Wahine’inoloa **EVIL WoMan** Page 4

Cath and SEPG are staking out Mangosta’s hotel room waiting to get access to toss the room, oh Cath if you get caught it won’t be good. Cath gets into the room and finds nothing, but wait! There’s a room safe, and she happens to have the gadget thingy to crack the numeric code (I always carry one of those around in my wristlet), oh Mangosta must have forgotten his cigars, he’s on his way back up to his room. SEPG buys Cath some time, she gets the safe open but loho and behold there is nothing in it!! What kind of fuckery is this? Cath is smarter then the average bear and she knows there is something in the seemingly empty safe, oh look a fake panel in the hotel safe!

Behind the super secret panel in the hotel room safe
Do all hotel room safes have this feature?

Oh it’s surveillance pictures of Doris!
Well I guess he knows where she is eh? (<< Thats for you Momo).
Cath escapes in the mick of time by monkeying down the balcony to the room below…..no big deal, I could do that.

SEPG is getting chewed out by his superior for staking this guy out, apparently the jury is still out on whether or not this guy is Mangosta. So back at the restaurant Danny finds McG changing his tire. Danny admits (and it nearly killers him) that McG just might be right. They go to see the judge. The judge informs them that he wasn’t paying the private dick tht isn’t Mick, his wife was because she thought he was having an affair…..

Steve is amused by the sounds of other people doing the sexing thing……I’m just thinking “ick..ick…ick”

oh and Dr. Olivia isn’t his therapist, she’s his Madam!! Dr. Olivia is the Pineapple Madam!! And the private dick that isn’t Mick blackmails her clients!!

Ewww……She’s your Madam? She’s the Pineapple Madam of Oahu??

The economy is bad brah, you gotta make a dollar somehow.

Cath calls Doris to tell her Mangosta is after her and she’ll be right there to get her to a safe location. Meanwhile Dr. Olivia is trying to hop a flight. Cath gets to Casa McG and the door is open and there’s a broken lamp and BLOOD!!

Back at the airport Kono is looking at surveillance video and she see’s the doctor pays cash for a ticket to Reno (because thats where old pro’s go to retire or set up a new shop). The doctor then enters the “ladies” room. The evil doctor then smashes a flight attendant (is no one on Oahu safe?) and takes her uniform. Kono enters the bathroom to look for the doctor and finds the FA dead…..apparently therapists don’t take that “do no harm” oath.

Dead, but wearing a killer bra…..



  1. Cath is a BAMF. That is all.

    1. ^^THIS^^ bought and paid with cash.

      1. They/She made the stunt look totally believable. It was really well done.

    2. Total BAMF. But at our house, my NotMcG and I were laughing so hard at the sustained, shampoo commercial-style shot of her at the end. It was like the opening credits of Charlie’s Angels Five-0. C’mon producers….you can do better.

      1. You mean Kamekono’s Angels, yes?

        1. cvc-eve · · Reply

          That’s disturbing.

          1. I pitched it to Lenkov for after H5O is done……he didn’t respond…go figure

        2. Anonymous · · Reply


      2. Yes! CATH! you have landed in someone’s hotel room. Why are you standing there? Get movin! 😆

  2. Have to admit that I didn’t see the whole ‘madam’ thing coming. As much as the doctor really got under my skin, I was impressed with the COTW itself. Figured she was guilty from the get go but of being a murderer not a madam murderer!

    “Pineapple Madam of Oahu”. Love. it.

    1. Little shout out to the Mayflower Madam……she was my idol….until she went to jail.

    2. That does sound kind of painful though.

    3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      I liked the COTW in this ep. Drew me in and kept me guessing.

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    Forget the Mayflower Madam shout out… it’s all about the CANADA SHOUT OUT!! FTW EH?!

  4. “Steve is amused by the sounds of other people doing the sexing thing” – because he’s thinking…”pffff!! Amateur….” The sounds he makes Cath make is so high only dogs can hear it.

    1. “The sounds he makes Cath make is so high only dogs can hear it.”

      OK, I am dying here. That’s absolutely what was written all over McG’s face in that scene!

      1. annieoakley · · Reply

        “… only dogs can hear it” — FTW!!!

    2. heymomo · · Reply


    3. Hehehe…..amateur…….

  5. heymomo · · Reply

    If “mick of time” was a typo, it was the BEST TYPO EVER.
    If it was intentional, you are awesome.

    1. It twas intentional, along with the loho and behold

  6. cvc-eve · · Reply

    It was a good COTW without a twist on who the perp was at the end, which i liked. Plot hole alert, but how the heck can they serveil her going into the bathroom but lose her coming out? I thought that was lame. Did the security cameras blank out on the red uniform? It was a clothing change, not one of those Mission Impossible rubber masks that completely disguises her.

    1. annieoakley · · Reply

      ^^ACA^^ – it’s not like she took FA’s face and wore it like a mask, Hannibal Lechter-style. She didn’t even put her hair up in a bun.

  7. Cath´s balcony stunt was cool. I could totes do that too…in my head anyway.

  8. Cath shoulders look broad in that shoot….Stunt man???

    They must have shoot that scene several times, because Steve laughing at the sound.

    Funny…. Ess…

  9. Am I the only one who wants to know how Cath got into the room from the balcony? Was the door unlocked? We’re there people in there s/xing? Did she just say “sorry, excuse me passing through”

    1. Jana…..Rule # 1 of H5O Club
      (unless you hate the color blue)

      1. H50 club ….rule #1….Great point of view.

        What are the requirement to joint the club? 🙂

    2. Obv she just kept swinging down till she found an open door.

  10. One question. Did that woman not have any other clothes?

    1. hunny_bee1 · · Reply

      LOL! Please correct me if If I’m wrong, but If you mean that stupid backless black top thing that Cath was wearing at the beginning, I couldn’t agree more! Seriously, what the hell WAS that? It looked like she’d gotten it trapped in a door, but didn’t realise.

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