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This week's recap by @Andrea_Briz - thanks Aussie girl!
Gifs by @neropatti and bookemdannodotnet

So I am feeling a bit nervous about recapping this week’s episode as it’s a pretty tough task to follow the brilliant 3.6 (and Alicia’s recap!). Having Mom featuring again also makes me nervous as, to be honest, I am not a big fan of Mom. But more on that later…..

We open with a teenage boy, Zach Slater, being released from juvenile detention. Zach’s family is waiting by the car for him. I like this kid and his family already. Hey, Dad is played by Alan Ruck from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I love that movie! I’m thinking about Ferris Bueller right now and also noticing the size of the correctional officers. Man, they are HUGE!

The next scene is very reminiscent of car trips in our family, with arguments over directions (mostly because I am hopeless with them :)). However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when we realise that the family is lost and bad dudes in skull masks turn up, forcing Dad off the road. Scratch that this scene is reminiscent of my family car trips then. Oh, no, Zach is kidnapped! Seriously Show, not another kidnapped kid! Let’s all join hands and collectively roll our eyes.

I’m saved from thinking further about the dangers for children of living on an island paradise by the credits. Thanks, credits! Then we cut to McG at the airport waiting for Mary. Mary’s back! Looks like the flight attendant thing is off and instead Mary is a ‘care giver’ for a feisty old bloke named Morty. McG is not over the moon about Mary’s career change. Hilariously, he asks his sister if she has married Morty. Actually, I LOVE this scene. Alex’s face is pure gold. He is flawed by Mary telling him she is caring for Morty when she can “barely take care of herself” (to quote McG). You’re such a buzz kill, bro! But you’re adorable when you’re being all brotherly. I love this scene even more after McG warns (an old man in a wheelchair) not to touch his sister ‘like that’ or he will break his hand (professional boundaries remember, Morty?). Morty rocks it by saying to Mary that McG is as “surly as you described”. Props to you, Morty, props to you. I love the look on McG’s face when Morty says, “at ease, sailor.” And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Mary tells Morty that she has to talk to her brother in private so she just takes out Morty’s hearing aid to achieve ‘privacy’. Classic. Alex’s faaaccceee throughout this scene is pure perfection. He does comedy brilliantly, especially when it’s actually written well. So much love for this scene 🙂

I have been waiting for Mary to return to Oahu as I wondered how the writers would play out her reaction to Mom being alive and kicking after all this time. I’m so glad they let Mary be Mary: she doesn’t want to see her mother right now which is perfectly understandable. Seriously, the news that Mom is alive after such a long time would take some serious mental processing. That the writers let Mary be Mary gives us the chance for another terrific scene between Mom and McG. Again, Alex doesn’t need to say ANYTHING. His face says it all. That faaacceeee. (OK, I want you to count how many times I write ‘that faaacceee’ in this recap. I’m thinking it’s going to be loads.) McG has to break it to Mom that Mary doesn’t want to see her. Mom wants to use her Super CIA Spy Skills to track Mary down. Are you serious, Mom? Love that McG calls Mom on it, telling her that “Mary is your daughter, she’s not a target.” I want to kiss McG on my computer screen right now but have to restrain myself as I am watching with my kids. Bummer. Anyway, McG then shows us how far he has come in the emotion stakes by asking Mom to give Mary some space. Sage advice, McG; so glad that Stoic SEAL is now being portrayed as a real human being. The scene ends when McG gets the usual call to go to the crime scene. I giggle when he tells Mom to “stand down.” Alex, you are killing me in this episode and we’re only at the 7 minute mark!



  1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    That one corrections officer I SWEAR is related to Taylor Wiley. The looked v v much alike.

    1. I’ll bet in retrospect he wishes he fist-bumped the kid!

    2. Kimmer, so funny you should say that as my daughter said the same thing. She asked me whether that guy was supposed to be Kamekona’s brother 🙂

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  3. So much love for this ep! Morty telling McG ‘at ease, sailor’ and then McG pulling a similar line on Mom was priceless! And Mom is kind of at a similar level as McG used to be with regard to people skills. She obviously didn’t do much interacting with her targets after she pinpointed their locations.

    1. There probably wasn’t much interaction between Moms bullets and her targets though. She is such a bad shot. 😄

      1. She can’t shot her other son!! For shame on you!

        1. Justine, I am totes pretending you didn’t say that 🙂 *puts hands over ears*

    2. Yeah, he kinda is a chip of the old block, eh?

    3. Morty was so funny – he’s this little frail old man in wheelchair but he still serves it up to McG and doesn’t flinch when McG says he’ll break his hand if he touches his sister again. Morty, you rock! And love the pink trousers and bow tie.

  4. LindaSue · · Reply

    Love this recap! Almost as good as watching the show…

    1. Thank you, LindaSue. I enjoyed writing it, too. Got a bit carried away, though….

  5. I think this episode was titled incorrectly
    It should be “Forgiven” or “Forgiveness” or something like that!!

    I so love it that Steve can still be surprised by anything Mary does. 😀
    And as you say Andrea, Alex played it perfectly!

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      I think Steve wouldn’t dare second guess Mary!! Whatever she does is always unexpected 🙂

    2. He sure did, FOYeur. I loved that scene with Mary. Mary + Morty + brotherly Steve = success!

  6. heymomo · · Reply

    I loved Steve’s whole big brotherly attitude in this episode. And his faaaaaaaaaaaaace at the airport with Morty!!

    1. ACA. Love big brother.

  7. Mary and Steve at the airport is all kinds of perfection!!
    Love Steve being real and giving his sister sh/t for quitting yet another job (or getting fired) when he fought to get her the job back (that’s gratitude for ya) but then turns on the big brother feels when he threatens Morty for touching his sisters @ss. LMAO!! Oh McG I love you so much!!

    Morty killed me dead. Full stop. Please, bring him back!!! Bring Mary and Morty back!!!

    1. I second that! TPTB, I hope you are listening. We want more eps with Morty in them. Definitely want to see more of Morty giving McG a hard time. And brotherly McG is so ADORABLE.

      That scene at the airport was brilliantly done. The comedic timing was perfect and it was actually funny. Alex’s faaacceee was pure gold. I think I may have said that a few times already, though 🙂

  8. Oh Mary and Morty should move into Casa McGarrett!!!
    I love how he just closed his eyes, as if praying for patience……
    I should try that move at work, maybe count to 10 or something.

  9. What a fabulous Epi. like a fast trip back to Drama school!! ACED IT GUYS !!!!!!!!

  10. From season one, Alex and Taryn acting scenes have been magical. Some of the scenes have been deleted, but worth looking back to see them in the sister & brother roles. They connect, and believable in making you wanting to see more of them on screen.

    Steve military structure, since the age of sixteen made him the no nonsense man. Mary not sure of where she belonged, without mum, dad, had only her brother, and struggled to make him proud of her.

  11. Ok so now I really know that I got carried away with this ep. I wrote “‘McG was flawed” when I meant “floored”. Obviously. He’s flawed, too, but that’s a whole other story….

  12. Am I too picky or did anyone else notice that in the “wiping the street with Steve stunt scene” one could see the stuntman and his Alex-Tattoo-Shirt under the other T lifting himself up to the truck? You clearly saw the “Steve Sleeve” ending around his elbow and the other torn one above the biceps. A little Photoshop or CGI would not have been wasted here methinks.

    1. I didn’t notice it, Nat – but any excuse for a rewatch!

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