3.9 Ha’awe Make Loa – (Death Wish) – Page 3

Element 3: Victoria’s Secret (aka WHY SHOW, WHY?)
I had no idea who any of these models were before watching the episode. The only VS model I know is Miranda Kerr and that’s just because she is Australian! I understand that the VS element had to be included in Show as some sort of tie-in with a VS fashion show on CBS. Is that correct? If this is the case, poor Show, it gets stuck with VS models but instead of doing something useful with it, the writers do something bad. Very, very bad. (Also, why was H50 responsible for promoting the VS fashion show?)

So, it turns out that one of the VS models is being stalked. Why the f/ck is Five 0 investigating this? I thought they were an elite taskforce set up to fight organised crime and the like? One measly stalker note appears and they call in the Big Guns? (Not that I mind the Big Guns, mind you.) Is it because VS models warrant the attention of the Five 0s because they are well, models? If I were being stalked, I’d be lucky to get the HPD mail clerk to check it out, let alone McG and Danny. Why Show, why?
(The only good bit in the opening VS scene is when Danny tells McG he is going to handle the case and he orders McG to get a handwriting analysis done on the stalker note. The look on Alex’s face is priceless here. “Just behave yourself”, he says to Danny. Hehe.)



I’m not just a pretty face! I’m smart and I have feelings!

When Danny interviews three of the models to try to ascertain who might be the stalker’s target, he sits on a white couch on the beach with them. This scene is excruciating to watch. If the stalker situation is so serious that it needs Five 0 to investigate, Danny, mate, stop wasting time showing models pictures of your daughter. Oh, wait, this is here to set up the final scene with Grace. I am groaning now because I know how AWFUL that final scene turns out to be.
It gets worse. One of the models gives Danny the name of a disgruntled ex boyfriend, but the guy is dead. For realz? Ah, honey, he can’t be a suspect. Because he is DEAD! OMG this is bad. (Or was it supposed to be funny and I totes missed the punch line?) In trying to give the writers a break, I attempt to get on board with the Behati chat with Danny, where she laments how tough it is to be a VS model, that she’s selling a product AND a fantasy and people confuse the underwear wearer with the real Behati. The sentiment behind what she was saying was fine with me, I’m just not sure about the ‘persona’ to which she is referring. Moreover, are we supposed to feel sorry for her because she is a beautiful model yet tragically no one knows who she really is? I can’t bring myself to say anything further on this so I’ll leave it up to you all to comment on. I am sure it will be enlightening.

Anyway, Danny finds out from Fong’s handwriting analysis that the stalker is a woman, named Denise Pope. I guess her handwriting was ‘in the system’ from previous stalking charges? The awesome facial recognition software that Five 0 uses finds Denise in a jiffy – staying at the same hotel as the models. How about that?

Poor Denise, she just wants to be friends with Behati, who by now is back at the hotel. Denise, way braver than me when it comes to friendship, climbs out on her balcony and into Behati’s room. If VS models are so important that they warrant Five 0 attention, why do they not have bodyguards and stay in underground bunkers? Cath could have been called in to guard the models. She’s good at guarding people. Also, she’s on permanent holiday with nothing better to do.

Anyway, did you notice the way the two women were dressed? Behati’s all high heels (on the sand in Hawaii?), tight jeans and sexiness and Denise’s outfit is totes daggy. Why Show, why?
Danny comes bursting into the room and shoots Denise. Dead. What? Why was she shot dead? She wasn’t that big of a threat surely? To have a history of stalking charges may suggest that Denise needs help and it would have been nice, Show, to have explored this idea further rather than just shooting the poor woman dead. We know very little about her and we are never given the chance to feel sympathy for her situation.


Oops. I shot dead poor, mentally ill, badly dressed stalker woman. Bummer.

Is Denise dead because she was a) a woman b) a stalker of beautiful people and c) a daggy dresser?

(I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of celebrity stalkers here, of course.)

As Alicia said to me, in contrast to Denise, Cordova gets to live despite his actions. We are supposed to feel sympathy for him and for Jim (and for Behati and her model persona, remember, just not Denise). The car discussion between McG and Kono seemed to be designed to make us feel this way – a dying cancer patient going to great lengths to die as a hero and this is OK despite a plan that places others at risk. What’s going on here, Show?

And now to the final scene in the episode. The whole way through the VS stuff I kept asking myself: am I applying double standards to my distaste for the models when I love the Alex/McG pretty? This is where Alicia stepped in, thankfully, pointing out that while Alex IS beautiful and we do drool, he is more than just that and we celebrate both his looks and his talent. McG is McG and that he is pretty is a bonus, right? And as much as we’d love it to happen, he does not spend entire episodes shirtless. Nor does he give parenting advice while dressed in his underwear (see later on for significance of this comment )
Really, the way the VS models were utilised in this episode just wasn’t sensible and did nothing to address the serious issue of the objectification of women. Can we PLEASE have more women on Show who are not killed, do not walk around (gratuitously) in bikinis or their underwear, and do something, anything, to further the cause of women the world over? Thanks! (Again, thanks to Alicia for her email discussion around this.)

The only good thing to come out of the very final scene is when McG photographs Grace on her new phone and takes her hand when he walks over to talk to Kamekona. Uncle Steve is so cute! Otherwise, that Grace was even there was totally inappropriate (yes, Westy, I can’t see Rachel allowing Grace to attend such an event, either). Are we to think that that being a VS model is something to which Grace should aspire? When Behati says: “Little girls need their daddies. They grow up so fast”, I nearly burnt my bra and called Germaine Greer. Behati says this in relation to a 10 year old girl who is at a VS fashion show being made over by women wearing, well, what the f/ck WERE those women wearing? Or not wearing, more to the point. Was Behati dressed as a giant flower? If so, why? (These are important questions, you know.) Seriously, you cannot dispense parenting advice while dressed as giant flower, in your underwear. By the way, I am not sure why Danny is standing there, looking so proud of his daughter. He has been portrayed as fiercely protective of Grace thus far and you would think that he’d want to protect Grace from flower-dressed underwear models, not behave as if they are the epitome of success.

uncle steve
uncle steve2
uncle steve3

Show, could you not have thought of something better to do with the VS models other than:
• Show us that they are worthy of Five 0 attention because they are pretty?
• Make it OK for a (female) stalker to be shot dead when what she really needed was help?
• Involve Grace in all this?

Why Show, why?

There were some highlights. Here they are:
• The Fongmeister giving Kono an “island hottie” sweater to wear to test out the LED thingie that made the bad dudes’ heads go all shiny on the security cameras. We love you Fong!
• Max and Sabrina. Rumer did a fab job and Max was adorable instead of being occasionally mildly annoying.
• No Mom #nuffsaid
• McG and Kono chasing Makani, even if only for Kono saying “bare-assed naked”, but definitely for McG wiping Makani germs off his pants while pretending to get out his cuffs. And for making Kono do the dirty work. Best scene in the episode!
• McG looked very, very pretty and Alex did a terrific job with the material that he was given. I also liked that Kono got to ride in the car with McG and be a major player in the investigation.
• Uncle Steve #nuffsaidyetagain

Um, I think I have already covered those.
I am dying to know what you all thought of this episode. Go forth and comment away!



  1. I’d comment, but I have to go to bed! It’s past midnight and I have to be up in less than five hours. Eek.

  2. Mary Jane · · Reply

    It was a bit of a cr*p episode as far as I was concerne I pretty much agree with all you said. I too wondered if I was employing double standards but it doesn’t bother me when Kono or Cath get naked. I thought the ‘girls grow up so fast-let’s give her a makeover’ while her arse was hanging out was clumsy and a confused message. It felt like lip service to people who would be offended and therefore a justification.
    Danny wasn’t in it very much but maybe Scott was on compassionate leave

  3. I didn’t think it was a great episode either. I liked Max too. Didn’t realise Rumer had famous parents.
    I pretty much agree with all you’ve said. I thought Behati acted reasonably but she didn’t have a great script or story. I thought the ‘Little girls grow up all too quickly-let’s give her a makeover’ said with her arse hanging out was clumsy and a confused message. It felt like lip service in order to justify it. I too wondered if I was employing double standards but I don’t care if Kono or Cath get naked.
    Danny wasn’t in it much but Scott might have been on compassionate leave at the time.
    All a bit ‘meh’ but the promo for 3.10 looks promising.
    Well done for recapping!

    1. Danny has been infomed by SO MANY PEOPLE including the Kardashian and now the VS model that kids grow up fast & remind him they need loving parents. Methinks this is anvil-dropping in regards to perhaps an upcoming custody drama.

      That being said when a model says “girls need their daddies” I shuddered. Sounds so creepy. The stereotype of the model being someone who never had a good / functional relationship with her own father, perhaps desperate for attention. That is the stereotype, that’s all I’m saying. So the line sounded creepy to me.

      It also literally **sounded terrible,** just how low a register is Behati’s voice? Good lord. The woman must have smoked her weight in cigarettes 10 times over. Not sexy in my book.

      1. And then there was that loooong look Behati gave Danny when she said a girl needs her daddy…it was a wtf moment indeed…

      2. cvc-eve · · Reply

        Also, and maybe I was just very self absorbed at a younger age, but when someone is young, for example VS model ages, they don’t think about how fast kids grow up or need their daddies. At that age it’s still full speed ahead, not a lot of introspection. I think those feelings come with age or maturity, that is why it rang hollow to me. Wtf do they know? Of course I’m only 29 so I’m just mature for my age. Either that, or I’m pis/ing everyone off in two posts today. But agreed, putting make up on her doesn’t help the situation to be less confusing. I think @plenkov picked the short straw at the CBS directors meeting of who had to work their show around the VS thing.

        1. “I think @plenkov picked the short straw at the CBS directors meeting of who had to work their show around the VS thing.”


          1. Or CBS looked at all their shows to decide which one was the best fit for a VS infomercial, and picked this one. Wow, that’s depressing.

            1. Ha, that is depressing indeed. Would have been less vomit-inducing if we’d just had 5 minutes of giant flower wearing models at the end rather than a dreadful storyline as part of the ep. Sigh….

            2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Just for the record, the VS fashion show draws a much larger percentage of FEMALE viewers according to some reports I’ve read (The show, in its second decade, is the cornerstone of an efficient marketing machine. Last year, the special received its highest rating since at least 2002, with 11.5 million viewers, mostly women. per Bloomberg News) So, before we go all feminista on it, I think that we need to acknowledge that there is apparently a boatload of women that are not like us out there.

              11.5 million viewers.

              H50 wasn’t promoting the fashion show, the fashion show was promoting H50.

              1. Oh shizzz. You’re right. That is…well…depressing. Or something. I just can’t figure why you would watch those model girls, and all the body image baggage, when you could watch our beautiful people who also are funny and BAMF.

                1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

                  Totally depressing, but if it gets a few more eyes on SHOW, then I am not so terribly against it.

                  1. Thanks for this info, Kimmer. I thnk I read somewhere that viewer numbers were up for this ep. Am I right in saying that?

                    1. Kimphin1 · ·

                      I think it was around 3rd highest for this seasons episodes, came in a close second among the other broadcast networks for the 10PM hour, beating Castle pretty handily. Lost to “Blake Shelton’s Family Christmas” BTW – no “revolution” until spring – so that major competition is gone for now. Because of all of that, I don’t know if you can say ratings were up because of VS, or just from all of the other stuff going on.

                      But, like I said – any increase in the ratings is good with me.

              2. Does it make us odd that we have ABSOLUTELY no desire to watch that sh/t??? I would seriously read the dictionary before watching that!

                1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

                  I was floored when I read that mostly women watch. WTF???

    2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      “I thought the ‘Little girls grow up all too quickly-let’s give her a makeover’ said with her arse hanging out was clumsy and a confused message.”

      Exactly, MJ!

      And thanks for the vote of confidence in the recap. I thought long and hard about what to write about the VS element and it was good to talk to Westy and Alicia about it before I wrote it. Like I said, why Show, why?

  4. I am laughing so hard here, not really sure why 😀 I think this page 3 was a superb recap of the things wrong with this episode. Though I think I don´t pay as much attention to the stories like you guys. I keep an eye out for the pretty and interesting scenes with Alex for gifs. So on my 2nd jumpy view, I just skip the annoying parts. Like Danny on the couch with the models, and Behati´s speech.
    Danny was over the moon happy at VS show, doubt she was thinking about Gracie´s influences. though Teilor played her part as an excited girl very well, it made me forget about the environment she was exposed to. And of course uncle Steve looking after her as well was uber cute.
    I loved Steve commenting on Kamekona´s cousin “so that must make you Danny Williams” and that guy sounded so funny with his little line “howsit howsit”. What a pair, Kamekona and his little cousin! I wish we are going to be treated with those in the future too 😀

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      I’m so glad you are laughing, Paula 🙂 My work here is done!

      I liked Kamekona as well. I didn’t really write about that in the recap as I was distracted by Behati dressed as a giant flower and the hugely prominent shot of her backside. The whole thing with Grace would have been crazy cute if it wasn’t at a VS fashion show. Or if Behati had kept her parenting advice to herself.

      Did you notice that when Behati hugged Danny for saving her from the stalker, she practically had to bend in half? Sorry, that’s just something I picked up on because I am tall too 🙂

  5. Sorry for moaning this week. Another thing; I hope they don’t keep Behati in the opening titles. I really liked that the girl in the yellow bikini was a local extra.

  6. great comments here, and most of all great recap… just one thing: Danny IS very protective of Gracie, but he is also a ladies man, and he goes after every woman he sees (remember first five seconds of him meeting Kono in Pilot?)… it’s like we have two Danno’s – a loving father and totally cute-but-sometimes-badass cop and/or man… so, maybe he just forgot about Gracie for a second because of Uncle Steve, but all in all my favorite part of this episode involving him was at Fong’s lab… and, not to forget, I did see McG’s wiping hands, it was classic… and yes, I hope they are giving us back the yellow bikini lady in 3.10 – Behati is just too much (and I didn’t know who she is untill the promo for episode, either).
    Love you work here, girls, just keep up,


    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Thanks, my fellow Andrea.

      1. Great review! I’ll have to comment when I have a few more minutes to read all the comments. Kudos from yet another fellow Andrea

        1. This is starting to get reeeeeeally confusing!

        2. Thanks my other fellow Andrea. So many ‘Andreas’, wow…..

  7. Ugh, I don’t even know where to start. You summed up what we talked about really well. I’d rather the VS stuff hadn’t been in it, but since that wasn’t an option I just wish they hadn’t handled is so appallingly badly.

    The models – well, I didn’t think they were treated with much respect, actually. Behati’s ‘woe is me’ speech just made her sound ridiculously self-absorbed. I’m assuming it was attempting to be Serious Commentary about the nature of celebrity and how some fans have trouble differentiating between a character and either the person playing that character or a completely fictional version of the real person that they’ve made up in their heads because they don’t know what that person is really like – but it didn’t work. Not everyone even got that, they just laughed at her, and then they laughed at the ‘my dead boyfriend is stalking me’ model as well (because without any context to show that this was meant to be self-referential, it just made her look stupid). So: one model has made herself look completely self-obsessed, another has made a total idiot of herself, and for a grand finale, they decide to drape themselves all over a man they’ve just met. Classy. Show would have done better to have just had a few lines of dialogue to show that these women are not airheads. I don’t remember the Rick Springfield episode leaving such a bad taste.

    The scene at the end just gave me the rage. Monkey is ten years old. It is SO inappropriate for her to be there – let alone tweeting pictures to all her impressionable ten-year-old friends – that I just cannot imagine what TPTB were thinking. “Little girls need their daddies”, yes they do, to teach them that wandering around in your underwear to titillate men who don’t give the smallest f/ck about you as a person (and possibly don’t even know what your face looks like) is not something that should be celebrated.

    “Seriously, you cannot dispense parenting advice while dressed as giant flower, in your underwear.”

    This made me laugh! So true! The WTF-ness of giving advice to the father of a child you just met while dressed for s/xytimes is off the scale!

    That’s enough for now. Ooh, I’m still so cross about this.

    Loved your recap, really like the different format. BTW, I would TOTALLY climb across a balcony for you #awkwardchickflickmoment

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Alicia, I want to reply to your comment but I am reading it during my lunch break and need more time to do it properly. Will be back later.

      Will just say that I am so glad you laughed at the “Seriously, you cannot dispense parenting advice while dressed as giant flower, in your underwear” comment. I got so carried away writing it that I didn’t notice until now that I missed the ‘a’ before ‘giant flower’. Sigh.

      I’m also glad you like the recap and the different format. The episode was just right for writing about like that.

      And, yes, I would totally climb across a balcony for you too, my friend #ACFM x 2. (Even though I’d probably end up flat on my face :))

  8. Andrea, thank you THANK YOU for observing that Danny/Show/TPTB killed a mentally ill person by shooting them in the back… I was really unhappy with that. I mean… it’s just not ok and sometimes I wonder how the writers write such a thing, it gets past censors & quality control, the actors involved don’t say anything an atplenkov with final editorial control lets it air. It’s just not right. That woman needed HELP. Not a one way trip to the afterlife.

    Also Mr JK observed that Danny should’t have taken the shot AT ALL because he was shooting **towards Behati** as well… Of course Show has amnesia and in this VERY EPISODE a bullet went through one person & into another. 🙄

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Mr. JK and I had the same thought. Then I forgave the quick death and determined that Denise died quickly because d) that storyline needed to end, like 35 minutes before it did

      1. Agreed — it was just not a good storyline to start with, so ultimately who gives an F how it wraps up.

      2. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

        Kimmer, LOL!!! I should have added your d) to my list. Love it!

        Thanks you Steph. The first thing I thought of when Denise was shot, was “noooooo.” I was actually really taken aback when Danny burst into the hotel room and shot Denise like that and the scene left me reeling for some time after that. Alicia had had the same thought when we discussed the ep later. Mental illness is a serious issue and I thought it was very bad for Show to evoke sympathy for the cancer sufferers but dispense a mentally ill woman like that without any further investigation into her character, her motivation for stalking or mental illness generally. This could have been a whole episode in itself, not just something tacked on to appease Victoria (is there a Victoria who keeps secrets?).

    2. I have one question, what did you expect Danny to do? Let the mentally ill person kill the model? She was attacking her, and very close to killing her.

      I totally agree this whole storyline should not have been written this way, it’s a way too serious matter for such quickly hacked together story. But in that instance, Danny had no choice but to shoot.

      We don’t know what kind of ammo Danny is using, probably some that will not go through. No, that is not made up, there are lots of different types of bullets, and I would think they use the ones that fragments inside the body of the shot person. So that no bystander gets shot by friendly fire. The model was not really in danger.

      1. Hi Sam — I think we agree…. in the situation, Danny couldn’t have done anything else. Why it had to be written that way, though, is what I have a problem with. It could have easily been written where the stalker is subdued or only wounded. It wasn’t a character criticism of Danny it was meant to be a meta criticism of insensitive writing, etc.

        Also I checked out your blog & followed… I like the title. 😆

        1. ^^^ All of this. And hi Sam!

          1. Hi, Sam, thanks for joining in. It think we are in agreement here, that the police procedural aspect is not so much the issue as the treatment of a mentally ill woman. I wasn’t criticising Danny, either 🙂

  9. Andrea_briz: I don’t know you, but I am totally-TOTALLY!–grateful for your recap. First, I want to “Ditto!” and “Huzzah!” your comments about the VS portions of this episode, because, ick. The whole Gracie getting made up by supermodels thing? Danny would never let that happen. Ick. And the treating them like they are idiots, but so so valuble? Ick. Also, shooting Denise but letting the hit man live? What? Anyway, thanks; you’re a bad$$ recapper.

    Also, I have been super annoyed at the utter lack of gay people on this show–Oahu has a fairly vibrant scene, it turns out–and to have the one sorta gay-ish tinged thing be a crazy, dumpy stalker? Annoying. I know they weren’t playing her as gay, that it was just a surprise! twist! that she was female, but dang. A woman stalking a woman gets you killed, but being a hitman with cancer gets you sympathy. Again I say, What?!?!

    And yes, Alex, Scotty and Grace looked scrumptious. Scrumptious, as usual.

    Double standard, what?

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      I’m a “bad$$ recapper” – love this. I’ve never been called a bad$$ anything before 🙂

      Thanks for your comments, especially your complaint about the lack of gay people on Show.

      While I was cranky about the VS models, I think I was crankier about the stalker part of the episode. “A woman stalking a woman gets you killed, but being a hitman with cancer gets you sympathy” – yes! This was indeed a very bad message for Show to send to the audience.

  10. Oh, and this?
    “Can we PLEASE have more women on Show who are not killed, do not walk around (gratuitously) in bikinis or their underwear, and do something, anything, to further the cause of women the world over? Thanks!”

    (Wow, this one made me cranky. I am usually in such good spirits after Show.)

    1. LOL I was cranky too, but then I think about that naked chase scene and am all, “aww, it wasn’t all so bad”

      1. There was so much good in this ep, it’s a shame I’ll remember it as the one that made me want to vomit on my keyboard. I will rewatch the chase scene multiple times, maybe that’ll do the trick 😉

        1. That should do it!

    2. Alicia,,,,BRAVO…Standing Ovation….

      1. Thank you honey 🙂

    3. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Thank you 🙂 We admire McG (and Danny and Chin, too) so much for all sorts of reasons and I’d just like more female characters whom we can feel the same way about . We have Kono but she seems to be a lone voice at the moment.

      1. Kono, you mean the woman who immediately forgave the man who left her duct taped to a chair whithout even making him work is a$$ off for her forgiveness?

        1. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…. but does anyone else think that Fong keeps turning up because he’s going to be the one picking up the tiny shattered pieces of Kono’s heart when she realises that duct-taping actually IS bad behaviour, and not at all in an amusing way?

          1. Yes, I wonder if this is what is going to happen with Kono and Fong. Hope so. I like Fong and I’d like to see the two of them together.

            I agree with what you are saying about the duct tape incident but Kono is one of the few good female characters on the show IMHO. I also think that, like a lot of other serious events (McG’s torture, Chin losing his wife), the fallout is not dealt with – guess we are to accept that this happens ‘off camera’???

          2. Whatever the reason — I’m glad he’s turning up… in this ep he practically solved both cases!! What would the Five-0s do without him???


            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              apparently work more! LOL!

          3. Kimphin1 · · Reply

            If so, I hope to hell that he starts getting better shirts. WTF was that one???

            Love Fong – he did ALL of the detectiving this week! Busy, busy Fong.

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              OMG that shirt!! We need more FONG – he has the best smile!!

  11. Andrea… I think your recap was on point. I hope the TPTB will read your summation.

    Thank you

    1. Andrea_Briz · · Reply

      Thanks E. If TPTB took notice of what we say about some of their episodes, we might get better writing in the future. Here’s hoping!

      1. I just want to defend the writers here a bit 😉
        This episode was rushed to accomodate the VS model and their show – it was broadcast out of sequence.. (one large advert for them – and money most probabbly talked harder than common sense here)
        Most of the producers and writers are men (appart from the director of this episode…who seems not to have been working as one for a long time now) – and I do not think there was much blood left in their brains when they were working on this episode….just saying – You could see by Atplenkov’s tweets and the BTS photo’s the men were in awe and smitten (don’t know why? 😉 )
        I also blame this whole episode and the VS models in it on us and paricularly on Justine – for sending Alex’s assistant a VS gift card (this whole thing is a shout out to us and those GP’s :razz:)

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          I TOTALLY had that thought yesterday – about the VS gift card! LOL.

          Because, as you know, it is all about US.

          1. There were SO MANY shout-outs to us in that ep.

  12. cvc-eve · · Reply

    Ok, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but if I recall correctly, the stalker did lunge at the VS person with a knife. Now, there may be other ways of handling it, but probs not. The mental illness part is unfortunate but the danger no less to the over dressed, Stiletto wearing, poor misunderstood model.
    A. Cop comes in b. sees someone in danger c. Dispatches the danger. Lesson learned, don’t lunge at others with knives. Also, cops never shoot to just ‘wing’ the perp in the leg. Come on, we were one scene away from cooking a bunny in a pot the way she was flicking her leg, anyone with me on that?

    Otherwise, Andrea great job recapping its like you were totally in my head start to finish. Except I’ve never heard of even the Aussie chick, so that’s one difference. Chase scene was the best part for sure.

    1. I was so cross by then that I was rolling my eyes far too much to really be able to see what was going on, and I do totally see what you mean (and also on your point about the fashion show, which is also a really good one) but these scenes were written like this, and they didn’t have to be. Danny could have come into the room when the stalker was further away and overpowered her, but instead they chose to write it so that someone who was mentally ill ended up being shot – as Steph pointed out – in the back. Likewise, they chose to write a scene involving a scantily-clad lingerie model and a ten-year-old girl. I agree that the scenes were true to life, they just shouldn’t have made it onto the screen in the first place because they are in very poor taste.

      1. cvc-eve · · Reply

        You make a great point. I was reacting to what I saw, but it could have been written any number of outcomes, such as coming in at a different angle, or time, or talking her down. It was how they wrote it, so sure, write it different, I was pretty shocked at the abruptness of her death, seemed extreme. I think the whole thing was probably like someone said “hacked” together. I’m not for shooting people in the back either. Also yes it was a VS shout out to GP project! And Hi Andrea CRO.

    2. Miranda Kerr is totes famous in Oz. She’s also married to Orlando Bloom. Does that help?

      Thanks for your comment about the stalker shooting. I can see where you are coming from but I was still disturbed by it. Do cops really shoot to kill every time they see someone in danger? Police shootings of criminals are not that commonplace in Oz so perhaps that’s where I was coming from when I was watching the scene. I think, too, that it may have shocked me more becaause we weren’t given a chance to feel sympathy for Denise yet we were supposed to for the cancer victims which didn’t seem fair. Just my thoughts anyway.

      1. Police officers are trained to assess, plan and act depending upon the situation. Their training dictates that they use the approproaite level of force that is equal to the subject’s behaviour. In this case the stalker’s behaviour would fall under threat of grevious and bodily harm to the officer and/or public; therefore, the officer has the right to apply leathal force if no other weapon is available. Ideally, officers are trained to use a baton, oc spray or softer restraints when possible, but it is not always available due to proximity or other factors.

        Sorry- I totally nerded out on that one. I have taken the use of force training and it is really an interesting subject.

        That being said I am not cool with shoot,ing a mentally ill person in the back.

        1. Nice McNerd! Thank you for posting, it’s good to find out the reasons behind the procedural stuff because I have no idea how any of that works.

          1. I am a total dork for police procedure. I was a volunteer police officer for five years in my home town. Glad I was able to shed some light on this question.

            Show is not super detailed on procedure- thank Gods I really only watch for the pretty ! LOL

    3. And I completely misread your comment about the parenting advice *facepalm*. So sorry! I thought you were saying that Behati is too young to have noticed the inappropriateness of what she was saying. It was v early when I read it, that’s all I have.

      (Also, I’m having real trouble with Behati the person vs Behati the character who is just following the script – which is kind of ironic in light of her speech at the beginning – because it sounds like I’m criticising her, which I’m really not, I’m criticising what the writers made her say.)

  13. OK, since there are many Andrea here, and I’m the newest, I should introduce myself (just because I’m planning on staying here, you girls are just great). I’m from Croatia, a fan of Alex for 1,5 year, since when I watched Criminal minds episode, and I’m a fan of Hawaii Five-O with or without Alex (but preferably WITH). I just made myself a gravatar so that you can recognize me when I’m here, but you can always add CRO to my name (eg. Andrea CRO, just like Andrea_Briz).

    1. Andrea CRO …I fell for Alex in the Criminal Minds episode also. (we’re doing a rewatch of that episode in a few wks on H50 hiatus at my blog, chime in if you want.)

    2. Hi Andrea! I saw Alex in H50 first, but Vincent is my all-time favourite role of his. 🙂

    3. Hi, Andrea CRO and welcome to Westy’s blog. The Criminal Minds role really showed us what Alex can do and I hope he gets to do more of same in the future. I am looking forward to the rewatch on Ess’s blog.

  14. Totally agree with your recap Andrea. Was one of my least fav episodes, I even picked up on a continuity error for the first time ever because the plot was not gripping enough to hold my complete and utter attention. The scene in the hospital where McG starts chasing Cordova there is a nurse in the fist few seconds halfway down the corridor, then in the next shot shes gone, then poof next frame shes back again! *sigh* usually I don’t notice these things and I hate it when someone else does and ruins my fairytale but that episode….well…..

    1. I started unloading the dishwasher about halfway through. True story.

      (I can see the screen from the kitchen… but still…)

    2. Hi, mate, nice to see you here 🙂 Hope you are feeling better. Yes, not one of my fav eps, either, but it has generated lots of discussion which I guess is a good thing. Next week’s ep looks like a cracker so I’m looking forward to it for sure.

  15. annieoakley · · Reply

    For what it’s worth, my hubby NEVER watches H50 and he watched this one while I was out of town. Coincidence that it was full of half naked women? I don’t think so. But I’ll accept that it was a crossover-promotion sort of deal, and I hope PLentkov got a boatload of money for it. We’ll all benefit in the longrun. I hadn’t thought about the link to the granny panties until Foyeur mentioned it – could be!
    As for shooting the crazy knife-wielding chick in the back, all I could think of was a real-life incident here in So Cal a couple years back, when a knife-wielding nut-job lunged at some cops, who then shot and killed said nut-job and started a major big deal in the press and the courts. Another reminder that H50’s not real (and that’s partly why I love it – it’s a simpler world).
    All together, not a great episode – but I’ll rewatch anyway, if only for that scene with Kono, McG and bare-ass naked guy – loved it!

  16. heymomo · · Reply

    AHEM… I was wearing my giant flower underwear outfit while watching this episode…

    Loving this page, I’m super late to the party this week, and it’s really interesting reading all the discussion back and forth all at once. This episode really didn’t do it for me – despite the BARE ASS NEKKID chase and Uncle Steve in a suit – but I’ve gotten so much more out of it just reading everyone’s comments.
    All I can really add is ACA to the majority of the opinions here.

    Also HELLO to the new girls! Nice to see you here!

  17. heymomo · · Reply

    P.S. I only know who Behati is because she’s dating Adam Levine. No idea who the other VS models are..

  18. Andrea_Briz…loved the recap! I liked how you broke it up by the 3 main story lines.

    No way in hell Danno takes his Gracie to a VS show. NO WAY! It’s as plausible as a hired assassin who can’t kill someone during a bank robbery or someone jumping from very high up without injury…oh wait…

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