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This week's recap brought to you by @AliciaGecko. Thanks honey!
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I am PSYCHED for this ep! Partly this is because the promos look AWESOME, but mostly I think it’s because I’ve just eaten four KitKats and a satsuma. Let’s get cracking before this sugar rush wears off!

Oh. Wow. This intro is a bit… different. I’ve never been to New Jersey, so I can’t tell whether it actually looks this bad or whether Show is trying a cute juxtaposition of beautiful, bright, colourful, sun-drenched, beachy Paradise with drab, grey, industrial Urban Nightmare, but if I were a New Jersey resident, I think I’d be fairly pissed off right now.

Ooh, who is this girl? She’s beee-yooo-tiful! I’m guessing she’s Danny’s partner, and because Show hates women, I’m guessing she’s not going to be around for too long. Also, no brunette looks good in egg yolk yellow, although I am loving the leather jacket and jeans. And holy f/ck this girl has an amazing figure! And fabulous hair! Am I rhapsodising a bit? I am, aren’t I? I’ll shut up once I see Michelle Borth in the credits. Probably.

They go into a warehouse where a Bad Guy is putting money in a bag. I know this guy is famous because I’ve seen it on Twitter, but sadly I have no idea who he is. Soz. Danny and (what’s her naaaame?) try to arrest him, but he has an accomplice who has snuck up on Danny and is now holding a gun to his neck. Sloppy, detective.

Snort. Danny asks Bad Guy if he’s enjoying patting him down. I’d tell you what my brain came up with in response to this, but it’s not repeatable. (Steph! I’ll email you!).

OK, Officer Tilwell is the partner’s name. I’m guessing that Bad Guy DID enjoy patting Danny down, because he seems inexplicably out of breath, as if he’s just run up ten flights of stairs. He asks them what they’re doing there and how they found them and when neither of them answers, his accomplice hits Danny round the face with his really big gun (not a euphemism). Eww. Blood splatters. Good thing Danny wore a dark shirt today.



  1. I did not like this beating scene at all! They hardly ever look realistic, not that I actually even like violence, but felt the make-up department wasn´t doing enough ugly on Scott´s face. Also Grace looked way too fragile for a cop and didn´t buy her role at all…sorry.

    1. You all better hope no one ever tries to get information from me. One whack across the face and I’d tell them everything they wanted to know . I might even make stuff up to get them to stop! 😚

      1. lol I agree, why don´t they make up stuff. Stupid to try to piss off the beater even more…only men are that stupid…right?

      2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Me too. Danny was a total trouper to withstand all that. I found myself turning away a few times as it seemed ‘so real’. I’d be completely useless as a cop.

  2. I was just happy to see a TIE. HI TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 😀

  3. Also…. I should expect that email when now? 😉

    1. It’s gone a bit Fifty Shades. I might have to tone it down slightly before I can send it 😉 #jk (<– it seems weird to say that to you)

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I want you to send it to me too. I might be interested…

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  5. Police scene (Danny & Grace) set up was lame. Not believable action. Beat down of Danny over acted by TI & Howard.

  6. I was thinking Grace had a tiny bit more meat on her lovely figure than some of the girls we are supposed to believe are in a physical job.
    I really liked the Stones track ‘Heartbreaker’ to the scenes of New Jersey.
    As a Danny fan it makes a real change to have him beaten up instead of Steve. I enjoyed it (I’m a sick woman).
    I really liked the 2 bad guys too. Thought they acted it pretty naturally.
    Alicia, was the satsuma to make you feel less guilty for the 4 KitKats?

    1. I thought I should have something vaguely healthy. And I do really like satsumas. Like oranges, but less of a hassle.

  7. I live in South Jersey where Sandy came aboard. Luckly I and all are doing well. I loved this episode so very much. And I hate to say this ladies but , yes, there are parts of Jersey like that but they were also in NY. They crossed the bridge to NY while the Stones were playing. And the first reponders where rushing to the towers which I remember very well too. I believe even in HI there are places that are badly run down, every city has them. But Jersey also has some awesome places.
    I love that he doesn’t wear a tie anymore but nice to see it back for his look on the Newark PD a lot of people get that so wrong and say NJ PD. Anyway, Loved that scene and the whole episode. Was nice to find out who Grace was named after and this story. I believe Danny mentioned too that he was involved in 9/11 u Stin S2 sorry hope this is coming outMy email name is over this. thankseve in S2

    1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Hey Sue, if it helps you, I’ve been to NJ. I ❤ NJ. I'd rather live there over NYC. Team New Jersey. 🙂

  8. LUUVED this Epi. When I was a little girl growing up in England I thought all Americans had a NOO YAWK .NOO JOISE,Y or a SOUTHERN DRAWL Y’ALL. I loved how different it was to my clipped BBC speak and I LOVED them all {STILL DO}

  9. “Drab, grey, industrial Urban Nightmare” I think Atplenkov used his CSI:NY blue filter lenses to set the mood……..for Danny’s askldkfh pat-down.

  10. I liked seeing the contrast between Jersey and the pineapple infested hell hole.

  11. How many thought the licked down hair made Danny look 10 years younger 😉

    1. I thought they made his hair a bit darker, or was it just the lighting?

      1. I think it was a little of both…. he did look a little younger to me, it was weird! Because I can’t say *why* he looked younger, really…

        1. Think he was close shaved too.

      2. heymomo · · Reply

        Danno has had the same hair-do for a LONG TIME!! 😉

    2. I think :Danny” did look quite a bit younger that way . EWxcellent choice because it was a “Flashback” and he was supposed too

  12. I totally laughed at TH being out of breath after patting Danny down…..I thought that was hysterical.
    I love his eyes and his voice, but I get a major creepy vibe off of him.

  13. Yeah, I’d be out of breath too. He obviously appreciated what he was dealing with.

  14. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    So Sidney Poitier’s daughter is called Sydney Poitier? Cool. I’d never seen her before but just noticed the name on the credits and that she looks like her father (showing my age here LOL). Anyway I loved her in this ep even though I knew she wasn’t going to make it out alive. Show dislikes women in Hawaii AND New Jersey..

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