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Now, this rather clever cyber thief has eluded capture thus far. How is the team going to catch him you ask? By using Toast as bait, of course. Toast is back! This is another part of the episode that totally rocks it. Toast is awesome. He says he won’t do anything to help until he has ‘total impunity’. Impunity? I laughed out loud when he said that. Danny and Steve’s faaaaces are so funny here. There’s some joking around about hacker names and I wonder what Toast would think of some of OUR screen names. Hehe.

Poor Toast, he learns that he’s to be the bait in the operation to nab Kong Liang. Hilariously, he tells the boys that he has a ‘glandular issue’ which is a problem in stressful situations. The boys are totes unimpressed. Danny’s barely holding it in. He just tells Toast that the device is ‘gland proof’ and I do another little giggle then. I then graduate to snorting when McG says: “live long and perspire” and does the Star Trek thing with his hand. Oh, Alex, you are definitely killing me in this episode! I’m still only up to the 15 minute mark. Do you think I am going to survive until the end?

So Toast, complete with his problematic glands, enters the Hacker Sweatshop and he’s mega nervous. He asks about Plan B but Danny informs them that there is no Plan B. Poor Toast, there’s barely a Plan A let alone a Plan B. Hil-bloody-arious!
Kong Liang is a nasty piece of work and Toast does what I’d do – he hotfoots it out of there, all the while gibbering about Plan B. “This is why you have a Plan B”. I love Toast so much. I’m going to put in my request right now for more Toast. Please.

McG and Danny try to preserve something out of the mess by confronting Liang. He has a huge gun and it’s not looking good. Then, totally unexpectedly, Kono comes bursting through the window behind Liang so he can be apprehended. Kono, you are a total BAMF!
Liang is interrogated using the Mobile Interrogation Kit rather than being taken back to the Blue Room. It’s really atmospheric. McG and Danny find out that Zach was the most awesome computer hacker EVER and any number of people could be after him. Just not Liang.



  1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I LOVE Toast…he was so fricken hilarious!!! I must have watched the scene where he runs out and says “this is why you need a plan B” about 10 times and laughed my @ss off every time!!! Even now I can’t help but giggle when I think about Toast running one way with the back of his shirt all sweaty and Danny & Steve running the other way…SO FUNNY….more Toast PLEASE!!!

  2. your recap of the Toast scenes totally have me giggling! Great recap Andrea. 😀

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      ACA on both counts!! Everything that Toast said had me giggling – he’s the most fun character! Hopefully we’ll get a Toast ep each season 🙂

    2. Thanks, Steph. Toast was hilarious. The stuff about his glands was so funny. He definitely needs to be in more episodes, glands and all.

  3. Toast was EVEN BETTER in this ep than he was in the S1 ep. He was just so funny. “This is why you have a Plan Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!” killed me, just KILLED ME!

    I loved the hacker boss saying “I’m going to shoot the next person through the door” (or something) and Five-0 going “Aha! We have discovered the massive loophole in your threat! You said nothing about the WINDOWS!!!” (for some reason I am hearing this in Vizzini’s voice).

    And the room where they’re interrogating him still looks kind of blue.

    1. The room looked blueish, but did you notice how it brought out the eye colour of both the guys! Their eyes looked magnificent 🙂

      1. Paula it took me forever to screencap that stupid scene because of their faces! Their beautiful faaaces!! Especially the eyes. Sh/t they should film every scene in that lighting.

    2. “Vizzini’s voice” LOL

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Vizzini’s voice FTW! LOL!!

          1. heymomo · · Reply

            Princess Bride reference!!

    3. Vizzini!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! Alicia FTW!!!

    4. “Five-0 going “Aha! We have discovered the massive loophole in your threat! You said nothing about the WINDOWS!!!” ”

      Mwaahhhh… Kono smashing her way through that window was awesome. She was a total BAMF in this episode. I liked that she had all that BAMF stuff and the nice moments with James.

      1. I loved watching Kono being one kick-ass ninja-girl 😀 although the drop from a moving van to asfalt would have caused any real human serious injuries and probably no-one would jump right up and start fighting like that…but so what, it was great to watch 🙂

  4. One thing is for sure. Toast won’t be recruited for his “undercover” work again.
    The “glands” and the nerves are against him getting that job again… 😆

    1. Good point, FOYeur. He could just be the resident hacker and the team could go to him to get information. He could be used in loads of eps then. (Although his glands were very funny :))

  5. Toast is the man. Hands down!! I have to admit I thought he was funny in S1 but didn’t get all the love he got but I do now!! Also, if I think Larry Teng tweeted that his line “This is why you need a plan B” was an ad-lib by Toast….er, I mean whoever it is that plays Toast. Makes it even funnier!

    I loved, loved, loved Danny and McG in the toast scenes. THIS is the bromance I love. When they’re on the same side being funny and/or frustrated together… not AT each other. They are hilarious when they’re in cahoots!! Their reaction to Toast splitting was brilliant. I want more of this please!!

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      ACA! As much as I love Toast, it’s McG’s and Danny’s reactions to him that are priceless!!

    2. Agree ESS. The bit where McG and Danny are getting Toast ready to go into the warehouse is so well done. They are collectively eye rolling at Toast’s glands and there’s a shared connection that is so nice. I hope we get more of this.

    3. I actually thought Steve was giving Danny the look, after Toast´s plan B yell, that this is your fault LOL Afterall it was Danny that recruited Toast again 🙂

    4. The bromance was great.

  6. As an ace hacker Toast could totes be utilized every 4 or 5 ep’s, like Kamakona.
    I think they should take advantage of the stoner comic genius that he brings.

    1. I agree! Want more of his sage advice to customers, too. “Think before you link”.

  7. Gland problem…..Plan B… great lines by Toast. Great character to use prior to beating or shooting people. “Harsh”

  8. Mary Jane · · Reply

    Love Toast! Great recap, Andrea.

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