3.6 – I Ka Wa Mamua – Page 2

Aha! This ep is totally channelling The Princess Bride! Danny’s telling the story to McG while they sit in the car. Even in the car, it’s still very sunny and bright. And yet, still so so blue:

Turns out they’re on stakeout waiting for a guy who is bizarrely wearing jeans and a heavy jacket. He seems more dressed for Jersey, to be honest. They chase him up and down and all over town – at one point Danny jumps over a scooter! this is TOTALLY a shout-out to us – and some cars play chicken with McG (because he is the new Chuck Norris). The fugitive pulls a gun and starts shooting, and Danny kills him DEAD. At least, I assume he’s dead. He looks dead.

We’re nearly five minutes in and still no credits yet. Micheeeeelle! Where aaaare youuuu?

Danny opens the guy’s jacket and the reason for his out-of-season look becomes appallingly clear – he has a bomb strapped to his chest. That jacket was seriously fugly, as well. He is having a REALLY bad day.

Finally! Hiii Michelle! You total fox.

Proper Hawaii intro. Sucks to be you, Jersey. Nine hours earlier, Danny’s sitting in front of some very pink curtains, and in case we were in any doubt, we can now confirm that pink is not his colour. He’s in a shop with Monkey who is trying on formal dresses – she comes out of the dressing room wearing a lampshade that is even MORE PINK than the curtains. From the smile on her face, Danny can tell (because he’s a detective and good at reading faces, innit) that she really REALLY loves this dress, so he refrains from telling her she looks like mood lighting and instead tells her that he loves it. Aww, she gives him a kiss and says thank you for being her date tonight because she knows he hates dancing. He tells her he doesn’t hate dancing, at which point the shop assistant turns round and gives him a look that so totally says TAKE MEEEEE DANCING!!!! that I almost try to high-five my computer screen. He’s taken, babe. Sorry. Although we haven’t seen Gabby recently, but we know she’s in Hawaii because she’s filming Last Resort with Amy, the wife of Danny’s ex-partner from S1.

Oh, this is the Kardashian girl, isn’t it? She’s pretty. She tells him that kids grow up so fast, and he asks her how, at eighteen, she knows this. Durrrr, because she practically IS a kid, Danny, you dum-dum. Danny makes it very clear that he is not interested by effectively telling her: I have no money at all. Awww, Danny. Maybe she would love you for you? (As opposed to me, I love you for your shoulders and arms. But I’m shallow like that.)

Danny gets a call and Monkey gets a #sadface, because she has already forgotten Cath’s pep-talk from last week.



  1. Very impressive jumping over scooter 🙂 and then Justin over the car and Alex just dropping his feet down. He is playing it safe, yes please, take care of yourself!
    I wonder if Teilor had any say in the dress they made her wear…very puffy indeed. But she looked cute.

  2. Ha hahahahaha the scooters!

    And I want to go on record as saying I was, at the time, disapoint with Show when I heard they cast a Kardashian but the more I learned about this girl & then actually saw her onscreen — it’s all good now. She is, in fact, very pretty & considering this was her first acting role — well, I’m happy for her. Not even close to the most painful thing this Show has ever put me through & in fact if I hadn’t known who she was beforehand (like a normal viewer) I wouldn’t have given the actress playing the role of the shopgirl a second thought, which I think is the point of being a bit player. She now has something with which to start her resume & best of luck to you in the future young Ms Jenner.

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      ACA! She did well. And, as much as I cringe at the stunt casting, if it gets a few more viewers over to H50, I’m all for it.

      1. Ah, the stunt cast. Yeah, Terrance Howard is a big name star, not so sure about TI. Why do rappers want to act? At least we weren’t subject to P Diddy levels of pain. I thought they both TH & TI were quite effective in their (decidedly one note) roles.

        Also I just IMDBed Sydney Potier & now totally remember her from that so-bad-it-was-good remake of Knight Rider. Loved her in that!!! I wish we could have seen more of her… 😥

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          TI – I know nothing about the man. I love Terrance, but it cracks me up about these guest starring roles that could really be done by any actor. They get a working vacation out of it, LOL.

          I saw that remake once. I had no idea that was her. She is beautiful though.

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      One Direction AND Kendall Jenner in the one episode. Show, you had my daughter’s attention 🙂

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I twitched at the One Direction. Ew.

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      I didn’t know she was a Kardashian until I read it after. So I hardly noticed her at all, just thought she was an extra who got a few lines. oops!
      I was waiting for TI to start rapping. I’ve only seen him in music videos.

      Jumping over the scooter was EPIC!! Loved it!!

  3. Loving the funny recapping, Alicia, fine job! Mood lighting!
    I too noticed the scooter…but not the first time I watched it!!!
    I liked how Steve was too busy hearing Danny’s story to notice the major terrorist leave to blow everyone up. Aer we at that point yet or is that later? (Damn flashbacks).

  4. Is Steve trying to be a topper again?
    Danny jumps a schooter…..and he jumps a car!! 🙂

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      We cheered in my house at the Danny ninja skills on display. Although someone did suggest that Danny had to jump over a scooter because he’s, well, kind of short. It wasn’t me, though!

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I loved that. My friend who was watching it with me and I both went, “poor Scott Caan.”

    3. heymomo · · Reply

      topper… tee hee!!

  5. “Monkey gets a #sadface, because she has already forgotten Cath’s pep-talk from last week.” Atplenkov rearranged the order of episode filming to episode airdates, so technically Gracie had Cath’s pep talk after Daddy-daughter dance. Continuity of characterization is show’s koala! Ugh…

    1. Ooh, clever Andr3a! I had forgotten about that.

  6. Danny jumped the scooter!!!! That made me giggle with pure glee!!!
    I love when we get shout outs like that…..it really validates our importance in the fandom.
    So anywho…..Alex’s stunt double needs Alex’s haircut, not Clark Kents.

  7. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

    Wow, that was an overdose of pink. Cute though.

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