3.9 Ha’awe Make Loa – (Death Wish) – Page 2

Element 2: The Crime of the Week (COTW)
The COTW focuses on the robbery and shooting at the bank. Jim Rogers, a bank customer, tries to wrestle with one of the robbers and he is shot for his trouble. The bullet hits Jim and also poor Sabrina. It’s puzzling that only $5000 was stolen from the bank. What is really going on? The episode title means ‘death wish’ and it seems that Jim, with the aid of the Head Bank Robber (hey, it’s Ponyboy!) have been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wishes to die a hero. I’m a bit confused here because, although I sympathise with the burden of a terminal cancer diagnosis, I am sure there are better ways to end it all before the disease takes hold. Jim, it seems, has staged the robbery with HBR, Martin Cordova, to shoot him in the process, thus creating said hero scenario. Trouble is, even though Cordova is a former contract killer, he does not kill Jim during the bank robbery so he has to go to the hospital later to finish the job. Some contract killer, hey? Westy, you were spot on to point out to me that Jim did not die much of a hero’s death in the end anyway. Cordova, you did a rotten job of it, mate!

The hospital scene presents us with a chase sequence when McG goes after Cordova. This chase sequence takes us beyond Claw territory and into total disbelief (because, you know, the Claw could REALLY have happened). I am still wondering why, if Cordova had a death wish, he didn’t let McG shoot him or throw himself in front of a car or whatever. Come to think of it, a real case of window-jumping like that would have totes caused serious injury at least. Why did he run at all?

There is a very cool scene amongst all the madness, though. Makani Jacobs is identified as a suspect by a fingerprint on the ditched backpack from the robbery. McG and Kono go check him out. They find said suspect stoned out of his tree and dancing around in his backyard wearing a short green hula skirt. Makani does the bolt over a fence but not before McG makes a grab for him and ends up with a fistful of hula skirt. Hah, that was funny. Then a naked Makani runs off down the street with Kono and McG in hot pursuit. He’s eventually apprehended in a nifty move from McG over a set of rubbish bins. I totes laugh out loud when McG jumps up quickly after he has tackled Makani and wipes his hands on his pants (yes, he wipes his hands on his pants!) while pretending to get out his cuffs. The ‘ugh, Makani germs, get them off me’ look on his face is a classic. He makes Kono cuff him – the look on HER face when she is told to do this is priceless, too. (“How is this fair?”) (Actually, I LOVE McG and Kono working together and it made a nice change from the McG/Danno partnership.)

grass skirt

Uh oh.

grass skirt.2jpg

No. No. No.

grass skirt.3pg

It’s stuck to my hand!


Ew, ew, ew, boy germs!

grass skirt.5

Boss, how is that fair??

The conclusion to the COTW is still giving me that WTF? feeling. That Cordova takes McG hostage in that way was seriously LAME. McG is supposed to be a total BAMF and Cordova is not very threatening, plus McG just goes for a nice country drive with him and listens to his troubles. Why did McG not take control of this situation? Did Cordova seriously think that McG was going to shoot him at the end like that?

turn around
turn around2
turn around3
turn around4
turn around5

turn around6



From Westy: I’m so sorry for posting all the pics of McG above. No, really. I am. I know how much you all hate looking at sooo much ugly.



  1. Mary Jane · · Reply

    I agree it was a weak COTW. Steve being a SEAL presents problems because we want to see him vulnerable sometimes but we wonder how he could have not got out of certain situations.

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      MJ, being vulnerable is one thing (and we love to see it) but this was just plain silly IMHO. He’s a SEAL FFS and we’ve seen how BAMF he can be so it was just too much out of character to me. Maybe TPTB wanted to continue to foster the audience’s sympathy for Cordova as a cancer victim. I dunno; still lame to me.

  2. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    There was a lot of things to love about this ep…like the sweetness that was Max and Sabrina, the bare-assed nekkid chase and capture, Steve rocking that suit, and Gracie and Uncle Steve holding hands. I did think the COTW was weak however I try not to worry about things that don’t quite make sense…like the jump out the window (which is similar to stunts I’ve seen in the Bond & Bourne movies), I know in RL no one would get up and walk away from that…but thankfully show is not RL, so instead I think “wow..that was a really cool stunt!!”…and why didn’t Steve take down Cardova in cancer treatment center? maybe he didn’t want to get innocent people hurt, maybe he thought he could talk him down, maybe he wanted to drive a Ford for a change. No the COTW wasn’t thought provoking or suspenseful… but I was still entertained and that is the main reason I watch & love this show…and of course to see that faaaaace!!!

    1. “maybe he wanted to drive a Ford for a change”


      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        He likes driving and he got to drive a different car – that’s it, that’s why he went on the little sojourn with Cordova instead of disarming him. I get it now….

  3. Seems that when if fits the show, Steve is not allowed to use his Navy Seal training. So many opportunities during the car ride to take control over that sick man. Even in the jungle on the walk plenty of opportunities for some karate kicks.
    I think this perp first fled to escape but in the jungle realised his situation and then opted to be shot instead of being captured, but he should have realised Steve would not shoot him in cold blood. I actually thought he would have made a fake attack after giving the gun to make Steve shoot. At least Steve was shown as a hard-arsed Seal by arresting the guy and telling him, that he wasn´t goint to get off that easy.

    But the chase after bare-a$$ naked guy was hilarious 😀 I liked Steve working with Kono in this epi so much. It really was a refreshing change and that toss of cuffs to her was bl00dy brilliant 😀

    1. I like Steve and Kono working together as well. They should mix it up more often.

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        I second that! They work really well together and it’s just nice to see different partnerships for a change. Loved Kono working with Danny in the Headless Horseman ep, too.

    2. Paula I agree, I also thought that Cordova would get McG to shoot him– Cordova should have shot at the other Five-0s as they drove up. They would have filled him full of bullets fast.

      1. You are right, it struck me odd that he gave up so easily then. Why not put on a desperate fight if he wanted to be shot dead.

        1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

          Not a very interesting or suspenseful end to the COTW. But then they had to rush off to get ready for the VS fashion show and TPTB just had to leave time for a lingering shot of Behati’s backside. This is important, you know.

  4. Westy, no apology can ever compensate for you making me look through that much ugly.

    *goes back for another look*

    Really, I don’t see how you could ever make it up to me.

    *looks just one more time*

    I’m never going to forgive you for this, you know.

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      She truly a Koala, that Westy.


      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Westy, I said ONE pic from that final scene, please. Wait, what am I talking about? As you were, Westy, as you were.

    2. I sowwee. It will never happen again. (As if!)

  5. The COTW was baaaaaad. Really, really bad.

    That said, I can forgive this ep almost anything (almost, but not quite) because of the nekkid chase scene. I was nearly crying with laughter by the end of it. It wasn’t just the chase itself, but McG and Kono’s reaction’s and their faces! Oh I love it when Show tries to be funny and pulls it off. Awesome.

    1. Cordova should have double tapped Rogers in the bank. Any self respecting ganster hit man would have done the same.
      The strangling – completely off camera, as an after thought – was pretty lame. For me, it damaged the flow of the story of the man who wanted to die as a hero. I can see how going down in a hail of bullets saving a life could be something someone would choose to do… but who would CHOOSE to be STRANGLED TO DEATH??? No one.
      ps- NOH8, but if you want to be strangled TO DEATH I don’t wanna know about it.

      1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        I am totes channelling Toast here, when I think about “Plan B”. If this was Jim and Cordova’s plan B, then it was totally lame-o Can’t you just see these two in their Final Meeting before Hero Death:

        Cordova: “Right, if I don’t shoot you dead in the fake robbery, I’ll come to the hospital and strangle you.”

        Yep, that’ll work. And it’s so heroic, too.

      2. “ps- NOH8, but if you want to be strangled TO DEATH I don’t wanna know about it.”

        I am laughing so hard at this!

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          Hmmm. David Carradine comes to mind….. eww.

          1. I have NO IDEA what you mean. *counts blessings*

          2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

            I’ll leave it to you to wikipedia him and a his unfortunate demise.

            1. cvc-eve · · Reply

              Eww I do know what you mean, thanks for that image.

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      It was very, very bad. I am still trying to work out whether I can forgive Show for this ep because of the Makani scene. The jury is still out.

      However, you are absolutely right, when Show tries to be funny and it works, it really works. I LOVED that scene – “bare-assed naked” from Kono and a “how is that fair?” face PLUS a boy germs face from McG. What else is there?

      1. I’m not sure they’re EVER going to top that! Boy-germs face! FAAAAAAACE!!

        1. The boy germs face has to be up there with the best EVER faaaaaaaaaces!

    3. Agreed Alicia, if i forget about the VS stuff it was a pretty darn good episode becauase of the 2 chase scenes. #1 for the hilarity and the reactions of all involved… So FKN funny!! Kudos, Grace, Alex and whoever Mikani was… All 3 were outstanding. This may be one of my favorite scenes from show ever. #2 chase scene, was BAMF and WTF cares if it was realistic? This kind of unrealism (is that a word) is acceptable IMO, the CGI crap of the claw is a different kind of animal. A lame, weak antelope of an animal….not a roaring BAMF Lion. <<—see what I did there??

      1. I see what you did there! ACA, this was a really funny ep. Just the kind of understated humour Alex does so well. Grace was awesome too.

        I need to rewatch in a big way!

  6. cvc-eve · · Reply

    I can only ACA to you and add nothing new. The jump was too much, the driving scene too lame, the strangling to finish the job (?). Just meh. I know we’ll cover it on the next page, but if anyone was going to be shot, I’d bet on the hitman not the lady stalker. Geesh.

  7. heymomo · · Reply

    When Bond does the crazy parkour and walks away unscathed I’m ok with it, but all I could think was BROKEN ANKLES when THE GUY GETTING CHEMO and McG jumped two stories and kept going. But why? Because in my mind 5-0 is MORE REAL THAN BOND? What am I thinking?!?
    I need to remember the CLAW and just move on… 😉

  8. heymomo · · Reply

    Also, hula guy and the oh-so-careful camera angles of the chase and McG’s tackle and germ wiping and making Kono cuff him and BARE ASS NEKKID… HILARIOUS!!
    Love when they give Steve a chance to be funny.

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