Happy Birthday @Andrea_Briz

To a bonzer sheila – wishing you a day filled with love, laughter and cake. Lots of cake!Β  Thanks for finding us in AOLand.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, my friend. XOXO

Here’s a little bromance for you πŸ™‚


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for doing this for me. I LOVE every single bit of it. You’ve done an amazing job of capturing the heart of the relationship between Steve and Danny. Hard to pick out the best bits, although when Danny realises that Steve is alive after his ordeal in NK is right up there, along with the hug from the end of 3.6. The song is just brilliant and the perfect choice for a bromance-lover like me πŸ™‚

    And you quoted me, from my first bromance post on the intense study blog! Sigh….

    I am so honoured to be part of AOLand and I can’t believe my luck in finding you all. So much love for a bonzer bunch of Sheilas!

    This is a beautiful birthday gift and it was so lovely to wake up to it this morning.

    Love you heaps too, Westy, my friend. Hugs xxxx

    (PS McBriz was looking over my shoulder when I watched it the first time. He said, “it’s just a TV show, you know.” Seriously, he has NO idea…)

    1. Men! What do they know, anyway.

      1. I hear you.

        ‘Just a tv show’. *Snort*

  2. So lovely Westy! Again the song and lyrics matched so perfectly with the chosen moments πŸ™‚ really good job.
    Happy Birthday to you Andrea!

  3. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Happy birthday Andrea Briz and thanks for your contributions to the fun!

    1. Thank you. I am so happy to be contributing to the fun.

  4. So beautiful, Westy :-). So many awesome moments. So many feeeeeelings!!! The truck at the end of 2.10… after 3.06 *sniff* this just makes me want to cry for Danny 😦 . And then when he’s reading the letter, he looks so sad. Perfect song choice :-). Love it!

    And love that so many of us chose the BTTF ep! It was epic bromance!

  5. Working on my latest story, I have had these two on my mind the whole week.
    Seeing all this is just the cherry on the cake…..
    Thanks so much Westy for creating such a fun video of these two to watch…..and Andrea for being born in this day and for being part of our Ohana!!

    1. You write stories, Foyeur, that’s brilliant. What a talented bunch of people.

  6. Happy Birthday Andrea!!
    Westy, this is wonderful. The bromance is epic in this video. It’s the best part of the show for me.

    1. Thanks. Definitely the best part of the show and I really like the way things are developing in S3.

  7. Westy!! This was lovely!! OMG I totes got a little misty there in places… (looking at the earlier comments I see Alicia did too!) Excellent job, your talet for the vids is growing by leaps & bounds. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks Steph. If only the quality was better. But I have a plan for that (same software Alicia is using once I upgrade my PC) There’ll be no stopping us then! We’ll be the Spielbergs of birthday vids! I can see this becoming my new obsession. 😜

  8. […] screen displaying a few minutes of work to the most amazing creations – collages, gif sets, videos, poems, comics & full-on novels – the last year of birthdays has been SOMETHING ELSE, […]

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