3.5 – Mohai (Offering) – Page 1

October 31

An HPD officer is cruising in the sticks when he hears a call on the radio about a pedestrian disrupting traffic. The pedestrian appears intoxicated and is without pants. Women everywhere are secretly hoping that McG had a few too many Longboards and is wandering the streets.

Nope – not this time, ladies. That sound you hear?  That is the disappointed sighs of women throughout the universe.

The officer drives up to a two-car accident. A pick up truck and a red sedan, which has come to rest on its roof. There is blood dripping from the upside down steering wheel of the sedan, and some blonde hairs hanging off it, but no accident victims.  The officer radios for assistance, and now we’re in a basement.

Slutty Nurse is restrained. Weirdo is sharpening something. Who knows what’s going to happen next? (I do!) Nurse regains consciousness, wriggles around a little and asks ‘Where am I?’ She pleads to go to a hospital – at least she’s dressed appropriately.  Weirdo walks over and sticks SN with the knife.  Wow – lucky for him, his face shield captures the copious amounts of gushing blood.  Gross.  Am I watching Dexter instead of Show?

Someone at the McGarrett home is dressing in camouflage and face paint. We know it’s not Steve because neither his fingers nor his face are that meaty.  It’s Camokona! He comes out and thanks Steve for the hook-up, and Steve tells Camo that he looks like he’s ready to report to SEAL Team 6.  Camo asks for some smoke grenades, despite their previous agreement that Steve wouldn’t provide weapons (although I’m pretty sure I saw him sheath a knife while he was getting dressed?) If I was Camo, I’d be upset, seeing as he offered a whole truck full of guns to Steve in the season 1 finale.  I guess Steve has a short memory.

I don’t think the camouflage gear is going to help hide him.

Steve and Cath check out Supersize SEAL. I’m wondering where Steve found a uniform that big? Do SEALS come in size House??

Camo picks up the cover of the movie Steve and Cath are watching. Are they watching a VHS tape? I love that he asks Steve if he’s heard of Blu-Ray.  Apparently, Steve rented one of the Chucky movies in the ninth grade with Jenny Feldman, and it’s been a Halloween tradition to watch the movie ever since.  Only not with Jenny, who is probably married with a couple of kids, and daydreams of young Stevie Mac over a sink full of dishes. Camo suddenly becomes interested in the movie and settles in between McCath with the bowl of popcorn.  Steve is not impressed and finally convinces him to leave so he can be alone with Cath, and Camo pilfers a giant handful of candy on the way out.

McCath get back to watching the movie, and Cath teases Steve about how lame he is to think he can seduce girls by watching it.  Because The Notebook is a much better seduction movie.  It didn’t win any Oscars, but it did get a Teen Choice Award (four, in fact.  And an MTV award.)  It’s only better because whoever you’re watching it with will be so bored they’ll fall asleep, and then you can have your way with them.

McDate night.

Steve denies Camo’s request for some smoke grenades.

Nope. Definitely no weapons for Camokona.

Something comes between Steve and Cath. Steve reminds Camo that he has a party to attend.

Cath teases Steve about his lame choice in seduction movies. In her opinion, The Notebook would have been a much better choice.

The Notebook didn’t win an Oscar.

Cath is concerned that Mom might be due home, but Steve assures her that Mom is visiting friends in Maui.  Are you fkn KIDDING me, Show?? Of course, Mom’s apparent lack of concern for the fact that Wo Fat is trying to kill her, makes me suspicious that there is a lot more to that relationship than we are led to believe at this point.

Now we get down to some serious business.

Original gifs at ILearneditfromyou tumblr

Ok, who wants to be Cath RIGHT NOW.

There is a banging and a ringing at the door, and when Steve answers it, in walks Danny.  Steve is displeased. He tries to offer candy to get rid of Danny, but all Danny wants is a beer. It looks like date night is never going to happen.   Danny is upset because Grace and he were supposed to go trick or treating and she ditched him to go to a friend’s house. Grace is growing up! Cath tries to comfort him by telling Danny that things will get worse when Grace starts dating. Nice one, Cath! Danny seems to have trouble with the whole concept of Grace actually going out with a boy.

Steve and Danny get a call from Chin and head off to work.



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  2. CAMOKONA!!!!

  3. Only not with Jenny, who is probably married with a couple of kids, and daydreams of young Stevie Mac over a sink full of dishes.

    I love this! – Are’t we all doing that just sometimes (replacing young Stevie with big AOL in my mind of course :grin:)

  4. Steve’s (Alex) naughty boy faces are killing me in these pictures!!
    Not to forget all the “making out” gifs – I have been staring at them for 2 days now….sigh!!

  5. great recap, it’s just… KAMEKONA – why did you spell it wrong?

    1. Hi Andrea. See replies below for an explanation. 😊

  6. Just an FYI for when you do other parts of this ep review 🙂 When the shop keeper says ‘An Athame isn’t Wiccan’, she’s wrong. Seems whoever was behind this ep didn’t do the research properly, or their interns, or whoever was responsible. But still, it’s nice to know my faith was afforded the respect of a show actually getting the most basic of basic information correct. Oh, wait…

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Sometimes I wonder, especially now with the internet, literally out our fingertips, how shows or movies can get these things so wrong.

  7. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    Camouflage + Kamekona = Camokona FTW!!!!

    1. Thanks for the clarica! 😄

      1. That is a big man……I worry for his heart…….
        I like a man in uniform but that ain’t working for me!

        I’d still give Steve some…..just cause he went for the boobie fondle.

  8. …( banging at the door)… great line by Cath…”They don’t get some…you don’t get some.”

    Danny has to find another friend.

    1. If Danny had interrupted my sexy times I’d have to cross him off my friends list.

  9. Still can not believe those lazy ass writers! Mom is on Maui? Like I guess nothing bad ever happens on Maui. Or Wo Fat doesn’t know how to get there.

    1. “Cath is concerned that Mom might be due home, but Steve assures her that Mom is visiting friends in Maui. Are you fkn KIDDING me, Show??”

      ACA Westy and Steph. I nearly choked when I heard that line. Won’t get on my soap box about the writing in Show as that would bore you all to tears. But, seriously?

  10. In that 6th picture, Cath just got pregnant and she wasn’t even looking at Steve.

    My favorite line, “They’ll go away…it’ll be fine.” <<– god I love this Steve! Thank you writers for bringing Cath on full time!

  11. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “Nice one, Cath! Danny seems to have trouble with the whole concept of Grace actually going out with a boy.”

    Poor Grace. Not only does she have Danny, Step Stan but she’ll have Uncle Steve too.

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