3.2 – Kanalua – (Doubt) – by @westy5oh

Kanalua (Doubt)

Just where did Mom go? Cath wears some ugly footwear. The Crime of the Week is totes confusing.

But the burning question is -WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICKENS?? I suspected that Joe White would reappear and throughout Season 3, would transport them from safe house to safe house, dragging out the mystery until finally, in the season finale, Chin would open a door and say ‘Chicken?’

We open with a touching scene in the ocean – the service for Malia.  Such a beautiful, moving ceremony.  I thought when my time comes, I would like a ceremony like this.  Until I saw the underwater shot of everyone sitting on their boards, legs dangling.  And all I could think of was Shark! Because I live in West Oz, yo.  We don’t have the title of the deadliest place in the world for shark attacks for nothing.

Chin scatters some ashes into the sea.  They are the remains of Malia and the poor, burnt chickens.  Malia was cremated, but the chickens were already beyond saving, so they chucked them in with her.  So, Steph – your question has been answered!

Of course, the best part about this scene is McG’s bum on a board.  Was he the ONLY guy out there wearing a rashie? I’m pretty sure all the other guys were shirtless, but for some reason, TPTB decided McG needed some sun protection. (Gracie, you should be proud.) No wait, Chin is also fully clothed.

There’s an armed robbery at the Aloha Tower Marketplace, a shootout, some HPD coppers go down, and one of the bad guys gets shot.  His accomplices leave him, and make their getaway in an awesomely horse-powered taxi.

A car chase ensues (surprise!) I’m seriously rethinking any ideas of going to Honolulu on my next vacation.  If I don’t get shot in the street, I’m likely to get run over during a police pursuit.  HPD lose the bad guys (surprise!) The guy at the wheel of the taxi drives like a race car driver.

Chin stands looking forlornly out to sea, but we don’t care because we get shirtless McG. He and Cath are toweling off, and McG asks for a favour.  He needs her to help him find his Mom.  Even though last week he told Mom not to let anyone – even him – know where she flew off to.  But because Mom shot holes in the floor instead of Wo Fat, McG now needs to know WTF she’s up to.

McG gets a phone call about the robbery and oh, look.  The return of the overshirt.  Boo. The bad guy who got shot has taken hostages and is offering the release of one of them in return for medical help.  Kono goes in as a paramedic but the bad guy dies. So now there’s no chance of getting any information on his accomplices.

I can’t believe he fkn died!

The robbery took place at an art gallery and back there, the owner tells Kono that some lithographs were taken.  No cash was stolen. The lithos were only valued at $30k, not worth all the mayhem. There is a cargument in which Danny berates McG for his gung-ho attitude in sending them all in to the hostage situation.  Because McG knew that it would all be ok in the end. The Amazing McGarrett.  Oh, yes. Yes indeed.  Totally bloody amazing. And hot. As hell.

McG receives a call from Max and they head off to a barbeque where the aforementioned taxi driver is the main course. Hope you like your meat well done, McG.  Meat and McG in the same sentence – you’re welcome.

Danny teases Max about his cane – he kind of got on my nerves in this scene, teasing Max like that.  But Max got the better of him.  Go Max! (I’m trying to see how many times I can write ‘Max’ in a paragraph.)

The boys look for a fence for the artwork and visit August March to ask for his help in tracking down the robbers.  March claims to know nothing, but says he will make some inquiries.

Auggie March gets eyesexed by McG.

Cath is lounging at the bar of the Rack ‘Em Sports Club (ironic, because, as beautiful as she is, she doesn’t have much of a rack.)  Is she stepping out on McG??  There’s Tony from 24. Hey, Tony – you just missed Michelle! (Tony and Michelle were married in 24.  Michelle aka Malia just got her ashes scattered. With the chickens.)

 Max is making soup.  Danny is disgusted. Max has boiled the face off the getaway driver who was barbequed, (which will add an awesome flavour) and has digitally reconstructed his face.  Max gets a match with Tyler McNamara, a retired stock car driver.  Hence the badass driving skillz after the robbery.

The team head to McNamara’s house – which is beautiful.  Is it just me, or did the palm trees outside look CGI? I fully expected to see a chopper and a giant claw pick the house up and drop it into the ocean.  After searching McNamara’s house, the team discover that his daughter Karen has been kidnapped.  AGAIN, Show??  How many kidnappings does this make?

CGI? Or not? Those palm trees don’t look real to me?

So Tyler was driving the getaway car under duress.  McG and Danny go to visit the Tyler’s ex-wife, and discover that Karen’s boyfriend was the dead robber.

Now we’re back at the Rack Less Sports Bar, and it seems like Tony has forgotten his password to – something – because Cath is asking him all his security questions.  What street did you grow up on, what town are you from, what was your first pet’s name, who did you have a crush on when you were a teenager.  I’m surprised she doesn’t ask him his mother’s maiden name?

Cath leaves the bar wearing some FUGLY boots (clearly, Cath and Kono go boot shopping together – ooh, I see a stick figure drawing coming soon!)  She accesses the Witness Security Program website on her laptop and enters all the information she’s gleaned from Tony  and resets his password for him.  Because Tony is a government employee and it is apparent that government employee passwords do not need to contain at least one numeric , one symbol and a minimum six characters.  Cath appears to find out where Mom is staying.

The team has ID’d the Kapule brothers as the accomplices in the robbery.  August March visits Kimo who is some kind of mean motherf/cker, and requests his help.  In something, I’m not sure what.

McG and August –with Danny in the BACK SEAT again – (McG is really getting payback for the dog sitting in the front) head out to Sand Island in search of the Kapule Brothers.  When they arrive, with Chin and Kono,  they find the brothers have been shot.  One is dead, and Kono leans down to try and get information on the whereabouts of the kidnapped girl from the other brother, but he dies.  (Remind me never to get Kono to help me when I’ve been shot. It doesn’t seem to end well.)

The lithographs are spread out on the table.  Man, they are ugly.  Kono finds one of the Kapule Brothers phones, and there are pics of them in front of the safe at the art gallery, posing as security guys.  There are two pictures in the safe which aren’t on the list of stolen items the gallery owner gave to Kono.

Turns out the two pictures in question were originally stolen on December 7th, 1941 – the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, along with some other paintings. So the gallery owner’s Grandpa stole the paintings and started his own art gallery, but couldn’t offload these as they were too well known and valuable.

Another car chase.  The gallery owner tries to outdrive the Camaro, but to no avail.  When McG and Danny catch him, he is unaware of the kidnapping, and has done a deal with some guy he never actually met,  to recover the stolen, stolen paintings.

Fong recovers a print from one of the paintings, and gets a match with August March.

McG and Danny interrogate March in the blue room.  The bullet that killed Angela, the diamond girl, matches the bullets that killed the Kapule Brothers.  And the gun belongs to March, who insists he’s not going back to jail, and wants to know what his options are.  He offers to take McG and Danny to Karen’s location, and shows them a picture on his phone of Karen bound and gagged in the trunk of a car. (Judging by the use of duct tape, I’d say Adam has been hanging around Karen.)

McG, Danny and March, accompanied by two HPD cars, arrive at the scene. March points them in the direction where he says Karen is, and foolishly, they set off, leaving March standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.  Where he becomes road kill.  Hit by a truck.  They have to scoop him off the road. They take him back to Max so he can make more soup.

McG decides that March deliberately led them in the opposite direction to where Karen really is, knowing that he was going to commit suicide.  Kono and Chin discover that one of the Kapule Brothers rented a car that matched the specs of the ‘Proof of Life’ photo of Karen.  So they organize for all long term parking structures to be inspected, find one where the car is, and now that Cath is land based, call on the people at Norsat to direct a satellite with thermal imaging to locate Karen in the trunk.  Too easy?

They rush to the car, and all I can say is, if McG smooths my hair and speaks to me like that, I will gladly let Adam duct tape me and place me in the trunk.  Karen and her mom are reunited.

Now we’re at the Tropics Bar and Grill, where the team and Max are having dinner and drinks.  Chin is being all sad, looking out at the little lantern with Malia’s image, bobbing on the water.  I try and see if there are any more lanterns with little chicken pictures on them, but no.

Kamekona arrives, looking like a Top Gun. He has a new business idea providing tourists with helicopter tours.  Max doesn’t like his slogan ‘Come for the shrimp, stay for the helicopter tour.’  I think it’s catchy.

McG’s reaction to Kamekona’s latest business venture.

Danny goes to Chin and there is a lovely scene where Chin describes how Malia and he met, and Danny and Chin share a very tender, friendship filled moment.  I love how Danny gets all choked up.  He has redeemed himself in my eyes for his earlier teasing of Max.

Cath arrives and tells McG where Mom is.

Which happens to be here – on the island.  She never left Oahu.  I suspect she’s drinking tea somewhere, and hopefully practicing her shooting skillz.



  1. spurschick · · Reply

    Great recap!

    So what does Max do with aforementioned soup? Does that sh/t get poured down the sink? And I did a “WTF” when Danny was looking so disgusted at the skull but didn’t seem phased at all looking at the crispy critter in the front seat. I’d be waaaaay more freaked about by the sight and smell of a burnt body!

    And when is Show going to get around to explaining why Cath is land-based? She’s just around now and able to do favors for McG whenever? Um… put it on my tab? For reals, McG?!!! I hope she got the s/xing after headbutting the guy outside Casa McG in 3.01.

    How long have those chickens been in the oven?

    1. Steve explained it in 3.01 – she is on leave – whether it be regular vacation or coming off her deployment we don’t know, but I thought that either is plausible.

      1. spurschick · · Reply

        He did? I totally missed that!

        1. When he introduces Catherine to Mom

          1. spurschick · · Reply

            I was clearly distracted by the moment.

            1. Understassable

              1. Good catch Kimmer but it wasn’t really made much of so I think we can be excused from missing it. I’d so love a job where I can just take leave like that. Show version of the Navy = flexible employer! And I think if I get to leave work a little early even now then that I am lucky 🙂

    2. Remind me never to accept a dinner invitation from Max. Especially if soup and barbeque are on the menu.

  2. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    “Until I saw the underwater shot of everyone sitting on their boards, legs dangling. And all I could think of was Shark!”

    I had the same thought, and I’m from California! Actually, my exact thought was “oh look, they do look like sea lions from here”.
    And tossing in the burnt chickens is just going to attract MORE sharks!

    1. IKR. I’m from Queensland and the whole ‘legs dangling’ thing totes freaked me out. Have to ACA with Westy, though, that the funeral scene was nice. I like it when Show gives us a dose of Hawaiian culture. I think it’s one thing they do rather well.

      1. Saw earlier today elsewhere that the floating circle is more of a ‘surfer’ thing than a Hawaiian culture thing. I’m no expert, just passing info along. Although, I would think the man in charge blowing the shell (I know that is poorly said sorry) is the Hawaiian part of it. It was still totes cool either way.

        1. Oh, that kinda changes things ‘cos do we know that Malia was a surfer? Guess even if it’s a surfie thing then it still fits in with HI as, you know, doesn’t everyone surf anyway? (Just like everyone in Canada plays ice hockey and all Aussies like vegemite.) Still loved the HI shout out in the other parts of the funeral (shell blowing thingie et al).

          1. We know she *tried* to surf. Chin said the first time he saw her she lost her board trying to surf ankle slappers.

            1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

              Good point. I had forgotten that bit. Think I was focussing too much on the awkies moment with Chin and Danny. Even though I liked it just the same.

        2. We’ve had about 5 fatal shark attacks here in the last year, and most of those were surfers. And they all did the circle thingy. So,yes, I think it’s more surfer related and not so specific to Hawaii.

        3. Someone say “blowing the shell” again, please! 😆

      2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        They’re also trying to avoid the coral. There was so much coral at the main stretch of beach in Waikiki (spot out front of HHV I’m looking at you). Just keep swimming so you don’t touch the floor!

    2. I don’t think you need to be from somewhere shark-infested to have thought that, you just need to have seen Jaws. At a young age. From behind some sofa cushions. And had an extreme and abiding terror of the sea ever since. *shudder*

      1. JAWS is the reason I only go ankle deep in the ocean.

    3. I am hereby requesting a paddleout with my ashes…..which I already wanted scattered in the ocean……but a paddleout is so much cooler even though I have NEVER been on a board…….make sure Infants is covered in foam so she doesn’t hurt herself….oh and Momo to….maybe wrap them in bubble wrap also.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        “make sure Infants is covered in foam so she doesn’t hurt herself”

        Except foam soaks up the water, makes the board really heavy and I sink. :O This is only okay if a navy SEAL is around to rescue me. Or Chris the Coast Guard Guy. 😉

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Infant and I can be in those big bubble things that float on the top of the water. But the ceremony can’t be too long, we don’t want to run out of air.

          1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            Do you think they’ll end up making us wait on the sand??? Like Kamekona? 😉

  3. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    “come for the shrimp, stay for the helicopter tour” If I ate shrimp truck food and then went helicoptering, Kamekona better add a third business – biohazard cleanup, for what I’m going to spew all over the inside of the copter. Just sayin’

    1. ^^^^ This – so true!

  4. Why didn´t McG remove the duct tape from the girl?! It really bothered me, I can´t breath well if mouth is forced shut, she needed air! I like Cath. Michelle plays her role well, she is convincing, unlike Lori was.
    Westy, that view of the palm trees looked too perfect to be true. More like a painting.
    I think this episode had a lot of lighter elements to it, apart from Chin´s sad face. The ending made my eyes swell 😦 DDK played that loss incredibly well.

    1. spurschick · · Reply

      OMG! I had forgotten about that but was thinking the same thing! Wouldn’t taking the duct tape off her mouth the first thing he would do?

    2. Paula, I was thinking the exact same thing! How long did that poor girl have the duct tape on? But then if that faaaacceee was staring at me after the boot was opened up, I’d probably forget about the tape. Just for a minute.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        OK I was NOT thinking this. I was thinking, ‘Steve can resuce me from the boot (yes we call it a boot) of a car any time.’

        1. I think he left the duct tape on because he didn’t want to hear her squeeing when she saw that faaaaaace.

          1. I was thinking she had been traumatized enough and he didn’t want to be the bastard that ripped that tape off….ouch.

    3. And why did they not call an ambulance en route? The poor girl’s been in the boot of a car covered in duct tape for God knows how long on a hot day. You don’t need to wait until you get the boot lid open to know she’s going to need an ambulance.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        That’s exactly what I yelled at my TV… you can’t call the ambulance on the way???!?

        1. I actually wrote that too in my previous comment, but came to the conclusion that the ambulance call happened out of camera, and buddies Camaro was quicker to reach the girl 🙂 but the duct tape should´ve been removed! Wasn´t that the girl´s biggest problem in the trunk, hard to breathe?

    4. I thought that!
      Funny recaps, Westy.

  5. 1) Closure on the chickens! Thank goodness. May they all rest in peace.

    2) the racecar driver’s house looked like a screen saver! I mean really. Mr JK & I agreed so on Monday night.


    Great work Westy, way fun read. Also yes, how much cheaper than average would a helicopter tour have to be before you got in a whirly bird with a retired sumo wrestler for a pilot? There would have to be a signifigant savings.

    1. “2) the racecar driver’s house looked like a screen saver!”

      Hehe, Steph. Still loved it, though. Real or otherwise.

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Do y’all know the lanterns floating is a tradition in Hawaii? We missed seeing it happen on Memorial Day (we were in Maui at the time) in Honolulu, but we saw it on the news and it really did seem like an amazing thing to see.


      1. Thanks for this ^^^^^ I did not know the lanterns were a ‘thing’ for real. According to the link, they outlawed the flying kind. Too bad, that would have been perfect for the chickens. You know, cause chickens fly? Haha. *blowing the shell*. You’re welcome

    3. 2. I’ve sussed what was off about it – you could see the palm trees being blown around like mad outside, but there was no glass in the floor-to-double-height-ceiling windows and not even the slightest breeze in the house. #sherlock

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Clever girl!

    4. They balance out the weight seat by seat on those heli ,tours. So, if Big K is your pilot, does that mean the family all sits in each others laps on the other side? (Yes they make you step on a scale).

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Hehe, was thinking the same thing when I watched that scene. My colleague did a heli tour over Maui when we were in HI for a conference and I remember him going through the whole weighing thing. With KK as pilot, there wouldn’t be much room left! Would be worth it for his commentary though 🙂

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Palm Trees are totes real:


    1. ^^Crap. That was me posting that. Oops.

      1. Thank you for reposting that. Sooooooooooooo nice 🙂

    2. And totes scooters.

      And probably enhanced.

      1. spurschick · · Reply

        Remind me again what a “scooter” is?

        1. Anything not Alex in a picture.

          1. And if you *do* notice anything not Alex in a picture…well you know what that makes you 😄

            1. See You Next Tuesday!!!

              1. whats see you next tuesday?

                1. It means you are a sunt, Justine!

                  1. huh??? oh for the love of God, just say the word!!

                    1. Alright, you c.nt, simmer down!

      2. I don’t think Rainy was talking about the trees. 😉

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    Awesome recap Westy!!
    1) the poor, poor chickens. At least they got the send of they deserved.
    2) I will happily move into race car guy’s house. Done.
    3) Love how McG relaxes with the gang at the bar. Adorbs. Although I’m waiting for when Cath hangs out at the bar with them. I’m patient, I’ll wait. (p.s. McG+Cath4Evah!)
    4) Love that some of your screen caps have the Global logo on them. Canadian TV FTW!!

    1. At least we can put the chickens to rest. Thanks, Westy!

      The end-of-ep relaxings are getting more and more well, relaxed, aren’t they? Does this mean that McG can have happy human contact without breaking out in a rash? Noticed that Max has a seat at the table. Way to go Max, you are in The Gang! Just have to wait for Cath to be now, too. She was sooo nicely dressed just to be Message Delivery Girl.

      1. Love the idea of the burnt chickens going in too.

  8. There was something very sexy about all that toweling off McG did. A little here, a little there, get this spot, get that spot.

    I don’t know if I’m remembering wrong, but I thought some of the BTS that came out showed Cath sitting at the table? Maybe they cut something. Or I just have a bad memory.

    1. Rainy, I think the scene you’re talking about is actually in 3.03 next week. She’s there with them then and sitting next to McG.

        1. Is this the scene? I think this is next week…or upcoming anyway. last season we could tell by the color shirt McG was wearing but this year…yeah. not so much. It’s another blue shirt week.

          1. No, I was thinking of the bar or restaurant. I’m probably just imagining things.

            1. oh. Maybe. I don’t remember her in any of the bar/restaurant pics.

  9. Great recap mate! Glad you could make some sense out of something that made little sense to me. I can’t say I was blown away by this episode but, as Grace pointed out to me, pretty tough ask to follow The Claw and All Things 3.1.

    My random thoughts:
    1) Loved the funeral scene. Said in another comment that I love the Hawaiian culture elements of Show #cosimanerd
    2) So much crispy and squishy stuff this week. Almost as hair-raising as the diver ep from S2. This squeamish stuff was a tad glossed over in 3.2 though IMHO. Or am I just not cut out to be a Five 0 or a medical examiner?
    3) The password scene with Cath. WTF? Sorry, that was totes dreadful. Loved that we got to see 24 Tony again, mind you. How ironic that as he turns up, Malia Michelle leaves this mortal coil. Wonder if Jack will turn up next? Anyhoo, if that is Navy intelligence at work, I am scared. Also, Tony is a worse agent than McMom. Dufuss. Even my passwords are harder to guess than that. Still love Cath though and really like the way she is be utilised in the Show so far. Looks like TBTB have learnt something from the LoHo debacle. We hope.
    4) Still a little befuddled by the heist thing but I soooo did not see the End of March coming.
    5) Thought DDK rocked it and also thought Show had right amount of emo/focus on the Malia story along with COTW (got a COTW in there, Westy!)
    6) Best bit – that faaacceeee when camera is focussed on McG after Karen is rescued. Duct tape non removal notwithstanding.
    7) Had to mention this, but the dialogue in this ep seemed unusually obvi to me. Don’t we all know that 7 December 1941 was PH bombing? And as for the “worst day in the history of this country?” Writers, didn’t need to be said. Not something that is true or not true. Depends on your perspective.
    8) Mom didn’t leave the island afterall? Guess Danny and Steve left the airport ASAP and didn’t see her fly back. Or am I missing something? Again. Perhaps she was left in a holding pattern for like hours and then finally decided to land somewhere. Dunno. Dying to know though so thanks Show for the mystery.

    Look forward to your recap of 3.3, Gracie!!!

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Realise now I got a little carried away this week with Show and the WT? moments especially in relation to the whole PH/worst day in history lines from Danny. I think Grace made a really good point (on Sardonic) when she said that the show has an international audience and the things that we know are not necessarily the case for all of the audience. Plus what’s in my head is not necessarily in other people’s. And vice versa. Just as well for that, I hear you say….

      Think I am just having a mini crisis about Show and wanting it to be more than just the pretty, Westy assures me this is just a phase and it will pass. Hopefully soon 🙂 Then I can stop angsting over the things that don’t make sense.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        “having a mini crisis about Show”
        Ah yeah, we ALL have those, so it’s all gravy baby. 🙂

        1. Thanks for the vote of support. *hugs* I am sure my faith will be restored next week after the boatgument episode (especially if that vid we watched yesterday is anything to go by). And reading your recap, too. Of course 🙂

  10. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Thanks for my shout out Westy. I liked that Steve wore a rashie. I think they all should have, surely out of respect no???

  11. PICTURES OF THE LITTLE CHICKENS!!! Westy, you are awesome. Loved the recap!

  12. son of a b/tch rashie…….we were so cheated because idiots in makeup can’t find heavy duty waterproof concealer in orange.

    1. Apparently they did for this week. Very orange. And water proof for all that swimming. Applied with a heavy hand. The person with that job must have been rubbing and rubbing and rubbing that stuff on him. Who can blame her? Probs gave him a rashie of a different type.

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