3.3 – Lana I Ka Moana – (Adrift) – Page 3

Catherine, having left the harbour meets with Kono at Headquarters, concerned that the boys are three hours over due. All Catherine knows is that Steve was taking Danny to a spot where and his dad used to fish. I love that Steve continues to share these places with Danny, even if the most disastrous things end up happening to them. Boulder to the Face anyone? Both cell phone signals are dead but as they took Chin’s Uncles boat, Chin explains they should be able to get a hit off the GPS on the boat. Chin works on Ess (aka the computer table) and finds out that the boat is docked at the North Shore.

The Mighty Duo, plus Cath race over there. Chin spots the Aigle de Me, which means Sea Eagle (McNerd moment 7895) and he and Catherine do some detecting and find the boys guns, badges and a bloody shirt. I think our bad guy gets very lucky here, because not only was the dock master out to lunch when he docked the boat BUT a lightening strike took out the cameras. Right now, in his grave Delano is yelling out “you gotta be frakking kidding me. Why didn’t the lightening strike take out the cameras when I needed them to?”

‘We’re not so lucky with the security cameras this week.’

The Mighty Duo, plus Cath conclude that the boys are still out in the ocean…..


…. Paddling.

Steve doesn’t want to swim no more. His t-shirt says UTD/SEAL not servant. So now both the boys are paddling towards the Katie, an abandoned boat. Steve concludes the dinghy belongs to the boat, so the Boat Jacker ditched this boat for some unknown reason. Danny’s shirt is flailing in the wind, so too is Junk Kicker, who I know was alive at least half way through the ep because I have a text from her saying, “it’s still really good.” Our boys board the boat and see some blood that leads them into the cabin where they find a dead body. Even on their day off, they have to work.

Skipper McGarrett Danger Magnet tries to start the boat and radio for help, neither works. So Skipper McGarrett Danger Magnet becomes McFixIt Skipper McGarrett Danger Magnet and after 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississ…. Figures out the problem with the boat. Wow this handy man clearly doesn’t worry about getting paid by the hour. Steve, being the hard working fella that he is, puts his head down and starts working on the engine.

Mr Fixit

Fong tells our worried H50 ladies that the blood is not Steve’s or Danny’s. A finger print on the boat leads the team to find out that the print belongs to a recently sacked security guard by the name of Gil Scates.

McDirty is trying to fix the engine and he speaks Boat-lish and basically it’s complicated and he still hasn’t fixed it yet. So maybe this handy man does get paid by the hour. Danny has used the time to piece together what has happened on the boat and explains to Steve that he suspects the perp made a mess of killing his target (Al Burgess), couldn’t get the boat started, fled in the dinghy whereupon he eventually met up with Steve and Danny.


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  1. 1. I missed that about it being where his dad used to fish. Is that then where his dad used to fish but not take him along? Ah, the memories…

    2. McFixIt Skipper McGarrett Danger Magnet <— love this!

    3. "…puts his head down and starts working on the…" oh Infant. You don't know WHAT you just said.

    4. I could look at that Mr Fixit pic all day.

    1. 3. I do love a working man…..

    2. Yes Mr Fixit saved my day…so yummy all dirty and squinting. They need to put Steve more often in small holes.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          Kimmer!! 😯

          1. Haha! See, there’s ALL types of fishing! Look! I caught a perv!

            1. The waters are a bit overstocked around here.

      1. LOL Paula! There’s a lot of small holes he could be in.

        1. Westy you dirty girl……say more!!

          Ummm, if an engine is seized doesn’t that mean it’s under HPD in the evidence locker room? I kid…..but doesn’t it mean the pistons are basically melted in place……there’s really no fixing that….I must McNerd….hold on….

          The phrase “engine is”….”froze”….. in automotive jargon refers to the engine being seized up or locked up. Either the engine has been blown internally apart preventing the engine main crankshaft from turning in revolutions……the engine oil or pressure has been lost thus creating overheating conditions of the internal metal to metal components to the point where they fuse together….the engine coolant has been lost thus creating an overheat condition of the engine…..or that the engine may be hydro-locked by a fluid of some sort filling into the combustion chamber of the pistons. In any event, the engine has to be either rebuilt or replaced with a used or new engine.

          My Grandfather would be so proud of me!!!!!

          1. Seized! I see what you did there.

            Excellent McNerding! I have no idea what you just said!

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Alicia! Lol twisting my words!

      1. It’s all part of the service 😉

    4. How much do I love that she coined the name “McDirty”. *sniff* our Infant is growing up!

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        Well I’ve had so many great teachers. 😀

        1. YAY!! We corrupted Infant!

  2. Obviously the Ghost of Poppa McGarrett is haunting all these spots McG wants to revisit. Bitter! But then again I would be too as once joining the afterlife he realizes Doris wasn’t there to greet him.

    1. I don’t think he’s going to be greeting her either #evilwitch

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      If Danny and Steve were fishing in a location that Poppa McG fished in, then Chin would know where that was, right? Because we know he used to take Chin fishing… or was that how the coast guard found the boys and I just missed that part because I was blinded by the shirtlessness?

      1. Chin said it was more about the beer (naughty coppers!). He probably can’t remember.

    3. OMG Steph! The Ghost of Poppa finding out about Doris!!! Crying!!!

    4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      “Obviously the Ghost of Poppa McGarrett is haunting all these spots McG wants to revisit. Bitter!”

  3. Also #RIPLongboards, this is likely the last we will see of them!


    1. Believe it or not, I had to doublecheck that they were still LongBoards when i watched.

    2. No wonder the buddies only had one beer each! Really? Fishing trip with 2 beers in the cooler? Not likely…

      1. boating while intoxicated is a crime hookers!

        1. It´s a national sport over here. Only in the summers though 🙂

    3. But…but….longboards sounds so much dirtier in our conversations!

    4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      So sad when I read that, Steph! I had Longboards in Hawaii all the time, they’re really nice.

      Justine is right, you can drink but you have to stay under the limit. I assume your limit is different to ours though.

  4. Delano yelling from his grave = priceless!!!!!

    1. I’m sorry, DeLANO

  5. I love that Cath was worried about her man. ❤

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Wouldn’t you be? I think the default reaction to him being late would be OMG something has happened to him!

      1. Well at least she wasn’t yelling at him….which is wierd because being Navy herself she should know that’s what would keep him calm? 😉

  6. “So Skipper McGarrett Danger Magnet becomes McFixIt Skipper McGarrett Danger Magnet”. Gold. Pure gold.

    Loved McFixIt. In fact, I think I could go back and rewatch those bits over and over. That faaacceeee.

    Wonder if Alex looks that good when he’s renovating his house? We’re fixing our house up, too, and all I get is loads of swearing and dust everywhere 🙂

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      My names for characters became long winded, like this recap. 😉

      You know Alex TOTALLY looks that GOOD while he is fixing his house.

      1. I have to say seeing McDirty being all sexy working on that boat does nothing to quell my Alex handyman fantasy.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          ACA. I mean I have no idea what you are talking about. 😉

    2. I’m sure he swears and gets dust everywhere. And then needs to remove all his clothes and take a nice long shower. What were we talking about?

    3. That interview with Tanya, where he mentioned he takes his “to do” list, when rest of house goes to bed. Just filled my heart with so much more love for him. I love a handy man!

  7. “Both cell phone signals are dead ” – actually I thought McG laid his phone down on the seat as he saw the guy in the dinghy so unless Gil threw it overboard, it should’ve still been traceable.

    ” His t-shirt says UTD/SEAL not servant. ” – I did giggle snort at this.

    1. I completelt forgot about that! When steve took off to save the murdering boatnapper in the dingy, he laid his new droid down on the cooler, and i thought well thats gonna slide right off……

      1. I think i noticed it on 3rd or 4th watch. 😉

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          You guys, stop paying attention to scooter things like that. 😛

          1. How about the missing hat! When Steve dove in the water at gun point, the hat was no where to be seen! I was expecting it to float…really bothered me 😉

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Guilty as charged. I too was thinking about the hat. May or may not have thought “no not the hat!” when he resurfaced without the hat. 😉

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