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The next development involves the Bad Dudes discovering James is hiding upstairs and when they see the Five O badge that Kono gave the boy, they realise that one of the hostages is Five O. Uh oh. James is threatened so Kono shows herself and admits to having the password. She is so brave here. Kono, you rock! Winston, aka Head Bad Dude with Dodgy Accent, demands an armoured vehicle and it’s delivered PDQ. Kono is shoved into the back and the Bad Dudes depart. They drive on for a bit and then suddenly, McG appears out from under the vehicle! His shirt is ripped and I’m squeeing madly by now. He’s dragged along the ground then he pulls himself up, attaches an explosive device to the back of the vehicle, then gets up on the roof, punches out the driver and takes his place at the wheel. McG, are you are freakin’ awesome! (By the way, did Danny call Steve ‘babe’ in this scene?)

The door is blown off and Chin and Danny are in hot pursuit, with Chin managing to take out some of the bad dudes. The next bit is AWESOME, TOTALLY AWESOME! Kono out-BAMFs McG with her ninja fighting skills. Love it!

So, Zach’s file is encrypted which Toast says is “mega awesome encryption, brah”. Toast does his job though, glands and all, and they find a name: Richard Desalvo. He’s a mob boss who disappeared from protective custody a few years ago with the help of Winston’s company to keep the cover going. Mr Desalvo is then arrested and Kono tells Zach’s family that he didn’t die for nothing. This is a touching scene and Grace does a nice job here.

But there’s more emo to come! Mary and Morty are at the beach and Morty encourages Mary to give her mother a second chance. He tells Mary about his own regrets, concerning his daughter and the result of being a ‘stubborn SOB’. Morty, we salute you  And then there’s the final scene, when Mary goes to see Mom. Taryn and Christine knock this one out of the park, too, and I am really teary by now. Mary looks so small and vulnerable and the emotion seems genuine.

And then, to top it all off, we are left with this faaaacceeeee:

No words are needed.
In sum:
This episode had everything: action, emo, comedy and a nicely written COTW. See, Show, you don’t need 3.2-like convoluted plots to present a decent episode to viewers. Episode 3.7 (and last week’s) is a great demonstration of how Show can pull off the emo/action/comedy combo and not over-complicate things. With all that was going on in the episode, it may be been ‘crowded’, but it wasn’t and each element worked really well on its own as well as part of the cohesive whole. I liked that all the key players had something to do and that Kono could showcase her skills – she is no longer the rookie of the team! Grace Park did a fab job. Chin was his usual awesome self as the concerned cousin.
Whilst not a total convert to Mom yet, I was so pleased to see the way she was portrayed in this episode. I like her a bit more now and I am really interested to see what secrets she reveals about her disappearance. Taryn Manning was terrific in the McG ‘brother-sister’ scene and in the emo ones.
The episode also provided Alex with the chance to show us that he is more than just an action star (as did last week’s). He had emo, comedy and action things to do and he was amazing at all of them. Give this man some good material and we can all see how great he truly is.
As previously noted, I liked this version of Danno. He was still wise-cracking Danno but more toned down. He worked with McG in a way that suggests they know each other so well and that they are a really effective partnership. I enjoyed Danno immensely in this episode.
Honourable mention must also go to Morty. Loved Morty! And of course to Toast. The scene with Toast was a definite highlight. I hope Toast comes back. (I didn’t mention in the recap the first bit with Toast, when he gave back the computer to his customer. “There’s nothing free about porn. Think before you link.” Mwahhhh!)
So, onwards and upwards from here, I hope. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.



  1. Thanks so much for this recap, Andrea. I can tell you really, really loved this episode 🙂 I’ll comment tomorrow, it’s getting late here.

    1. Thanks Westy, for indulging my passion for Show and for writing. And for not freaking out when I sent you the recap, all 3500 words of it! And yes, I really, really, really, really loved this episode.

  2. That gif of McG punching the dude from the top of the truck is cracking me up!! Thanks for the fun, ladies! 😀

    1. yeah, that punch doesn’t appear to provide much {{thrust}}. Very awkward position and he’s right handed….oh well, if I’m looking for technical perfection this is not the show!

      Great job Andrea!

      1. Thanks Tink!
        Love that the punch is left handed. Lefties rule y’know…

  3. Andrea! Very good recap 🙂
    I so loved this episode, much much more than last week´s. So many brilliant things as you said, Steve got to show different a whole varierty of emotions, Danny was funny and toned down. Mom gained a bit likeability with her love for Mary. Kono got to be bamf and smart. Chin as usual a very good loving cousin. And I loved Toast and really want more epis with him 😀 hilarious!

    1. WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!! Thank you Paula .

    2. Thanks Paula and Pommie. You’ve mentioned all the good things about the ep. I loved 3.6 but this ep was a totally different beast so it’s hard to compare. Both make me feel back in love with Show after not feeling the love so much in the earlier eps. When they get it right, they really get it right.

  4. Fabulous recap, Andrea! And ACA with your review at the end. I loved this ep so much! Really good writing this week and last week, it’s hard to decide between them for a favourite.

    1. Oops, read your comment after I’d made my response to Paula’s. Yep, agree, hard to pick the best of the two. This one might just beat it out as it had so many different elements that worked and I liked that Kono was able to show her awesomeness. But I still love 3.6 too. #toughcall

      1. I think 3.6 was a better hour of television (because I like stories that are thought-provoking and stay with you for a long time afterwards, like The Big Wheel) but I think this was a better episode of Show. I loved 3.6, but it was definitely not business as usual. This was more of a classic H50 ep. It was like a S1 ep with all the great little unforgettable moments.

        1. ACA Alicia (of course!). 3.6 was very thought-provoking and I am putting it down as one of the best of the series so far. However, as you say, 3.7 is more like the H50 that we know and love.

          1. Such a great problem to have trying to decide which of two great eps you liked more!! Wish show would put us in this quandary all the time!

  5. Andrea, I liked the episode even more after your recap. I was not sure about my feelings on it, but you pointed me in the right directions about why it was actually sooooooo good.
    I loved that there was once again a bit more Ohana in this episode….I have missed it a lot.
    The right combinations for a great recipy.

    I find tha fact that they used the old guy to help Mary get over get resistance to forgive her mom fantastic. They gave him so much purpose in this episode. He put some speed on Mary’s emotions and he gave her the gift of forgiveness. Something he and the kidnapped boy’s father never had………
    It was really well thought out, that the comic relieve also profived the solution
    Nicely done H5-0 writers!!

    1. Saw all my typo as I posted “provided”

    2. I was wondering what your opinion of the South African mercenary was! When they said he was SA, I thought of you & Alicia straightaway!!

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I thought of Foyeur and Alicia too! LOL!

    3. FOYeur, that is so lovely that my recap helped you enjoy the episode even more. *sighs*

      I like your point about using Morty to help Mary reconcile with Mom. I was wondering how the writers would do it and I agree it was well thought out. Morty could have been merely comic relief but, again as you said, he served a useful purpose. Mary was so good with him. Nice to see her being good at something as she’s usually portrayed as a bit of a flake (but a lovable one though).

  6. I work with quite a few South Africans…I thought his accent was believable. I mean, I immediately thought ‘SA’ when I heard him. It’s such a hard accent to mimic. Kind of like Australian. I have yet to hear a non Aussie sound like an Aussie. Meryl Streep, I’m talking to you!

    1. Yes, you are right, I was a bit harsh 🙂 The SA accent is hard to do. I thought he slipped in and out a bit. I work with several South Africans, too, and we have SA friends and I love the accent. Lots of South Africans migrate to Australia, especially to your side of the country. And Kiwis, too 🙂

      I kept looking at Winston and wondering where I’d seen him before and then the penny dropped. He was Chloe O’Brian’s husband in 24. Love Chloe! I think he is a British actor. He was pretty good as the Head Bad Dude. Very menacing.

      (PS Agree about Meryl Streep. Amazing actress but that Lindy Chamberlain accent was woeful.)

      1. I thought he slipped in and out a bit as well, but it was certainly recognisable. McGecko sounds nothing like that any more, he’s been in England so long that his accent is really peculiar now – although that’s not a bad thing, because when we first met, it was so strong that I could only understand about half of what he said!

        1. Glad it wasn’t just me then. He still did a pretty good job but I did think he slipped in and out somewhat.

          I’m amazed that McGecko has lost his a lot of accent as it’s a pretty strong one to change. Our former neighbours are South African – their kids have accents even though they were born in Oz and have never lived in SA.

          I get asked quite often if I am South African (or British) and I think my accent is a bit of Kiwi and Aussie mixed. But I’ve lived in Oz longer than I lived in the Land of the Long White Cloud 🙂 Took me ages to say dance rather than ‘darnce’ and I still say darnce more often than not.

  7. I forgot to add…I really liked this ep too. The COTW was good, and all the moments were there. I felt so sorry for the dad and how he must have regretted not hugging his son. I was surprised that Show killed the kid. And tortured him, no less. I would have expected more of a reaction to that from McG though. Show missed another small opportunity to let him display any fallout from his own torture.

    1. ACA. Alan Ruck played the Dad really well and the family just resonated with me. I was surprised with the torture and killing of Zach, too, but I wonder what else they could have done. Thoughts anyone?

      I will always live in hope that Show deals further with the fallout from McG’s torture. #eternaloptimist

    2. At least the last thing the kid heard his father say was “let go of my son!”. He knew his dad loved him. Sniff.

      1. *Double snifff* Hard for Dad because he knew his son did the wrong thing but the ‘crime’ could have been much worse. I reckon there’d be an element of pride in knowing your kid had crazy techno skills even if he did break into the White House database. It was cute the way Mom said it was ‘just a prank’, trying to downplay what Zach had done to cope with it all. I hope we have more COTW characters that are believable and likeable. Sometimes they are not so and it’s harder to be invested in what happens to them, I reckon.

  8. I have so much love for this re-cap.Cheers Ladies x

  9. heymomo · · Reply

    Not only did Danny call Steve ‘babe’ in the middle of the caper, but he also said sh/t when the door blew off!!
    I LOVED the crazy BAMF hanging off the truck CLAWesque scene soooooo much!! I may watch the gifs over and over and over…

    1. Danny said shit? it was audible? I missed cussing???

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        There was cussing!! Watch that part again!!

        1. Hehe. My son said to me: “Mum, Danny said sh/t!” I was sure he had but didn’t want to put it in the recap in case I had misheard. In the script or ad libbed?

    2. ACA. I don’t mind a bit of OTT Claw-like action. Show does it so well and because the episode was really well written and put together, I could handle the crazy BAMF stuff. It doesn’t need to define the Show for me but can still be an integral part of it, along with all the other good bits (specifically McG’s good bits of course).

  10. heymomo · · Reply

    Awesome recap Andrea!! Such a fun/emo/crazy/sad/BAMF episode!

    1. Thank you, momo. I had such fun writing the recap as it was an awesome episode. So much to write about 🙂

  11. Mary Jane · · Reply

    Really good recap, Andrea. This episode was good but I am still living the awesomeness that was 3.06. You’ve made me want to re -watch though.
    Think I was hoping for a bit of a showdown between Mary and Steve about him not telling about Mom. Also thought Steve was rude to Morty at the airport which was out of character.Lots of good stuff too.

  12. Andrea great recap. It was like watching the episode again.
    The writing, editing, and director were super wonderful.

    Enjoyed every change up in the episode. Every member of the team has been kidnapped, tortured, and killed a bad man or women.

    Character acting by Toast, Morty,Mary, and Mum added to the delight of the show.

  13. Good job, Andrea. Think you really liked this episode. 😉

    1. Just a little 🙂 Actually, I think I totes went overboard on the recap. I’ll try to remain calm next time I write one. I promise!

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