3.4 – Popilikia – (Misfortune) – Page 3

At the crime scene, McG explains to Danno that McMom has terrific B&E skills and that she’s busily doing the dishes and unpacking her flowery dresses as we speak. After last week’s Danno overdose, I love 3.4 Danno. Classic line: “What, she breaks into your house and just starts cooking? That’s very strange, although she is a McGarrett after all”. I heart you, Danno  And, yes, Danno, that is very strange.

So now we have to deal with the Headless Horseman again, and we find out that his head ended up in a different place to the rest of him. There’s lots of usual crime scene investigating stuff happening and the head meets up with the body after it is located by Max, who, by the way, is getting into the whole headless thing way too much. They figure out that garrotting wire killed BinB, whom we now have a name for – Billy Keats, a star polo player. This explains why he was on a horse practising polo earlier. Before he lost his head, that is.

McG, Kono and Danno question GinG, whom we now know is called Nicole Carter. She mentions the psychic reading and Kono and Danno go off to investigate (and we are treated to some nice McG strutting at this point). I love the Kono/Danno interactions as we don’t often get to see these two working together. I also love ‘bossy Kono’ in this scene. Actually, Danno’s the one who is less sceptical of the psychic than Kono is so they play good cop, bad cop, but it’s Danno who’s the good cop this time. It’s cute when Kono makes Danno pay for ‘a reading’ because “you make more money than I do”. Bai Ling still has sparkly things on her face but I can understand what she is saying more easily this time. Her intell is pretty spot on (because she has psychic powers, right?) and she tells Kono and Danno that Billy received a phone call during the reading from an ‘Al’ and Billy later cryptically says to Bai, “does he know?” Aha, the plot thickens (but not too much, I hope, otherwise we will need a really complex diagram!).

Then there’s a bizarre scene with Chin and McMom and I’m still twitching. Not sure what McG was trying to achieve here but he sends Chin to Casa McGarrett with a box of Coco Puffs. Did I hear that right? Anyway, hasn’t McMom just had eggs for breakfast? McMom, being the Super Duper CIA agent that she is, totes sees through Chin’s smokescreen. Poor Chin, he gets a big fat F on his babysitting Mom assignment. Poor Chin.

I love the Kono and Danno scene in the car, brief as it is, as it made a nice change to the usual car discussions between McG and Danny. Danny gets to drive his own car for once! Kono is crazy surprised that Danno does not believe in ghosts but believes in psychics. Mind you, he does explain himself, with reference to a case he was involved in where a psychic helped him solve it. Good for you, Danno!

Back at HQ, the investigation continues. Turns out the COTW might be about horse doping. Billy was no longer with the polo team but was still being paid and he even got a pay rise and we all know that getting a pay rise means that something shifty is going on. The first avenue the 50s explore leads them to the mysterious Al whom they believe Billy had been blackmailing over horse doping (he’s the General Manager of the polo team that Billy supposedly no longer plays for). This leads to a rather nifty chase of said Al through the middle of a polo match. Unfortunately, a boot print found at the crime scene clears Al (it’s custom made for the Madsen’s team not Al’s) so the 50s have to go back to the drawing board, or in their case, the Magic Computer Table.

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  1. “Max, who, by the way, is getting into the whole headless thing way too much”

    At least he didn’t boil the face off it this time.

    I loved the way McG said ‘garrotting’. I assume that’s the US pronounciation, over here we say ga-ROT-ting. To me it sounded like he was saying ‘Garretting’, with a silent ‘Mc’.

    1. I thought that. Oh to be garretted.

      1. Out of context, it does sounds like fun. 😉

  2. Funnily enough, since my knowledge of ga-ROT-ting comes entirely from english literature-based tv & moves (for some reason I keep thinking Scarlet Pimpernel??? why is that???), that’s how I pronounce it too…. (well, that’s how I pronounce it in my head, I’ve never had reason to say it aloud) so when Alex said “garrett-ing” I was all ??????? didn’t anyone tell him how it’s supposed to be pronounced!!!!????? but then they all said it that way, multiple times so I guess I learned something… I think I did anyway. 😆

    1. “I keep thinking Scarlet Pimpernel??? why is that???”

      I’m thinking of Blackadder now, in case that helps.

      I learned this from Show this week: that if you have a lovely slender neck like Amanda’s, wearing your hair in a loose French plait makes your head look HUGE in comparison.

      Sadly, this is of no practical use to me whatsoever. But hey.

      1. Everytime you say Blackadder, it makes me think of the font.

        1. I think I used the Blackadder font for Stick Will Bryant’s line in my post for FOYeur! 😀

    2. Ga-ROT-ing……..think his aussie sometimes affect his pronunciation….like my skipping school affected my speling.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        And don’t y’all love it when the Aussie accent slips out. 😀

        1. Glad it wasn’t just me! I had to push the rewind button again, to make sure I’d heard properly (and by now my daughter is totes over the whole recapping thing – just watch it already!).

          Alicia, ‘garretting with a silent Mc’! Died laughing when I read that 🙂

            1. *giggles* Missed that when you posted it on Twitter.

      2. I love you, Justine!

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      Steph! Exactly what I thought! Well, not the Scarlet Pimpernel part, but as soon as Alex said that, I corrected him. Out loud. To the TV.
      I don’t know about the US pronunciation, but in Canada, we say ga-ROT-ing. 🙂

  3. So Max destroying his cane, does this mean we don´t have to see him limping with it anymore? Hope so, since he never was hurt in the leg, this cane thing was a bit of a stretch, and 4 episodes is quite enough.

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      LOL! When Max did that, I thought: guess he doesn’t need the cane anymore!!

    2. That was hilarious. Guess he’d had enough of the cane, too.

  4. Why did they say Danny didn’t believe in ghosts? Did last Halloween ep not happen?

    1. And what about the epi where he was moving in that new apartment, and turned right back when he found out the lady he had been talking to, had died and was a ghost.

      1. Ahhh, yes, I was thinking that, too. Can’t remember much about the Halloween ep as it wasn’t one of the better ones. But I do remember the apartment thing. It was a really nice place, wasn’t it, and Danno couldn’t bring himself to move in because of the ghost.

        1. That he doesn’t believe in.

          1. Alicia, FTW!!!!! Show should really work on its consistency issues.

  5. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    Does anybody know what GinG’s necklace was? It looked like an outline of the state of Ohio (which is getting a ton of news attention now because it’s a swing state in the upcoming presidential election). Why would someone wear Ohio around their neck?
    And why did she have to tack her loser-boyfriend’s horse?

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      No way! Really? If you find out tell me ’cause that would be some serious political McNerding. So goes Ohio!

    2. No idea about the Ohio thing, AnnieOakley but I realise how little I know about horses. I said GinG was ‘getting the horse ready’ or something like that. Tack. Now that’s what I should have said. My excuse is that, along with flying, swooping magpies and swimming in Australian waters, I am totes scared of riding a horse, too!

  6. I wanna be pinned to the ground by McG! Just sayin’
    OK, well……..I might have to cry first if he tackled me that hard…. Anyone else?

    1. Pinned to the ground, yes. Tackled that hard, no. Does Danno have the best view? McG sure fills out his pants well 🙂

  7. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “hasn’t McMom just had eggs for breakfast?”

    My friends and I have a saying. There’s always room for junk food. McMom clear subscribes to this theory. 😉

    1. Perhaps she didn’t eat the eggs because as Westy has suggested, she’s a lousy cook. If I remember correctly, she took a bite of a piece of toast??? But seeing as she’s a Super Duper CIA Agent, she could probably predict that some Coco Puffs were coming her way. Later.

      1. Did anybody notice how scary Mom’s arms are? She needs a lot of toast and coco puffs.

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I did. Creepy.

        2. Had to go and look at her arms now that you mentioned them. They really do look awful….eeewww. Eat some wheat and sugar woman!

          1. I guess they don’t have coco puffs in Japan…..

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