3.4 – Popilikia – (Misfortune) – Page 5

The final scene for this week is set at Kamekona’s yet again. Kono, Danny, Chin and Cath are enjoying some of KK’s fare when McG and McMom pull up. This scene is very well done and Alex is terrific at conveying the emotional turmoil that McG is currently experiencing. That faaacceee! McMom asks McG what is wrong, as she can ‘always tell’ and I high five my computer screen when McG is all, “you can always tell was a long time ago”. He asks her about the non-shooting of Wo Fat. McMom gives a totes lame-o excuse. Alex is AMAZING here – he smiles and says “we’re good” but his face tells a different story. When is he getting an Emmy nomination for this role?! They join the group but Danny and McG have a little buddy convo at the food truck where McG gives up McMom’s explanation of the non-shooting of Wo Fat, He admits to Danny that he totes DOES NOT believe her. What will happen next?

Mom is a LLWL!

In sum:

• McMom makes me all twitchy but I can see why she is being written this way and I applaud the writers for not making her likeable. Her character gives us the chance to see Alex do more than just wave his gun around and this has got to be a good thing, right? The egg-cooking scene made me especially twitchy but by the end of the episode, I was looking for more of McMom, mostly because of the mystery film strip and McG’s refusal to believe the lame Wo Fat non-shooting explanation.

• Cath is awesome and again I applaud the writers for the way she is being utilised. Michelle and Alex have great chemistry and she was seamlessly integrated into the episode and the McG/Cath moments were nice.

• The COTW was somewhat pedestrian but at least I understood it this time.

• All four members of the Fab Four had things to do and good screen time. Yay!



  1. Superb recap Andrea!

    ACA with your summary points – I thought everyone was on top of their game this ep. The one who really stood out for me was Grace Park. I like seeing Kono in the field instead of stuck behind the majik table, and she seemed to have much more to do in this ep that she has recently. Or is that just me?

    1. Even Fong was out in the field. They really used many of their regulars, and all fitted well in. Also liked different pairings, Steve with Chin (the faces!) and Danny with Kono. Maybe buddies decided to spend time apart after last week´s tense fishing trip 😀

      1. I have given up trying to figure out if Danny believes in god/ghosts/psychics or whathaveyou. I guess “I’m complicated” is writer shorthand for “I’ll believe whatever is needed to move the plot along and/or make things entertaining!” Which, really, I’m fine with it, I think people are more contradictory like that in real life then they are straightforward like they are on tv most of all the time. 🙂

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          I’m a walking contradiction when it comes to god/ghosts/psychics or whathaveyou if this helps you. 😀

    2. Thanks! Daunting prospect trying to follow Grace’s recap and keep up with the FUCUPs in general. I think I need a little lie down now 🙂

      I really liked that the Fab Four was in action and all contributing to the COTW. I have always thought that Chin and Kono are underutilised so it’s nice to see that S3 is changing that. Kono rocked it in this ep. I loved the ‘bossy Kono’ at the psychic reader’s and that she was doing 50 stuff on her own. No teenage tanty this week, though LOL. I wonder if she actually went back to put her rubbish away and weed the garden, as heymomo suggested? Let’s ask @plenkov, shall we?

    3. I loved that it was McG who was fooling around with Ess for a change.

      1. I think that happens a lot. Just, you know, off-camera. 😉

  2. Good recap Andrea 🙂
    For some reason I´m not hating mom, yet. But the security sucks at Steve´s place. Anyone can come and go as they please. No wonder there are baseball bats and guns hidden in every corner 😉 Also I thought Steve would have been more surprised by mom showing up so suddenly, but it was very casual.

    1. Thanks, Paula. I know we’re supposed to hate Mom so I do 🙂 I may change my mind once her reasons for the past 2o years are made clearer. I think it was just the cooking eggs scene that got to me in 3.4 even though I sort of enjoyed the absurdity of it. I actually thought Alex did a great job of ‘WTFing’ when he realised the intruder was his mother. He was so bowled over by her just waltzing in like that.

  3. spurschick · · Reply

    Superb recap, both in text and visuals! I had an epic asdfasdfjkl;fdkgjasfj moment with the McG/McMom convo in the truck. His face looked extra special amazeballs. F to the L to the R.

    And of course McMom is a LLWL. No surprises there yet.

    It’s interesting that the McG/Cath storyline has been in every ep so far. The more this happens and the more we see this ship develop, the worse I think her death is going to be. The mellow death end of the spectrum being a simple gunshot… the extreme being what? Dropped in a lava tube?

    1. Cath will be picked up by the Claw and THEN dropped into a volcano.

      1. Why haven´t we seen any volcanos on this show yet! Aren´t they a big attraction over there?
        I think Cath will meet a slowish death, she will have time to gently whisper to Steve: “don´t miss me too much, there´s plenty other fish in the sea”. And Steve will have real tears this time…oh no 😦

        1. Only one active volcano in Hawaii right now. Diamond Head and Haleakala are both dormant. Would be cool to chase a bad guy who then falls into some lava. Go writers!

          Steve will have just enough time to say “I love you” to Cath before she dies. FML.

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            No speculating on Cath’s death!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!

          2. Haleakala is magnificent! Went there in 2010 and watched the sunrise over the (dormant) volcano. Gorgeous!

    2. Thanks, Spursy! ACA that the McMom convo face was amazeballs. Can’t wait to see what’s really going on with Mom. So even though I do not heart her at all, I am still intrigued by the storyline. Hope it doesn’t drag on for too long, though.

      You think Cath is going to be killered? Noooooooo….

      1. I think if they planned on killing Cath they wouldn’t have made her a regular and put her in the credits. I think she’s there to stay….but how happily? I guess we’ll see.

        1. I want Cath to go on a date with someone else (because it’s just a ‘thing’, right?) and Steve to get jealous. Can you imagine jealous faaaace??

          1. If she had to go undercover on a date with a suspect… and it didn’t go well and she had to fight her way out of it… so McG would get the jealousy AND the realising how much he loves her because she’s in danger AND a demostration of how actually, she can take care of herself and doesn’t need to be rescued by him…

            I think that might be ALL THE FACES.

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              I want ALL THE FACES! Quick, send this story to atplenkov!!

            2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              Everyone start talking about this, like we did the hat. 😉 Make it happen.

              1. We should sacrifice something to the TV Gods.


          2. Surely she’s got to be kidnapped at some stage. Women and children are not safe from kidnapping on Oahu, right? Even BAMF Navy intelligence officers. On leave.

      2. spurschick · · Reply

        I’m personally hoping that the island gets overrun by zombies, Cath gets bit and Steve has to “put her down.” But not before she gives birth to zombie baby. Epic H50/Walking Dead crossover.

        1. Hehe. Or Cath is ‘turned’ by Mick, I mean Steve, as he’s a vampire right? And then she has a Twilight-style baby. With a ridiculous name…

  4. heymomo · · Reply

    Excellent recap Andrea!!
    – I’m enjoying the ride with McMom, being on the ledge about whether she’s good or bad or related to Wo Fat or not is fun 🙂 I miss the ledge!
    – McRoll have awesome chemistry. Full stop.
    – Both Fong and Max in the ep as well was great. And Fong got out of the lab!!

    1. Thanks, heymomo! I’m enjoying the McMom ride, too. I am leaning towards the negative right now but will be pleasantly surprised if I am brought around later in the season.

      “McRoll have awesome chemistry. Full stop”. True that. I’m not really bothered by the ‘romance’ aspect but love the playful interactions between the two of them. Shows how well they know each other and are comfortable together. This was never gonna happen with She who Shall not be Named.

  5. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Enjoyed the recap Andrea! Well done mate.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Appreciate your support, Plaidy.

      1. LOL! When did Infant get a new name? I missed that. Plaidy…hahahaaa 😉

        1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          LOL Plaidy!

          Paula she just made it up as we discovered I love plaid shirts and Andrea does not.

          1. Oh Andrea is my kinda girl then 😉 Though I think I almost tolerate the plaid these days….almost….

            1. Hey, Paula, we posted at EXACTLY the same time! #hivemind

          2. LOL. Not an ‘official’ nickname, just the result of Twitter and BAMF blog convos about plaid shirts. #noplaidh8 from me but not a huge fan 🙂

            1. I´ve said many times, that I don´t like the plaid, because here we associate it with farmer´s outwear 🙂 Not very sexy and hip. We rarely see Stan look-a-likes on tractors, well maybe under the plaid they look like that?
              But I like Plaidy. It´s time for Infant to grow-up 😉

              1. I don’t like plaid either. Especially the yellow plaid. #blech

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you Andrea! Great recap!

    1. You’re welcome. Recap made better by the gifs/pics, of course! It’s great to read the different ways of approaching the recaps. Back to you for the next ep?

      1. The Amazing Alicia is doing the next recap. Cannot.wait.

        1. Eek. Aren’t I doing the one after that?

          1. Next episode wont be till 29th, so you still have time to decide who´s next 🙂 Maybe if you split the episode in 3 x 14 minutes, each one get´s to write a bit. And if you don´t know what the others wrote, it might be even funnier for us then.

            1. ^^^ that would be hilarious!

          2. I don’t know now! Which one ARE you doing??

            1. The Danny flashback one. Next ep is Hallowe’en, isn’t it?

              1. Oh ok. I thought you were doing Halloween. I can do it. It’s about time I did one. #slacker

  7. Cath’s craving shrimp.

    She’s already pregnant. You heard it here first.

    1. I think she´s just trying to make a bigger bill for Steve, wonder if it was the most expensive dish on the menu 🙂
      But on the other hand, pregnant Cath dying? Wow, that would certainly mess up Steve, loosing their “thing” and bebe…and to top that, mom in bed with WoFat. So many wonderful opportunities for show 😉
      Ps And I don´t even watch soap operas, this could be the one for me.

      1. “So many wonderful opportunities for show” ….. to turn it into a soap opera. Personally, I hope not. But that’s just me 🙂

    2. So McMom becomes McNana! Perish the thought…..

      1. Great review. Question : 1. I don’t remember Danny fighting in an episode with a good guy or bad guy. 2. Doris said to Cath. epi. 301 before asking for a gun ( use before she was born) and fearful of Wo Fat said “we can compremise”. To whom Wo Fat? 3. Steve hasn’t ask Doris about the last 20 years and the killing of Wo Father. 4. They let women go every season noooooooot Michelle Borth, she better actor then most of the other characters on the show. There are more men actors then women on H50 bump off one of them. Women fans have such a crush on Alex they don’t want him with anyone. My feeling is everyone need someone in there life at one period of their existence. Live vicarious through Cath.

        1. Hi EYoung, thanks for stopping by. I, too hope that Cath stays around for a long time. Steve seems much more relaxed since she’s been a regular.

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