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The next scene really tugs at my heart. Mary is sitting at her father’s grave, talking to him about when her mother disappeared. Mom, using her Super CIA Spy Skills, has found Mary at the cemetery and is all set to confront her when she realises that it is not the right time. Mary’s raw emotion is so real and Taryn Manning acts the sh/t out of this scene. Mom is in her car, realising what her disappearance has done to her family and I actually like her just a bit right now. Props to Christine Lahti! This is what I have been waiting for – for Mom to feel the repercussions of abandoning her family. Now I will just sit back and wait for the explanation as to WHY she did it. Also deserving a nod in this scene is Morty. It’s so poignant, seeing Mary’s outpouring of emotion with Morty in the background, resplendent in his pink trousers and bow tie. Morty, you are so sweet and the actor who plays you is terrific. There is a really lovely relationship between Mary and Morty and it’s nicely done here. Mary, I think you have found your calling 🙂

Back at HQ, Chin and Kono are trying to figure out who may have wanted information from Zach. Kono’s looking at the activity on Zach’s computer, the one that was confiscated before he went to ‘juvie’ (I just had to type that – we don’t use that phrase in Oz! Do real people use it, or is it just in the movies?) There is a file at an offline storage site that might hold all the answers but it’s got a seriously awesome password and there’s no way Kono can crack it. Toast could crack it but that would take days so Chin sends Kono to Zach’s house to see if she can find it.
The next scene also tugs at my heart. It’s Zach’s wake and his parents are having trouble processing his death. Mom and Dad play this very well and I still really like this family  Kono goes up to Zach’s room to see what she can find out. James is there and I’m guessing that he is autistic . The young boy playing James does a terrific job in this role. Show generally plays this well – Kono is lovely with James. He starts reciting the elements of the periodic table when Kono asks him about a password and it looks like this might be the answer.

In the meantime, the bad dudes turn up at the house and things are not looking good. The family members and friends are herded into the lounge room and Kono hides James in the wardrobe just in time. A HPD officer turns up but Mom has to send him packing; but not before he realises that Kono must still be in the house. Unfortunately, he is killed for his trouble but at least he is able to warn the rest of the HPD. Man, I hope the HPD has a really good recruitment strategy as it’s a seriously dangerous job being a police officer in H5O-land.
The cavalry turns up and McG McNerds that the bad dudes must be professionals as they have ‘fortified their position’, the phone lines are jammed and the hostages are being used as human shields. Despite the gravity of the situation, I really like the way this scene is filmed, with the hostages lined up against the window, their fear palpable. Head Bad Dude takes off his mask. Apropos of nothing, he sounds South African to me. But then he sounds faintly Australian, too. Or faintly British.

Head Bad Dude threatens Mom and Dad and Kono tries to intervene but she is smacked by HBD. Kono does a great job of communicating to those outside just how serious this situation is becoming. See, Alex is not the only one doing a bang-up job of the faaacceee in this week’s episode. Anyway, Chin has the good oil on the Bad Dude. He is Shaun Winston, ex-South African Special Forces (hah, I picked the accent), now head of a military company equally as dodgy as his accent, that specialises in the ‘dirty work’ that governments don’t want to admit to. McG reckons Zach may have hacked into their systems and found out something that he shouldn’t have. These are seriously bad dudes and Chin is really upset with himself for sending Kono into such a situation. This scene is also nicely done. Chin has his concerned face on and McG is terrific as the team leader here, gently encouraging Chin to get the job done and save the innocents. See, that’s why McG is team leader!



  1. I can’t believe they killed ANOTHER POLICE OFFICER!

    We pick on Show for killing off the womens. This may be true for named women with speaking lines but overall I would guess more male police officers have been killed… straight up murdered….. more than any other segment/group of people on the show.

    If I were HPD I wouldn’t pick up the phone if Five-0 calls!

    1. Is it standerd practice for the police in Hawaii to work alone?
      Well if he had a partner then both would have been killed……so maybe better that they work alone then? 😉

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Every time they refer to a cop as a random “Uni” it spells bad news for that cop!!
        “Uni” is the redshirt of 5-0!!

    2. The cop went for his radio before he bothered to pull out his own gun. He deserved it. I KID I KID!!! Seriously, I was thinking PULL YOUR GUN!!! Dumb @ss. Apparently HPD training isn’t very good. Amazing Kono came out with all her amazing skills yet these other cops don’t even know to pull your gun when you’re being shot at.

      1. Kono is special 🙂 And she’s spent the past two years with McG, Danny and Chin…

    3. I keep thinking of the “Uncle Sam wants you” recruitment posters. “HPD wants you…..if you have a death wish.”

  2. At least this kid understood the need for a proper password, and not one that anyone could figure out just by talking about childhood pets.

    I’m putting Chin’s reaction (at last!) down to what happened in the finale and the premiere – he’s still feeling guilty about choosing Malia over Kono, and still grieving for his wife and feeling guilty that he was responsible for her death by marrying her instead of protecting her by keeping her at arm’s length as he had before. He’s never reacted like that to Kono being sent into these situations before when she was far less experienced than she is now (her first assignment for Five-0, no less!).

    1. I so agree with you on this Alicia.
      I think you nailed the situation quite well…..
      At long last there is “some” fallout on the side of Chin over what happened!!

      1. Hadn’t thought of it like that. Good thinking. Still want more of the fallout from Malia’s death. Is there an ep planned that has Chin front and centre, with some exploration of his way of dealing with his wife’s death? I hope so.

    2. I liked that they thought this super talented hacker would need to write his password down in case he forgot it….

  3. Was it just me – the look Kono gave Chin when she was safe should have killed him dead. It was weird. I was expecting some big, formerly repressed tirade about how he chose Malia over her (not that he shouldn’t have, BTW)

  4. wow, I didn’t notice how seriously pink those pants are on Morty…….yowza.
    That little actor dude was very good with the bits he was given……..and he had really pretty eyes.

    Oh yeah and isn’t that why McGarrett is the leader? Because he’s the prettiest? Isn’t that how network TV works?

    1. And has the biggest guns….

  5. I understand the reasoning behind having Mary crying at her fathers grave BUT this is the same chick that didn’t make it to her fathers funeral (hello cutting room floor). I know that they only have a certain amount of time for each ep, and thing get left out, but the pilot should have been 90 minutes, important things, like Mary making it to the funeral were left out.

    1. I hope we get to learn more about what’s gone on with Steve and Mary since their mother left and what their father was like. So much that could be explored to help us get to know the characters better.

  6. Morty (pink pants) is Shelly Berman. He was a comedian before TV was invented. Had his own TV show, and appeared in movies. He still has great comedic timing for lines.

    Juvenile = young person. Juvenile Delinquency = violation of the law. We say he/she in “juve”= place they hold delinquent youth.

    I like Mary, and Taryn protrayal of her. Pilot of H50 scene with Steve and Mary was (deleted) explained a lot about her relationship with her father.

    If a director wants a scene cut you cut the scene. Maybe they didn’t want the storyline to go in that direction.

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