The Mom Files – 1:3

Mom’s cooking again.  Steve is suspicious.  Mom recites Haiku Yoda style – all those years in Japan, and she still sucks at Haiku.



  1. You are so good! Love the chickens, alive and roasted. Love mom´s kick! And she got the bill. LOL
    Westy! Wonderful job again 😀

  2. The Mom files 1:3
    Westy has done it again
    Loudly laughing now

  3. *crying with laughter* CHICKEN!!!!

    I think you’ve cracked it Westy! She’s just a TERRIBLE shot! Also a terrible cook. (I liked the haiku though. Yeah, Mom. Blame the recipe. Nothing’s ever YOUR fault is it, grrrrr…..)


  4. Mom’s ninja headband
    Doesn’t improve her aim
    Smelling foul fowl

  5. So funny I saw this on my phone earlier and could only see 1 picture at a time, and I’m looking at those chickens like “wtf….”….then it made perfect sense…..poor malia’s only contribution to show, besides being the cause of Chin’s angst, will be dried out chicken.

    1. I did the same with the chickens! Love this, Westy.

  6. Those chickens will never be not funny.

    I’m also loving mom’s Rambo headband, very …. vibrant. Like the pre-cooked chickens!

    1. Love. It. #thatisall

      We’ve gotten so much mileage out of the chickens, haven’t we? The gift that just keeps on giving!

      And we’re perfecting our haiku skillz. Be still my beating English teacher’s heart 🙂

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    omg lmao!!

  8. Mom blushing 🙂

  9. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    I think my fav bit is McMomma’s default setting of “would you like some tea, Steven?” Heh! Love it.

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