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This week's recap by @Andrea_Briz - thanks for a great recap, Andrea!
Pics and gifs from @neropatti and bookemdannodotnet

This recap was written AFTER a long, late-night (well, for me anyway) email discussion with @aliciagecko and @westy5oh about the episode. Many of my observations in this recap have stemmed from it. A word of warning: If you loved the Victoria’s Secret elements of the episode, then perhaps this recap is not for you.

I’m going to try something different for this recap and write about the three elements in the episode. This is in part due to the fact that the Victoria’s Secret madness had sweet f/ck all to do with the COTW and it needs to be dealt with separately. But more on that later.

Element 1: Max and Sabrina
I loved this part of the episode so I am going to write about it first, before I get to the not-so-good moments. I admit to having low expectations of Rumer Willis (despite being a HUGE fan of her Dad). However, she really surprised me; and in a nice way, too. She was really good – adorable, natural, and sweet with Max. Will she stay around as Max’s girlfriend? I sure hope so. (By the way, isn’t Rumer an amazing mix of both of her parents? She looks like her father but smiles like her mother. Totally irrelevant, I know, but I just wanted to say it anyway.)
The opening scene of the episode features Max at the bank, waiting to be served by Rumer’s Sabrina. This is a very cute scene. He lets other bank customers go through before him, just so he can go up to Sabrina’s counter. He is so adorable. I love the moment when he goes “aahhh” (sorry, don’t know how to write this) when Sabrina calls him on the real reason for the bank visit. Max, I really heart you in this episode!
max at bank

Unfortunately, this cute conversation is cut short when two baddies enter the bank. There is a scuffle and a customer is shot. Oh, no, so is Sabrina. Poor Max – does this mean his sushi date is off?
Later, Max stages a vigil by Sabrina’s hospital bed and the tender way he places ice cubes on her lips makes me go ‘awwww’.

In the penultimate scene, Max tries to make up for the missed-out-on date by creating a little romance in the hospital cafeteria. He shows Sabrina a ‘plate menu’ with numbers that correspond to food from the vending machine. This is sweet without being too overdone and I like this scene very much.





  1. I loved Max and Sabrina. The scene in the cafeteria with the plate menu was just so sweet, I wish the ep could have ended there.

    I really liked Rumer Willis as well, and I had no preconceptions because I’d completely forgotten she was going to be in it. I’d like to see her in a future ep.

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Yeah, it would have been nice if the ep had ended there. That scene was very cute. Rumer Willis was so much better than I thought she’d be (not sure why I thought she wouldn’t be any good???)

      1. Show’s a bit hit and miss when it comes to guest stars, that’s probably why. I don’t automatically assume that guest stars are going to be much cop these days.

    2. heymomo · · Reply

      I don’t know why exactly, but I had really low expectations of Rumer. So I was pleasantly surprised, and thought she did a great job.

    3. I was leery based on Show’s constant stunt casting but I really liked Rumer as Sabrina. I hope they bring her back. She made this episode watchable for me. (I’m talking to you Victoria’s Secrects models.)

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I thought Rumer was great…she’s a beauty…her teeth are fricken amazing….I’m pretty sure that her smile could light up the entire H50 interrogation room!!!
    More Max and Sabrina please!!!!

  3. I was pleasantly surprised by Rumer. I thought she might be one of those come-and-go guest stars that are pretty awkward and only got the job because of her famous parents. She did have a beautiful natural smile and her presence was very likeable 🙂 But at the same time felt a bit squirmish on Max´s behalf. A bit stalkery to visit the bank every week just to see her 😉

    1. canadagirl66 · · Reply

      I laughed so hard at your “stalkery” comment Paula… because I think if Alex was a bank teller , I’d show up everyday depositing my pay $5 at a time!!!!!!!

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Really? That’s interesting. I didn’t get a stalker vibe, I just thought it was rather sweet, especially when you think of Max’s lack of um, social skills. I like that Show is giving him a girfriend (please come back, Sabrina!) and that we got to see him outside of icky crime scene and autopsy stuff.

  4. Andrea – totally agree with your comments on Rumer! She has her mother’s lovely smile and you can completely see her father in her facial structure & twinkly eyes!
    If only you could recover from a gut shot in a day or so…. in real life, she is eating from a tube for months, most likely…. or chilling with Malia Kelly in the afterlife. 😉
    Yay for happy endings!
    Although, in defense of modern day hospitals, most in my experience have awesome cafeterias… no need for vending machine food!!

  5. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    The ice cube thing totally freaked ME out! LOL. #Creepy

    1. I found that a bit too much too. I guess it was supposed to be romantic, but I kept thinking how unhygienic from a stranger to touch that ice that then melts on her lips. lol

      1. also, wouldn’t chapstick have been better than ice cubes? in fact, wouldn’t her lips get more chapped? for romance, how about a little hand-holding? sheesh.

        1. cvc-eve · · Reply

          I imagine its like when you’re in labor and can’t drink anything but have cotton mouth, and they give you ice chips. It’s not to wet your lips as much as the mouth in lieu of drinking. Yep. Kinda creepy from a near stranger though. I also had low expectations of Rumer and she was believable. Lastly, I bet when her folks arrive from the mainland they take her home and we never see her again. She was the Apolo Ohno for the day. IMO.

          1. I’m no doctor but the ice chip thing is used quite often, isn’t it, to help with hydration? I must admit I didn’t really think about Max and Sabrina barely knowing each other….

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Did it? Oh, I was OK with that. (Oh, dear, what does that say about me then?)

    3. I agree the ice cube thing was completely weird. It would have a drying effect on the lips and wouldn’t do much for hydration before the ice turned her lips blue. Better hydration through an IV.

      It was for romantic purposes but turned out creepy. Totally with you on that one….

      Other than that, I loved Max and Sabrina also. Pleasantly surprised..if not a bit too thick on the cutesiness of it.

      I hope Rumer returns. I think Peter received a lot of positive feedback for it and well, she’s not doing much else so hopefully we’ll see her again.

      1. heymomo · · Reply

        Agreed, creepy. And chappy. Especially since they don’t really know each other that well.

  6. heymomo · · Reply

    A word of warning: If you loved the Victoria’s Secret elements of the episode, then perhaps this recap is not for you.
    LOL! I think this WILL be the recap for me!!!
    p.s. HERE I AM! DID YOU MISS ME? RL has harshed my aloha this week. Way too busy. 🙂

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