3.10 Huaka’I Kula (Field Trip) – Page 4

We end with Danny and Grace camping in his living room, where Grace tells Danny that Lucy said she’s going to marry Uncle Steve when she grows up. She really is a smart little girl.  Grace gives Danny her Wilderness Patch.


Kono and Adam are fast asleep when Michael sneaks into their room and replaces Kono’s gun in its holster, leading us to believe that he has done something sinister with it.


So, that’s it.  After discussing this episode with @AliciaGecko and @Andrea_Briz, I’m going to comment on the highs and lows (for us, anyway).

Show’s ‘Plate Full of Awesomesauce Moments’:

Lucy –  I loved this kid. She’s a great little actress, and the chemistry between her and McG is great. The whole scene when he told her to be brave and he’d come back for her….so wonderful.

Madeline – how fkg amazing was she??  This is a strong, capable woman. The banter between her and Danny reminded me a little of McG and Danny and the carguments.  They really had the right balance of snarkiness without going over the top.  I so hope she returns for future episodes. Maybe McG and Danny can visit the ER (because you know at some stage they’ll need to) and meet up with her.

Phone Girl – a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e – and Danny’s face when she was explaining what she was going to do – priceless.

Everything McG – except one.  But that’s for the next section…

Peek-aboo – his faaaaace!

Wet Cargos and butt shots – we can’t get enough of those.

How Show Harshed My Squee:

WhereTF isSuperSEAL?? In all fairness, McG had Lucy’s safety to worry about, but BadAssMotherFkrSuperSEALSteve could have overpowered Ron much, much earlier. As Andrea said to me, we miss the old BAMF Steve – the guy who hung perps off roofs, threw them in shark cages, blew up their premises with grenades….where is he???  We like to see the softer side of him, but let’s not overdo it, AtPlenkov!

Crime of the Week (COTW) – boring.  But this episode wasn’t really about that, so we’ll let it slide.  There was so much other good stuff here, the COTW was secondary to the episode.

Kono/Adam/Michael – This was soooo boring to me.  I was expecting a lot more – I wish they’d left the introduction of Michael to another episode, where they could have really made it powerful.  This was a snooze-fest. (IMHO – you may have liked it :))

Here's a little bit of ugly for you....

shooting you



ron demands



  1. Fun ep….but yeah….he should have smashed Ron’s face in a lot sooner.
    Lucy was an awesome little actress!!! I really liked that kid!

  2. In this ep I wasn’t on board with Chin having Kono followed (if that’s what was really happening there, with Chin’s evasiveness and Kono’s sarcasm I really wasn’t sure what the truth was). And I guess I don’t like it when Chin& Kono aren’t on the same page. Having Chin & Kono’s relationship be strong is important to me! So the scene in the office where they were talking about the pictures at the airport, that part I didn’t like.

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      I can’t look right now, but my lovely factchecker, didn’t Kono say to Chin “YOU had us followed?” and he said no, that the FBI was and his FBI friend recognized Kono and tattled on her to Chin?

      I thought it was a bit overdone, since obviously Chin knows about Adam, but I guess that I can see that he would’nt totally be supportive if he thought that she was putting herself in danger. I sort of saw it as similar to when your parents don’t like your boyfriend, but they grudgingly accept him, yet try to talk you out of it whenever the opportunity arises.

      1. I will obvs need to rewatch (such a chore) & pay closer attention to this scene. I think what happened is when Kono asked if Chin was having her followed & he said no, my brain assumed that Chin was having Adam followed & he was just being evasive with her. However… I think I got it now. When off duty Chin has an amazing social life.

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          Lots of frendz. None of whom can clean up the chickens.

          1. You think the chickens are still there in the oven…as a memento 😀

          2. Someone should go over to his place & decorate them for the holidays.

            1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

              Little Santa hats!!!!

              1. Kimmer FTW!!

              2. SOMEONE GET ME A SCREENCAP, STAT!!!!!!


                1. annieoakley · · Reply

                  I think we need a stick-figure cartoon starring the chickens!

        2. Yes, it was not Chin having her followed…..
          I think Chin’s concern is very wise……because she is playing with fire – love or no love
          I also think that very generous hug from Michael was not because her found Kono so beautiful……he did it on purpose to let it look like she is very close to him, spesifically for those followrs. She is the”mark” that he entended to use to cover his tracks for later on……

  3. I could not hug this re-cap any harder.TRUTH.
    Loved this episode.Lucy,Madeline,the phone fixer girl,love,love,love.
    McG was ugly though……..

    1. Soooo fkn ugly….life is so unfair.

  4. Westy, mouse dramas aside, the recap is fantastic! I just realised that I commented on the previous page about stuff you have written here in your summary. (Oops should have read the whole thing before commenting.) Love that your blog recaps are a collaborative effort. *hugs*

    I see on Twitter that a few people are complaining about criticism of McG not being very BAMF-like in this ep. I agree, I get that he had to protect Lucy but I do miss crazy McG – shark tanks, roofies and air horns, bursting into rooms and so on. (That grenade moment from S1 is still a McG highlight for me!) It seems to me that the writers decide they want to portray someone in a certain way and then that’s all we get. Balance, please writers!

    Yeah, after all the hype, the Noshi part of the ep was a bit meh for me. Ess, I’m reassessing my opinion of Kono as a good female character (my vote now goes to Madeline!). Are we going to have past bad behaviour (you all know what I am referring to) dealt with or is Adam now the hero for saving Kono at the beginning of S3? And is her gooey-eyed love for him preventing her from putting her weapon away when she’s sleeping? (Is that what proper procedure is – I dunno?) I guess there will be more of the Michael story to come but, as you say, it needed more airtime in another ep to do it justice.

    No matter what, though, this ep rates up there for me as one of the best of the season, even if for Madeline and Lucy alone (and McG’s peekaboo face of course).

    1. thank you, westy, for the great recap! i agree with so much, and am really interested in the conversation about what makes a great female character. first, madeline? she is a great female character. more of her, please. her interactions with danny were perfect–wouldn’t it be interesting if she became his love interest? (not everyone who is in love is a size 0…). second, i think kono wouldn’t just leave her weapon lying around, but on the other hand, who among us has not made stupid love choices, amirite?, so she is still bamf, but flawed, like people tend to be. she is still a great female character, in my book, but it could go south with more of this sh/t.

    2. I do not see McG as not BAMF enough in this episode. He was just wise to wait is time out for a opportunity that would not put Lucy in harms way. The lure a guy with a big gun away the way he did was pretty much BAMF to me…….

      I think the real test for Adam’s love will be when he has got to make a choice between his brother and Kono.
      The romantic in me would like him to choose her, but I do not think it will happen.
      I think Kono would feel that her gun right next to her is safe enough rather than somewhere in a safe in the Noshimori household……maybe the good time with Adam in bed just made her sleep deep enough not to hear that someone took it……. I do not see it as that she was careless at all.

  5. Kimphin1 · · Reply

    I’m with you about Steve not taking down Ron faster. As far as I could tell, he had many opportunities to do so, and not have Lucy in any more danger than she was already in. I need to see McG As.mash someone soon.

    I loved that Lesley Boone was on the show – she is so terrific!

    1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

      Oops. hit enter too soon.

      Great recap, Westy…. now go get that mouse!

    2. Lesley was awesome.

      1. I don’t know where the mouse is! Give me one of those spiders any day.

        1. Kimphin1 · · Reply

          Maybe the spider ate the mouse.. IM SERIOUS THEY ARE THAT FRIGGIN LARGE THAT THEY COULD!!!

  6. Loved your recap, Westy! And ACA with all your points. I LOVED Madeline, she was beyond awesome. I’m struggling to care about the Adam/Kono scenes because frankly, the sooner Michael does something that destroys their relationship for good, no second chance, end of story, finished, done, the better.

    1. Yes Alicia, I think it will happen soon. Kono is gonna learn the hard way that blood is thicker than water (or love in this case).
      I think her true strenght as a strong female character will come out not in the unwise choice she made when falling for him, but how she is going to handle the fallout.
      I just hope the writers do not mess that one up……

      1. annieoakley · · Reply

        Hmm, that just got me thinking – season one’s cliffhanger was all about McG getting arrested, S2 was Chin losing his wife and/or cousin, so maybe S3 cliffhanger will be about Kono with some big Adam fallout. (If I’m off base come next May, I’ll disavow this statement ;>)

  7. Westy it really is a great recap. Did not think I can enjoy the epi more than I already did, but you made it even more fun!!
    Only thing I disagree with (it looks like with mostly everyone), is BAMF Steve.
    He showed that he was not a dumb brute. but when it was needed he was BAMF enough in my eyes……dodgiing bullets and playing smartass with a guy holding a gun to your face ……when the only concern is your own life…..tha is pretty much BAMF to me, withou risking innocent people.

    1. lurxgirl · · Reply

      ACA !! Just enough BAMF for me too! Loved him being a smartass in the face of danger. Oh and the wet cargos weren’t terrible to look at either 😀

  8. Westy, Ripper recap! Miss S01 BAMFSSS with his “do less more” too, he gets stonkered a bit too often in S03 for my gusto :’-(
    But even more I wanna see Steve in Budgie smugglers in extreme closeup!

  9. I think I forgot to thank you Westy for a great recap, again 🙂 Smashing job.
    Although did anyone else wonder about how quickly daylight came, or how long were they walking in the dark jungle? If it really was late, why were the girls up so late at the camp fire? I guess that is the small stuff that we shouldn´t care about.

    Ps Westy I hope the mouse still lives. It is actually quite funny to listen to the tipper tapper of tiny little feet in the darkness 😉

    1. I think they said that they had 9 hours on them….. (You only make pretty pictures and don’t listen :lol:)
      What makes me wonder is how the talking and walking in a light stroll, Madeline and Danny, actually caught up with them?

      1. Well if Lucy and the guys walked all night, how wasn´t that girl more tired?
        Ps…still haven´t watched this episode, only the Steve and Danny bits so far 😀

        1. I thought so…..you are misiing out on a great episode. It is by far the best support cast this season. Everybody just brought the goods!!

      2. My guess…. Ron’s injury & Lucy’s short legs kept the pace of that party rather slow. Madeline would have known, like McG, that the bridge was out, so she & Danny could make a straight line for their destination, not sidetracked. Just an idea. But yeah, unless Ron had McG walking in circles all night, it really was kind of a big distance to make up.

        1. 😆
          Yes, I just have things thing about them having people stroll along talking while in hot persuit of somebody in the jungle since that one episode in S1, where they did that……

  10. Westy, as always a great recap. My show opinion…Michael killed somone with Kono gun. TPTB will have the brothers killed. Kono, Chin, Danny, and Steve will not have a love relationship, because of how the writers need the audience and ratings. There are fans who don’t want to see love enter the show, because how they see the characters.

    There are so miss and hits about the show, but mostly hits.

    Lucy was taller going up and coming down the tree…. flashlight needed by all during the dark..and all the other things already mention.

    Great acting by all.

  11. Infant_Sardonic · · Reply

    Great recap Westy. Huge fan of those ugly pictures. 😉

  12. […] inspiration for this post started, as many do, with me complaining about H50. In this case, it was the plot point of episode 3.10 regarding an FBI photographer taking […]

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