3.5 – Mohai (Offering) – Page 3

Cath has picked  Grace up from her friends and they’re having breakfast.  Grace is drowning her pancakes in syrup and something else which I can’t identify.  My teeth start to hurt.  Cath tells Grace that Danny is busy keeping the island safe, which is why he can’t spend as much time with her as Grace would like, and that she should make the most of the time they do have together.  Cath steals some of Grace’s pancakes. Grace gives us a big smile.

Steve and Chin return to HQ and Danny informs them that Fong has tested the hair and it’s not human.  It’s goat hair.

What?!? Goat hair?

Did Fong say I could have the hair for my wig?

Max calls and says that Lisa’s insides were a real mess, and it appears that the organs were not removed for sale to the highest bidder, but that he has uncovered something else.  Max tells Steve that he needs to come to the morgue and see this in person.

Max shows them a picture of a partial pentagram, which was a pattern on the knife, and which Lisa’s killer had rested on her body, leaving a latent blood print.  We are then treated to a product placement for Microsoft Surface.

Not as long as the Subway ad.

Max says that the pentagram is often used in the occult.  Danny asks what it means when a guy uses a knife with this symbol to cut out a woman’s organs, and just in case any of the audience are as thick as Danny, Steve tells us that this was a ritualistic killing.
Kono says that Lisa lied to her parents and said she was going to the library to study, when in fact she was going to the All Hallow’s Eve Costume Ball for Deviants and Depraved Persons.  The invitation was by email, and the party was to be held in a condemned house.

My reason for posting this pic? Um, do I need one? I didn’t think so.

Steve and Danny arrive at the house, which Steve informs Danny is supposed to be haunted. Danny laughs off Steve’s attempts to spook him with goofy ghost stories, and they go inside.  The walls are covered with pentagram graffiti, and Steve heads off to explore the second floor, with Danny enquiring if maybe he should go with Steve.  Not that he’s scared or anything.

You were just kidding about this place being haunted, right? Should I go up there with you? Should I wait in the car?

Danny continues through the house and gets spooked by some birds.  Is this a Hitchcock reference?

Danny’s version of ‘The Birds’

The original.

Danny enters the party room and finds a comatose body on the floor, with a heavily messed up face.  The body wakes up and it turns out that the injuries are only make up. This is Jesse, who squats in the house and who was the host of the party.  When Steve and Danny tell him that Lisa was murdered, he offers the footage from his flip camera to see if there was anyone or anything unusual at the party.



  1. I spent the whole of the scene Jesse was in waiting for McG to ask him about his costume. #lifeisfullofmissedopportunities

    1. Haha! ‘What are you, a VAMP-ire?

      1. I totally missed that costume!

      2. He did say ‘Who are you?’ which was kind of funny.

    2. Totes disappointed! Great opportunity for Mick shout out. Next Halloween ep?

      1. Nah, they’ve done it now, I don’t suppose they’ll do it again. But I DO think we should start campaigning for Jason Dohring to guest star in next year’s Halloween ep.

        1. YES!!!!! I sooooooooo want Jason Dohring so guest star. Atplenkov, I hope you are paying attention!

        2. Oops, TO guest star. Too excited about the prospect to even type properly….

  2. Why did Danny search the house with his gun in holster! As scared as he was! But he sure drew quickly when the birdies scared him. btw, I think he forgot he doesn´t believe in ghosts…again 😉

    1. I’m glad H50 kept Grace as a ten year old girl. Not make-up or clothing for a older person. Sometimes girls of ten want to look older.

    2. I think he did forget…. the “haunted” house made him nervous…. what does he think is haunting them?? 🙄

  3. AnnieOakley · · Reply

    When the party kid in the haunted house confessed that he lived with his parents, I really wanted Danno to say “yeah, so does he” and point to McG. Poor guy can’t even get laid on his own sofa without worrying about Mom coming home.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        She got more action when she didn’t live on the island. 😉

  4. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Danny “Should I wait in the car?”…Was that a shout out to ML where Mick asked Beth twice to wait in the car for safety?

    1. Given that Mick was IN this ep, I wouldn’t be surprised! (I am never going to get over this. It should have been awful, but it was just so WTF? that it’s totally forgivable.)

  5. I think maybe Chin went to a party as Dracula as well, and had to change out of his costume like no-one did last year, at all. The swept-back look is quite Christopher Lee, no?

  6. “Danny continues through the house and gets spooked by some birds. Is this a Hitchcock reference?” – Congrats and saying Danny and c0ck in the same quote. That was for the Danno Girls. 🙂

  7. The scene with Danny in the haunted house is probably among my favorite Danny scenes ever. This is how a freaked out Danny should act.

  8. I totally understand Danny’s reaction as I am absolutely terrified of birds. I think we’ve had this discussion before, on ESS’s blog. Having been swooped by nesting magpies several times has made me birdophobic.

    Westy, thanks for The Birds reference – giggled when I saw that!

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