3.3 – Lana I Ka Moana – (Adrift) – Page 4

The Mighty Duo, plus Cath go to Gil Scates apartment. He’s not there but there’s a bunch of boating magazines. He has unpaid utility bills so our The Mighty Duo, plus Cath, conclude he couldn’t afford a boat so then maybe he was planning on stealing one and this was all his research. Chin, also assumes that McGarrett Danger Magnet and his BFFITWWW stumbled across the perp in the act.

Coast Guard to the Rescue! Hi Coast Guard! Love you! Not Chris the Coast Guard guy boards the Katie and arrests Steve and Danny once the dead body is found below deck.

On the Coast Guard boat Steve and Danny are sitting next to each other. Scott’s feet don’t reach the floor and Alex’s legs are massive. I bet he eats 10 Weet bixs every morning. How many do you do? 

More bromance ensures and I wonder if they just told Alex and Scott the basics of what needed to be said and then went, have at it. Coast Guard Captain McIlvane after having reached one of the other members of Five-0 apologises for arresting Steve and Danny and the handcuffs are removed and fans the world over sigh. We learn that the case is being handed over to Five-0.

When the boys return to the harbour Cath and Chin are waiting for them. Cath and Steve smile and give each other a hug. Cath was obviously worried about her SEAL, but everyone is ok now. Though Danny is still fretting, I reckon Steve would have swum them back all the way to shore no worries….. Max, ever the considerate one, offers Danny some cream for his sunburn and Danny looks at him like he is a time travelling comic book lover, oh wait, wrong show.

Over-clothed Max, barefoot Steve and one extra button undone Danno go over the crime scene. Chin brings his oddly clothed co-workers up to speed on the case, where it is suspected our not criminal mastermind, Gil Scates not only killered Al Burgess dead but tried to steal his boat, but he couldn’t even get that right and abandoned ship.

Kono goes to talk to the victim’s family, his wife, Katie Burgess and his sister, Jenny Burgess (aka that chick who was an angel in Supernatural). Katie explains she called the Coast Guard after not hearing from her husband for some time. Wifey and sister do not like each other. That much is obvious. Much awkwardness ensures. Kono shows Katie a photo of Gil Scates and she recognises him as a security guard who moonlights as a peeping tom. Gil Scates was fired for being a creeping creep who creeps. The theory is floated that Gil did this out of revenge.

Kono and Chin are out front of Gil’s apartment block. We see that Chin is still mourning Malia and I think this is a nice inclusion by show. Chin asks how things are going with Adam, still not convinced. Don’t worry Chin, neither am I. Kono sulks off in an apparent search for coffee. Of course now our perp decides to walk by and a chase ensures. Chin yells out “Five-O! Freeze!” and I wait for the day when someone yells out “I don’t know what that is!” Today is not that day. Chin chases the guy up to the roof where guy promptly forces him over the edge. Let’s hope there is a magical moving balcony to catch him. Chin returns and Kono, The Penguin Killer (think about where litter ends up people) throws her coffee in the street when she realises Chin is missing. His badge drops down in front of her. Chin is dangling from the roof! Kono, gets into BAMF mode and takes down the perp, cuffing him to the handrail. She races upstairs and in the most unbelievable scene in the episode, lifts Chin up from the side of the building. Kono clearly eats more Weetbix than Steve. If this were the Olympics, she would be drug tested. Alas it is not, so we’ll assume it’s the Weetbix.

Gil Scates is in the blue room being questioned by the fishing buddies who are not buying his story. Chin phones in and I wonder how crime shows used to solve crimes without mobile phones. Did they just call from payphones? Anyway Chin explains the damage to the boat was intentional. Dun dun dun! Our victim was set up. By his wife! Kono fills in the fishing buddies and explains Gil was going to divorce Kate and leave her with nothing. The fishing buddies tell Gil that Katie was the one who tampered with the engine and knew that once Gil had murdered her husband, he would be left stranded about 40 miles (64 kms) South of O’ahu. Gil calls Katie pretending to be nervous that the cops are closing in on him. Katie tells him to man up and hangs up on him. In my head right now Foreigners, Cold as Ice is playing. Jenny, our victims sister, has overheard the conversation. The Five 0’s race to the house but are too late and shots are heard. Jenny has killed her sister in law. She surrenders and HPD make the arrest. Yay HPD!

Page 5 here (conclusion)



  1. 1. I’m confused about the peeping. Did that actually happen? If Katie was going to Black Widow him into killing her husband, why tell her husband about the peeping in the first place? If the peeping never happened, then why pretend it did? Or is it just a plot device to connect Katie and Gil in a way that would end up on the HPD database? My head hurts.

    2. I loved Kono’s teenage strop out of the car – “I’mgoingforcoffeedoyouwantsomeBANG!!!”

    3. “…he would be left stranded about 40 miles (64km) South of O’ahu” – this is making me laugh and laugh.

    4. Actually, that’s a point. And then what? Wouldn’t the Coast Guard would have examined the boat and found that it had been tampered with anyway? so Katie was never going to get away with it. Actually, I’m just going to stop thinking.

    1. Perhaps we need another flow chart? #justsayin 😄

      1. Probs need one for every episode. I think we’ve started a trend.

    2. I have no answers for you. But let´s think for a while about Kono lifting Chin. Absolutely silly! First she had to reach out and bend over the edge quite far to get Chin´s hand. There´s no way her body could carry Chin´s weight in that position. But simsalabim, Chin was saved 😀 thankgod for that.

      Ps I think it was a bit nasty of Chin to critisize Kono´s taste in men (well, Adam). She keeps showing concern for him, and this was his thank you? Not cool, dude!

      1. I kept waiting for Kono’s shoulder to pop.

      2. Yay for Chin being saved but yes, hard to imagine Kono having the strength to lift Chin even if she is a BAMF. Must have been the Weetbix, as Gracie said. Her bad a/s catching of the perp rocked, though. I kinda giggled when the badge dropped down by Kono, just at the right time, though.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Another step more and it would have landed on her head. 😉

          Totes the Weetbix. Which for the non Aussies, Westy has kindly linked to an ad (see the how many do you link in blue) for context for y’all.

          1. LOL. It was a total shout out to the obvi things they do on Show. But I loved it!

          2. heymomo · · Reply

            At first I thought that was a typo, because we call it Weetabix here!

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Weetabix? LOL We just have to be different okay? 😉

    3. 1. Alicia, I have one word for you. CLAW.

      1. This is not the word beginning with ‘C’ I was expecting, I have to say. 🙂

        1. I was being nice 😉

    4. 1. Peeping had me confused, too, Alicia. Let’s not think too much about it. I did that last week and it gave me an ulcer.

      2. Teenage stomp – yes! I have those in my house, too. Only Kono left her post. Tsk tsk Kono.

    5. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      “3. “…he would be left stranded about 40 miles (64km) South of O’ahu” – this is making me laugh and laugh.”

      Yay. So glad.

      4. Ha! Yes stop because now I’m getting confused. 😉

  2. Infant, your southern hemisphere litter may kill penguins, but this is where our Northern Pacific Rim trash goes… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_Garbage_Patch


    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Not cool Kono.

      1. Ugh, it grosses me out every time I read that wikipedia page. Such a downer, too. 😦

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          We’ve got one of those in the Atlantic too. Ugh.

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I just went back and read it right through. That is just terrible!

      2. Wasn’t there a bin (dumpster?) nearby or am I imagining things? I s’pose Chin would have been a gonna if she’d stopped to Keep Hawaii Green though (OK not advocating littering, just sayin).

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I think she threw it on a pile of rubbish. Cup is light, cup gets blown away, cup goes down road, cup finds it’s way to a drain, cup ends up in the ocean, poor dolphin comes along and well you know the rest….

          But yes it could have been a case of that awkward moment when you start looking for a bin to put your rubbish in and your cousin falls to his death. 😉

          1. OK. I must have been willing it to be a bin, just to have Kono’s back. Not to worry.

            Totes awkies moment if Kono has to explain to the 50s that she let Chin die because she was being environmentally friendly. If there’d actually been a bin there, and not just one in my freaky imagination, we would be all, like, “A bin there, how convenient Show. Not.” #keepHawaiigreen

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              They could have put a bin there, Kono throws it, she shoots she scores AND saves Chin! Superwoman!

              1. Good suggestion. We should sooooo write for Show. Bins in strategic places AND shirtlessness. #winwin

          2. heymomo · · Reply

            OFFSCREEN, Kono went back after saving Chin, picked up the cup, put it in a garbage bin, righted the plants and weeded the garden.

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Thanks Boo Boo. I feel much better now. 😀

              1. heymomo · · Reply

                😀 Happy to oblige!

            2. heybooboo, that made me dead set snort when I read your comment. Pure gold. Just keep having visions of Kono in dinky gardening gloves, a straw hat (ala McG) and a little trowel, out there doing the weeding 🙂

              1. heymomo · · Reply

                Dead set snort!! Yah!!

  3. “Five-0! Freeze!” and someone answers “I don’t know what that is1” L.MFAO. But they must have an idea, because EVERYONE ALWAYS RUNS!!!! Clearly they don’t think that it is a version of the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

    1. It sounds a bit like an ice lolly. Like Freeze Pops.

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Hmmm. Maybe it’s the “freeze”. No one ever just yells out “FREEZE” unless you’ve done something bad….or are playing the game freeze. 😉 Then it totes normal.

  4. heymomo · · Reply

    Have we already talked about McG giving the best hugs ever?

    1. BEST. HUG. EVER!
      oh wait, that was on moonlight. I’ll take this as the second best hug ever!!

    2. Absolutely the best.hugs.ever

      1. ACA. Preceded by the Strut. #heaven

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Are you commenting in reverse order? WOW! Talented.

          1. Now I’m back here because you have commented on my comments. Talented. You betcha! (Now, where was I?)

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    AHA! So you did notice our SPN angel, Grace!
    *fist bump*

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Ha! You totes know it!

    2. I was so glad you said that. I was trying to figure out where I knew that woman from!!!


  6. Every time I look at that pic of Danny and McG sitting next to each other with the Coast Guard I lol at the shippers who think Danny could ever be a topper. I think it’s a physicial impossibility. 😉

  7. Love the way in TV land, everything is always left out on the table for the Good Guys to find in, like an instant. I’m such a clean/neat freak, they’d totes need a whole ep to find my utility bills. NotMcG says I file things away deliberately so he can’t find them. Yeah, right.

  8. “I bet he eats 10 Weet bixs every morning. How many do you do? ” – ha! I just noticed this was a link! MMMmmmm…how about I let McG eat the weatbix and I have HIM for breakfast. 🙂

    “Chin chases the guy up to the roof where guy promptly forces him over the edge. Let’s hope there is a magical moving balcony to catch him. ” – I thought the same thing!! But I guess you have to be wearing a tux for that to work. Poor Chin.

    The blue room. I’m afraid they’ve adjusted the temperature in the blue room. I haven’t seen any nips this year and it’s very distressing to me.

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I know everyone hasn’t watched the Weetbix’s ad because I chose that ad on purpose (as in that ad with that particular sports person) and the person I picked it for has not commented on it. And by this person I mean Alicia. 😛

      Oh yeah all the power was in the suit? 😉

      LOL You crack me up mate.

      1. I’ve watched it now! I’d do one. Of him.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Call of the day. 😀

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