3.10 Huaka’I Kula (Field Trip) – Page 2

Kono, looking hot in a cute little dress, is waiting at Honolulu airport and eyeing off a suspicious looking dude with a camera. Adam joins her and it turns out they are waiting for the return of his brother Michael, who has been in prison for ten years. I like this scene between Kono and Adam – her lending support to him when he’s so nervous about seeing his brother after all this time. Suspicious Dude snaps a couple of pics of them talking.

I know a lot of people have been looking forward to seeing Daniel Henney as Michael Noshimuri in this episode. He’s looking good! There’s a nice little reunion scene between the brothers, and Kono gets an extra long hug from Michael. Wow. He has a LOT of tattoos!



Back at the campsite, McG returns and tells Danny to move the girls back. Ron makes an appearance with Lucy, and demands everyone’s cell phones and weapons. (Will McG finally pull his out and give us a peek?) Madeline informs Ron that the girls don’t have WEAPONS, they’re CHILDREN.

Danny tries to convince Ron to take his keys and just get the hell out of there, but Ron wants McG, who he calls ‘Mr Navy SEAL Survivalist’ to go with him. Don’t we all wish McG would come with us, Ron. You’ve obviously fallen under his spell already.

Ron has apparently lost something in the jungle and wants McG to go with him to find it. McG tries to get Lucy away from Ron, and calls her ‘baby.’ I can hear the squeeeeeeing around the world. Ron wants to take Lucy as security, there is a scuffle, and Danny gets a shot in the arm.

danny shot

Ron gets McG to herd everyone except Lucy into a building, and lock the door.

Madeline uses this opportunity to  show the girls how to remove a bullet from a gunshot wound. I.love.this.scene. She is awesome.  Danny suggests they keep the bullet in for now, but she insists on extracting it.  As it happens,  she is an ER nurse, so Danny is patched up pretty well.  And the girls learn something new.

remove a bullet

keep it in

Let’s keep it in for now.

They have no food or water, and Danny tells the girls a story about when he was a Boy Scout – before he got kicked out – and how his friend Ricky Bonaduce once smuggled in a whole rack of baby back ribs. He’s hoping some of the girls snuck some food in, but it appears they are all little angels and abided by the rules. Not one bag of trail mix or a Snickers bar in sight.

Danny discovers a loose floorboard, and enlists the girls to help dig out the dirt underneath.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Ron is getting a little stressed.  He doesn’t appear to know where he wants to go.  McG manages to pick up a rock while Ron is distracted, and motions to Lucy to be quiet.  They continue up the trail.

tan cargos

tan cargos butt

Oh. My.

Kono and the Noshi Bros are having breakfast in quite possibly the world’s most beautiful location. It certainly beats a Big Breakfast at the local Macca’s.


Adam is trying to convince Michael that legitimizing the family business is the way forward.  Michael seems to agree, Adam leaves for a meeting, and there is some awkwardness between Michael and Kono when he makes reference to her being a cop.  But he says he’s cool with that.

The girls have dug out enough dirt for Grace to wriggle through and open the door.

Danny and Madeline attempt to start their cars, but Ron has cut the spark plug wires.  Madeline notices some blood on the Camaro, the postion of it indicating that it’s from Ron’s wound.  Danny gets an evidence kit and takes a sample.

Grace and another girl find one of the cell phones, and despite its ruined appearance, the little girl McNerds to Danny about the digital signal processor (you all know what she means, right?) blahblahblah…anyway, she seems confident that she can get it to work.  Danny looks as lost as I am, but asks Madeline if this girl will get a patch out of this if she can get it to work.


danny phone

‘WTF is she saying??’



  1. I really really liked Danny in this ep….it was nice to have minimal whining.
    Stupid question….why did the metal storage container have a wood floor?
    Oh the convenience of writing a TV show where you can magically change things to fit your needs.
    Dude….Mr. Henney is looking fine……he needs to be shirtless, next to Adam, and Chin, oh and that other dark haired guy….oh and I guess Chewbacca can take his shirt off to for Steph

    1. ….why I oughta!! 😀

      (actually I totally agree with you…. it’s a really good idea….)

    2. i loved danny in this ep, so much that i am aware that i am watching the show more and more for him. i mean, really, did you see his biceps in this? i know he doesn’t do the mcg arm-cross/biceps flex move as much, but still. damn.

      also, i loved the mcnerd girl interaction. he talks to the kids just like he talks to everyone else (“she’s talking to me like i’m an idiot”), which makes me love danno more.

      he can take his shirt off any time. (i second the shirtless lineup, btw.)

      1. I didn’t take in one single word you said after ‘arm-cross/biceps flex’.

        1. ha! it’s truly one of his best moves.

        2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

          Me too. 😉

    3. It was not a storage container, it was a build shed….. 🙂

  2. Danny was awesome in this episode, they were all awesome!!! Danny’s WTF face is EPIC!!! Bwahahaha!! Scott plays clueless really well and I’m sure he really isn’t.

    Dat a$$ …Bless the Tan Cargos (westy, THIS is why the tan cargos beat the black ones)

    Seriously, how much food did Adam, Micheal and Kono need? Talk about overkill. Hope they took that food to a homeless shelter or something….

    Mrs. Larry Teng is the bomb, even if she was a bit of a lesbian. (no h8!!!)

  3. Woah!!! Shut the front door!!! The scout leader /ER nurse is Larrys wife?

    1. Yeah, and she was awesome! Loved it when she told Ron that the girls had no weapons because they are children. You go, girl.

      Also ACA with other comments about Danny. He’s been fantastic this season (fishing ep notwithstanding) as he’s so much better toned down a bit but still funny and snarky and rocking his share of epic faces, too. I loved that scene with Techno Girl. I had no idea what she was talking about either. Danny’s face in that scene – classic.

      (He also looked really nice in that jumper. Well, I thought so anyway.)

      1. (he looked even nicer out of it. Just saying.)

    2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Mrs Larry10G. Yes.

      1. I recognized her from desperate. Housewives. She’s got 10 years on him

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          They met while she was on “Ed” back in the early 2000’s I think. Not sure whether he was directing back then or in some other area of production. Married in ’05

        2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          And I kind of love Larry10G even more because he married her and she isn’t a skinny actress. Love that.

            1. oh definitely, and if I remember correctly, she never was.
              I remember when Pierce Brosnan remarried after his wife died.
              He married a model type, but then she gained a lot of weight and the tabloids SHREDDED them.

  4. heymomo · · Reply

    I learned lots of camping skills in Girl Guides, but I did NOT learn how to remove bullets from gunshot wounds. And for the record, I got all the badges. 😉

    1. Me too Momo! However, I am totes cranky that we NEVER had McG come on any of our camping trips. #missedout

      1. 😆

    2. Did you learn how to kill and gut a pig?
      Or how to throw a knife?… 😀
      If not them maybe you still need to go to Bootcamp McG of those essencial survival skills……

  5. canadagirl66 · · Reply

    I may or may not have rewound the part where McG calls Lucy ‘baby”….ummm, give or take 23 times… and pretended he was sweet talking ME!!!

    I have SO.MUCH.LOVE for Lucy, Madeline, and adorable brainiac aloha girl!!!!

    1. Lucy needs to learn her place in life and GET IN LINE.

      1. I totally agree…..there is some grow FUCUP’s way in front of her…

  6. We think alike, it is so much nicer with Danny being a calm person. Also the sweater and tee looked better than his tight-button-shirts. But I am still 100% McGarrett bootcamp volunteer.

  7. Danny kick out of Scouts? Who would have tought it….Grace face at the thought of her father, who can do every thing ) being kick out of Scout. McGarrett who learned how to sew in Scouts…a real trooper )

    Two brothers and one Kono …my brain is racing with wild thoughts.
    Michael, just getting out of jail, let the heavens open up…I’ve been free to do unimaginable deeds, with supreme happiness… be still my fallopian tube )

    1. Oh my…… you are a naughtly girl today.
      Playing with fire like that!! 😛

      1. FOYeur…. When you see it ..the dark side of a man take a leap.

        Daniel is just gorgeous with a touch of the unknown

        Have you notice Fong buff out!! Are the TPTB setting him up for Kono? Two years ago I said Kono likes the dark side(Adam), Fong to nice.

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