Wahine’inoloa **EVIL WoMan** Page 1

e·vil [ee-vuhl]  


1.  morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life.
2.  harmful; injurious: evil laws.
3.  characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering;unfortunate;
     disastrous: to be fallen on evil days.
4.  due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character: an evil reputation.
5.  marked by anger, irritability, irascibility, etc.: She is known for her evil disposition.
Okay, enough of my shennanigans……on to the show!
Pretty lush scenery….
Oh look they are burning the sugar cane fields….
oh two youngsters cruising through the fields on an adrenaline joyride!
Girl is all excited, boy apparently needs to check his shorts and suggests a hotel room.
Girl calls boys a dork (obviously she didn’t get to meet Alex on set)
What will they find out here? Woman or kid?
Oh crap….it’s a burning running man!! Ouch they just creamed him!

That looks painful!

Queue the music!
Oh more pretty aerial shots….
Oh it’s Cath in her masculine muscle car, pulling into her driveway (she has a house!) with a board on top of the blue machine……hmmmmm……Cath scents something in the air……something is a muck ….Hey! look who it is, the guy who she hustled at pool with the super easy password!! Oh he’s pissed at her…..he lost his badge and its on probation at work….he wants to know who Cath was working for when she accessed Doris’ records “was it Mangosta?” (wtf? who the hell is Mangosta?)….Oh that was quick, Cath already got the gun away from him…..such a badass..

Gratuitous Scooter Crotch Shoot

Awwww, what is shows fascination with charred flesh….again? They need some new methods of killering….well it turns out this piece of charcoal was shot, doused in accelerant  set on fire, THEN hit by the two crazy joyriding kids….. that’s overkill….and they have already found a casing from a 9mm amongst all the sugar cane stalks! Amazing work coppers!!

McG’s “there’s no such thing as a perfect murder” face.

Back at Cath’s she’s telling pool hall guy she wasn’t working for Mangosta, she was working for her friend, Doris’ son…her friend.  Mangosta turns out to be Doris’ last job 37 years ago….so super easy password guy (SEPG) tells Cath Mangosto is alive and looking for Doris…..and he’s smarter then the average criminal mastermind…..
Back at HQ Chin tells Kono he got a facial rec on the victim (how do you get a facial recognition on a burnt corpse?)….Victim has a name it’s Aiden, he’s a patient of Dr. Olivia Victor, who he called 737 times the day before.

Where’s the Aloha, Bee-atch??

McG and Kono go to visit her, she’s washing her own car, McG instantly McSpy’s sugar cane stalk stuck to her car.  He questions her about the phone calls, particularly the 8 minute call….the Doctor conveniently lost her phone while out running yesterday…..the vic could have been talking to anyone…..oh snap…she’s analyzing McG, he’s not gonna like that….he takes her hose away and tells Kono to arrest her and call CSI to check out her car…..McG has deduced that she’s a LLWL’s.  Back at the police station she’s set loose because the car came back clean……

McG’s “no f’ing way!” face




  2. “Back at HQ Chin tells Kono he got a facial rec on the victim (how do you get a facial recognition on a burnt corpse?)…”

    Snorted when I read that, J. Just what I was thinking! Seriously, that facial recognition thingie is one awesome piece of software.

    So many burnt corpses in Show, But on the bright side, no one was kidnapped this week. And no children were harmed. #silverlining

    1. There probably were in the first draft.

      1. Talking about drafts – Are we getting crayons this time?

    2. Emerald · · Reply

      Was the burnt corpse at least in the pugilist pose without it’s eyeballs? Because the last time I saw a burnt corpse effect on H50, the eyes were still intact, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t usually happen when someone’s all nice and char grilled.

      As for facial recognition, could they have been referring to defleshing the skull, and then doing a computer based reconstruction that could then be used to run facial recognition software on?

      1. I’m not gonna go into detail, because the girls will voms on their keyboards and tablets, but lets just say I learned a few things about defleshing via the first few seasons of Bones and the process takes a few hours at a slow boil.

        1. H5O sure ‘aint 24! Everything’s on fast forward in 5O-land.

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    So is a blue shirt and tan cargos the standard uniform in Hawaii? Or why is SEPG dude wearing McG’s clothes?!?

  4. Reblogged this on Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study and commented:
    Take a look at how Steve handles himself when temptation comes knocking…..

  5. “Burning Running Man” sounds like a horror movie. A group of unsuspecting, implausibly attractive, slightly stupid young people go to a festival of self-exploration, freedom of expression and (a lot of other things that I don’t know about because I’ve never been there) in the middle of the desert, only to find that it’s actually a futuristic game show where they will be hunted down and forced to fight to the death, gladiator-style, before the winner is ceremonially burned to death in a wicker man at the end.

    Awesome! Someone needs to put this into production RIGHT NOW!

  6. I really like Cath, and I thought I wouldn’t, I admit, but I don’t know why she would have just blabbed everything to SEPG. Also, that shirt she was wearing. Why?
    (PS. Hi! I’m Sage and I found you guys through Sardonic recaps. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the funny.)

    1. Hello Sage nice to meet you! welcome to the fun. 😀

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      Hi Sage! *waves*

  7. Hi Sandem, thanks for reading and welcome to Westy’s site!

    1. Hi Sage! Welcome. Always nice to see a new face 😀

      1. Hi from me, too 🙂

  8. Nothing on “where’s the Aloha , bee-atch” ??

    whatever……..I will laugh at that caption all by myself then.

    1. Who washes a car in those stupid boots, that’s what I want to know. She’s a fashion criminal from the first scene!!!

      1. I think it is the boots that gave her away. Steve saw them and knew she did it!!

        1. Anonymous · · Reply

          The boots were a dead give away. Plus that prissy face…wanted to smack that look off her face. Never been of fan of hers since way back in her General Hospital days…

      2. with their t-shirt tied up like a true hooker?

    2. I laughed, I promise I did!

  9. One thing is for sure, the Dr/Therapist/Madam or whatever she is, is a bad shot……poor guy survived the shot and the fire to be killed by a car!!

    1. Perhaps she went to the same shooting class as Mom?

  10. Just want to say Justine, you really captured all the evil women of the past very well in your little video!!

    1. Evil Tranny women…They are all alive and in hiding working in a massage palor.

  11. Facial recognition can be recreated from a skeleton.

    Cath shirt… in Hawaii she looks hot….Not to many other places in USA in November.

  12. What a lovely welcome! I might introduce myself again next week!

    Also, I was all over “where’s the Aloha, bee-atch.” Awesome.

    All I could think, though, in the scene in which they introduced Vanessa Marcil, was that for a lovely woman, she looks like sh/t. What did they do to her face? I guess that Alex, Scotty, Grace and DDK must be hella pretty in real life, because they still looked yummy.

  13. “Girl calls boys a dork (obviously she didn’t get to meet Alex on set)”

    *snort* 🙂

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