3.6 – I Ka Wa Mamua – Page 6

Aww, this is Danny being told (over the phone??) that Rachel is pregnant with Grace. He says he is 60% happy, 30% terrified and 10% discombobulated, and adds that yes, it is a real word. It IS a real word. It was in a Disney film. Think it was The Sword In The Stone. But anyway.

Danny’s interrogating someone for stealing a car and wow, this whole place is drab. Everyone’s wearing grey and the room is DIRE. Even the Pdour looks depressed. It looks weird to see Danny partnered with someone who isn’t McG. He still doesn’t get to drive his own car though. Heh.

Back in the present, we fastforward through events up to and including the overdressed man, and discover that the bomb is in lurrrrve with Danny and if he tries to leave it, it will kill him (he sure knows how to pick those psychos). Danny, obviously, is not thrilled about this development, and holy f/ck Scott Caan is bringing it in this scene. I am SO scared I can hardly breathe, and he looks SO scared that I want to hug him until he can’t breathe either.

McG distracts him by asking about what happened in the warehouse. I, in particular, would rather he hadn’t. This is horrible. It’s all just horrible. We just found out where Grace got her name and that’s horrible too. The bad guys beat the sh/t out of Danny to try and get him to tell them who grassed them up – when he refuses, they shoot Tilwell (and even though we KNEW this was going to happen, it’s still horrible) and Danny calls her Grace and we plunge into the velvet depths of emo-ness. F/cking hell, Show, why isn’t every ep like this? Gracie, this is where you adopt me. Also, do you have a tissue?

Sirens sound in the background, and Danny takes the opportunity to bodyslam the bad guy – while tied to a chair, oh, Danny I love it when you’re a BAMF. Show? More bodyslamming for Danny please. Me, if at all possible. Thank you – and the bad guy ends up with a meat cleaver stuck in his chest and I don’t feel sorry for him ONE BIT.

Back to the present. This bomb was apparently built to make ‘a big mess’. I amaze myself sometimes.

In the past, Danny takes out the bad guys and runs outside to get help from the gazillion sirens going past, but the sirens don’t stop despite Danny’s best efforts and TOTAL desperation. I’m crying now, really properly. The reason there are a gazillion sirens that don’t stop is because they’re headed towards the Twin Towers. It’s September 11, 2001 (technically this makes it ELEVEN years of borrowed time, surely, but I don’t suppose anyone but me is counting). There’s going to be a lot of emo-ness to get out of this scene once it’s had a chance to sink in properly.

Back to the present, and the bomb is an awful lot more complicated than the bomb guy expected, although there’s absolutely zero chance that he’s going to fail because that would mean our heroes being blown to bits, so this scene isn’t so tense as the other one. McG is refusing to leave, even though Danny tells him to not to be a hero (really, Danny should know better by now) because who will look after Grace if Danny gets blown to bits? Apart from her mother and stepfather, that is. Of course, the bomb guy does his amazing thang and then we get the MOST EPIC HUG IN THE HISTORY OF HUGS!!! Alex O’Loughlin has had pretty much NOTHING to do this entire ep while Scott Caan has been been pushing the Emmy committee’s buttons, but he brings an entire ep’s worth of feeeeeels into one damp-eyed three-second shot. Bravo that man!

At the dance, at last! Is this One Direction? I’m too old to know. There’s a lovely sweet moment where Danny tells Grace about the day he found out Rachel was pregnant, and then they dance together and all together now: awwwww!

(New addition to bucket list: dance with Scott Caan.)




  1. Thank you Alicia for a great recap! I loved this ep. Will comment later because its time for me to hit the sack.

    1. Thank you for having me! 🙂

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        *kisses* mwuah!!

  2. Alicia, great recap. Much better than the episode in my mind. I was not too keen about this, my guy was left in the shadows…very Danny centric.

    1. But what scenes he did have – he rocked them.

    2. Thank you babe! That’s so lovely of you to say. I loved this ep, but then I would never say no to seeing a bit more of Danny 😉

  3. The episode ended with some really nice moves from Scott 🙂
    Really good dancer 😀

  4. The tears in McG’s eyes will never not punch me in the feelings. More than just punch more like bodyslam.

    1. “punch me in the feelings”….I love you Steph. Real. love.

      1. Those final few moments from Scott and Alex are beyond words.

        1. I couldn’t even comment last night, I was too overwhelmed with *feelings*.
          The tears, the hug, the nervous “I have to go change my boxers” laugh from Scott…….It punched me in the feelings and the kidneys.

          Great job Ms. Kitty Katty!!

          1. Mwah!

            So many feeeeelings!

          2. Yeah that nervous laugh was just class.

    2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I watched with Sheila. I had my poker face on. I had to pretend I wasn’t getting all emo but inside I was feeling. So many feelings. Mostly. I want to hug my tv.

  5. Good show. Three different show in one. Great recap and screencap.

    1. Question… we are at episode 6… how many women have been killed?

      I think there a writer on staff that likes to kill WOMEN.

      1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

        Throughout the whole 3 seasons? Suffice it to say the ratio of male to female on the island of oahu is increasing! LOL.

    2. Thank you! and thank you to Westy for the pics and gifs, i can’t claim credit for those!

  6. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    Great recap of a great ep…I do feel a bit mcgipped though…not nearly enough screen time for my boy…although the dazzling smile at the beggining, the awesome pants hitch in the middle, and the incredible emo hug at the end almost made up for it…ALMOST…but not quite!

    1. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

      “mcgipped” FTW! This should be in the blog dictionary!

    2. Thank you 🙂 oh, that smile! I lost a few minutes watching the gif of that when I opened that page today…

  7. Paula, now you know how I feel (especially at the start of S2!)
    I LOVED this episode for all its Dannyness and bromance and Danny BAMFness and the flying Danny hair in the chair (thanks for the gif girls) and Scott’s acting and Steve being all calm and Danny being all distracted then Steve not being calm.
    Think it’s my favourite ep OF ALL TIME!!
    Loved the humour at difficult times which I thought added authenticity.
    I know there were flaws, it wouldn’t be H50 without those. I didn’t think it became too obviously cliched though.
    Wasn’t sure how Danny got hold of a pic of MonkeyFoetus quite so soon. Did Rachel take the pic herself and email it to him?
    Also thought he might have worn a wedding ring as Lori had pointed out he fiddled with his wedding finger.
    Also wondered if the clever bomb people couldn’t have substituted Danny’s proximity to the bomb with something a bit more bomb proof. (Glad they didn’t though.)
    Loved the idea that 9/11 saved Danny because of the sirens.
    The scene at the end brought a tear to my eye (very rare for this show). Danny’s certainly light on his feet.
    I liked the violence in the warehouse (I told you I was a sick woman). It showed how brave Danny was, even if he’d told them what they wanted the guys would have killed them anyway. I quite liked the grudging respect they had for Danny’s toughness. Grace’s death also adds to his character. He’s not very lucky with his previous partners, Grace, Rick Peterson, Mekha.
    LOVED IT (in case you hadn’t guessed).

    1. Also meant to say thanks Alicia for the great recaps. Perhaps Danny meant 10 years of borrowed time with Grace as she’s 10.

      1. 🙂 Yes, he must have done. Grace’s birthday is around April/May then, do we think?

        1. Makes sense to me!

    2. I loved the way they handled the whole 9-11 scenario. It was subtle yet powerful at the same time.

      1. I liked the way they tied it into the present-day case too – that even though this happened before Grace was even born, it hasn’t gone away, it’s still a real problem. It’s interesting to note that the most well-written ep of this season so far was written by Peter Lenkov. Maybe he needs to be more involved with the writing side, because this ep was top-notch.

        1. I agree and wasn’t he involved with 2.10 and the finales and series openers.

    3. MJ I love this comment! This ep really had it all in spades, I’ll give that it was less McG focused than most, but most eps *are* McG focused and the especially good ones are especially McG focused (like 2.10 & 2.23)… I am glad we got that Team moment of joking about Danny’s dress shopping otherwise the character moments for Chin & Kono would have been pretty thin, but we got that, plus we learned a bunch about Danny’s backstory plus I think we learned a lot about Steve, too. I love flashback eps, I hear another is in the works for later this season & the way they did this one just makes me VERY excited for it.


  8. oh yeah, I love the way the pdour flip flops in the gif up there when the bad guy gets the MCTTC.

    1. I love the hair when it’s free. FREE THE HAIR (and the gecko)!!
      I’m probably over thinking (it has been known) but I like to think that part of Danny’s smart mouthing with the drugs guys was to draw their attention away from hurting Grace.
      I also really love how Danny, in his stress over the bomb, was so responsive to Steve and guided by him, repeating his words. But I did like the ‘I’m not moving’.

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      LOL! The p’dour was RAAAGGGGING!!! Rage on. p’dour, rage on!

    3. MCTTC!!! really looked like it hurt.

    4. Just worked MCTTC out!!

  9. Excellent recap! Loved reading it as much as I loved watching the ep. Agree with MJ’s comments as to why this was a great ep. Best of the season so far IMHO.

    I didn’t mind at all that it was Danny-centric. I am a McG fan through and through but enjoy the eps that are focussed on other characters. Scott did the most incredible job especially the 911 scene after Grace was shot and the final bomb scene. His fear was so REAL. I was right there with him.

    I loved the scenes with Sydney Poitier and I was impressed that the link between her character’s death and 911 was done so well. Well, that’s how I saw it anyway. It was so poignant when Danny came running out of the warehouse after he heard the sirene and we see that it’s September 11, 2001. *sniffs* I also experienced a little heart flutter when I realised the significance of the name ‘Grace’. Nicely done, Show, nicely done.

    That McG only really had pants-hitching, clue snifffing and bomb McNerding to do was OK by me as he TOTES ROCKED IT in the final bomb scene. Thanks Westy for providing gifs of the best moments. As you all know, I am a huge fan of the bromance and it was so nice to see this expression of the depths of McG/Danno mateship, in a different context from the joking around and carguments. Kudos to both actors for really nailing it.

    And of course, the English teacher in me did a little (inward) squee when I heard Danny use the word discombobulated. Not used enough these days in my view 🙂

    More eps like this please!

    1. Thanks 🙂 and ACA!! to all of it! I loved McG in that last scene, keeping it together as long as he had to, and then it all getting too much for him once it was over. So awesome. Sigh.

    2. Yeah I was sorry that I read the spoiler that we find out where Grace’s name came from as I knew the partner would die from the start. My fault for going on Twitter so much.

      1. LOL. I live in blissful ignorance most of the time so the Grace’s name thing was a surprise to me.

  10. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “Alex O’Loughlin has had pretty much NOTHING to do this entire ep”

    I dunno if that’s a fair call mate. Because if we said that, then that would also extend to DDK and Grace and I don’t think that’s true either.

  11. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “At the dance, at last! Is this One Direction? I’m too old to know.”

    Oh how I wish I didn’t know them. My cousin is in love with one of them. I am glad she has friends who like them because if I had to take her to a 1D concert I think I would cry. In pain.

    Great recap Alicia. Think you did a finneeee job. 😀

    1. I cry in pain everyday, Grace. My daughter has posters plastered all around her room and is constantly listening to their music. Every time something comes on tv about them, she squees. And I mean really squees. It’s torture.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I still love my boy band. So I really shouldn’t be so critical….

        1. LOL. I was a huge fan of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet when I was my daughter’s age. OK, so now I am showing my age something fierce and I definitely can’t be critical 🙂

  12. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    “while Scott Caan has been been pushing the Emmy committee’s buttons”

    I think watching this episode with Sheila, which basically means I was distracted, ruined the experience because I didn’t get this sense at all. I am by no means saying the episode was bad or average, not at all, but I saw a lot of, “best of the season” or “award winning” and didn’t have this feeling. It’s interesting how you can watch the same ep, have such different opinions of it, or have it altered by the company you keep. Basically, I sure am happy I cheat and normally watch without Sheila. 😉

    1. Good point Grace. It may depend on what you want from Show as to how you respond to an episode.

    2. I was slighty ticked off by so many tweets mentioning “Scott deserves an Emmy for this”…I´m not saying he isn´t a good actor. Just felt my boy was ignored terribly with those tweets 😉
      Btw I have no idea what an actor has to do even to be nominated.

  13. scottiedog · · Reply

    Loved the re-cap,loved the episode.You’ve all stolen my thunder 😉

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