3.3 – Lana I Ka Moana – (Adrift) – Page 2

Super SEAL with the awesome eyesight spots a guy in a dinghy waving for help. I wonder how long dude has been sitting out there screaming for help and Bill and Ted have been too busy sipping Longboards to notice the flailing civilian in the background. They go over to the silly man in the dinghy to help him out. Uh oh, this is a boat hijacking and the guy, having boarded the boat, pulls out his gun and forces Steve and Danny to jump into the ocean. He fires a couple of bullets into the dinghy and poor Steve and Danny are left stranded a little bit more than 40 miles (64kms) South of O’ahu.

“Take off your pants!”

Steve and Danny swim to the dinghy and Super SEAL gets all MacGyver up in here and uses some tubing to tie up the holes, buying our boys some time. Danny, concerned that they are stranded, says more words in a couple of minutes then I think Malia said the entire time she was on show. The bromance in this episode is truly epic. Danny starts to paddle with his hands once Steve points out which way is home. Steve informs his stressed out BFFITWWW he is going to tow them back to shore and because it’ll totes weigh him down, he takes his shirt off declaring he has done this before. I don’t think this is too much of a stretch actually, those SEALs go through some crazy training drills. Danny exclaims that this is a challenge for Steve shouting, “a skills test, be all you can be cr@p.” Steve, in a throw back to season one, enlightens us all that that is an army saying and we all know that Steve is in the naveeee. Danny mentions something about how he was quiet happy watching his NY Jets football game in his underwear and Danny fans mourn the fact that the episode didn’t start with this scene. Steve jumps in the water, like Dory and swims, thinking, “just keep swimming,” when a shark comes out of no where! A tiger shark! Danny declares he doesn’t want to be on Shark Week and I don’t even know what that is. Steve, gets “all island” on us and tells Danny he will not be punching the tiger shark in the nose. Danny calls Steve, McGarrett Danger Magnet and I can’t help but think that yes, this is true.

Danny is clearly freaked out and we finally learn why this is so. He explains that he used to love the water, until one summer he and his friend Billy were swimming when Danny got caught in a rip tide. His friend, trying to swim over to save him, gets caught in an undertow and disappears. His young friends body is found three miles down the coast and we find out that Danny hadn’t gone swimming again until he moved to Hawaii with Gracie. Danny then spots a yacht, not a dinghy off in the distance.

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  1. He’s flexing his pecs deliberately in that third gif, isn’t he? The bastard.

    1. Bill and Ted!!!! And Steve actually looks like he’s saying ‘wooooooah!’. DY.ING!!

    2. Poor dead Malia. The chickens nearly had as many lines as she did.

    3. I think the tiger shark was jealous of McG’s stripy orange tiger chest #justsayin

    1. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      McG on a leash! I need a moment…

    2. Seriously, that makeup gets worse and more orange every time! You forgot to say that Steve is also a chick magnet 😃

      1. Aaaah! the shark was female. Explains EVERYTHING.

    3. Flexing…Mmmm nice. I almost didn’t notice! Mostly because i was distracted by the leg in the 4th gif.

      1. BILL AND TED!!! <<—that is all
      3. "I think the tiger shark was jealous of McG’s stripy orange tiger chest" – the shark thought McG was Nemo

      "Fish are our friends, Fish are not food!"

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Thought you’d like the Bill and Ted shout out babe.

      2. Nemo! dy.ing!!!

  2. Bullet proof dingy! Why didn´t the shot go through? At least when Steve used his McGyver skills, he only fixed the holes on the inside…something was a bit wrong here. Also the dingy mysteriously inflates later on 😀
    But I loved that Steve was finally happy and laughing (on his friend´s expense).

    1. Paula you make a great point here, Steve LOVES these sort of dangerous situations. They really do make him happy. And frankly, I think he likes it that Danny gets so freaked out. It occured to me that it was kind of like how at military boot camp (like the SEAL training) they ask you to do all sorts of physically and mentally challenging things and then YELL AT YOU ALL THE TIME (and not ever encouraging, complimentary or even pertinent things) while you try to get them done. Part of me TRULY believes that McG likes Danny’s yelling, that it reminds him of SEAL days and helps him, actually stay calmer. Because we KNOW McG can yell, too and shout people down when he needs them to behave in a different manner than they are. And yet he never once does that with Danny! Just my thoughts.

      1. You guys have a point. Whenever someone is losing.their.sh/t in a bad situation you are supposed to be super calm and determined. Someone has to be, after all – or nothing would get accomplished. Danny actually has been the calming effect on McG when McG is losing his sh/t (Mary getting kidnapped) – so they have each other’s backs.

        Danny bugged me at first – with his yelling and complaining, but then I realized that he was really fearful. I cut him some slack after that.

        1. When I first watched only the 8 minutes, Danny´s complaining was a bit too much. But of course, the explanation for his hatred of water, came later, and I, too, forgave him just a little. But Steve´s joy was hilarious to watch 😀

          1. I also found Danny to be a bit too whiny and it started to irritate me just a little. Then Steve took his shirt off and I didn’t care anymore.

        2. AnnieOakley · · Reply

          Danny seems particularly cynical and prickly this season – guess the thing with Rach-Hell is getting to him.

        3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I’m with Kimmer. Once I realised it was from fear all was forgiven. I also ACA that a SEAL having someone carry on like Danny would be quite easy for Steve to deal with.

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        I ACA with Steph! Steve is used to having people yelling at him in stressful situations!! I loved how much he enjoyed being stranded in the boat dinghy.
        His grin in the 3rd gif!!!

      3. Good points, Steph. McG was completely calm even in the face of Danny’s constant whining. He really is a SuperSEAL. And MacGyver, too.

    2. Yeah, that was a bit dodgy but I can forgive the (plot) holes this week as I enjoyed the ride.

  3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Just a note that the captions under the pics are not my comments.

  4. Danny was just be whiney Danny to me……..then I actually gave him a free pass for the adolescent horror story.
    Grace close your eyes now:
    The last gif…the shippers must have been all a twitter because he looks like he’s about to mount Danny’s face….
    Grace open your eyes now.

    1. A sad story does not make up for being such an ass. Now if McG had died trying to safe him, he’d have 2 people to tell sad stories about. Or one sad story and still be blaming McG for his own stupid demise…and Danny’s sunburn.

      The blaming was too much. They were back on the boat and found by the Coast Guard. Still. Blaming.

      If he was that afraid of the water….stay off boats. End of story.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Hmmm. My friend who came to Hawaii with us is terrified of the water, but she had no problem getting on boat. Get in the water though when the boat stopped and the rest of us went snorkeling? No way. And this friend is a cop and a true BAMF.

        1. I’m terrified of deep water as well. I’m OK with boats but I would majorly freak out if stuck in a dinghy in the middle of the ocean. (I went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef because the reef was hardly below the surface at all… and that was fine, but then I was swimming back to the boat – which wasn’t anchored ON the reef, obvi, not allowed – and made the mistake of putting my face in the water just as I cleared the edge of the reef and it was so.far.down. I have never swum so fast in my life. Never again.)

          I think Danny reacted exactly how I would have expected, given the reason they’ve come up with for why he hates the ocean. Also, I’m currently experiencing the way small children will save the worst of their behaviour for the person they know will forgive them for it, and I think there are some parallels to be drawn here #justsayin

          1. I totally understand. Terrified of flying AND deep water. We used to have a boat but we sold it as it didn’t get used, partly because I am such a scaredy cat. We’d go out in it and my kids would be all, “go faster Dad” and I’d just sit in the back clutching the sides with my eyes shut.

            1. Well, I don’t know how to swim (IKR? I live on a big island and I CAN’T SWIM!) but I used to be a regular beach goer. I even used to exit the water when the shark alarms went off, then GO BACK IN.

              Until about ten years ago when, at my favourite beach, , a guy was in waist deep water and lost his leg to a shark. He bled out on the beach.

              I’ve also seen someone drown at that same beach. I don’t go in the water past my ankles now.

              We have some of the best beaches in the world, and I’m too scared to appreciate them. # nowimemo

              1. I felt like I was going to be snapped in half by what I suppose was an undertow at one of your beaches (I did not know I was that bendy) so I can totally empathise. Your beaches are DANGEROUS!

                1. They certainly are. If you watch Bondi Rescue you’d never go in the water EVER! (except if you want to be rescued by a buff lifeguard but totes not worth it, I reckon).

                  1. I watch Bondi Rescue and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s only dangerous to Korean, Indian and Middle Eastern tourists. Because no other nationalities ever get rescued by the life savers. Have you ever seen them rescue an ‘English as a first language’ person??

                    I’ve always said those life savers could have a much easier day if the local council would put up warning signs in different languages.

                    #noracismintendedinthispost #rescuingtouristsmakesforbettertv

                    1. Hehe, that’s true of the show. The other rescues must be off camera, to quote our mate atplenkov. Either way, it seems that tourists underestimate the dangers of Bondi and don’t always understand the signs or the instructions from life savers. I’m terrified of the surf as it is let alone the surf in a ‘different language’.

                      Pretty hard when you don’t understand what’s going on. I remember being on a train in Germany with NotMcG when an annoucement was made and suddenly everyone got off the train. We had no idea why. To this day, still don’t. We just stayed on as we hadn’t gotten to our stop yet. Made it home OK. Obviously.

                    2. So true about the warning signs. When we stayed just north of Cairns a non-English speaking tourist was about to go into the ocean when some English speaking tourists had to stop him and try to warn him about the dangers of the jellyfish. Signs all over the place but the guy didn’t or couldn’t read them.

                      Re: show…by season 3 I’d hoped they’d perfected the tat cover up. Boo to the orange goo.

                      Great recap Infant!

              2. I believe your waters have the most amount of deathly shark attacks in the world. Not sure if I would swim there either. I freak out by regular fish in the water, if I happen to see them.
                Once watched some shark program on TV and a shark expert and the reporter stood in knee high water. One baby shark swims around them and they see it and talk about shark behavior and I think the expert says there´s no real danger, you just have to be aware of them. Suddenly this baby bites the expert in the calf. Then maybe 6 months after they continue their story, the expert has lost a huge chunk of his calf, and it looks so weird! I thought it was kind of funny 🙂 The expert admitted that he misjudged the danger. Baby shark was circulating them and getting ready to attack and yet he ignored it…

                1. And snakes. And spiders. And crocodiles. And magpies. Makes me wonder how I get the nerve to step outside the door!

                  1. Beware the swooping Magpie!

                    We’re not doing much for the Oz tourist industry, Andrea.

                    Lets get Gracie to join in, and maybe we’ll all get deported!

                    1. Definitely worthy of deportation 🙂

                      I wrote a comment on the H50BAMF blog during the week about swooping magpies. They terrify me. I’ve been hit in the back of the head before and a work colleague lost her leg because she was avoiding a swooping magpie and got hit by a car. Such a sad story.

                      Think I’ll be voted off the island now?

                    2. Infant_Sardonic · ·

                      Magpies freak me out. They are totes a bad omen.

                2. We’ve had five fatal attacks in the last ten months I think. Mostly young surfers 😞

                  Sharks and crocodiles scare the crap out of me.

          2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

            You’ve snorkelled along the Great Barrier Reef? Wow! I haven’t done that. So slack. That’s pretty cool my friend.

            1. Well, not for long. I refused to go back in after lunch. It was pretty cool though, if you’re not a big wuss like me I highly recommend it.

              1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                You’re not a wuss! Water freaks a lot of people out. Good on ya for getting out there to begin with mate.

            2. (also, not along the whole thing. Just a little tiny bit of it.)

              1. Still, you rock! We’ll make you an honorary Aussie 🙂

  5. heymomo · · Reply


    1. EVERY week is Shark Week down under!!

      1. “Snorts”. Too right, mate. Stay out of the water baby 🙂

    2. Shark week luckily come just after our vacation at the beach!

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Maybe. I can’t say I’m 100% sure as I don’t even know what it is. 😉

      1. Gracie, I think we have Shark Week on the Nat Geo channel on Foxtel. Never seen it, though.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Ah. I see. I never watch anything on that station.

          1. I never watch Shark Week for the same reason that I never watch Air Crash Investigation, which is: sometimes ignorance is bliss.

            1. I love Air Crash Investigation! And I’m terrified of flying. Go figure.

              1. We just had a tv programme here called ‘The Plane Crash’ where a team of experts rigged a passenger plane with cameras and then deliberately crashed it in the desert. I got about fifteen minutes in and then thought ‘WHY THE HELL AM I WATCHING THIS???’ and turned it off.

                1. Sounds like something I’d watch. Just to terrify myself 🙂

  6. Did anyone watch the TV Show “The Riches”? Todd Stashwick was awesome in that. He’ll always be Dale to me.

  7. “Steve jumps in the water, like Dory and swims, thinking, “just keep swimming,” when a shark comes out of no where!”

    Love this line! Soooo wish we’d had footage of McG swimming along, chanting to himself, ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      It really was the first thing that popped into my head.

  8. I wondered if there’d be comments about Danny’s whining because usually we get a little bit of it but this week, we got heaps of it. I personally didn’t mind it as it was in keeping with the whole focus of the episode and then was explained with the story about Danny’s friend. However, I do tend to agree with ESS, that the ‘blame’ part was maybe a bridge too far. The rest of it I thought was funny. It’s almost like that’s just their MO, for Danny to whine and Steve to be calm and bring out his ‘what’s your problem?’ face.

    1. Too far! I agree Steve may be ok with someone yelling in his face during a time of imminent danger but what about the rest of the time?

  9. I wonder if Danny hadn’t pointed out that Gil had blood on his shirt, would Gil have pulled his gun and made them pull a Nemo? He could have just chilled and rode with them back to shore, right?

    NY Jets Football game…think Danny has ever Tebow’d?

    Tiger sharks, according to wikipedia are the 2nd most lethal sharks in the ocean next to the Great White. They can eat mostly anything and grow to be almost 5 ft long. **Snifff*** he really WAS almost man shushi!! But damn I bet he would have tasted good. Maybe a bit salty.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Well just as well because if he hadn’t we wouldn’t have had swimming Steve and then shirtless Steve right? 😉

      Has Danny ever Tebow’d. I’m sure he has. The question is where and why. The next time he lands at Newark airport??? 😉

      Phew! Lucky he did not become man sushi. Then what would have happened to Danny? All alone in the ocean by himself?

  10. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Because I ran out of ways to reply, thanks JDD!

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