Wahine’inoloa **EVIL WoMan** Page 2

Oh look it’s Det. Danny Williams…where you been?  Didn’t even notice you weren’t there.  Danny is sharing his wisdom with McG, that the Doctor shouldn’t be a suspect as she’s his doctor and she should know what he was up to that would GET him killed…..McG’s answer: she must have been sleeping with the vic.

Oh come on Steve, it’s bigger than that!

2 Finger Salute/Shout Out to Alicia!


Seriously? Of course I’m right….I’m Steve McGarrett!

Eye sexing your partner, and solving a crime…McG the multi-tasker!

At the vic’s house the boys find Dr. Olivia consoling the vic’s wife…..the vic’s wife says she feels like she’s ambushed (by a really hot guy with  badge? I’d like to be ambushed please).  The vic left his wife a message the day before that he had something to confess to her, McG drops the “do you think they were having an affair” bomb on the widow…Afterwards Danny is still telling McG he’s wrong about the doctor…..Once again Danny is telling McG that he needs therapy  and McG says she’s pissed him off (never piss McG off!).

Mr. Subtle face……

Chin & Kona are back at HQ and find out that the vic had paid a private dick that isn’t Mick 30k….hmmmmm….

Cathy, SEPG, and Doris are chatting about Mangosta, Doris says there’s no way that he can be alive, because she used a lot of explosive….Cath points out that it is possible that he’s alive, as that’s how Doris faked her own death (ouch).

Cath FTW!!

Back at the Doctors office, the boys are trying to get the vic’s patient file from the receptionist….she’s not cooperating….The Doctor pops into the room and says that McG should know that the file is protected by patient doctor confidentiality….McG counters that the protection dies when the patient dies. Ohhhh, Doctor Olivia is getting mouthy with McG!!  Double ouch, she calls him out on his mommy and daddy issues…..Danno looks like he’s watching a tennis match….he likes the doctor…..she’s sticking it to his buddy good.

Why is she still trying to analyze me?

Oh whats that you say?  The computer patient file has been corrupted….must be a virus!

Coincidence? I think not!

Chin and Kono find the private dick that is not Mick, he’s in a old VW van on a stake out……knock knock, surprise! He’s dead! Shocked face!



  1. “Doris says there’s no way that he can be alive, because she used a lot of explosive…”

    Yeah, but we all know what a crappy shot you are, Doris. Perhaps you are useless with explosives, too. Doris, remember your performance review! It aint looking good right now.

    1. ^^ Yes! This!!!

  2. heymomo · · Reply

    I did enjoy Danny’s reaction to the Doctor’s analysis of Steve in the office…

    1. That was a classic! Total shout out to the ‘you need therapy’ stuff in season 1. Actually, I love the way Danny is being written this season. Still snarky but lighter on the histrionics. Keep it up, writers!

      1. and this ^^

    2. Ditto

  3. No way Steve would drop the “do you think they’re having an affair” on a victim’s wife. He’s much more empathetic than that.

    I’m jealous Chin got to wear the green shirt. Boo.

    Mick.Private.Dick – THANKYOU

    I love that Cath called Doris out on the explosion thing. Booyah!

    Also, I had Danny’s bum in that last cap. No really, it’s all I could look at. You’re welcome.

    1. Ess, I thought McG was a little un-McG-like in this ep. Agree with you re his comment to the victim’s wife. I was OK with him being convinced he was right about the Evil Doctor (and that she was outsmarting him at times) but I thought he was being a bit of a jerk about it *ducks for cover* I wish he’d had the chance to explain why he was convinced of her guilt (not just his ‘gut’). Sorry, it just didn’t work for me the way the writers perhaps intended it to.

      1. I thought he was a bit of a jerk too, a bit bull in a china shop (oh, that’s a nice visual….). It reminded me of the Moonlight ep where Mick is so sure that Morgan is Coraline but no-one believes him, and he ends up chasing her down in a cemetery and attacking her. He was right, like McG was right here, but that doesn’t make his behaviour OK, any more than McG’s behaviour (at the beginning anyway) was OK because she did turn out to be the bad guy.

        1. I don’t think he necessarily had BAD behavior here, he just wasn’t as in control as he usually is. Usually you can see the anger just beneath the surface….he let it out a little more here by slamming the truck door and throwing his keys, got a little mouthy (you’re welcome) but its not like he shot anyone or didn’t anything physically to anyone else or himself.

          1. He didn’t punch anyone
            shoot (at) anyone
            run after anyone
            throw a grenade at anyone
            drive Danny’s his fast car after anyone
            helicopter chase anyone
            crash an airplane into anyone
            Appropriately or otherwise.
            The entire episode.
            Just sayin.

            1. Hehe, you’re right, Steph, he didn’t. I dunno, I just didn’t like his attitude so much (Ok, so now I sound like his mother!).

              1. I agree, I also thought Steve was written a little out of character this episode. I don’t see him as someone who would get so fazed by a woman like her.
                I did miss Danny in the first few minutes. Not sure when Scott’s mother died in terms of the filming schedule or whether it was just the way it was written.

                1. My personal opinion is that the opening scene with Steve & Kono was originally written for Steve & Danny. Kono’s banter with Max “don’t tell me he was poisioned too” etc was very much what Danny & Max have been doing for a few eps now. I like Kono’s sly humor & think the scene is good as is, but that was my initial impression after first viewing.

                  1. It was the time when Scot went away for his mom’s funeral….so you might be right about it being written for Danny…

    2. That last cap. I say. I SAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Love that Cath called McMom out. Go Cath.

  4. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Agree, he came up with it on the spot before much was known about the crime. Also, totes walked into the cafe Julia trap, who. Didn’t see that coming? Really McG? You sat down with the known sociopath? I thought he was smarter than that. Side point, but really, can you put a restraining order against the cop investigating you? I would think every perp would pull that move out of their sleeve. And McG can’t put a no fly order on her, but why can’t Danno? Or chin? Is McG a one man H50 show? What authority does Cath have! No hate to Cath, but wtf? This could have a been a two parter where he could have seen over over a longer period of time to come to that conclusion. It was rushed. Still enjoyable but rushed.

    1. I thought that too about the RO. I thought he was going to ask Danny to do it, but I suppose he had to ask Cath to do SOMEthing, it’s what he does… I am getting bored with the ‘favours’ thing. They need to stop it now. The scene at the house was cute, but it would have been cuter if he’d gone to her for advice and support because he was so sure he was right but none of the team were backing him up. She could have talked him down from the ledge. It would have been adorable.

      1. Yeah, that would have been adorable. The writers could be a bit more imaginative with her character, I reckon. Agree about being a bit bored with the ‘favours’ thing. I hope now that Cath has to deal with knowing what Doris did to Mangosta, things will move along a bit.

  5. I didn´t think Steve was that bad with vic´s wife. He needed to ask that question, and I thought there was an appropriate hesitation before he “gently” asked if perhaps vic had had an affair.
    Show should use more often smart female perps that know how to play Steve. Was a pleasure to watch a different side of him 🙂
    Although him going to meet the doc at the cafe seemed like an obvious set-up, but at least we got some nice moments at the table. I think it is just good to give Steve some male “human” qualities, like he perhaps didn´t know how devious women can be 😉

  6. Two fingers for me! Mmmmm, thank you 😉

  7. annieoakley · · Reply

    “private dick that isn’t mick” << LOVE THIS!
    You're a poet and you don't know it.

  8. Oh come on Steve, it’s bigger than that!
    I was just describing Danno…… 😉

  9. Steve is seeing his mum in the Doctor. Good to see the vulnerability in Steve.
    Steve been using the same face for his sister behavior and not living up to his standards, mum face, but not a question about her last twenty years, Cath face, not considerate of their relationship. Steve face, to Chin, Kono, and Danny never changes he always right. The commander stop asking for favors.

    If mum tried to kill someone thiry-seven years ago, that before she was married. What a life.

  10. McG does have done serious mommy issues. For serious. Maybe he should be in therapy.

    1. I don’t think McG has got as much ‘mommy’ issues as that Mommy actually has got some issues……I think mom needs more than therapy

      1. The writers REALLY don’t want us to like Mom, do they?

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