3.4 – Popilikia – (Misfortune) – Page 4

Further investigating happens. We find out that the Madsens have a son, Jake, who believes that he was the target for the garrotting as he changed practice times with Billy at the last minute. Later we find out that Jake had been kidnapped 10 years ago. More kidnapping? Oahu has just won the International Award for the Most Kidnappings on an Island Paradise. Anyway, it turns out that Jake was held captive for two weeks during which time a finger was cut off and sent to the Madsens as proof of life. However, Jake eventually escaped before the ransom could be paid. The kidnappers were thus arrested – current status: one dead and one released from prison recently, more recently MIA from his halfway house (name of Randy Thorpe). This all leads the 50s to conclude that the garrotting must be a revenge attack on the Madsens by the still-alive kidnapper. Kono’s conveniently at the Madsens when this light bulb moment happens but not conveniently back at the house in time to stop Mrs Madsen – Amanda – from being the victim of a car explosion. Was it really meant for her? Good question.

In the middle of all this, we are treated to yet another McMom scene. Turns out Chin was useless against her finely-honed CIA skills and managed to be persuaded to take her to H50 HQ. McG’s none too impressed as he’s trying to keep her safe. They discuss plans and McMom tells McG that she wants to go home alone and unpack (the flowery dresses) and settle in. It’s like she’s come for a regular Mom visit. What’s up with that? Isn’t she supposed to be hiding from the most deadly, evil criminal on the island, Wo Fat? I’m still feeling twitchy at this point.

The next bit of the episode involves McG and Cath. McG decides he needs to fast track the forensic evidence from the explosion so he does his usual ‘favour asking’ of Cath. Again? I love that things can be fast tracked, even by someone on leave, as nothing much is fast tracked where I work! Cath totes calls McG on the favour asking and Michelle and Alex really rock this scene. He is so busted! That she calls him ‘sugar Daddy’ is gold. And we get a nice smile out of Alex, too.

Meanwhile, Danno has a location on Randy Thorpe so he and McG do the busting-into-the-hotel- room thing. Thorpe hot foots it out of the window (because no one EVER freezes when H50 tells them to) and McG is in pursuit. Classic Danno again here, when he says, “I don’t think….that is a good idea. Why do I bother?” Hehe. McG engages in some Navy SEAL awesomeness and ends up in the canal with Thorpe.

This leads to the one scene that I am sure will be remembered forever. McG is in his office, giving himself a tetanus shot after his dip in the (polluted) canal. I hear a collective sharp intake of breath from FUCUPS worldwide in anticipation that TPTB have answered our prayers and McG is going to take off his pants. Danno is the only person in this scenario who is not happy at the thought of it and he asks McG why he can’t inject in his arm like a ‘normal human’. Oh, pipe down, Danno, we love this scene! So, OK, we didn’t get pantlessness but it’s probably the closest we have gotten thus far. As an aside, I’m not sure whether or not to be offended by McG’s accusation of Danno that he is a ‘girl’. I’ve had an epidural, mate! I’m channelling Crocodile Dundee here when I say, “Needle, that’s not a needle!”

Anyway, back to the COTW. Thorpe is questioned by McG and Danno and they are not happy with this guy, because he’s one of a long list of baddies who has kidnapped children on this island paradise. They find out that he did indeed plant the bomb in the Madsen’s car, but this was all arranged by email. I reckon that email would have gone straight to my junk folder (what was in the subject line, I wonder?) and I never would have seen it, but then I’m not a master criminal so what would I know.

We cut to McMom who is doing some investigating of her own. She uncovers a film strip that has been hidden under the floor boards in Casa McGarrett. What’s on the film strip? Sure hope it doesn’t take the rest of the season to find out.

Cath is back and hey presto, she has the report that McG was after. He soooo owes her (again!) and she lets him know it. #teamcath! The Magic Computer Table tells H50 that Thorpe’s story checks out but they still don’t know who hired him to plant the bomb. There’s a technical discussion of Cath’s evidence report and the upshot is that the device was planted in the passenger seat thus targeting Amanda Madsen not Jake. They also find out that Amanda was having an affair with the Headless Horseman (I kid you not, McG says this!). McG and Danno head over to the hospital to check on Amanda but oh, no, they are too late. She is dead which McG figures out by looking into her eyeballs – he says she has petechial haemorrhaging and I’m dead impressed he knows this. (I have to Google it so I know how to spell it for this recap, by the way.) They check out the security cameras only to find that it was Jake who entered Amanda’s room before she died. Did you see that coming?

McG and Danno go back to Mansion Madsen to talk to Mr Madsen and they discover that Jake is a very angry boy because his Dad is weak – for not doing anything about the affair between Amanda and Billy and for giving in to Amanda’s refusal to yield to the kidnappers’ demands in the first place. Guess he’s always been angry but the affair was the final straw. The COTW is wrapped up when McG and Danno confront Jake while he’s practising polo and he takes off on his horse and then McG shoots him in the shoulder, just so he can be arrested.

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  1. he’s one of a long list of baddies who has kidnapped children on this island paradise</i<

    LMAO!!! Truly, everyone under the age of 18 should promptly be evacuated from off Oahu, it's the only decent thing to do.

    Was it established which finger Jake didn't have? Did they ever show his hands? could you play high-level polo with 9 fingers? So many questions.

    1. I totes went back to look at the kids fingers. They never showed it. From my horsie-riding days I will say that you don’t need all of your fingers to hold the reins, so you probably can play polo with only 9 wagglers.

      1. Makes me sadder for Jake now — he overcame a LOT but used his strong personality for EeeeeeeEEeeeeevil.

        He should have hooked up with Count Rugen & they would have averaged out. (somebody please get that)

        1. I am Jake Madsen. You s*xed my mother. Prepare to die.

          1. There it is!! 😀

            1. Except it should be ‘My name is…’. And confession: I had to google to remember why fingers were relevant. Sigh. I haven’t seen that film in too long.

    2. And women. Women should be airlifted to safety too. SHOW has turned Oahu into Lord of the Flies.

      1. *Snorts*. Wonder what the Hawaiian Tourist Board has to say about that?

    3. True that. Pros and cons of living in HI – pros=sun, surf, pineapples and shave ice; cons=good chance you’ll be kidnapped (or shot in the street). Worth it?

  2. How did no one get killed in that car explosion?!
    A nice smile from Steve.

  3. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    McMom’s film strip = secret sex tape?

    1. Wo Fat’s conception?

      Ewwww, I did not just think that!

      1. Can. Not. Even. Think. That.

      2. My next instalment of the Mom files!

        1. I think I just did a little voms in my mouth then. Bring it on though, Westy!

        2. Oh, this will be good….

  4. spurschick · · Reply

    The close up of the asstikasha is giving us a LOT more skin than the full shot we see of McG behind the desk. Not that I’m complaining. That better not be stunt groin.

    1. I tried to study the fingers on the close up and compare to certified Alex fingers…still not sure. I did notice the pant line did not match in close-up, but it was clearly another shot, so that doesn´t necessarily mean anything yet. But that FOY vein was so pretty 😉

      1. Paula, think you win the award for the most ‘intense study’ of The Groin. Close second: Justine.

        1. NOOOO! Really, there are others more pervy than me, I learned from the best. Say hello to Justine and Foyeur 😉 Yes, I said Foyeur, who do you think pulls my strings 😉 LOL

    2. *stunt groin* Mmwaaahhhh.

  5. I think that was him, why bother bringing in someone else to shoot it…..not like he hasn’t ever put it all on display before……I can’t believe that little tiny bit o pubes got past the US censors though……..it made this silly fangirls day to see that!!!

    1. “I can’t believe that little tiny bit o pubes got past the US censors though”

      What? what? WHAT?????? :::THUD::::
      OMG!!!!!!!!!! I was to mesmerized by the vein, that I couldn’t see anything else!

      1. Well did u see it now?

        1. Yes I see now although I am currently residing on the floor, waiting for McG to pin me down. A girl can dream….. 😀

  6. And I said on twitter I really am seriously rethinking me retirement plans, Oahu is just to f’ing dangerous.

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Waaaay too many people shooting guns into crowds at the beach, at the mall, on the street, everywhere!!

    2. Justine, you are so right. Island paradise? Nope. Think the middle of a war zone would be safer.

  7. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “Isn’t she supposed to be hiding from the most deadly, evil criminal on the island, Wo Fat?”

    Unless now that Wo Fat knows that Momma McG is Shelburne, her life is not in danger. The reason why neither killed each other must still stand for the reason why she now feels safe to be on the island and be around Steve. Who I hope she wouldn’t intentionally put in harms way.

    1. Good thoughts, Grace. I didn’t get a chance to write in the recap about why Mom is suddenly wandering around Oahu (which we know is a mighty dangerous place in itself) without serious angst over Wo Fat. Guess all will be revealed????

      1. She’s tiiiiired of running!

        1. Seriously! how lame is that??

          1. Not so lame, if she was afraid to move around freely for the past 20 years, and then Steve forced her to come to HI and she realised, life is much better without fear. She probably missed the fresh pineapples too.
            And show will drag this secret between WoFat and Mom till end of season, and beyond if they get greenlight for so 4.

            1. Hope not, Paula! Not sure if my blood pressure could stand another Shelburne-style season. I think TPTB have some serious ‘splaining to do about the whole ‘living in fear of Wo Fat’ thing…..

        2. “She’s tiiiiired of running!” – even Forrest got tired after awhile. 🙂


  8. My theory…Mom was given WF’s daddy as an assignment. She had to get close to him, so formed a relationship. Little WF and she became close until Daddy got killed and Doris had to hightail it out of there.

    All WF knew was that Shellburn had killed his daddy. He had no idea who that was until he turned up at the safe house and came face to face with the WORST spy the Agency has ever recruited who proceeds to let WF escape by shooting the floorboards out. Because DESPITE the fact that WF had orchestrated the execution of her husband and had tortured and nearly killed her son, she still had FEELINGS for the little boy she once knew.

    Ok, I officially don’t like Mom now.

    1. Whew, I definitely need a little lie down now. Good theory though. Makes sense but still might need a diagram to be sure 🙂

      1. We need several diagrams to test all theories!

        1. These things don’t draw themselves you know!

          1. I know! I have a girl who does them for me 🙂

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