The Mom Files – 1:4 (Spoilers for episode 3:5)

Mom is cramping Steve’s style.  Or is she? Maybe Mom wants some Joe White time, and needs to get rid of Steve.

Will Steve turn into a creepy, unmarried middle-aged son who never leaves home and looks after Mom when she’s old and infirm?

And if you’re wondering when Mom and Steve got a cat, go here to find out – be prepared to laugh your pants off. (Hmmmm… )

Mom arrives home at the most inconvenient times. Poor Steve is never going to see the end of Chucky.

Like any normal boy, Steve had planned a little party while Mom was away.

It happens. Friends move on. Some friendships can stand the test of time -and you can just pick up where you left off, even after 20 years. Other friends might be annoyed that you faked your own death and abandoned your children.

Mom is worried that Steve might change his name to Norman and do strange things.

Danny’s revenge. He’s going to make lots of frittata, leave the place messy, take extra long showers and never turn the TV off.

Mom puts her feet up and prepares to be entertained. Because, you know – Japanese game shows just don’t compare to late night TV.



  1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    The p.ssed off old friends!!!!! LMAO!!

    I think that Steve should retain ownership of CasaMcG – its just so hard to get all of the paperwork sorted out when you need to reverse that death certificate. #awkward

  2. Westy!! Love this so much!!! Mom’s friends had me LOLing but the cat!!! Hissing & laughing…. Absolutely Yes! The hearts in the carry cage are Perfection!!! 😀

    1. I bow to the original Cat Lady 😉

  3. LOL this one is again so funny! I love the kitty 😀
    I was a bit worried Steve was nekkid in front of mom, since Cath´s underwear seems to be off 🙂
    Crapaloha condos, poor Steve. I love you have the don´t crush sign on kitty´s carrier 🙂
    Is kitty a bit jealous of Steve in the top pic…lol

    1. Steve has his thigh holsters off, that’s about as naked as we’ll ever get from him 😞

  4. Reblogged this on Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study and commented:
    Another addition of all the troubles poor Steve is having since mom got back…

  5. The cat with his hair standing up!
    And call your daughter!
    OMG Kitty!
    Crapahola Condos!
    Fragile Kitty! Hearts!

    1. The cat does not like Mom, for sure. Gotta trust those animal instincts 😉

  6. Real beaut! (( \m/ ))

  7. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Stick holster and gun on the floor! I KNEW it! Crapaloha condos! Auto correct thinks that is a total koala! Thinks it is Cramp aloha condos which actually works too since mom is cramping his style. But westy- Steve being creepy???? Never !!!!

    1. Cramp aloha…hahahahaaaa! It does fit the theme, doesn’t it?

  8. Love this! Mom’s still in flowery dresses! Is she eating Coco Puffs while watching the Late Late Show?

    It’s Mom who should find her own place. But perhaps she needs to stay in the family home to dig up whatever other Secret Spy Stuff she has hidden under the floorboards.

    1. An, yes. The roll of film under the rug in pic 2!

  9. heymomo · · Reply

    Cath running away out of the frame FTW!!
    LOVE THE KITTY!! Especially the love hearts!!
    Westy, all the LOVE for this 😀

  10. Westy, this is brilliant. I love it all but especially the one with Mom’s ex-friends!!

  11. So.Much.Love!!!

    “Other friends might be annoyed that you faked your own death and abandoned your children.”

    ^^^ yes! YES!

    Four-minute shower!
    Jealous Stick!Cat and Danny are NOT going to get along, are they? Heh.


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