Wahine’inoloa **EVIL WoMan** Page 5

Cath puts out a call to locate the GPS on Doris’ Chevy (because they sell no other make of car in Oahu).
Kono, Danno, and McG are still at the airport and about to board the flight to Reno to get their perp…..but suddenly McG deduces that its all a ruse, she’s not leaving the island.

McG’s deducing face

They manage to catch her just as her cab is leaving the curb, Danno takes frisks/feel her up and McG says “Book her Danno”

The frisk / feel up….Danno needs to get some, he needs a Cath.

Book her Danno!!
Now where is Doris? Cath and SEPG find her in some bad part of town and she’s getting all Guantanamo on Mangosta’s ass.  Electricity, nipple clamps, and some H2O…..she wants to know who else knows she’s alive and she wants to know now. She’s pretty badass, but I don’t know if it’s the fact that she’s torturing a guy, or that her makeup is running down her face.

Crap….she’s a bit ruthless eh??

Torturing is hard work y’all !!

Cath gets her to stand down and takes her home (Mangosta apparently disappeared).  When they get to Casa McG Doris says to Cath “Steve can never know about this” and Cath agree’s!!

Cath makes a deal with the Devil

Really?!!?!?!  Shut the back door!!!!

A few last caps:

McG’s Duck Face

McG’s “who farted?” face



  1. spurschick · · Reply

    None of the links work for me. =(


    1. I screwed up! Sorry! They are all better now!

  2. Great recap!! I was sincerely hoping that Kono would catch up with the “therapist” and kick her a$$ in the airport lavatory. Vanessa Marcil makes me violent

  3. Yep, Danno liked frisking/feeling up the evil woman too much. Love McG’s array of faces. I wanna see his “Peed himself” face when he finds out what a scary BAMF (evil woman???) his mummy is.

    1. I wanted to be that woman then!

  4. heymomo · · Reply

    Cath had her fingers crossed when she made that promise! SHE MUST HAVE!!

    1. Is this where things ‘get complicated’ for McG and Cath? I think we were promised this by TPTB.

      How’s Mom going to explain the bruises to McG?

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        I’m klutzy and I walked into a door? That would work for both Grace and me 🙂

        1. Would work for me, too. I’m always bumping into things but I am not a Super Duper Secret Spy like Mom.

          ( “I was just out torturing some guy I didn’t kill properly the first time (is there a pattern here) and I walked into a door.” Yeah, that would work….)

      2. As long as they work it out, i’m ok with the complications. People have complained that she does everything for Steve, well now she’s made a mistake and all of a sudden she doesn’t hold ALL the cards anymore. I get she’s just trying to protect Steve and that shows how much she loves him but I think it will bite her in the ass later on. Either it will eat her up inside or Steve will find out and that won’t be good either. But if they use it to bring them closer together….go for it!

        1. I’m fine with complications, Ess. It will be interesting to see the McG/Cath relationship develop beyond Cath being at his beck and call. While on endless leave. I really like them as a couple but it would be nice to see things moving along.

          1. MOVE ALONG! <<<–THIS exactly!

          2. Yeah I want to join the Navy for the long holidays!

      3. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

        I fell and got a black eye. I also know someone who walked into a door and got a black eye. If McG believes her story, well that’s another discussion…

  5. This is the first episode I really wasn’t feeling Mom. they need to do better by that character. I guess there has to be one every season, eh?

    1. Mom’s a bit random at the moment. One minute she’s digging up secret microfiche then she’s cooking eggs, then she’s crying and then she’s torturing some guy. Whew….

      1. Menopause can be a b*tch.

        1. Funny…Funny…Funny…

  6. Thanks for a great review, Justine! I think I appreciated the show more upon reflection than I did after initially watching it. Your review helped turn my frown upside down. 😀

    1. I feel very much the same! talking through a difficult ep always helps me appreciate it more, seeing what others liked in it.

  7. Awesome recap Justine!

  8. Thanks Justine! I haven’t watched it yet, so will refrain from commenting until I do. But that pic of Mom torturing Mangosta?? I can see why she doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that Steve was TORTURED and ALMOST DIED! – just another day at the office for her.

    *wondering how I’m going to work this scene into the Mom Files* 🙂

    1. Cant wait to see the Mom files for this one! 😉

    2. IKR. The whole torture thing did my head in.

      I sit, forever patient and an eternal optimist, waiting for an explanation as to why Mom didn’t resurface when her husband was murdered and her son was tortured.

  9. cvc-eve · · Reply

    I have to admit, I did NOT see that scene coming with mom. Actually seemed a little over the top. This coming from someone who enjoyed the claw and did not think that was over the top, go figure.

    1. Agree with the over the top. As much as we have heard of super-spy mom, somehow this torture scene looked off. Perhaps it was her tears that ruined it for me. If you are going to be bad-ass, go for it. This was annoying and not believable.

      1. It was rather odd.

  10. karin@notmcnerd · · Reply

    I expected McMom to be on the receiving end of the torture. Never expected her to be that bada$$! Not happy with that turn of events.

    I too wondered how Cath’s pact with McMom would affect her relationship with Steve. Alex said in that HNN interview earlier this fall that he hoped the relationship would not be too easy for Steve because, with all his baggage, it shouldn’t be easy. I’ve been thinking for several weeks that it did seem easy, but I think he is definitely going to feel betrayed by a loved one again. During that scene, I was repeating to myself “don’t agree, don’t agree”. Poor Steve!

  11. I notice the last time (Mary coming home) Mum had something under the bottom eye lash. I thought it was tears, but it’s make-up. Vaseline?

    Mum is a subject not needed in any more episodes. The writers are getting sloppy about her role in H50. I hope Joe White comes, and takes her away. Christine is a good actress, but the torture scene was not her best acting.

    Why Cath. would listen to a stranger about telling Steve about his mum is beyond me (or the writer).

    Steve face at the airport (last screencap) was complexed. Thinking of mum or Dr. Victor? Alex and Vanessa played their roles and scenes very well. Steve made facial faces and the Doctor was without facial expression. I hope she will get out of jail from the lack of evidence, and they face each other again. Luther (BBC) had a women who was a killer, but idiolize Luther. Wonderfully written and played.

    Agree to much in one episode. The writers have made this mistake several times this year.

    Enjoyed your review,

  12. “McG’s “who farted?” face”. Justine, you had me with that caption, you really did.

    Great recap chickie!

  13. Question… Why did H50 take a case in Maui ? Road trip?

    1. Because Maui is part of Hawaii….the task force works directly for the Governor, and has jurisdiction on all the islands of Hawaii.

    2. Answer: someone wanted CBS to pay for their mini holiday to Maui.

  14. Thanks Justine, you really did a great job! Hope we see you doing it again soon
    I also liked the episode a bit better after reading your thoughts on it. 😀
    I still hate what they are doing with mom….but it is no surprise to me

    Just want to add year something that made me even more excited about the better writing and general vibe of S3 – My 22 yr old nephew who has never been a big fan of H5-0 – After seeing the first 2 episodes, he could not wait to see the rest. 🙂

    1. oopsie…and I should check what I have written, after getting distacted – I meant to say “…add something here….”

  15. “Steven can never know about this.” W. T. F. Seriously Show?! Seriously? Like Cath is keeping secrets for Mom McBitch? What man wrote that sh/t? I want to vom.

    1. Maybe Cath will tell Danny…Mum ask Cath to not tell Steve (lousy reason) not anyone else on the team.

      Thanks for the Maui responds.

      1. Good thinking. There is no reason for Cath to help Doris…yet anyway. She might look for advice from Danny.

        1. I’d quite like to see Cath and Danny working together and setting up a little conflict with Steve. As long as it’s bromantic hugs all round at the end of course.

    2. Yeah, I can’t remember a good reason for Cath not telling Steve but I’ve only watched one and a half times (unheard of).

      1. Perhaps Cath was just scared of Mom electrocuting her tits off.

        1. her tits off.
          😯 😆

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