Wahine’inoloa **EVIL WoMan** Page 3

McG knows that Dr. Olivia is behind both murders…..
Danno says we have nothing to connect her, and basically “she provokes you, this isn’t about her, it’s about you, she’s defiant, and it’s offensive to your entire world view”

McG’s “Danno what is this bullsh/t you are spewing?” face

Your entire world view (with hands for emphasis)

Hey McG there’s a guy here to see, let him in (you know he’s got a restraining order for him right?) McG gets served, 500 yards. Bam!
My question is why would she want a legal document to keep him away from her? Can I get a legal document to make him stay within 5 inches of me at all times? Please?
Cath and SEPG are looking over intel on Mangosta, and there’s a knock on the door, SEPG and the papers disappear, and it’s McG, guess what?  He needs a favor, but he also tells Cath “you’re so beautiful when your sarcastic” so she forgives him.

Pretty and Snarky…Cath FTW!!

He needs her to get Doctor Olivia on a no fly list, because since she’s got the R/O against him it would look like harASSment if he did it.  McG says she played him, and he hates being played (never try to play McG!)
Oh Dr. Olivia is leaving her office, she looks like a waitress, McG is staking her out, he does a cheesy impression of trying to hide his face as she passes in her red range rover.

We can still see your handsome face, dumbass.

Which because it was cheesy didn’t work, she see’s him and stops, but she’s inviting him to lunch!  McG has forgotten his wallet and is hungry so he accepts even though she has the R/O on him….dumbass.  When he arrives at the nice restaurant she promises not to bite (WTF is wrong with this chick? she’s doing the opposite of what I would do).  Is she making the sexing eyes at McG??

Why is she not launching herself at his face?

Oh, he’s doing the lip/tongue thing….so distracting.

Sweet Baby Jesus…..

My ovaries are screaming for mercy….FLR

To late for the ovaries, they have burst…… IHH/NID

He’s like a dog with a bone, flat out asks her why she killed them.  She says even if I did there’s no way you can prove it…DUKE!! “Thank God your here! Here’s my R/O, this man is stalking me” (skank you wish). Duke gets to put McG in his place and tells him the next time he arrests him (oh Duke you are so not scary). McG goes to hop in the Chevy and the  Doctor has flattened his tire…..Koala!!

Back at HQ Kono and Chin are still playing Angry Birds Star Wars at the magic table (Hi Ess!)….but they also found out the the private dick who is not Mick was paid 20k by a judge! and according to the stuff they got off his computer he was following 8 guys around….so if he’s following these guys then why are they paying him?? hmmm???


  1. “My question is why would she want a legal document to keep him away from her? Can I get a legal document to make him stay within 5 inches of me at all times? Please?”

    EXACTLY the reason why she is a dumba$$ b!tch, while you, me and all FUCUPs are smart women. The only restraining order we need is on McG’s pants. The pants must stay away from him by at least 5 miles. Well, you know, ahem, The FOY’s size, y’all.

    1. Restraining order on the pants! Genius!! I’d like a restraining order on all blue shirts please. Ok, maybe not the 2 from the halloween episode but most definitely the two worn this week. For the 20,001st time.

      1. There’s a restraining order on the gecko that needs to be rescinded. Right now! #freethegecko

    2. ‘Can I get a legal document to make him stay within 5 inches of me at all times? Please?’ Lol!! He could be 10 inches away and you’d still be in contact.

  2. OK, so I’m with you on the restraining order (nothing about that man needs to be restrained, right?) but seriously, can you take out a restraining order against a law enforcement officer when you are a murder suspect? Just askin’.

    I didn’t pick up on the seduction vibe, by the way. I mean Crazy Doc’s attempt at flirting was totes lost on me. I just thought McG looked annoyed (and beautiful, too, of course).

    1. “I just thought McG looked annoyed (and beautiful, too, of course).”

      That FLR is annoyingly beautiful.

    2. I think she had it in her head that every man wanted her but um, McG was totally lost on her come-hither vibes. Child-boo he’s got Cath at home. Botox free!!

      1. “Child-boo he’s got Cath at home. Botox free!!”


    3. “nothing about that man needs to be restrained, right?”

      You do NOT want to know what my brain just did.

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    …sorry, did someone say something? I got a bit lost in that lip/tongue/armcrossing gif…

    1. That.middle.gif


      1. right? i have scrolled up quite a lot this morning to look at him. mmmm.

  4. I did giggle pretty hard at McG trying to hide in that truck. silly boy.

    I LOVE that Cath believed in Steve from the get go. Shows how close they are and she really seemed concerned that he was a little off. Mad chemistry between these two.

    1. When she dropped the sarcasm because she picked up that something was really bothering him… without him even needing to say… FLRs, the pair of them.

      1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply


      2. ACA from me, too. Can we see more of this, please writers?

      3. Yeah, that was nice. Could do with more of that but for a genuine reason please.

  5. “Doc” was totally trying to seduce Steve, Justine left out the gif of doc moving her hand closer to Steve´s. I think Steve might have tried a subtle way of getting a confession out of her. He did lean forward but the eyesexting didn´t quite work with this biatch…odd.
    She has an amazing body, boob-job or push-ups? How old is she anyway?

    1. she seriously was the worst flirter ever!
      The actress is only 44 yrs old! and yet so much plastic surgery… Hollywood is a terrible place! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanessa_Marcil

      1. I couldn´t remember why she looked so familiar, now saw she used to in in Las Vegas. So she worked with Caan senior. But she looked older than 44 in those close-ups.

      2. “The actress is only 44 yrs old! and yet so much plastic surgery… Hollywood is a terrible place”

        Steph, I’m with you, sister!

  6. Steve loves sarcastic behavior…..MMMMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUM.

  7. Funny… Funny…Funny…Funny… your ovaries.. 🙂 🙂

  8. I think at the restaurant McG was distracted thinking about how hot she was on 90210. That’s the only logical reason for him to sit his dumb ass down at that table.

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