In Appreciation of @neropatti

Paula – your gifs bring all of us so much joy – I’m sure the other FUCUPS and followers of Foyeur’s and your blog Intense Study will join me in thanking you for your amazing moving pictures 🙂

Happy Very, Very Belated Birthday!


  1. Westy you’re a freaking genius.

    1. Ah, Steph. I am surrounded by genius in my Internet life! Not so much in real life. 😜

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Ain’t that the truth….

  2. LOL! So wonderful Westy! I really truly loved it. At first when the music started I was a bit scared is it weird instrumental but the song was spot on. I was smiling like a fool the entire time. Spot on with the images and lyrics matching 😀 Thank you so much. I bet all the other girls are going to love it too.
    You are too good to me. I hope to repay you in plenty more entertaining gifs 😀

    1. I’m so happy you liked it, Paula. As soon as I thought about making you a belated birthday pressie, this song came to mind. It seems to fit the Queen of Moving Pictures perfectly!

  3. Your video was a real Eastwood=Made my day. This is a super winner.

    1. Also the music was great, and Alex WMOB dance was cute.

      1. Thank you, E Young! Do you have a first name, or a nickname? Or something less formal that we can call you? 😊

        1. Thank you for asking …Louise

  4. I have the biggest smile on my face right now!

    Awesome, Westy!

  5. Reblogged this on Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study and commented:
    This is a is great. Westy you are a star!

  6. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    Awesome Westy. Your skills are totes amazing. Great job of matching the lyrics with the gifs! Definitely smiling now 🙂

  7. Mary Jane · · Reply

    This is wonderful, Westy.
    you so deserve it, Paula.

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Agreed. Paula does a fantastic job with the gifs 🙂

  8. Jill VanDuyn · · Reply

    Before I knew who neropatti was I had messaged her on tumblr telling her how wonderful her gifs were. Paula you just seem to make the gifs I didn’t even know I wanted!! You are awesome!! Thanks so much. And I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  9. Who knew my gifs are so “inspirational” 😉 I am glad to have such great online friends. We are all inspiring each others. *group hugsies*
    Btw Westy, once again I would like to enter the video making community. Your art makes me want to do something as good as this, but I know I wouldn´t get anything else done for our blog then…
    I can only imagine the hours you spent on this, know that this is well appreciated.

  10. No idea how draw a tat, but sure love the pictorial journey.

    1. LOL, that comment was supposed to be on the other blog about tats – but applies EQUALLY here, minus the tat part 🙂 Yum!

      1. I have had missing comments on wp too before, I wonder where they might have landed in? Somewhere someone was wondering about the oddest replies… 🙂

      2. WordPress is a fkn koala sometimes! 😀

        1. Sound great. What type of info do you need.

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