AtPlenkov’s Annoying Crayon Diary and Storyboard: 3.3 – by @AliciaGecko and @westy5oh

****AtPlenkov’s Annoying Crayon Diary originated at H50 Sardonic****

Well, the plot for 3.3 was a lot easier to understand than the art heist.  Totes easy.  There were one or two little things we weren’t sure on, but let’s face it – the whole epi was just an excuse for the boatgument. Right? And are we complaining? (Well, maybe Danny whined a bit too much. About 5 minutes too much.)

Looks like Nina T. has been keeping an eye on future developments….. (you’ll need to click on the pic)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I love the tuney fish! It looks so happy.

    1. WTF wordpress??

      1. Hahahahahaaaaaa!

  2. I love Peter’s to-do list!

    1. The dry cleaning is entirely made up of blue shirts 😉

      I love Nina’s comments! Yeah, no-one would believe the Claw could do THAT…

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    Are those RED HERRINGS?!?!?

    1. THEY ALL CAPS ARE!!!! I wasn’t sure anyone would get them!

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        You can count on me, babe!!

        1. Always! Mwah!

  4. Love the red herrings.
    Yes, that guy was a dumba$$
    I’m sorry but I can’t read the last word in each line of the to do list. Looks like sneak into Alex’s haiku and finish all his milk. If it is haiku, then it would be finish all his poems. While we did decided his strut is poetry in motion, I really doubt @plenkov could finish it for him nor could anyone else for that matter.
    Max looks quite pleased with the turn of events. A little happier than the tuney I think.

    1. “Sneak into Alex’s trailer and finish all his milk” because Alex hates it when people finish the milk and don’t buy new milk. 🙂

      But here is a haiku for you:

      The milk thief is sly
      Greed hidden by false friendship
      Deceived, the cow weeps

      (I don’t really know how to write haiku. Sorry.)

      1. Ah, thanks, trivia I did not know, I’m sure there are many more. I’m no haiku expert, but I like it! The cow weeps- very nice. It elicits emotion. Where is Andrea the writer? We should demand haiku from her! and hey, I didn’t actually think you had written haiku anyway. I’m glad I got the milk part right.

        1. It was in an interview, he was asked what his pet hate was or something. You know what my brain is like though. You said ‘haiku’ and it said “ooh, let’s have a go!” I bet Andrea would be awesome at haiku! I’m not so good with the proper poetic stuff. Glad you liked it though. 🙂

          That guy was SUCH a dumbass. The more I think about it, the more I realise what a dumbass he was. Dumbass.

          1. Haiku? I am dying here. Alicia, your haiku rocks. I’d totes give it an A+.

            Now, since haiku is a Japanese style of poetry with particular focus on nature, here is mine, which has a particular focus on Alex (and how he feels when it’s not replaced LOL). Because he is a wonder of nature, right? So before you read it, you have to imagine him standing at his fridge looking for milk. If you like, you can imagine him all dirty from renovating his house. And shirtless. Wait, don’t do that as you will completely forget about the haiku!

            If you are still reading this comment, here is my haiku:

            Milk I desire you
            Futile search for elixir
            Crushed, but still pretty

            1. Oops, I meant to say (and how he feels when MILK is not replaced LOL). Totes got carried away with the image of Alex at his fridge 🙂

              1. Andrea – way to come through! Yes I did get off track by the time I got to the end but refocused for the cause. Ya know, since mom spent so much time in Japan, maybe the next time she shows up the the flowered dress she can recite some too! While cooking the eggs!

                On a side note, when I “searched” haiku just now, there was a pop up ad for Halloween costumes and one was a sexypeacock . #Justsayin’

                Also, I am on board for the weekly crayon diaries….heaven knows we need them.

                1. Brilliant idea! Mom in her flowery dress reciting haikus. Now that’s an image for you 🙂

                  And she used to be a teacher so she can give McG a lesson on good haiku writing at the same time.

                2. Mom has already done a haiku while cooking eggs. I’ll have to try and find it somewhere on here 😃

                  1. Found it! Not a true Haiku, but who cares?

                    Mom, back from the dead
                    Cooking Steve an omelette
                    Not with powdered eggs!

                    1. *giggles*. The Japanese haiku creators would probably freak out if they read our haikus but not to worry, poetry is meant to be about free expression! We can play fast and loose with the whole haiku thing in the interest of entertaining ourselves, right?

            2. I think I’m going to insist on Haiku for every crayon diary from now on!

              1. Yikes. I volunteer Andrea for this. 🙂

                1. What a team! Crayon diaries AND haikus…..

            3. Love it! “Crushed, but still pretty” <—- ALWAYS PRETTY!!!

              1. Thinking about it, “crushed, but still pretty” kind of sums McG up quite a lot of the time.

                1. IKR. When I wrote it, I had this vision of that faaacceee staring into an empty fridge, sad that he had no milk but still pretty all the same 🙂

      2. That is a beautiful haiku!!! Perfection.

        1. Thank you! I’ve never written one before. It seems to have very complicated rules, most of which I probably broke. But never mind. 🙂

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            Weekly haikus? YES!
            Weekly crayon flowcharts? YES!

      3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        “because Alex hates it when people finish the milk and don’t buy new milk.”

        LOL is this true?

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          Dunno, just going along for the ride! I trust Alicia’s intell. Makes a good story anyway 🙂

          1. It’s here:

            I remembered it from FOYeur and Paula’s blog though. 🙂

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Oh I remember this interview now. ..

              1. I love how it’s specific to milk. It’s okay if the OJ runs out and doesn’t get replaced. But the milk? Not. Cool. 🙂

              2. My thing with milk is if I am having a glass or milk in my tea and I run out before I have the required amount, I can’t fill up the glass/cup with milk from another bottle. It has to be the same bottle…..

              3. “But/s and b00bs?” Well a friend complimented me on my bu/t the other day. I looked back to have a look at it and she said “you know you look like one of those $tupid dogs trying to chase their own tail right now.” Love you Sheila.

              1. heymomo · · Reply

                Bwah ha ha!! Oh Sheila!

                1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

                  Can you believe we used to work together? I dunno how we go any work done.

  5. Love it. Love. It. We absolutely need one of these for each episode. Even if the plot makes halfway decent sense.

    And I’m definitely hanging out to see the season finale, when The Claw develops AI. Max and McG half brothers? Don’t even think about it…..

    You could also add to atplenkov’s to do list to tweet more spoiler pics. He LOVES doing that! And coming up with more things that happen “off camera”.

    1. There most definitely will be a crayon diary and storyboard for every recap! #alreadysorted

      1. Awesome. Can’t wait to see what the two of you come up with next.

        1. Off-camera! *puts it on the list*

  6. I have one question, Alicia & Westy…..should I read this explination before or after I watch the episode?
    Will it help me to enjoy episode more of just confuse me 😉

    1. After, I would say, otherwise you can’t do the ‘I was right’ dance at the end. Although it probably doesn’t matter for this ep, the COTW was a bit of a scooter. (So glad you’re back online, by the way!)

  7. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I needed this the day after I watched the ep. Someone asked me what I thought about the COTW and I just sat there and had to think about it. For longer then I care to admit. 😉 COTW???

    LOL love the drawings and here’s to the claw making a return appearance. 😉

    1. #teamclaw

      And in our defence, there was too much of The Pretty to take notice of COTW!

    2. I had this problem with Merlin last week. Too many torsos.

      Torsos. Sorry, I just like saying that.

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