For @H50BAMF

Well, you were feeling a little blue earlier in the week, and I thought I’d do a little something to cheer you up.  Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, you’re probably feeling wonderful now – but I hope you enjoy anyway 🙂



  1. I not only laughed, I snorted, I chuckled and I may have even got a little misty!!

    ❤❤❤ so much love!!

    1. Yay! That’s what I was aiming for 🙂

  2. Blue!

    Awesome Westy!

  3. Damn….I hate him and his pretty face….but I love you Ess!!

    1. Hey! What about meeeeee!

      1. You’re not blue…she is…but I luver u to…because you apparently live in my computers, tablet, and phone ;-P

        1. I also live in your head 😉 Don’t forget that.

          1. The frightening part is that is completely true

          2. Awesome, Westy! ESS, hope you are suitably cheered up. We’re with you all the way 🙂

            Actually, there’s something in there for everyone. Westy, you’ve done a great job of capturing the best bits. Hard to choose the best bits though, hey?

            Song choice – inspired!

  4. I am tempted to start doing some videos too! I think my gifs need music, makes them much better 😀 But my taste in music is so melancholic, not sure anyone would want to listen to sad songs…

    1. You’re my next guinea pig, er, project, Paula! I have a song for you!

      1. Ooooo! Wonderful, I´m getting excited 😀

    2. I would totally watch a viedo featuring your emo euro rock Paula!!

      1. Not sure my taste is emo…you should know that I am a big fan of Josh Groban. But I do like pop music too 🙂

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        Euro pop! We need some Euro pop!!
        Fabulous video Westy. I’m sure it made everyone feel better! 🙂

    3. Paula!!! I need to thank you too!! Sorry , I was doing all this from my phone earlier.
      Thank you so much! I was wondering when Westy learned to make gifs. lol.
      You are both so sweet! I mean, like so sweet I’m a little unnerved by it. #ENDOFDAYS

      Just kidding! It’s been a sh/t week. A whole week of it and this really did make me smile and laugh! Now news the baby Jones-O’Loughlin is here and I’m assuming healthy baby and mommy and it’s a damn good day!

      Hugsies all around!!

      1. I wish these exciting news didn´t come so late, well it is midnight here. But sort of a relief to finally hear the baby arrived safely 🙂 Glad it got so many´s spirits up 🙂

      2. I will never need to learn how to make gifs with Paula around. As long as she doesn’t mind me using them. 😉

  5. *chin hands* WESTY!!!!!!!! :3

    you rock. that is all.

  6. Mary Jane · · Reply

    That’s so sweet Westy and I haven’t even seen the video yet.

  7. Plaid and tongue and the smiles and the dancing….oh the dancing moves! Great work girls. how could ess NOT smile,*and snort*

  8. Great video…. My week sucked….Thank you

    1. Louise…is that a not so subtle hint for me to make a video for you?!? I would, but I don’t know enough about you to make it personal enough 😀

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