3.5 – Mohai (Offering) – Page 4

Chin and Kono visit some kind of Wiccan shop, where they find out that the knife used to kill and divest Lisa of her organs is used in witchcraft and Satanism rituals – the symbol on the knife representing the Sabbatic goat.

Steve, Danny and Jesse are viewing the footage of the party.  Steve asks what Lisa was wearing, and when Jesse tells him, fast forwards because he REALLY wants to see that costume.  They see footage of Lisa dancing with Lucas – who, according to Jesse – is the Chuck Norris of biddy slayers. (I had to look that up on Urban Dictionary, because I’m old.)

They see someone follow Lisa and Lucas out of the party, and that someone is wearing a goat’s head. Bingo! There’s the killer, which Steve and Danny tell us in case we’re too stupid to know.

I’ve heard of putting a paper bag over your head, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Steve and Danny realize that if Lucas left with Lisa, he may also be a victim of Goat Head.

Next we see Lucas, caged and crying, in the same basement Lisa was killed in, and Weirdo is sharpening a knife again. Lucas’ pleas for his life seem to fall on deaf ears, and when his captor’s alarm goes off on his watch, Lucas thinks his time has come.  But no.  Weirdo heads upstairs and when he enters the kitchen, I am immediately reminded of another Hitchcock film.  Weirdo is playing the role of Norman Bates in Psycho.

There is an old lady dozing in a chair, and for the first time, we also see the face of  Lisa’s killer.

This lady looks too old to be his mother, so she must be Nana.  It seems she’s out of her heart medication, so Grandson offers to go and get it.  She asks him to get some ice cream while he’s out.

Back at HQ, Kono gives us all a lesson on paganism and the Sabbatic goat.  I tune out a little here, but it turns out that the reason Lucas hasn’t been killed yet is because Weirdo has to wait until midnight.  Chin says that none of the Halloween murders over the last ten years match any details on this one, so the team decide to investigate any animal cruelty cases within the same time frame.  Because, we all watch TV, and we all know that these kind of weirdos start out small.

Within seconds, they get a match.  Last year, two boars were found tortured and eviscerated, and Seth Tilton was arrested, but the charges were dropped. Seth has no priors, but he does have a sealed juvenile record.  Oh, and Seth’s parents had tried to have him committed to an adolescent psych ward, but his grandmother petitioned for custody.  And won.  (I wonder whatever happened to Seth’s parents?)

Meanwhile, Lucas manages to dislodge a knife above his cage, and manages to pick the padlock and free himself.  Copping a load of something disgusting in his face while doing so.  But I imagine it’s nothing compared to having his internal organs removed while he’s still breathing.

He escapes the basement and enters the kitchen, where Nana is watching TV.  He demands to use the phone, and after dialling 911, he is stabbed in the back. By Nana.

Nana’s not so sweet after all.

Kono calls Steve and Danny, who are on their way to Seth’s house, to tell them that a 911 call was received but was dropped so they don’t know what it was about.

Steve on his way to Seth’s house. This pic is crucial to the whole plot, which is why I posted it. True.

Seth arrives home, and Nana is pissed off at him because she’s tired of cleaning up his messes.  She tells him to take care of Lucas, but to put the ice cream in the freezer first.  Who else expected to see body parts when Seth opened the freezer?

Lucas is still alive and Seth drags him back down to the basement.

Steve, Danny and half of HPD arrive at the house. Steve asks Nana where Seth and Lucas are, and Danny follows a trail of blood to the basement, only to discover that Seth and Lucas are gone.  Steve asks Nana again where they are, and how things can’t go back to the way they were.  He puts his hand on her, and she agrees to tell him everything if he takes his pants off.

S: Tell me where they are.
N: Take your pants off.

Nana says that she told Seth to hide at her sister’s house.  Steve tells one of the HPD cops to take her in.



  1. I had to look up biddy slayers too. Wow. Every day’s a school day.

    Also: Goat moobies. Ick.

    1. Me, too, Alicia. How have I gotten this far in life not knowing this?

      1. I think getting this far in life is the problem. Five years ago we would have known it, you know, when we were 23 😉

        1. “I think getting this far in life is the problem.” Mwahhhh…. Being 28 is such a problem!

  2. This pic is crucial to the whole plot, which is why I posted it. True.
    I agree with this 100%!!

  3. Tell me where they are.
    If he looked at me that way – I will tell it all!! – every dark and dirty secret I know 😉

  4. Oh why oh why…did the the guy stop to use the phone! I would have ran out of the house in a flash, not talk to any old granny! Stupid victim! He deserved the needle in his back…

  5. Christopher Marquette -Seth the killer, also played a role in “The Invisible” alongside Alex (Y’ll remember Pete the friend of the boy who was almost killed?)
    -Just if anybody was interested…:wink:

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      Haha FOYeur…I JUST searched IMDB for that actors name and was just about to post about him previously working with Alex…thanks for saving me the time!!

    2. I knew he looked familiar!! The kid that they tried to kill in the invisible is on one of my favorite shows, shamelss on showtime.

      1. AnnieOakley · · Reply

        I LOVE Shameless!

  6. I think Seth magicked his parents into boars.

    (I’m sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night)

    1. EEEEK that’s frightening. Hey! Maybe they’re on Maui, being visited by Momma McG! Small world, right?

  7. S: Tell me where they are.
    N: Take your pants off.

    Nana FTW!!!

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Ewwwwww no!

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