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So now we leave McGarrett family matters and return to the COTW. Zach’s distraught parents are being interviewed by Danno and McG. It turns out that Zach’s ‘prank’ involved hacking into the White House database to secure tickets to the Correspondents’ Dinner. I wasn’t exactly sure what the dinner was about so I googled it. Turns out it is an annual dinner hosted by the President and Vice President for the White House Correspondents’ Association, a tradition which began in 1920. Who said H5O isn’t educational? Pretty sure Zach doesn’t really harbour a desire to be a journalist but that he rather enjoyed the thrill of being able to hack into the White House systems. Julian Assange, eat your heart out! Anyway, McG twigs that the family was in the middle of nowhere when Zach was kidnapped and we find out that the GPS was hacked to send them off course. Wow, there are some serious hackers in this episode. As a techno-dunce, I am totes impressed.

(ok, not really, Just…well, just because.)

Kono, in a nifty bit of detecting, asks Zach’s brother, James if he knows anything that can help. James’s screen shows a licence plate number written over and over again. Kono searches for the car that belongs to the licence plate and she and Chin locate it in the HPD impound lot. Oh, no, Zach is found dead in the back of the vehicle. I really did not see that coming and I feel really sad now. It proves once and for all that Oahu is one seriously dangerous place for children!
The next scene is nicely placed to lighten the mood after the terrible discovery of Zach’s body. McG and Danno pay Max a visit. Max, sans cane, tells our boys that he is almost ready to resume his spinning classes (Max does spinning classes? Go figure.) Now it’s Danny’s turn to kill me in this episode. His face when he says “I just had a vision of you wearing bike shorts” is priceless. I so giggled when he said that. Max tells us that Zach died of a heart attack due to a pre-existing condition coupled with the trauma of the torture he endured when his fingers were broken one by one. I now have a lump in my throat. We only saw Zach for a few minutes on screen but I really liked that kid! I know that the torture is pertinent to the story but I am really disturbed by this.
Anyway, there is another comedic moment now, to lighten the mood again. This is gold, pure gold:
Danny: “What could a 17 year old possibly know that warrants being tortured like that?”
Max: “That would be your jurisdiction, detective”.
Danny (pointing to Steve): “That’s why I asked him.”
Max: “Oh.”

Check out both Scott and Alex’s faces in this scene. They are amazing. I must say, I absolutely LOVE Danny in this episode. The writers have retained the parts of his character that I love – the witty one-liners – without the arm-waving and histrionics. More of this please, writers!
OK, let’s return to the crime. Max tells us that there is evidence that Zach endured CPR which McG says was because the kidnappers didn’t get the information they wanted by torture. Thanks for the clarica, McG. This must be some seriously important information that the bad dudes want!
Back at HQ, the team is gathered around the Super Duper Magic Computer Table. It turns out that Kong Liang, a major cyber criminal, visited Zach in prison. They think that Kong Liang wanted to recruit Zach or that Zach had information that Liang wanted so he might be behind the murder.



  1. Julian Assange, eat your heart out!

    When Anonymous hacksliberates Westy’s blog later we’ll know why!!! 😉

    1. As soon as I heard Dad say that Zach had hacked the White House database I thought of Julian Assange 🙂

  2. I’d forgotten about Max’s spinning classes! ACA about Danny in this ep, he was on top form.

    I liked the kid too, although I knew from spoilers that he was going to be killed :-(. I liked the whole family, actually. I really felt for them. Show’s pulling at the heartstrings a bit at the moment.

    1. Max takes spinning classes – what a hoot. I liked this scene, too, and just had to reproduce the “that’s why I asked him” bit for the recap. Danny was so enjoyable being a wise cracker but more toned down.

      I didn’t know that Zach was going to be killed (blissful ignorance again LOL) so I didn’t expect it. I was really sad when that happened. I get that he’s a TV character but I just really liked that family. #emo

  3. Must say discovering that boys body, also took me by surprise!

  4. I liked this little twist, boy found dead in the van. Not all the kids need to survive in the show 😉

    1. Paula the child hater!! LMAO!!! I totally forgot that! HAHAHAHA…. Ah…the old sardonic days. RIP.

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    The faaaaaces in this episode!! Both Danny’s and Steve’s. Love the screencap in the lab!

    1. Westy nailed it! I respectfully requested this to go in to the recap and she got it exactly right. Classic moment.

      The very important pic for plot development – very impotant indeed. So many faaaces to choose from in this ep 🙂

  6. I felt for the parents too. The mom looked familiar to me like I’ve seen her recently. Has someone else in her family been killed, tortured, beaten or kidnapped on here before??

    I wasn’t surprised the kid was dead but I was surprised the lazy @sses just left his body in the back of the van!

    Danny and STeve’s faaaaces at the morgue! YES!! So much perfect face this episode!! so much.
    I also noticed Max didn’t have his cane anymore. That should make all the people who have been stressing about that every week free to stress about something else. Sheesh.

    Danny was great in this episode. In addition to the histronics and wild hand gestures, i would add he had a lack of misplaced anger this week which is 99% a good thing for me. Actually I don’t mind the hand gestures. They give my Not McG something to make fun of every week. 🙂 He’s pretty good at it!! And it’s just Danny’s thing. That I don’t mind.

    1. Good point, ESS, about the lack of misplaced anger. I don’t mind the arm waving; actually I like Danny but REALLY liked the more subtle version.

    2. I loved Danny this ep. He had some great lines (but so did McG, so it didn’t seem like Danny was getting the best of it) and the bit at the beginning when he was talking to the parents at the crime scene was just so nicely done (because of course he knows how they feel). It felt like we really got a complete picture of Danny’s character just in this one ep. Actually, that could be said for McG too – humour and protectiveness with Mary, a bit of emo with Mom, humour again withToast, leadership skills with Chin, BAMF awesomeness in the truck scene, then FAAAAAAAAACE right at the end (second week in a row that Alex has stolen the whole episode by doing this). Such a well-written ep.

      1. So many faaaaaaces over the past two eps! We could write a whole post just about the faaaaaaces.

        I think that we saw such a range from the main characters (Chin perhaps less so) made this episode really great. Kono was a BAMF and also fantastic at working with James to get the information she needed while being sensitive to him being autistic. She was also so very brave in that hostage scene. I was glued to my screen when Winston had his gun on her.

        We’d only been saying earlier in the week on ESS’s blog about wanting the writers to give Alex more to do, to showcase his talent, and this ep certainly did that. Good timing with your post, Ess!

    3. Mary Jane · · Reply

      I agree wholeheartedly Ess, it’s irritating when the writers make Danny angry for no good reason.

      1. ACA, I really hate that about Danny too. I hope this change is permanent. Sometimes the carguments are spoiled for me because of his yelling over the tiniest things. I like his smartass Danny better 🙂

  7. Ok, I so wish we had a body count for this show since inception
    Bad Guys
    Bomb Threats

    1. This show is not a good advertisement for HPD. They wind up dead too often.

      1. In all fairness, it’s a cop show…pretty much someone has to die each week.

  8. I’m watching the Godfather (again), and see where Scott gets his hand/arm waving, and deliverance of lines when he talks. His father, as Sonny.

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