AtPlenkov’s Annoying Crayon Diary and Storyboard: 3.4

****AtPlenkov’s Annoying Crayon Diary originated at H50 Sardonic****

By @AliciaGecko, @westy5oh and @Andrea_Briz

This week’s Crime of the Week (COTW) started out quite simply, then headed in a different direction before wrapping things up neatly without leaving us scratching our heads and saying WTF? (Episode 3.2, I’m talking about you!)

AtPlenkov’s storyboard gets slightly more ridiculous…

Note:  Ess – I hope you notice that McG is in a RED cape, not a blue one!


  1. heymomo · · Reply

    Sorry, got a little excited there.

    1. KimmerNY · · Reply

      We need to do a genealogoy search. We are totes related.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Agreed! 😀

    2. IKR. I used to love Knight Rider!

  2. KimmerNY · · Reply

    Can I tell you and Alicia how many rays of sunshine this brings me on a bleary Friday morn?


    KITT! I totally hear William Daniel’s voice saying “Steven”

    1. KimmerNY · · Reply

      Oh – and Andrea too! Sorry love!

      1. *blows kiss* That’s OK, my contribution was only teeny tiny anyway…..

    2. Aww, happy it cheers you up! We have a good giggle too 🙂

  3. Excellent use of colored crayons. Especially Popilikia, very well colored 😉 Also, since I like green, would like to request more of the diary-green next time. Now, if only I understood the fish´s involvement in the story, it almost makes sense…or is it a severed finger? lol

    1. AnnieOakley · · Reply

      No, it’s a shark – from the tuna fishing episode. The tiger shark fell in love after McG said he wasn’t going to disrespect him by punching him in the nose, and now the shark is helping McG fight crime.

    2. It’s a red herring!

      But ooh, I like Annie Oakley’s idea…

  4. I always love these so so much. The plot ideas are hysterical. Never thought I’d love Nina, but she is the perfect touch.

    1. Thanks Rainy :-). The plot ideas are probably going to get more insane as we start to run out of sane ones. Just FYI.

      I love Nina. Not that I really know anything about her, but she’s a woman in a position of power AND she champions Alex. (Plus, I just really like the name Nina.)

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Someone needs to tell me who Nina is. Because I’m having a McClueless moment.

        1. Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment (Atplenkov’s boss). She’s pretty awesome:

          Click to access tca_exec_nina_tassler.pdf

          1. Geez, I hope Nina doesn’t google herself!

      2. I think some of Peter’s crazier ideas are easier to take with the illusion that they would have been even crazier if not for Nina 🙂

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Nina has beautiful penmanship.

      1. She does have a lovely font, doesn’t she? 😉

  5. Interesting that the COTW only took up half the page, Alicia! Lots of other stuff going on in this ep, though, that were non-COTW related. Brace yourself, you may need more paper for the next ep!

    Sang Min as McG’s half bro? Sheesh! Westy (and I quote Danno here), ‘your mind is a very scary place.’ But I like it!

    1. It’s Alicia’s mind you should be concerned about. I merely draw what she tells me to. She is the grand puppet master.

      1. ^^^

        I totally told her to say that.

    2. The COTW was an easy one this week, if we have another like 3.02 I will need multiple pages!

      1. Could be on the cards baby! Think TPTB gave us a week off complicated COTWs so we could take in The Pretty. So much pretty……

  6. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    This just makes me want Sang Min to come back. 😀

  7. I just wanna come right out and say it…..I have got a girl crush on Nina. She’s my kinda woman!! 😛

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