not anyway.

By the end of the premiere, Steve is out of orange and back in cargoes (thanks writers!) and is cleared of any charges of murdering the Governor by the new Governor, all due to a rather informative video that was obtained from a Japanese man who’s name I can’t remember and whose role in the whole thing I can’t remember either.  (I think it is Mokoto, a Pearl Harbour vet and friend of Pops.  Somebody look this up please and correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.)

Not so lucky is Kono, who takes a hit for the team, for the stolen asset forfeiture money.  I liked this story arch initially but it didn’t really work out for me because Kono seemed to be left high and dry by her so-called ohana which was totally inconsistent writing IMHO.  After building up the ohana in season 1, I thought it poor form by the writers to avoid the whole issue of the team going in to bat for Kono.  Did they know she was undercover, working for Fryer to ferret out cops gone bad (Delano)?  Dunno.  That McG gave Fryer a smack on the chops when Kono was finally allowed to play in the sandpit with the others again seems to suggest not.  But what would I know?

Right, because Kono was absent from the team for a few episodes while undercover, the writers thought it necessary to bring in another female character to stand around the Magic Computer Table to press buttons and make sweeping movements with her hands to uncover vital information in a matter of seconds.  Was this the reason why Lori Weston was introduced?  Not sure but things went to hell in a hand basket after said LW was introduced IMHO.  This happened in episode 2 and we were stuck with Lori until episode 16, this representing a black spot in the season for me and one I try not to think too much about.  However, there is always a silver lining.  And in episode 2, it came in the form of McG reading the Woman’s Day in the Governor’s waiting area.  The Woman’s Day? I totes had visions of him ripping out a baked cheesecake recipe from the magazine and pocketing it when no one was looking.  We’ve all done it, right?  Another silver lining was that McG looked rather fetching in his suit and blue shirts (am a sucker for the blue) and later in the episode, he looked rather sexy riding a horse.  Well, his stunt double did but McG did also.

So, getting back to Lori, I know you all have discussed this to death and there is some disagreement over the character and the actress who played her, Lauren German.  I am not going to go over old ground here and bore you all to death.  I will say, though: “writers, what were you thinking?”  I reckon Chin and Kono have a bum steer when it comes to screen time as it is, so why introduce a new character when (a) Kono’s absence was only brief and (b) the time without Kono could have been spent giving Chin some more screen time?  I thought after only one season there was no need to fiddle with the Fab Four (although some fiddling with McG would be fine with me J  I mean ME fiddling with him, not the writers, that is).  The initial premise around LW’s introduction, to keep an eye on the team, was a good one, but it just wasn’t written like that.  The only thing she kept an eye on was the FOY and she made a complete ninny out of herself with a très embarrassing scene with Chin in a motel room (as part of the COTW, not what you were all thinking!) and by declaring, in the most awkies moment ever, that she had feelings for McG.  With a PS to the whole team.  Sheesh.  Now I would be totes awkward around him, too, if I was ever graced with his presence, but the woman was supposed to be a professional and this was a rather silly way for her to exit.  Terrible, terrible writing, methinks.  But she exited and we all sighed a collective sigh of relief in our house.  Yes, we knew she was exiting as, thanks to sh/t Oz tv, we were ages behind the US and I’d sneaked a peek online to find out when our purgatory was to end.  But we still sighed anyway.

Despite saying that I would not go over old ground re Lori, here I am on my third paragraph about Lori.  What gives?  I don’t really have an opinion on LG as an actress although she doesn’t seem like Oscar material to me.  However, Lori was very poorly written and she upset the bromance and was pushed front and centre by the writers and I just didn’t like that.  I could detect ZERO chemistry with Alex; even he seemed relieved when she finally hit the road.  I have no problem with additional characters – love Max, Kamekona, Jenna, Cath – but they need to serve a purpose and Lori did not.  She was not, as you have all said before, the female McG.  That is Kono.  No one who looks that silly when she runs can be the female McG.  On top of all that, where was the evidence of Lori keeping the team in check and reporting back to the Governor?  Unless I missed something, it wasn’t there.  Terrible writing again, methinks. One particular episode where I was most annoyed at her being in my face was the charity MMA fight episode.  It should have been Danny giving McG his pre-match pep talk and smacking his hands on those boxing wrap thingies, not Lori.  Silver lining again, though, we got to see McG shirtless in that episode and MMA fighting and getting his a/rse kicked.  Love that silver lining.  (And thanks to the writers for doing the old flashback thingiemebob so we got to see McG’s shirtless body twice in the one episode.)

Anyhoo, that’s enough of blathering on about Lori.  The rest of this recap is going to be devoted to the whole Wo Fat/Shelburne thing because, really, nothing much else happened before the finale.  Chin did get married to Malia and Kono started dating new Yakuza boss, Adam (will not go there re duct tape incident).  Danny found out that his one-time deal with Rachel did not result in the new baby being his so there was more family angst there, ending with Danny determined to fight for custody (de ja vu anyone?) after Rachel announces she is now going to live in Vegas.  She has chosen to take door number 2, behind which Step Stan stands, instead of door number 1, where our mate Danno is waiting patiently.  Whatever the outcome here, I am hoping for more father-daughter interactions between Danno and Grace in season 3 and less of the custody stuff now that we’ve been through all that.  TV Gods, I pray to thee now on bended knees.

I need to mention episode 2.10 before I forget which I think many of you agree was the best of the season.  Alex totally knocked it out of the park as McG, donning his Superman cape and flying (in a plane we presume, not in his Superman cape) to North Korea to help Jenna rescue her fiancé.  He was betrayed by Jenna and tortured by Wo Fat but all this gave us an awesome episode.  Loved the team dashing off to North Korea (or actually driving down the road to film said scenes in some remote part of Hawaii) to rescue him.  The rescue rocked and I totally got drawn into the whole ohana thing.

To wrap up season 2 then, we get little titbits of information about Shelburne all the way through the season and I must fess up to being a bit tired of it by the end.  I get that it’s important and gives Steve some character development, but enough already!  I know that in Australia we got the run around from channel 10 (FU ch10) with the show changing timeslots and being on one minute then off again, but I totally lost track of the storyline and the finer details.  They probably don’t make much sense anyway, Show being Show.  Essentially, the common thread amongst the key players is revenge and finding the truth. McG wants the truth about what happened to his parents and revenge on their killers and Wo Fat and Adam Noshimuri (son of Hiro, head of Yakuza and original subject of Poppa’s investigations) want same.  It’s just that what these men want sometimes conflicts and causes grievous bodily harm to one or more of the others.  Oh, and everyone wants to know who Shelburne is, the person most feared by Wo Fat, and where said Shelburne is currently located.  The revenge theme also plays out with the Delano storyline.  Delano was the bad cop with whom Kono associated at the beginning of the season and now he wants revenge for being locked up.  Somehow Chin gets Delano out of prison (there you go again, Chin, wrong thing for the right reasons) after both Malia and Kono’s lives are in danger.  Poor Chin has to make a Sophie’s Choice and we have to wait for season 3 to find out who was the chosen one.  And what happens to the chickens.

So we end the season with Joe giving Steve the chance to find out the identity of Shelburne (finally!).  We also end with Wo Fat in prison after McG finally busted his a/s in Japan, or busted it from the other side of Oahu, where it was made to look like Japan.  Whatever.  I’m still unsure of Joe’s involvement in the Shelburne thing or why he was protecting Noshimuri Senior if NS was supposedly behind the murder of MomMcG.  Not to worry.  There was speculation abounding as to the identity of Shelburne but we are at last put out of our collective misery by our final glimpse of the faaaacceeee as McG opens the door in a hut in Japan to find out that Shelburne is in fact HIS MOTHER.  Who guessed it?



Season 3

Season 3 has begun with a bang and a claw and we have thus far been treated to some kicka/se acting by Alex, as we expected to be.  DDK was also rockin’ the emo in the opening episode of the season.  Like many of you, I was not overly thrilled with the Mom storyline but so far I am pleased to see that there is some meat to it and hopefully we can expect good things as it plays out over the season.  Also had doubts about Cath’s inclusion in the show – she has her name on the opening credits now which could spell disaster.  Or not.  Just hope the writers have learnt from the Lori debacle. As long as she doesn’t take anything away from the Fab Four and try to usurp Kono, then I think I am OK with it.  Also, writers, do not descend into soap opera territory with the McG/Cath relationship thing.  Please…..

Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride in season 3.  Whatever happens, so far I am back in love with Show after falling out of it somewhat in the previous season.  And, cheers to Alex’s return to good health.

Note to TBTB:

Like many others, I am just a tad hazy on the plot details surrounding Mom and Wo Fat.  I accept Show for what it is – a wild thrill ride – and I am definitely entertained week after week.  However, as we The Audience are not entirely stupid, we would like our Show to make some sense.  Granted, a plot that makes sense can be a scooter when it comes to Alex/McG but that only goes so far.  My suggestion is for you to take the writers, producers, executives and the people who do the catering and go off on one of those team bonding weekends.  You know what I am talking about – those executive retreats where employees do crazy survival courses and sing songs around the campfire at night.  While on said retreat, have a brainstorming session where all the bits of information that have been released to the audience across 3.01 seasons are discussed.  Draw a concept map if you need to (sorry, the teacher in me couldn’t help but say that LOL).  Then join the dots and see if they make sense.  My money’s on them not.  Then, have another brainstorming session and work out how to fix all that.  Then I will be truly satisfied, just as if I had a visit from Super SEAL, complete with FOY.  Thank you and good bye.

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  1. Can’t…….get…..past….the…..MMA….pictures……….

    1. I’ll save you, Justine!

      1. Awesome pic choices again Westy. Except, uh, you broke Justine. I don’t get the feeling she’s complaining though. 😉

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Thunderstruck was on my radio the other day on my way to work. I am sure the people in the cars next to me were wondering why I was so happy on a Monday morning at 7:45am. 😉

  2. Women’s Day & that horse were totes the best thing about 2.2!!

    LOL I think the best line about the S2 finale is “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICKENS?”

    But I am also 10000% behind your team bonding weekend for the writers & producers so they can get their stuff in order & draw those concept maps and fishbone diagrams and plot arcs and timelines & then maybe the overarching plot can make a smidgen of sense from one season or episode to the next. Bravo Aussie Andrea!!!

    1. Awww, thanks, Steph. A smidgen of sense is all we can really hope for from Show. Let’s see if we get it this season. Won’t stop me from watching if we don’t, mind you! More fodder for Sardonic discussions, too 🙂

      PS Westy and Grace say they will still play with me in the sandpit even though I was born and raised across the ditch, in NZ (hence the Aussie Andrea tag). I do have a piece of paper that says I am Australian, though. True story.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Loved this ya Kiwi! 😉

        It’s ok. Westy and I spent a lot of the last one and a half/2 years (? $hit has it really been that long?) joking about coming up with ways to get deported….to Hawaii. We were pretty unAustralian about the whole thing. Even saying OUTRAGEOUS things like soccer is better then football. (LIES)

        1. Holy sh*t, did we really say soccer is better than footy?!?

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            We got real desperate towards the end there.

            1. Not desperate enough, apparently. I say as I sit here in sunny West Oz. We’re gonna have to say something NICE about the English cricket team. That should do it😏

              1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                Think we got distracted by the footy. Now that’s over and H50 is back on so….. I hope England smashes us in the Ashes….. 😛

                1. Cricket discussion now? Know about as much about cricket as I do about footy. Now, if we were talking about the Bledisloe Cup…..

                  1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                    Yeah footys over, cricket time. Though I think Westy hates cricket. No jokes.

                    1. Not so keen on it myself although don’t mind watching the one dayers. How are our North American mates with their cricket knowledge? They’ve got the ‘we hate Collingwood’ down pat 🙂 Have you educated them about cricket too?

                2. That should do it.

                  1. Fkn WordPress. I have no idea where I’m replying anymore.

                    1. Ok, I’ve changed the theme, so hopefully that won’t make multiple comments on a post go all skewy. Keep commenting so I can find out!

                    2. Westy I sent you a twitter DM about the comment thing. Email me if you have any questions but I don’t think the theme is the issue.

                  2. Fkn WordPress indeed. I freaked out when I replied to Grace’s comment and it went all nutso. Thanks for fixing 🙂

              2. Ha! You’ll have a job doing that, at the moment.

                And also – OI!!!

                1. That last comment was to Westy saying something good about the England cricket team. Btw.

                  (Fkn koala wordpress)

                2. Oi back. Bloody Poms!

        2. Thanks mate!

          Soccer better than footy? Now that’s some serious sh/t. And I thought admitting to not liking vegemite was bad. And being born in NZ.

    2. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      We need to send a FUCUP contingent to participate in that bonding weekend!

      1. Now that would be awesome! We could send delegates in with a list of questions that we want answers to. Would be a bloody long list! (Also, would slip in requests for more shirtless scenes, too. Pantlessness a bridge too far?)

        1. We’d have to go undercover though. I don’t think they’d let us in otherwise.

          1. We could use Max’s disguise, from S2 when he was worried about going over his superior to work on the case of the SEALs being murdered. That would totes work 🙂

          2. I could go! They’d let an elderly woman in, no probs 👵

            1. Oh, please, I have seen a pic of you and you totes DO NOT look like an elderly woman. You look great! #awkwardemomoment

              We’re all in our twenties anyway remember?

              1. I haven’t! Hey, no fair!

                1. You’ll have to friend me if you’re on Facebook 👵

    3. Steph, was reading some stuff last night on the US ratings for 3.1. Said they were well down on last year and one other show premieres last week. What do you think about that? I noticed, too, that the comments people had made underneath the articles pretty much mirror ours – that the writers need to get back to the winning formula of S1, stick with the COTW and the Fab Four, wrap up the Shelburne story, and make the whole Mom thing make sense. Hence my team bonding weekend suggestion 🙂 Atplenkov, I hope you are reading this mate!

      1. What do I think? Well, in the USA a TV season is like the season of a sport – it all starts up at once, you know, so the premier is like a season opener. And being on a Monday, H50 is the first night of the new season. (so like, while watching H50, i’m seeing commericals for the rest of the week’s shows, a benefit H50 doesn’t get going first).

        Additionally, “Revoution,” the NBC show that did so well against it got a head start because it started a week early and was heavily promoted by NBC which is the network in USA that shows ALL the olympics. So I (and all USAers) saw about a billion Revolution promos over the summer. But it obviously worked & people are tuning in.

        The other show up against H50 for ratings, “Castle” has a SUPER duper loyal fanbase that will never be swayed away from it. It got it’s pretty much normal ratings, I think, maybe a little higher for being a season premier.

        Even More Additionally, you may have heard us talking about the Monday Night Football game that aired that night (MNF is a weekly tradition, always has been) that was on last week — and it was a CRAZY game. USA football games run about 3-ish hours and start around 5pm pacific (my time) but that is 8pm eastern time, where most of the US population is. H50 has always had to compete with games running into its start time. Always! Monday night is not a great night for any show if it wants high ratings. But that is why shows that interest females are shown on Sundays & Mondays in USA so women have something to watch other than football. (for example, Desperate Housewives & Once Upon a Time are sunday night shows). Football is of course the most watched sport in all the USA so it sucks a lot of tv viewership away from any other program that airs.

        Regarding Show’s focus and how that impacted ratings. I don’t see the connection. I do not think the “Average” fan stressed out too much over the summer about Cath being added to the regular cast because most of them, being average fans, didn’t know about it until she appeared in the credits last Monday night! Perhaps the Shelburne thing being “mom” turned some others off, but if they cared about the characters at all (or, let’s say, any character in addition to McG) they would tune in to see… what happened to Kono for example. Again, a fair-weather fan is not going to be blamed (by me) for missing the first night of new tv after summer’s end – with itunes and tivo and the rest of it, they’ll go back if they care, or tune in next week now that they realize, “Oh! tv’s back on!” And because SHOW is not rocket science, they’ll catch up pretty quickly with what’s going on (Kono lived, Malia died, etc).

        So I agree with focusing on the character developments of the Core 4 – that is the most important thing to me. (COTW is a distant, low priority for me, except in how it brings in the exciting action sequences) I am not too worried about Show — if the plot makes sense, or if it’s not making sense…. often times SHOW does not make sense at all. It has not made sense in the past & why should the future be any different..? And obviously non-sensical plots didn’t turn away viewers before…. so I don’t expect them to now.

        And wow I did not expect to type this much but uh…. you asked. 😉

        1. Thanks for your reply, Steph. The stuff about Monday nights and the football is really interesting. It’s not like that here, of course. I had been reading things about Castle last season and how tough the competition is on a Monday night. Good to get your perspective.

          Your observations about 3.1 are also very interesting. I’m pleased that you posted your comment as when I read a couple of articles about the low numbers I started to think that Show was doomed before it began. I am not sure how numbers compare between S1 and S2 but I would think they may have dropped off due to a number of problems with S2 (LoHo being one, Shelburne dragging on would be another). I guess the second season is tough anyway, especially if you’ve had a good first season. IMHO TPTB fiddled with the formula too soon, in an attempt to jazz it up and take things to another level. I was actually quite happy with the level it was at and could have watched a second season that simply built on the first, with strong COTW stories and more of the ohana.

          You are right, I guess, in that Show has never really made sense so why start now and why would sense making or not change things for viewers. I do wonder how long certain types of fans will stick with Show, though, if the writing doesn’t improve. Guess it all depends on what you watch Show for, hey?

          The COTW is still somewhat of a priority to me which is one of the reasons why S1 was better. Most weeks, the COTW was well crafted even if predictable. I liked the character development of the main players interwoven with the COTW but still liked a fairly strong COTW nontheless. The plot holes with the COTW and the way it is solved so quickly (I so want one of those Magic Table thingies – the ability to find all the right information with a poke or a swish is unreal!) don’t really bother me but I still like the ‘background noise’ that the COTW provides to be decently put together.

          1. I’m wondering how many times Andrea can fit ‘COTW’ into a reply!

            1. IKR. I’m so OCD (no h8) about everything 🙂 Think I have gotten a bit carried away with all the new acronyms I am learning, too. #nerd

        2. And, just another thing concerning ratings and whatnot, H50 got a syndication deal during S1 – which is unusual. In order to actually be shown in syndication a series has to have around 100 completed episodes. TNT network will begin showing H50 in summer of 2014, at which time H50 should have about 90-ish episodes in the books.

          Not that H50 can’t be cancelled, but that deal with TNT is worth A LOT of money for CBS (reportetdly TNT will pay 2.5 million $$ per episode) so the ratings would have to tank REALLY badly for them to pull the plug now, rather than just let it get through season 4.

          Now what they might do, is move it to a different night. A dead one, like Friday Saturday or Sunday.

          😉 I’d still watch that!

          1. I totally agree — with the syndication deal, the show is in no danger of cancellation…. and I would watch it in any timeslot.

            1. Nina Tassler is no fool.

              1. Ahhh, it all makes sense now. Just need Show to do the same 🙂

    4. FOYeur · · Reply

      SJ, I see the H5-0 writers started a twitter account
      Maybe we can post some links to them…..
      Just tell me…..one of my other persona’s can always do it on behalf of us all…. 😆

      1. Great idea! Show might make sense then. Or not.

  3. Also, I would just like to draw your attention to the fact that, despite OzAndrea’s three paragraphs relating to the introduction of LoHo, I could not bring myself to post a pic 😎

    1. I didn´t even notice LOL, though I must say that I would have included the mention of 210 episode being super, but then the stupid hug from Lori in the end annoying the hell out of me. Thankgod for the ohana moment in chopper and that bl00dy gorgeous smile from Steve! Wonderful 🙂

      1. IKR. I think I closed my eyes during the hug bit and have tried to block it out every since. Notice I made the 2.10 discussion into a separate paragraph, for some distance from LoHo 🙂 Hopefully the ohana moment in the chopper and the smile made up for it.

    2. LOL. I tried to keep the LoHo discussion down to one paragraph but got carried away. You redeemed the post by leaving off a pic though 🙂

    3. And that is why I love U Westy.

  4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Replying to you down here Andrea before wordpress chucks a spaz.

    No haven’t taught them cricket yet. I just finished teaching them footy. 🙂 Well some of them. I only had three students. Who were all obsessed with the knee high socks. So I just tried to take lots of photos of players with their socks.

    1. Just saw the spaz. Thought I had totally screwed it up LOL.

      Knee high socks? LMAO. I’d say the players’ guns come a close second to the socks. Definitely worth tuning in for the guns. And the occassional mullet.

      Ah, cricket, where do we start?

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Oh the guns. Well that too. Of course! And I know for certain we talked about how Alex could rock a sleeveless jersey and short shorts and knee high socks. 😛

        Cricket…cricket. Start with the scariest fact of all. It can go for 5 days.

        1. IKR, the test match thing is a total mystery to me. Have to keep asking NotMcG mid way through to explain what’s going on. And there aren’t any (visible) guns or long socks to keep me amused 🙂

        2. And cricket is B.O.R.I.N.G.

          1. Sure is. And I reckon that comment is definitely enough to get us deported!

            Thankfully, whilst perhaps unAustralian, my son plays baseball rather than cricket. All over in two hours. And it takes me that long to figure out the technicalities. I learn one new rule every season, I reckon. Love to see inside the mind of the person who made up the baseball rules 🙂

        3. FOYeur · · Reply

          Yes, 5 days….and it can still end in a draw :gin:

      2. Mullets!?! Nooooo…!!!

        1. IKR. They were never good. Not even when they were meant to be.

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Don’t worry Steph. No one on our team has mullets. 😀

    2. “chucks a spaz” I love Australianisms #thatisall

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I like to throw them out there every so often for you gals. 😉

    3. **Raises hand**

      I know Cricket. Sort of.

      Its always on when we are in Jamaica, so every year I get re-acquainted with the sport. I am starting to get the hang of it, although the multiple-day games boggle my mind. (Remember, I am in Jamaica and drinking quite a lot – bad enough that the days blend together, but when I am in a bar and the same.exact.competition is on the TV, I start to wonder about my blood alcohol content in a worried way)

      I much prefer the limited overs.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I like the one dayers better too.

      2. You go to Jamaica for holidays? Way cool 🙂 And, yes, one dayers are just watchable. Test matches not so. Yawn….

        1. Yeah – you will notice that I disappear from cyber-land at the end of February each year.

  5. Before I forget – that was Alex riding the horse, not his stunt double. Apparently he ‘rides very well’. (You’re welcome)

    1. Hiya. Thanks for this info. I didn’t know that. Obviously. It looked like it was Alex doing all the riding but we weren’t sure. #impressivestuff (impressed with your knowledge AND Alex’s horse riding skills)

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Alicia is right. In fact on one of the special features I think @Plenkov said Alex was so good at riding because he “grew up in the outback.” I don’t know if he was joking or not….but I think Canberra is totes offended now.

        1. Duh. I will have to rewatch that. Actually now that you mention the outback comment, I think I do remember watching that at some stage. Canberra is the outback? Haha. I could think of other things to call Canberra. And the outback isn’t one of them. I’ve been to Canberra and I don’t recall seeing anyone riding a horse LOL. Mind you, many non-Ozes think anything outside of Sydney or Melbourne is the outback. Guess that makes Brisbane the totes back of beyond.

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            Poor Brisbane. I never talk about Brisbane. I just try to convince the others Melbourne is better then Sydney. 😉

            1. Yes, poor Brisbane indeed. Any time I have been overseas and people realise I am Oz, they ask me if I am from Sydney or Melbourne. Just as well the weather is nice here.

          2. There’s a lot of donkeys in Canberra. And I think Perth could be the outback. The most isolated capital city in the world.

            1. I loved Perth. #justsayin

              1. Me too. Might be aways from anywhere, but it’s sooo worth it.

  6. Well, you all know how I feel about ‘Mom’ 😉 but I’m still loving S3, based on the whole ONE episode I’ve seen (3.02 tonight, yay!). I think this goes back to what you said about Lori, which pretty much summed up how most of us felt about her – she was a total personality vacuum because the writers didn’t GIVE her a personality. Doris has a personality – OK, I don’t like it, but at least it’s there. I’m looking forward to finding out what actually happened – Wo Fat must know more about Shelburne than that she killed his father, otherwise he wouldn’t be scared – just really really p*ssed off.

    Woman’s Day – I want to high-five the person whose idea that was, in the same way that I want to high-five the inventor of the Claw.

    Chickens. Yes. WILL NO-ONE THINK OF THE CHICKENS!!!!!!

    And I STILL want to know how Chin got Delano out.

    1. ACA, I am feeling better about Mom than Lori because she kinda ‘deserves’ to be there, if that makes sense. I’m Ok with her being shoved front and centre for now because she’s, well, McG’s Mom. Lori was wrong on a whole lot of levels. Agree that there must be way more to the WF/Shelburne story than we have seen so far and I am looking forward to finding out what this is.

      The Woman’s Day? Yep, that definitely rated a mention in the recap. Loved that the cover was pink, too.

      Hate to say it, but methinks how Chin got Delano out of prison may be an overlooked detail. Or it will come back to bite Chin in the a/se. Will he get in trouble yet again for another dodgy move?

      1. I think Chin is going to get into a whole lot of trouble soon. I reckon one of those poor bystanders cowering behind a car during the big gunfight in the season opener saw him shoot an ‘unarmed man’ and is going to tell HPD.

        1. ACA. Reckon it will come back to haunt him too. It was a pretty important part of the ep. Writers letting us know more will follow?

      2. When McG was talking to the gov on the phone while MomG & Danno were bickering, he says something like “Kelly used his immunity & means as a member of Five-0” to release Delano. Something like that. *hand wave*

        1. Well done you! I’ve watched the ep three times now and still didn’t pick that up. *bows in awe* To be fair, I think I was distracted by the interaction between Mom and Danny. Even my kids go, “he’s sitting in the back seat of his OWN car – haha” when we were doing the Fam (re)Watch last night. That’s my excuse anyway 🙂

        2. Oh! I did notice that, meant to say something, and then completely forgot about it. Did they get that back and I missed it? Because I thought they didn’t have it any more? #confused

          1. Actually, I was thinking that too, after I digested Steph’s comment. Thought the new governor wasn’t so hot on the whole immunity thing. Wasn’t that why they brought in LoHo? (Don’t go there, don’t go there….)

            1. You’ll like this: I just saw a promo for Chicago Fire, which starts here on October 24th and I mentioned to McGecko “oh, the actress who played Lori in H50 is in this show” and he said

              …wait for it…

              “Who’s Lori?”


              1. I love McGecko! Give him a hug from me 🙂

          2. Yeah… Alicia you’re right… they were supposed to have dialed back their use of I&M but perhaps maybe nobody told the guys at Halawa.

    2. I know what happened to the chickens! Find out in 3.2 recap 🐔

      1. Arghhhh, can’t wait! Hurry up and post 🙂

  7. I’m hoping to post a short recap of 3.2 tonight. Who wants to recap next week’s episode?

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I can recap it for you but what is my expected turn over time?

  8. Well, seeing as I still haven’t finished capping 3.1, I’d say…….whenever? I guess it would be nice to have it done before the next weeks episode, but no pressure, Gracie!

    So I’ll put you down for 3.3 (the fishing boat episode!) and OzAndrea for 3.4, if that’s ok?

    1. I’m in. Sign me up.

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Oh yeah before the week is out no doubt! I was more talking is it ok if I don’t get it done that same night. 🙂 Sweeeeet fishing boat episode.

      1. Teacher’s pet.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          You’re on to me. 😉

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