3.6 – I Ka Wa Mamua – Page 5

Here’s Cath with intel that basically says: there’s one more member of this group, and: these people are British. Show, this is NOT HELPING. Her nose is still very cute though, which IS helping, a bit.

Inside the Map Room, sniffer dogs – which are HUGE!!! – have found LOTS of explosives, but unfortunately not all the explosives the group has. In the Camaro, McG is telling Mom that he can’t tell her anything he knows, while Danny is telling Rachel that he would tell her EVERYTHING he knows. Bless. More detectiving by Chin and Kono, which is too boring to go into, but the upshot is that the target is a ceremony attended by all the military leaders of the Pacific Rim, and the bomb will be in a car.

The VIP being honoured appears to be called General Crack Hour. Surely not? The area is evacuated and McG and Danny find the car containing the explosives. Personally, I would have called the Bomb Squad in at this point, rather than breaking a window and opening the trunk, and I am obviously more sensible than McG because the trunk has a very LARGE bomb in it. At this point they DO call an expert, who looks almost exactly like Q in Encounter At Farpoint (this is for my Trek girls. Peace and long life!).

In all seriousness, bomb disposal people are AMAZING and worthy of ALL THE RESPECT. Thank you Show, for reminding me of that. This whole ‘defusing’ scene is so tense it’s making my toes curl up. Awesome.

In not-at-all-serious-ness, the bomb guy is WELL CUTE. He can defuse me anytime, etc etc.

The team get the guy’s address from the GPS of the car – he’s not there, but he doesn’t have any of his papers with him so he can’t leave the country. McG decides that he and Danny will wait for the guy to get back and we’re back where we started. Danny, apropos of nothing in particular, starts talking about how he is on ‘borrowed time’, because he wasn’t supposed to have been alive for the last ten years, which leads us nicely into back into the flashback. Which I suppose is now a flashbackback.



  1. Very stupid indeed of Steve to smash the window and pop the trunk, since they suspected explosives to be in there. Another moment later they seem to still be too close when the green michelin man diffuses the bomb…
    I would love to work with bombs, but suspect I might only have time for the 1st one before going poof…

    1. 😆 I’m with you Paula, if there’s a live bomb anywhere near me, I want to be out of the line of sight. Farther away, guys!!! I guess they had a lot of trust in Green Michelin Man #1.

    2. I’d like to work with sex bomb Steve.

      1. That would make you go poof too.

        1. I think we’d go poof anyway!!
          Yeah that was a mighty dumb man move, how quickly he forgot about the result of these bombs and Max’s human jigsaw puzzle.

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            The amount of explosive in this episode would have blown them all up if it had gone off. They were all WAY TOO CLOSE.

  2. Maybe Steve didn’t see Hurt Locker. Steve was vested in the knowledge of bombs at the first explosion. The possibility of a bomb in the car, breaking of a window is a poor choice by Steve. Writers wake up research your options. Chin now Danny had explosives action.

  3. Green Michelin Man was cute and I ACA about Steve breaking the window.

  4. ACA on the stupidness of breaking the window.
    Why didn’t Steve just use his super-nose to sniff out the bomb? And then bark to Danno that there’s a bomb!

  5. “The VIP being honoured appears to be called General Crack Hour. Surely not?” Died laughing when I read that bit.

    The bomb defusing scene WAS awesome. Way to build the tension, Show. Nice way to deflect from McG’s crazy act of breaking the window and opening the boot. Tsk tsk, McG!

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