Happy Birthday, @AliciaGecko!


Steampunk and crayons, the CLAW and the chickens
Tats and Kit Kats, with these things she is smitten
When I post on my blog, I can’t wait for her comment
And that is the end of my #awkwardchickflickmoment

Happy Birthday, Alicia! Thanks for being so clever, so funny, and so.bloody.awesome!


  1. Bwahahahahahaha. Brilliant!

  2. heymomo · · Reply

    I LOVE IT!
    I love that we all get to enjoy Alicia’s birthday presents, so THANK YOU ALICIA for being 28 again!!!

    1. Thanks Momo! Gotta love a FUCUP birthday.

  3. I’m so glad one of us is 28 again!!!
    This is awesome Sue!! Great SONG!!!

    1. Thanks Justine. I wish YOU could have PICKED this song! Shall we tell her now? 😉

      1. We both started our video’s (unknowingly) using the same song….she finished first and sent me the link……I died laughing and told her mine had the same song, since her’s was done, well, she got the dirtier song……..which for obvious reasons is one of my favorites.
        Freaking hive mind…

        1. It’s quite scary, isn’t it. Being in your head is so frightening!

          1. Are you in my head or am I in your head, or are we Borg?

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!

        2. heymomo · · Reply

          OMG hilarious!!

        3. This is honestly one of the funniest things I’ve heard ALL YEAR!!

          I love the hive mind. *wipes away tears*

  4. WESTY!!! LOVE!!!!!

    I can’t mention the song choice without *blushing* so let’s not talk about that… (norty Westy!)

    So much love!! So many lovely pics and gifs! (and thank you for the cake, looks yummy)

    I’ll be back with more detail tomorrow, but – thank you so much!!! I love it!

    1. You’re so very welcome, lovely lady. And thanks for all your help and advice on how to make videos! Little did you know……

  5. Next time can you please us a good looking man? please? bloody awful thing he is.
    Okay, I take it back, I can watch him dance like a goofball all day long.

    1. Thank God for that dancing pic. It features in all my videos. Well, all three of them 🙂 And Justine, I can’t help the ugly. Just deal with it! It is what it is.

      1. hmmm, makes me wanna find the gif of him dancing in the surveillance van.

        1. I’m sure Paula can help.

          1. oh I have it in my file…..I actually created a “scooter” file today……filled it with scooters.

  6. Westy, this is SO brilliant. Love it!

    1. MJ, it doesn’t compare with your pressie AT.ALL.
      It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!
      (but thanks!)

  7. Fantastic video-choice of pics and choice of song. Love it!

    1. Thanks EVE!

  8. Westy, this is bloody brilliant!!! Love. It. Died laughing when I saw the chickens. Pure gold.

    Great song choice, too 🙂 Oz and a bit naughty. Just like Alex….

    We all enjoy the gifts when it’s someone’s birthday. Yay for birthdays!

    1. Alicia MUST listen to this song while playing with her iFOY.

      1. Mwahhhhh!!!!!

  9. ‘Property of Alicia’ on the cast! *sigh*

    Random images of KitKats, crayons and CHICKENS!!!! The chickens. Who would have thought that we could get so much mileage out of two overcooked chickens? and CLAW!! #TeamClaw

    Please! <— Westy, you're a genius! oh, yes please. 😉

    Fabulous pic and gif choices too! and I love my cakes. Mmmm, cake…

    Thank you so much! Mwah!!

    1. You’re welcome. I had a lot of fun making it. ❤

  10. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Meanwhile someone in the world is watching this going wtf is with the crayons and chickens? 😛

    1. LOL, Gracie.
      Those chickens are going to be around for a long time..

      1. The before and after chickens were soooo funny 😀 Such a great video for Alicia. I think with all the KitKat inserts you will soon get a truck load delivered on your doorstep.
        Fucup birthdays are taking over the world…how many more left this year? Anyone?

  11. Westy, you really know how to pick these Alex pictures by now…..definitely a one of greatest ensembles of him ever!!

  12. Westy, such talent!!! 😀 You rock!

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