3.10 Huaka’I Kula (Field Trip) – Page 3

Ron is really losing his cool now that he discovers the trail he took leads to a broken bridge.  McG is getting ready to take him down with the rock, when they are disturbed by a hiker who appears to be a little suspicious of them. McG throws out a hint about where they’re heading, then Ron shoots the hiker who falls down a slope.

Ron gets the adrenalin rush he needed, and informs McG that next time, he’ll be the one Ron shoots.

shooting you

McG is next in line to get shot.

Back at Five-0 HQ, Chin, after viewing the pictures of Kono at the airport snapped by Suspicious Dude,  is giving Kono a lecture on the perils of hanging out with the bad boys when he gets a call from Danny.  Little girl came through with MacGyvering the phones! Danny tells Chin and Kono what went down, and Kono organizes for a phone, a weapon and conservation officers to rescue the girls.  Danny asks one of the COs to run Ron’s blood sample through CODIS.


There’s a tender little scene between Danny and Grace before he leaves in search of McG and Lucy.  Madeline decides to accompany him, although he tries to discourage her.  They banter back and forth for awhile about whether Danny knows which way is north (he’s not sure) and what he would do if he encountered a bear (‘there’s no bears, right?’) Madeline tells him not to slow her down.

McG, Ron and Lucy are still on their hike.  McG tries to scare Ron by telling him about all the horrible infections he can get with a wound like his – most of which I can’t even pronounce, let alone spell.  Let’s hope McG is not going to give Ron a tetanus shot. Not unless he gives himself another one first 🙂

While tracking Ron’s movements, Madeline tells Danny that Grace joined the Aloha Girls because she wanted to be brave like Danny, who is doing a brave little spider dance after Madeline tells him there is one on his neck.

Danny sees a bloody parachute in a tree, and deduces that this belonged to Ron, who most likely jumped from a plane about to crash.  He contacts Kono, who confirms that there was a plane crash in the area, the pilot was killed, and the only other person on the plane, an armed guard –  is missing. Along with a couple of million dollars worth of diamonds.

Charlie Fong ran the blood sample and got a hit on Ron Rathburn, AKA Ron Alberts, a small time crook.

Ron, McG and Lucy reach the place Ron is looking for and he tells them to locate a black backpack, which Lucy spies up in a tree.  Ron orders McG to retrieve it, but Lucy is forced to scale the tree because that manly, muscular body will snap those branches like matchsticks.

While Ron gets excited that Lucy has the backpack, SuperSEAL finally makes an appearance and tackles Ron to the ground. McG tells Lucy to run while he’s wrestling with Ron, and manages to get Ron’s gun. While McG has the gun aimed at Ron, a shot rings out.  Danny and Madeline, who are in the vicinity, hear it.

McG turns around to see a man holding a gun, with Lucy.  He orders McG to toss the gun.

tan cargos foy

Danny and Madeline are still trying to locate McG and Lucy when they hear a cry for help.  They find the hiker, shot earlier by Ron, who tells them that the others are heading for Api Falls trail, the hint thrown to him by McG.  Madeline sends Danny north while she stays with the injured hiker.

Chin is at Api Falls trail head when he receives a call from Danny.  HPD found a stolen car which was driven by Wilson Hines, a bank robber who did time with Ron. The plan was for him to be Ron’s ride out of the jungle after his jump from the plane.  While Ron and Wilson are arguing, McG and Lucy prepare to escape.  Wilson shoots Ron, and McG grabs Lucy and runs, with Wilson shooting at them.

Chin and Danny meet up over Ron’s body, unsure if McG or Wilson shot him.  McG tells Lucy to hide, and he’ll come back for her later.  Lucy hugs him and says she wants to stay with him. Smart girl.

lead the man

lead the man2

lead the man3

lead the man4

lead the man5

He hides her amongst some foliage, and promises to come back and get her.

right back

Peek a boo!

Wilson shoots at McG – Chin and Danny head off in the direction of the gun shots.  Chin hears Lucy crying, gains her trust, and stays with her.

McG is chased by Wilson to a river, where he clocks McG in the face with the butt of his rifle before attempting to shoot him.  Danny shoots Wilson.

steve bloody







  1. Dannys 2 for 2….He’s a killering machine!!

    1. who else did he kill? the spider??

      1. I hope so! The only good spider is a dead spider…

        1. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Oz, bless him 🙂 Have you seen the size (and scariness level) of the spiders we have in the Lucky Country?

          1. and the jellyfish and the snakes and the octupuses (octopi?)…it’s a miracle anyone survives 😉

            1. Don’t forget the SHARKS!

          2. Kimphin1 · · Reply

            Thanks to Westy, yes I have seen those spiders and WOULD YOU PLEASE NEVER SPEAK OF THEM AGAIN????!!! thanks.

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Lordy, the one she showed us … I swear it had boots on, BOOTS!

              1. And Kevlar, and thigh holsters…eight of ’em!

              2. *shudder* don’t remind me!

          3. I have not seen your spiders, you can keep them and now I can never visit Oz. good thing Alex is here 😉

            1. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              I live in the suburbs and it’s no where near as scary. 🙂

          4. And wasn’t that famous TV nature guy killed by a Stingray there as well?
            Why is there still any live Ozzies left?

            1. Because we’re tough!

              1. Hah, you beat me to it, Westy. We are tough!

                (Well, except for me during magpie nesting season AND on that one day when I saw a snake near my clothes line in my backyard. Oh, and the other time when McBriz admitted he’d seen a snake up in the ceiling but didn’t want to tell me in case I freaked out.)

            2. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

              There was indeed, Steve Irwin.

  2. This week I was elated at the funny, lighthearted and protective McG. (ok, mostly my panties) But can please find BAMF McG again?? I miss him. I’m leaving my trail of breadcrumbs….(aka panties) …

    I want Lucy to be a regular. She is THE BOMB!! On my rewatch, I could not take my eyes off her and that is seriously saying something when McG is in the same scene and I’m watching a little girl instead!! “I want to stay with you!!” <<–d.e.a.d. she killered me right then and there.

    I even think Tom Arnold did a great job as the spastic, bumbling thief. I thought it was going to be a trainwreck but was pleasantly surprised.

    Westy, did you find your mouse?? I bet McG could find it and gut it in 90 seconds flat….

    1. heymomo · · Reply

      Westy, your cat is responsible for relocating that mouse and taking care of the situation. STAT.

      1. Momo, poor cat is not the brightest. The only reason she lost the mouse is because she’s too dumb to know what she’s supposed to do with it. Did I mention it is STILL in the house? I’m sitting here with my legs on the table just in case it runs through the room.

        1. heymomo · · Reply

          You mean she’s not earning her keep through mousing skills? Well I sure hope she gives good snuggles then!

          1. speaking of which I keep waiting and waiting for my parking lot cats to bring me gifts….and nothing!! not a thing!! 2 squares a day and I open those nasy a$$ cans for them….and still nothing. UNGRATEFUL URCHINS.

            1. heymomo · · Reply

              Well, they are urchins after all…

            2. Just wait a little while longer and you will get a delightful pile of furry tiny paws to take home 🙂

    2. Tend to agree, Ess. We’ve had a few less-than-BAMF McGs this season. I love the tender side of him and the comedy, too (Alex rocks the comedy scenes) but I kinda miss the shark tank moments 🙂 And other general BAMFness. Writers, if you want to show another side to a character, that’s great, we just want some balance, you know?

      However, this ep was terrific and the scenes with Lucy were amazing. To have McG as the scooter (well, almost) in the scenes with Lucy really says something about Emily’s acting and general screen presence. I’d love her to be a regular, too.

      I died a thousand deaths during the “I want to stay with you” and peekaboo moments.

    3. But can please find BAMF McG again??
      I think Steve wanted to do his BAMF confussing the guy and overpowering him thing, but perp pulled a smart move and rattle Steve by shooting Danny.

      I even think Tom Arnold did a great job as the spastic, bumbling thief. I thought it was going to be a trainwreck but was pleasantly surprised.
      Same thoughts here – he just brought on the crazy enough to be believable as a real threat to SEAL Steve.

    4. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

      Protective McG. Asdfgjjkl.

      There should be a BAMF ep coming right? SPOILER WARNING, the navy SEAL one ey? You know what else we need? Uniform.

  3. heymomo · · Reply

    Danno surrounded by the Aloha Girls talking on the phone and the Danno/phone girl fistbump? KILLED ME!

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      *Fistbump* – Totally a shoutout to us.. cuz, you know, its all about us!!!! Bwahahaha!!!

      No, really. It IS all about us.

  4. poor kono. chin can be a little patronizing and that is annoying, but nothing–nothing!–good is going to come out of this relationship with adam.

    (except pantslessness.)

    1. Really? I’ve never taken Chin as patronizing…

  5. I love Steve having new sides, the jokes and not so BAMF. I guess I see the bamfness nearly every day while going through the older episodes constantly. Anything out of the ordinary is a feast for me 🙂
    Lucy was played by a great little actor, might be fun to see more of her and crushing over uncle Steve and he being all awkward or would he be just too sweet.

    Ps I want to know too if the mousy is still wanted? And pics of the great hunter would be appreciated too 🙂

    1. See above, Paula. And you know what, despite this cat being very pretty, she is not photogenic at.all. Every picture I have of her, she looks like an evil, fiery eyed devil cat.

      1. At home we have a black cat that also looks a bit feisty, never very snuggly 🙂 And often even the most cutest cats put on an attitude face, when they are photographed, the trick is to click when they are not aware of the camera 😉

  6. Did anyone else think that McG should probably have been standing under the half-dead tree while Lucy was climbing it?

    1. It was not part of his MO. He wanted to be close to Ron to overpower him.
      Before she climbed the tree, I think he wispered to her to grab the bag and to run as soon as she is down from the tree….
      BAMF Steve knew it is the only time Ron would be distracted enough and Lucy far enough to be safe…..

    2. I was actually thinking that he should have been there to catch her if she had fallen.

  7. When Danny kissed Grace on top of her head, in two years she going to be taller then him.

    Aloha girls were great especially Lucy… Uncle Steve role was special this week and played well by Alex. He changed his whole demeanor, Danny should have recognized this wasn’t the same gun-ho Steve ( kill and skin a boar).

    Great episode by cast and crew.

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